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March 12, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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March 12, 1898

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Saturday, March 12. d. S. LEWIS, Edtfor and Proprietor. TO AiIVERI ISER. TttE "TO)DVILI,E [{EPUBL]CAN Is Ihe ,l,lest in tile Sate; has a l&apos;lrger bona fide ir,.:ulalion thall any othc: neWSl,tper in this scetim,; therefi)r.e k is Th Snt tb00riisiur ldiu=, h00v..00i:en 12,is in lie The a. & M. College Exl,erimmH atit)n in special bulletin No 42 warnq the pe,,Ide against tile par- chase of "Natural Plant Food," a-,.ailed, by tile Americ'an Fer tilizel C,rul)any of Washington. I). C. Thealuff has little if an5 crop prod ucmg imwer Special Bulletin No. 45 uives an- ah, siof mant c.lnlJercial f(:rtihzcrs that are valnahh.L Tllese hulletms. UpOn application lo the State Cllem ist, B. W Kttrre. will ill' sent fre to an) address, ]Po*TAL ligl,,Raf, hv tile loss el the L'md hill m the ll.use, has been defeated in this v,mgrvss. I1 wouht seem impossible lhat the tnuj,,rity el e, mgressnt,m sh(mld he against the abolilmn of ,(J tmtpuhle an ahuseof the nlail service as the hill was de- signed to correct, liundreds el thousands of tons ,,f ntM] matter are for private parties, such au hooks, advertising matter and tile like. 'I'ht transp,rtlon of s(mtmd class mail matter cos tile government $43,- 000.000 last year and ab,,ut five- sixths ot the cost wa. due to nlaLLcr thal, had no r;ghL to the use of U S. CRI.,SED. Both Spain and the United States are actively i)reparing for war though expressing till the while the most paeifie intentions. This, of course, is not nnusual with nations threatened with h,)stililies, and oftcntlmes com- plete and effective preparation for war has averted it. So fat as this country is con- ('erned we fear this will not ali- )ly. The National Itouse, and he Senate especially, for two years ]iave done much to excite Iw31igeient feeling in the two countries without in any nlanner. until the last few days, providing the governnlent with any special means of preparation. And now it seems we have gone into the European market for war ships a week or two after Spain has bought all the battle shits and cruisers she wanted or at least was aide to buy. The incident <if the forced re- signation of Minister lie L<)me, aside ftoiL the destruc.tion of the .M,line and two huudred and fifty of her crew, the effect of which cannot be nleasured until the In- ) vctigaling (.,( urt reports, couhl but ineiease the tension between the counties. The first of the week the Sl)an- ish governilcnt through our niin- ister in Madrid slgnified to Presi- (lent McKinle}, that the recall of Consul General Lee wouht be PREPARATI()N8 FOR WAR %/' tranal,t,rted every y,,ar i)y tile gov- agreeable to that country. Tile ernmeut at second class mail rate, President preemptorily refused to considcr the recall of General Lee, whereupon the Spanish gov- ernnlent promptly receded, ex- plaiuingthat no "deuiand" had been nlade in the premises, Anlericans well understand thai Gen. Lee is obnoxious to Span- mail sacks Bad InanaelneUL de- lards everywhere because hehas lea',ed the bill, but it does seem ttlat done his duty fearlessly and ell. congresinen as I)uuiness men wouht eare enongh for the welfare of tin. countr3 to ffect *rich a reformat,ion of attest public wrong as the Loud bill proposed, by seine lneans. Doubtless it is a hunliliation that Spaniards must fegl acutely thai ttlis country is SUl)p]ying food and medicines to their citizens, brought to desolation by their own brutal course. These various ago, to nlau the new batteries of not, fail to sicze and turn to the test ] to said board that Irvin Spires aged 9 years advantage. The necessity for textile I and Margaret Spires aged 7 years, poor or- heavy guns recently placd along tr,,inin,, - ,h ..... +h . - . ; /pnans within hlsdlstriet are re er erson" - r.  ), as provls On lor t . p p p s our sea board .. = .u ...... . I o be upprenticed and said orphans lmve no Iuture is beeonlirtg nil)re and nlore I home that said Board of Supervisors de) pronounced. Wil.h the enlar,rernenL i hereby bind said Irwin and M'trgaret Spire ' f I he cot ton " " ". to M msfi ld Wilier until they reach the st( s Two engines of war recently - :  , Industry there will he ! of twenty-one and eighteen and saldMans- an lncrease(l uenlanu Ior SKIlle(l SU- field WlHetengages toprovide the apprenti- invented in this country are said pcrintendents, the southerners should ces with asufficiencyofgood and wholesemo ........  . +L .   