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March 12, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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March 12, 1898

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TltE BOWSER FAMILY TROUBLES....00 *q wilt not deny, Mr. IIarkalong," tha onng woman said, with down-cast eyes,  "that your attentions are agreeable tome. I ! They Have Some Very Shrtling and Unusual Experients While ovin$ | am always glad to have you come." .. . Mr. llarkalong attempted to shdrten the Into Their New Home in a New York Fiat Building, dtance between them,. 0 . @ "And yet," she went on, restraining Jaim ' t bY a gesture, "1 hardly know my own mnd.  :. copsht, 1595. M. QUAD. Giitenwaters-- Bertie!" nter _ e.  man. "Never mind your :.'::@.@..' heart, dear girl. Lis. to your [mt's what I am tryin to do,"she re- When Mr. Bowser had decided that cosy and convenient, and inside of a plied. "If I couht only-  they were to try flat life for three or week you'll goaround singing." "if yon rouhl only be sure I am worthy, four mon;hs, while the hose was an- "You'll you'll get us back home as Of course I'm not, dear! ,No maz on earth is dergoing alterations, Mrs. Bowser was soon as you can?" she asked as she goOd mngh ,-" "' " 's " " aturally anxious to see lhe flat. No, t n t that. I-- tried to brace up. "Your people object': .... No use mak;ng a journey of four or "Of course. That is, I expect you'll "O so!'" fie miles to see a flat," he replied: "Neither do mine!" he exclaimed, rap- "It's right there and it won't get aay rempted to shorten the dis- adn she restrained him. Gillenwaters," hoaly, he ld you miss me if i never came Itarkalong," murmured a, looking at him with I don't want you to quit don't. I should miss should  Mr. arkalong" a tear rolled down her cheek-- you )co!ate ereams I ever Tribune. lf Legally Defined, Jtmt before the rising of the law com'ts a ease involvin the playing of golf was heard, and a queen s counsdl engaged ia it thus described" for the instruetiou,,of the judge the.anqient and royal game: I believe, my lord, that the game of golf is played in ir- regular fields or waste gromds with anmll bail which the player tries to hit with a iek. If he succeeds in hitting the ball ha spends He remainder of the day in looking 0r at. That, as I, ant informed, my lord, is  of gAf.'--lndou Telegraph, before "we go over with the goods." It therefore came about that neither of them stepped foot into the place :he had leased until the vans with the household goods were at the door. Mrs. Ik)wser stood on the steps, took a look around, and then dolefully asked: "Is this the scenery 5on referred to hen you came home and told me about the fiat?" "What's the matter with the scen- ery?" he replied, as hc let his eyeswau- der around. "Ohl nothing at all! There's a coal yard, a boarding stable, two squatters' shanties and a saloon, and we shall lmve nothing to complain of ia the way of scenery ]" "]'inding fault even before we ]]ave enlered the house, eh! What has the scenery got to do with us? We shall be three flights up and overlook it all. You can't expect every flat in $i llandsonse Metal Paper Cutter and Book Mark Combined ]New York to look ou on rivers, and ._ 8eat free of postage under sealed cover oa parks, and mountains. Let's go .up / lceipt of ten cents in silver or stamps, and see the rooms." "fbelatest, bandmostserviceableadjunct They had reached the foot of the of every library and office. Address Gee. If, eeond flight of stairs when they en- " eaffo/'d, 410Old Colony Building, Ctfi.cago, countered a woman with a bunch of I11. ke)s iu her hand. Indeed. Mr. Bowser eyoad Hit Knowledffe. bumped against her iu lhe semidark-  you really mean to stand by what tt say about ;'ctiring from public life?" heSS before her presence was discov- |Uquire the intimate friend just before an m'ed. lHon. "Who--wlo the Old Harry is this. "t][ow do I know?" responded the politi- and what are you around here e=h,. 'Tin no prophet."--Washington for?" he demanded. ........................ "V,ho am I, sirI" exclaimed the Useless tnd. woman, as she jingled her keys about _ Teacher (severely)--Tommy Smith, come "I'll soon let you know who I am! ! Wh" haven't you learnt your I'm the janitress of this house, and gengraphy len ? Tommy-s'Cause the papers say there's what business have you poking around i;ag tbe a change in the real) of Europe.