toes necessery clothing, wastting and lodg- oe prepareu ,( nlce t, nab oemanu, in .... to be most effective, though ira- 'lPh ,,,. ,., . ........ g, to lar(.at, the apprentices humanely and -,, ov,e ,,a: ,,r esLannsnes on a also to teach Lhelu to read. write and perfornl mediate war with Spain might sound basis a th(n(ughly equiDned ordinary ealcul tion incident to the business text lo s[ht*l i rla ,,1 +.. I. .q i s ,t farmer and at the expt .arlon of a )ren- preclude the use of either. We ........... n.s. sam apprenuces w]tn two the moxement that is already doing suits of clothing including hats and shoes of refer to the II,;Ipine torpedo and so much r(,r tlie south. G(nrgians asubstantlal kind. shrmld be willin- "( - . "., The 11o Beard of Supervisors g t ) lnvesu nob oi.y T ' " ' " -:(-^ ^ : " . he undersigned respectfully report that tile Holland sub-marine boat. $1 i,uOu but $25,000, er m,re, if they inspected the Thompson creek bridge uecessary, to make its proposed sch//ol andfound all changes made in accordance The boat can dive, move about a success, ttere is offered a great wlththelestruction, ofvourtlon Body. L. 3). Ventress and stay under water at will and a few of them could destroy a navy in short ordcrr, it is claimed. The report of the Maine Court of hiquiry cannot be delayed much longer and it is looked for with renewed interest. Shouhl the report, however, be in its nature pacific, the original cause remains and the situation must continue full of danger so long as the contest in Cuba coutinues. LOUISIANA SUFFRAGE During the week the Louisiana chance to give praet, ieal proof of a C T. Netterville, desire to encourage manufactures ill Sworn to and subscribed before me this 9th daflt ef March 1898. C.A. Coon. Clers. I hat state. A check of $1000 for th( ,n the matter of the petition of J B Dawson textile sctmol will accomplish more ' et als for change of Lberty and Natchcz Lha[l 100,000 reanls of rhe erie rev ew- road. same is herehy granted and JosItenlev and Wiley Cavin are appointed commission2 ink the past or d'ilabing upon present ors to lay out said road resou tees. lu the/nattier of the petition of Gee Helmer "The true Policy is to set about N M Ihmphreys and others for change of r,)ad from Ceaser hill to R S MeCralne anti realizing possi/dlities by preparing old road from Ceaser hUl te Redhead rnlll be Genre'Jarls for their olwioils advanta- discontinued. Itisordered thatthe petition ges, The textile school will he] p t: be granted with the understat ding that the {2panty pays for no damages of right of way. do this. The st)oner JL is sartcd, the Ordered that the contract to buld hrldg. better for Georgia." across Clark's creek be awarded to Major L. .......... ** Traer Agent for Mrs A E T, ager for the sum Before the a<ljt)llrmment of the leg- of $100 and tim old thnbers and Iron In the B:wou Sara bridge upon his entering into islalure Mr. IIardy offered the follow- bond of $200. It is further ordered timt L T Ventress and ills comp]iulentary resolution to Col. I k (?crier be appointed a committee to in- spear said bridge upon lls completion. Joues which was unanitnons]y adop- Ordered tlmtthe Board do no adJomn ted : until 9 o'clock omorrow motoring. L. T. VFNTRESS. Presidsnt. ' ' Resolved, Tllat it is with pleas- (Completed next week.) ure an(l pritle that we testify to tile elninentabilityot Lieut. Gee. Jones Convention has debated thesuf- fragereport made by the COUl- nlittee: Much opposition to the repor has been manifested lly the press and the people of the parishes, so far as heard from. Tbe prol)osition to give to for- eigners registration privileges over native born citizens, and the latitude given to the property qualilication and the inherited right to w)te, as published in our last issue, seeui doubtful of adop- tion as indeed they shouhl notbe. as a oresiding officer His Ifairness and firnlness anti even temper and accurate knowledge of parliameutary law. are qualities that nnite in Mm anti make him a presiding officer o$ the highest character. Resolved, That tile thanks of the Senate are due, and are hereby ten- dered to Gov Jones for his uniform fair,ross and impartiality, aud that he carries with him wherever he may go file eteem and good wishes ot the nlembers of this bed v. Resolved. That thee resolutions be spread on the Journal of tile Sen- ate ' ' CoI.Jonesresoonded to the above as follows: "Senators, ! feel myself complete- lyoverwhelmed by this most unex- Another lnaill ground of contcn- pected and most flattering expression lion is the poll tax qualification, of your good will toward me. an,I I am unable totcllyou in woids how which the COulmittee report ig- nored. Judging from the operaion of this taxin this State, upon the suffrage, New Orleans and the parishes by the adoptmn eta poll tax qualification to be paid grateful Iam, and how much nly full heart appreciates this great honor. Senators, tous who are ohl, ;these partings are painful epochs in oar lives, alld like milestones that we must pass along life's jonrney thcv pointns with painful significance, t) astone that will soon mark our final resting place- FOR RENT, The W. L. Itays Place, about 2)5 acres, 60 acres in cultivation : situated about7nliles west of Woodville. T e  '" " Caesar Glllespie Place. about 280 acres. 60 acres in cultivaliolL It is situated about 5 miles from Fort Adauls. For particulars apply to ED WARD AARON. Dec 18, '97-tf LIQUOR PE't'I'FION. To the Honorable Mayor and Board of Aldermen ot the town ot Wood ville, Wilkinson County, State el Mississipl)i : Tl,e uudersigned qualified voters residentwthin the town of Wood- ville, Wilkinson County, State of hssissippi petition y,)ur honorable lmdy to grant and Issue to A tI. SANDMAN, a resident in said town a license to sell and retail viuous, alcoholic, lnall int,xicalin tn<l stlirituous liquors i, less quantity than one gallon within 'he limisof said town at, the saloon some lnonths previous to an election if not more, relieved of ignorant and venal voters by it, as by all the other restrictive provisions, and if adhered to, it would be nlore pelmanent in its operaqou than would the educational quali- , would be fully as much, stlallalways cherish itas one of the proudest events in mg whole life. l'ermi! ale to thank you for the uni- form courtesy with which I Ilave al- ways been treated by you ; permit me to thank you for the kind fm'bearance which you hayeahvays shows tonlv short comings, and for the friendly assistance you have accorded me. "I have tried to preside over you "Seuators, I am deeply graternl house now occupied nv for this mark o' your esteem and 1 sou!h NATCIIEZ & GULF R.R. llappenings have created a war fication. Few negroes will pay a with fairness and with impartiality ---- fe(lin in both coun[lle , and if thcre l one among you who '  g "" s, quite poll tax voluntarily just for the feel ........ ! " "" " Max Dampf, .  .... . . .  S tllaL 1 ./lave (lo,le Illln wrong, Marcus I. Berber, The charter membr of the Nat- in(lepen(mnt oi the original cause privilege of votnlg and nlany be!ieve me, itwas never nltcuded. - David A. Dickey, ' ehez and Gulf Railroad m,t ill Nat. of difference, the proposed recog- white men will not The vote of Senators, you have, in two years William L. Polk, ehez on Tuesday, as we learn frcml nition of the Cubans. It also the citizen who a" ...... ...._ of o.urinler.course, sogrowu npon Ine Leon Schwartz, the Democtal. and eleeled officers: -,, .ut, vauu iilat 1 tlaye learned to love yea, one W.H, Hardy, H A Camp, J. J. seems yew possible that thel his right of franchise enough tel andall. Sonleofusnlayuever nleet Fred Marten% 51 " '( " " 1! " ]agai,, o,i earth. May we so live, that l)oug Gihlart, White, H. C. 3 " sine C)ui't of Inquiry s pur- ay the poll tax is no loss to the whoa the great arch augel shall sound Richard Joseph Anderson, h-(ehe, Js. W posely holding back its reporI[State. [talllTdialal trullpe  that will sumnlol, Rol,t. W Turner. Lambert, L, mi Botto, S. It. Lowen until this countr ean coniplete[ T t ." " nf tha N'w (, ] .ious betore the throne of judg herR, W. H. Shiehis, A. Moses. . . Y / he poltlon ......  ..... " "lnen .... Monroe William Brown, -- [ " t, We Will mee once more and Franci F. Best, The directors eleeled--W. H. Har- its prel)aratmns In a lneasure, in leans States upon this question each and every one of us will answer Ike Bauni, dV, president ; Louis Butte, lirst '*'ice eqtiil)l)ing all of its war ships and undoubtedly is logical and right, "present' at tim eternal rollcall ot the righteous. Ik Gildart, l)resldvnt; J. J. White, eeond vice ' " . g as the experience of this and .=- Sa}vatore Cumbo, coast defences and enhstm lnen , |resident; W. It. Shields, secretary; to fight the guns afloat and other states proves. Though tton. W.J. Bryan wdl speak in Charles Aum, slus Chisholm, A Moaes. treasnrer, W 9,'. Hunuer- ashore, practically, we think the States Meridian on 16th and afterwards Harry Hays Cage, , Jack Wilson, Jr. ford, chief engineer; Proby & Clin- Ia t]avana harbor there is a ill error in denominating the poll in ,Jackson, Vicksburg audGreen- lace/) Cohen. ton general stwrneys. Spanish commission and divers tax as a "patriotic" tax. While ville. Charles Stewart'Hamilton, The tal,ital sleek of the co,npan) also investigating the Maine. It that may be true to a limited ex- ,, = , George Chisholm, Alexander Henry Sandman, is fixed at $2.000,000. is reasonably ee'tain that