-- here ?" Pe's SVeekly. "Oh, the janitress, oh? Well, why in -The inve':'f-shat will not t:underatiou don't, you have this tlall pull the buttons off will have a bigger for- lighted? Do you suppose rye got the tune than a shareholder in Klondike. eyes of a eat that I can see in the Whirgton I)cmocrat. "It's none of your business, sir! I "'ver] Painful o00o. what I'm told by the landlord. and m3body asked ym to come poking tip here, Who is it you are after?" SUI- "'WomanI" shouted Mr. Bowser as ferlrl--14ood'@ Outed, ]te glared at her through the obsenrlty, re'ms wore very pain- my name is Bowser!" a heumatism o that I eoukl hardly "And I don't care for that!" without great suffet4ng. I "And I've rented the fouylh flatl" four bottles of Hood's axsa pavtlta and now find myself free from rhematism." M..s Mav A. TvcKrm Ninth St., I;d Ving, Minn. Sarsaparilla $11 six for ! Pills cure slck headache. 5c. TEXAS LADIES Otman, Tex.wrttes: 1' oarte. sulfetlng from D and k lhmi,, aoho I wea cured bY Dr. M. At. Stwnns ]Llyer Medicine, It cured my |lUsbnd of (otmtiplont cmr little Olrl of Nervoua- on, and our Son Of O tarrh of the Bowelt, It, such it In th the lndtvidaai is ia make a bigger kick about going back home than you did of coming over here, but it'll be all right. Brace up, now, for here come the goods." Mr. Bowser banded in a chair for her, fw I there Is to lttr t4m* responds;readily mproper fer. : of fertilizers at least 7 actual # re frye to farmers, "THERE'LL BE FUN IN TltlS HOUSE FB.OI TO-DAY." Oh, that's it? Well, that'sdifferent, bnt I've also got a further word to say. If you are a nran as gets drunk and raises high jinks I'll not permit ye to disturb tile other tenants. Amd don't think I'm here to be running up and down stairs at your beck and call. If ye want the halls lighted and will pay for lhe extra gas, I'll see the landlord, but he's not a man to be bulldozed." Mr. Bowaer would have hung on and argued matters, bat Mrs, Bowser, who had crouched against the wall rand Leld her breath, tugged at his arm and got him away, lie clumped up- stairs ahead of her, muttering under his breath; but as hc unlocked the door leading into their fiat he braced np cheerfully and excIaimed: "Well, old gLvl, here we are at last, I'll have that woman bounced this aft- ternoon, go to the board of public works and have the scenery changed to-morrow, and then ave'll proceed to take oomf0rt. Now, then, look about amd tell me how yonlike it?" Mrs. Bowser took a Walk from the Mtehen to the parlor and then leaned up against the wall and wept. "What in Timothy is the matter ow?" demanded Mr. Bowser as he looked at her in astonishment. "Look--look at the sceneryI" she tubbed, as she pointed from a front xindow. "Scenery--yes. The scenery seems to be a junk-yard which deals mostly in old bottles, but what has that got to do with us? You didn't expec) to see Pike's Peak from these windws, did OU?" "But it's a t,,tucked'up little play- house of a fiat. she protested, as she wiped away her tears to loolt around. "Just !ook at this parlorl Why, It h,n't as big as my bedroom at home:!" "Of course it isn't, but did you ex- pect we were to give n dance here once a week? It's simply a cosy little parlor for a smal family, and when we get settled you'll be delighted. You won't have to walk half a block to cross the room." "But the bedrooms are dark!" she went on, as the tears came again, "My dear woman," said Mr. Bowser in coaxing tones and calling a bland milc to his face, "a bedroom was in- veated for use at night, I seen noth- ing whatever to complain of. There s  waste" room here. Everything is and then followed the men down tairs to make them hm:ry. He had forgotten all about the janitress, but shc was at the front door and looking for him. Not knowing the powers and dignity of the average janitress of the average flat, he had stroked her fur the wrong way at the very outset, and she did not intend to put up with it. "Did ye say yer name was Towser?" she asked as he appeared. "No, ma'am, ! didn't! Isaid myname was :Bowser, and if you can read and write you'd better put it down and re member it. Seems to me you've got a good deal to say around here." [ "[or tleaven's sake, but hear him talk.' exclaimed the woman as she turned to about 20 children who were crowding up the steps. "I should think I had a good deal to say around here, as youput i! Who is tt that's in eharge of these flats except reel You'd better be finding out the difference between a tenant and a janitress, you had." HUMOROUS. --"Do you know i don't think much of Mawson." "You don't have to. Yotv can size Mawson up in two seconds."-- Brooklyn Life. --Waiting.--Mrs. Angell "ftow dc you like l he new minister?" Mrs. Good- will--"I don't know yet. I haven't met his Wife."--Chicago News. --No Returns. "Do you think there is any money in politics. Jimpson? ' "You bet there is. That's where all mine went."--Detroit Free Press. --"No, ] ncver iake the newspapers home; l've a family of grown-npdaugh- tel-s, you lenow." "Papers too full o1 crime, oh? .... No, too full of bal'gain sales." Truth. --"They hae never spoken since they took part in private theatri(mls," said Miss Cayenne. "I see; professional jealousy." "Oh, dear, no; something far worse. It's amateur jealousy."-- Tit-Bits. "Why does the baron look so o.Ium I thought he had just married an heiress." "So he has; but he speculated a few tkzys after the marriage and lost the better half of his wife." Fliegende Blaetter. Unseientifie.--First Arctic Explor- cr--"l have always considered Cohnn. bus a somewhat overestimated man." Second Arctic Explorer"Wh y ?" First Arctic Explorcr--"Ite discovered Amer. ira the first time he went to look for .it,"--Puek. The Prize of Flattery.--"That man Crum/ett has more invitations to din. nor than any other man in town.' "How does he work it ? .... Ite tells ever 5 hostess with a growu-up daughter that she muse have married much below the leg.'ll age."---Cleveland Plain Dealer. --"What made Kladderfleiseh in snet: a hurry to get out of Germany? .... 1I happened to bear a close resemblanc in personal appearance to Emperm "Woman, don't talk to me in this William." '.'There was no harm i, way!" shouted Mr. Bowser, as he grew that." "No, but there came a boil on red in the face. the end of his nose one day, and he wa "And don't you talk this way te afraid of being arrested for lose me!" majest e."--Cbicago Tribune. "You may be the janitress just now, TREE I0,0OO YEARS OLD. but as soon as / can reach the land- lord by telephone 1']1 have you Giant nf Prehlmtnrle Times Us. bounced!" earthed in England. "It's the landlord ye'll see is itI" she An extraordinary discovery, and om sneered as she snapped her fingers at which is just now cxcitingconsiderab] Mr. Bowser. "Ye'll see the landlord interest in antiquarian circlesin Lan- and hey me bounced from me job--ha! cashire and Cieshirc, has been made al ha! ha! Who but me own husband Stockport. During tbe excavations ir the construction of sewage Work fm Peter lint the landlord the money to build these flats, and who but me has the owu some workmen came acres., the mortgage safe in her trunk? It's what has since proved to be a massiv me that ye'd better see about bounc- oak tree, with two immense branches ing the landlord, and I'm waiting right Prof. Boyd Dawk as, the well-know antiquary, is of opinion that the tre here for ye to apologize to me for the is due of the giants of prehistori( words ye said upstairs!" times, and he says that the tree is cer. "Apologize to  janitress!" gasped tainly 10,000 years old. The corpora- Mr. Bowser. "Aye! sir, and it's got to be a mighty humble one, too, or I don't overlook things!" 'Tll see you in Texas first, and now Gun of Stoekport are at a loss what tc do with the gigantic fossil, which L, supposed to weigh about 40 tons, anc as it is necessary that it should be re. nmved a proposal has been nmde tc blow it np with dynaanite. This ha aroused the indignation of a large sec. ties of the public, who presented the following petition to the corporation: "That there is a valuable tree of old oak at present lying upon and exposed in the gravel on and within their prop. erty; that the quality in eolor, grain and solidity is better than any that can be bought in the open market: that fm artistic work alone it is greatly to b treasured, for nothing in this countr is at present rown which can come u[ A 00autiful fllrl's 00ieti0n, 'rom the ]Republican: Versailles, Ind. The Tuckers, of Versailles, Ind., like all fond parents, are completely wrapped up in their children. Their daughter Lucy, in particular, has given them much coteern. She is fifteen, anti from a strong, healthy. girl, three years ago, had become weak an kept falling off in flesh until she became a mere skeleton. She seemed to have no life at all. lter blood became impure and finally she became the victim of nervous prostra- tion. Doctors dkl not help her. Most of the time she was confined to bed, was very nerv- ous and irritable, and seemed on the verge of St. Vitus' dance. "One morning," said ,Irs. Tucker, "the ,teeter tohl us to give ier l)r. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, which he brought with him. lie said he was treating a similar case with .hose pills and they were curing the pa- tient. We hogan giving the pills and the next day could see a change for the hotter. The doctor came and was surpr:sed to see such an improvement. He told us t keep giving her the medicine. We gave her one pill after each meal until eight boxes had been used wheu she was well. She has not been sick since, and we have no fear of the old trouble returning. We think the cure almost nfiraculous." FRANK TUCKER. MRS. FRANK TUCKER. Snbseribed and sworn to before me this 28th day of April. 1897. lIUGll .IOltNSON, Justice of the Peaee. These pills are wonderfully effective in the treatment of all diseases arising from im- pure hlood, or shattered nerve force. They are adapted to young or old, and may be had at any drug store. PreDating for Trouhleo "Ilave you de ring Mistah 7ohnslng 9'' "No, sah, I ain't got no ring. Fac" is, pahsou, I done expect trouble wid some o' myfreditahs, an' I put alp de ring foh 75 cents so's I wouldn't have no vallerab]es on my pusses. Ispec' it'll he 'bout de same [hing if Lueindv puts her fi ger true a hole in the ticket. '|'hank you, pahson."--Clcve. land P/uin Deaier. The llaek-BI ter. '#the back4)iter," remarked the observer of men and things, "i: usually somebody who has been frustrated iu the'attempt to get white meat oil the breast "--Detroit, Jour, hal. After a gM passes 26, she should quill the baby stare.--Atchison Globe. NOTES ON NOTABLES. Lucy Curtis is the mayor of Cimar- run, Me., runs the town, conducts a gen- eral store and is the leader of the local Sorosis. Mrs. Paul Brecn, of San :Francisco, has given $30,000 for the construction of an rch in Golden Gate park, to be a memorial to her husband and sons. Dr. lIenry I3arnard, of Itartford, the founder of the school systems of Con- necticut, as 87 years old. He lives in the old homestead in which he was born. Principal Caird. of the University of Glasgow, who will soon resign his post on account of old age, will probably be succeeded by Prof. Story, who holds the chair of church history in the uni- versity. Gen. Russell Thayer, who for 24 years has been chief engineer and superin- tendent of Fairmount park, Philadel- phia, has resigned. Ite is to become you skate upstairs or-down cellar or wherever you belong, and don't you dare to speak to me again unless 1 ad- dress you first!" "What! What!" almost sobbed the woman tn her passion, as she Lanced about. "You speaking like that to the woman wWo owns the landlord and has a mortgage on the house and all the tenantsI Did I ever! But there'/l be fun in this house from to-day, and you won't be the one tc laugh over it!" [Mr. Bowser is omething of a bluff- er, as the reader knows, and in most instances has gained his point, but when he tackled the janitress of a flat house he didn't begin to realize the magnitude of his undertaking. :Not a piece cf furniture had yet entered the door when she had damped 'on his trall,] In the Art Gallery, to its dimensions; that within itself sufficient material to make the furniture for any public buildin or town hai which may be erected fm the public benefit within our borough; that it only requires lifting from it.,. bed, which in the opinion of compet.ent geologists may be roughly estimated as 15,000 years of occupation; that pri. rate ffort Ires failed to achieve its re. moral; that its destruction would be public loss and an artistic ca]amity that your representatives in council be and are hereby requested to con- serve for the borough this grant of na. tare to her sons and daughters, whose signatures are hereby affixed." The corporation have reserved thei decision, and in the meantime effort are being made by local antiquarian., and others to bring pressure to 1)ea upon the council to preserve the tree for the benetit of the town and th country, it is believed that no discov. cry of such importance has hitherto been made in this country, .'lad this be. ing so it is hoped that those interested it eontaim connected with theUnited Gas Improve- ment company. The health of ex-Empress Eugenie is not satisfactory The ex-empress is in her seventy-first year. She has been for some years past crippled with rheu- matism. She will leave England for her villa at Cap Martin at an early date. Mrs. Caroline Tyler Lea, of Philadel- phia, a descendant of Gen. Israel Put- nam, has caused a marble memorial to be placed over the original grave of the general in Danielson, Conn. The bud 7 now rests near the Putnam equestrian monument in Brooklyn, Conn. Herr Stocker. the Berlin Jew-l)alter, has been preaching at Greir before the anti-Prussian Prince Henry XXIL of Reuss. Starting with the text: "True Love of Your Neighbor," he urged his hearers to trade only with persoBs ol their own religious faith. ALL OVER THE WORLD. In the heart of the little California town, Santa Barbara, a vahmble dis- in such matters throughout the eoun- eovery haftbeen made to the effeet that try will lend assistance toward pre. the heights of Castle Point were a long servlug the tree.London News. time ago an Indian burying ground. Excavations have revealed bones, spear- ALUMINUM MAY REPLACE BRASS heads, stoe implements, arrows, shells Heductlon in Prier of the Forme and beads, which are beiieved to be of Metal May" Hring the Change. prehistoric origin. A reduction in the price of aluminum The annual charge of $37.50 for tele- within the lust few weeks has led to a phone service in Berlin will in future discussion by the technical jour_':fls be replaced by a yearly rent of $12.50 of the possibility of its replacing bras, for the apparatus, plus the small charge t some of the industries. The various of one pfennig (about one-fourth of a dscounts on sheets sold in quantitie cent) for each conversation by private mke the actuat price about 32/z cent, s persons, 2 pfennigs for business men a pound. At the present time sheet and firms and 3 'for clubs, cafes, etc. brass costs from 12z to 3 cents a Business men nre strenuously opposed pound. But the latter metal, if east to the proposal that they be charged i 3.25 times as heavy as aluminum, more than any others. and if wrought 3.19. In any given arti. Twenty-eight million tons of coal are ele, the size remaining the same, tt'ere mined annually in France, while 38,- She--So, this is your picture? It is would be more than three times a 500000 are consumed. France, there- a true representation of thedLning- many pounds (0r ounces or grains), fore, pays to the foreign qo'antries an- room of an ocean steamer; but why if it were made of brass than if it were hually about $30,000,000 for this excess didn't you introduce some characters? composed of aluminuin. Multiplyln/ ot coal The total water power in , tie--Because, that picture m" entitled: the price of bass perpound bv 3.19nne France is estimated to be 10,000,900 The Droner Hour During a Rough gets a fraction over 36center Thcma. horse power, which is about equal to Passage."Puck. terial going into a brass object, then. the combined power of all the steam .The lnslde Track. costs about ten per cent. more than engines in the-world, but at present that going into an aluminum object only one-tenth of this water power 1 "There are a million microbes in of the same size. This fact is like/y used. ever)' oyster." to make a good many wide-awakemanu. SOME FOREIGN OHAT. "That's all right" "How is it all right?" facturers ask themselves how fr alu- minum is suited in other respects to Spitzbergen has attained the impor- "Whyit gives us a chance to eat fake the place of brass, lts tensile tahoe of having a newspaper pub them before they eat us."Louisvfile Courier-Journal. strength, electrical cnnducttvity, re- ]ished devoted entirely to it. It is the sistnce to the corrosive effect of mois: Spitzbergen Gazette, edited by a pro- Hoom to Let, ture #nd acids are all important quali- fessor of the college at Tromso tn Nor- Softleigh--Everything I drink goet ties which are likely to come up for way. right to my head. consideration in this connecvion.-- England claims Sig. Marconi, who DashieighWell, that's natural. SoftleighWhy is it? DashleighPlety of room at the top, you know.Chicago Record. Ca This Be Teue ParsonWhat do you gather from the lesson of the five wLe and the five foolish virgins? StudentThat at least one-half the women are foolish.Chlcago Daily News. No New Seasntion. Van GabblerI see the fashion la coming in again for ladies to wear ear- rings. I suppose now you'll have to have your ears bored. F, nnuit'm treed to flat,---OOd Phil, adelphia Press. is experimenting with wireless teleg- A Poser. rapby, as her own, because he is half Johnnie Papa, is mamma*the bettez Irish. tits mother was a Mi ffameson, half of you ? connected with the Jamdsons who make Father--Yes, my son, that's the way uhisky. they put it. The pope now owns a palace for his "And are all wh, es the better half ot nuncio in Paris, by the bequest of the their husbands?" late Marquise de Plessis-Bellievre, the "Certainly, my son." Limoges court having ratified the corn- "Then what purt of King Solomon promise made by the curia with the marqnise'a legal heirs. were his wives?"BrooMyn Life. Exposed Met Age. SprattsMiss Elder is mueh older than I thought. IIun kerIm possible l "Well, I asked her if she had rend 'Aesop's Fables,' and she sam she read them when they first came out, [it- .Prussia's youngest lieutenant will soon be Prince Oscar, the kaiser's fifth son, ten 3ears of age, and the first Prussian prince born the son of an em- peror. His elder brothers were all born before Wtllimn II.'s secession. The men never carry pocketbooks, t THE TRUTHFUL HUSBAND. [ IaTorOulo, CIoFToLIDO, s He Vouldn't 8tO Lie About It ] LuoAs COUNT'. ) ' Frank J. Chcney makes oath that ] m i Measly Letter. enior partner of the firm of F. J. Ch "George," said Mrs. Vellwood,"I am & Co., doing business in the city of To County and State aforesaid, and that going to ask you solnething, and I want firm vill pay the sum of One tIundred you to cross your heart and tell me the lars for each and case truth." cannot be cured by "My darling/' he cried, catching her in his arms, "'ou kllow I never tell you any- thing but the truth Why will you go oa mistrusting me ?" "Forgive me, dearest," the beautiful wom- an said. "if I have pained you. I know you always tell me the truth. You are the dearest old fellow tn the world. I'm sorry for what I said, and you needn't cross your lmart if you don't want to. 1'11 believe you without that " After he had kissed her, she continued: "You know that letter to mother which I gave you last week--the one inviting her to come here and visit us?" "Yes," he replied, gazing steadily into her eyes. ' V " , ell, she never recewed t. I thought it was queer she didn't answer, and so I wrote again, and her reply came to-day. George, did--your-mailthat letter?" "Yes, darling, cross my heart." "There," she exclaimed, throwing her arms around his neck, and standing on tiptoe to kiss him, "I knew you did! I be- licve you when you look at me that way and say yes. I suppose it was lost in the mails, some way. You have made lne so happy, dear. X/'ou don't know how ntis- erable I have been ever since the horrible thought that you might do such a thing tlrst occurred to me." * "No," George Welhvood said to himself when he was alone, "there's no use mak- ing it necessary to lie about a thing like that, when oe can neglect to put on a stamp and still be able to tell the truth."-- Ch cveland Leader. lie Needed tt Chul, erone. Just before a recent dinner given m honor of some magnate a young swell, whose chief claim to distinction seemed to be the height of his collar and an eyeglass, addressing a sranger, said: "Beastly nuisance, isn't it? Spoke to that fellah over there--took him for a gentleman --and found he had a ribbon on his coat; some blooming head waiter, I suppose?" "Oh, no," replied the other; "tha.{'s Blank, the guest of the evening." "Dash it all, now, is it?" said the aston- ished swell. "Look here, old fellow, as you know everybody, would Sou mind sitting next me at dinner and telling me who every- one is?" "Should like to very much," replied the other man, "but you see I cannot. I'm the bloonfing head 'aiter!"--San Francisco Argonaut. Disqualified. ,"Oh, yes, Miss Birdling is a cultivated stager, lint she will never pass for a great artist, you know." "And why not, pray?" "Because she can siag in nothing but Eng- lish." ',',Oh, dear! Is that so?" Yes, and it is abominably good English, too. You can understand every word she says."--Philadelphia Bulletin News for the Vhee]men. The League of American Wheelmen num- bers nearly 2,000 below the 100,000 mark within the last few weeks. In spite of this startling diminution the maxzmum of I health may be attained by those who use the comforting and thoroush tonic, Hostet- tot's Stomach Bitters, whtch promotes di- gestion, a healthy flow of bile regularity of the bowels, and counteracts kidney trouble. It is, moreover, a remedy for and preventive of malaria and rheumatism. The inventor of a kind of suspenders that won't wear out is assl)red of the blessings of all mankind.--Washington Democrat. Pleasure soon palls when it costs nothing. --Ram's Horn. Love--A game the result of which is often a tie.--Chicago Daily News. Humbug--A bug that always preys upon the unwary.---Chicago Daily News. Cure. Sworn to before me and subscribed i] resence, this 6th day of December . . w. 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A copy of the new edition Choice l%ceipts will be sent postpai to of omr readers who will make applies tiol postal card or note to Walter'Bake' & Limited, Dorchester, Mass. Almonds and Smilax. A good deal is said and written society, but all there is to it is salted mends and smilax.--Atehison Globe. Fits stopped free and permanenth No fits after iirst day's use of Great Nerve Restorer. Free I treatise. Dr. Kline, 933 Arch st., Phila:. Women whose clothes do not are very particular about their --Washingtou Democrat. To Cure a Cold in One Day" Take Laxative Bromo Quiniue Tablets. druggists money it fails to cure. refund if There are people who think it is thing to play no cards but whi ton Democrat. i ' " " P so s Cure for Consumptmn reheves most obstinate eoughs.--Rev. D, mueller, Lexitagton, Me.. Feb. 24, '9t. It's the man who has the will stop drinking when he sees fit sees fit.--hieago Daily News. 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