theltent, in practice there is no sen- PROCEEDING Lee Charles Schloss, No rnad ever projeeted'ebliet, e, finding of the to cornnlisslonsltiment about the poll o[ any ot the Boardof NllpeI'visol.s Joseph Schwartz, prove so beneficial to the will conflict with each other, tother tax, and therein hes the -- Simon Blumenthal, south-western part of the State as And will conflict to such a degree!srellgth of the meesure as a re- HIE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, I George Mitchell Petty, There is no doubt tllat the that Spain will refuse any de-lstrictmn upon the suffrage. WILXIso CoY. Charles Dickey, mand this country may make, 'Fh,unss Roland. government at aa early day 'ill ira- Evidently New Orleans politics is Be it remembered that at a regular J. Lytton Sweeny, prova the 8hip Island IIart)or. 'I he however l easonable for satisfac- exercisiug a baleful influence meeting of the Board of Stipervisors Gee Blackamore, road from Natchez would run tion for the loss of the Maine and upon the suffrage question in of said County began and held al ])avid Bennett Morgan, through an ilnlnense fine fores: that the Court IIouse in the town of William Delaney, her men. That would mean warlthe convention,, and we are in- i Thomas James Williams, wotlht 3ieitt wealth to lu,uher men at once and without and frills, clined to thank kind providence Woodville, said County on the 1st Alhert Bassett. att, I others and aM ia the deveh)l)-- Ill battleships this coun- I that Mississippi had no great city Monday, being the 7th day of Zachtiriah Kelley, re, at of s port ia tact as well as in try. has the advantage, and to hamper or defea the constitu- March . D. 1898. Chas Chisht,hn. Jr. name oa our coast, The advantages retains it though S p a i n tional suffrage restrictions which PSNT. Isidore Ruthsehihl, ot a direct re,lie to deep water at it appears has purchased two Bra- were necessary to white supre- L. T Ventress. President. ,Ias D. George Fr,zier Turner, Gulf Port ft,r the other products of Morris H. Rothschild, Carter, zilian warships and a Chihan crui- macy in this State. Cage, W L. ,Tenkin% 1. A. i ] ......... "* C '1. Netterville, members. John A. Fosselman. this pnr ion of the State are obvious, ser, all nearly completed in TEXTILE SCIIOOLS. Js. M. SESSmS, Sh'ff IIiram Whdtstone mlth, We nail hope that the mone of our England. But in cruisers, tor- I Looking, -- C A. COON. ClerK. Thomas Samuel Harrison, own |l,e-lde will build this road, pedo boats and torpedo eatchers] . to the future development This day Thus Hatfield, County Noland Stewart. though we do not expect it. -- -+-o,.-.- ........ this conntry is greatly inferior tolt the state upon oller lines than Treasurer presented his report of the Wilham Francis Best, several different county funds which James Gasher Turner, excessive cotton pro(luctign , wherein were examined, approved, and order- AID FOR SICK AND STARVINO Spain, and if to'rpedo boats Ihes our future weatLh and prosperity, de to be recorded Willie Cage Henley, This day Josepl Johnson Supt of Educatio Jacob Nl, n |zmann, CUBANS. should prove the valuable all- if this or the next generation is to presentedhisrepertforthe month of Feby Edard Higgins Lewis, " junct in a sea fight they are sup-se e such things, as few inteltigen proved, ttfurtherorderod tbata warrant The desperate condi!ion of the posed to be by the Inexpert, ha- isgs, which was orderedto be filed and is ap-" John PresLwood Miller, val operations might result very[ lssuetohim for $32 21 payable out, of the J()shua Atwood Tilton, diaeaaed and starving Cubans, non- men doilbt the most valuable and school fund. I Ordered that J A Gary be allowed to erect ] BenjaltHn (,)sllnski, far reaching reeolnmendation made a gate across the public road on Pleasant ] John E 'l'honms, ombatants who were gathered from disastrously to this country. / by the Governar at tim last session twoyears, , I)aniel E. Havard, vaney plantation to remain for the space of their home and Inned np in and A naval officer of experienced]of the Legiclature was that which authortzedmpurchasetheoutstandingcoun_] Frederick A. tlart, Ordered that Thos B Ifatfleld treasurer be l near tile cties and fortified towns by Capt. Brownson, is now Oil his referred to the oroanization of aty bonds from Julius Welsa Co., at the rate [ Ja,nea M. Watson, of 1,06 andinterest to settlement. the brute, V,ey]er, for some time way to Europe to see what war textile department at the A. & M. Ordered th ti Mandfleld Wirier road over-' Isaac T Hart, deer work the clay hill near the Morris place Arthur befit Johnson, past has appealed effectively to the ships may tie bought if necessary, College. Appreciating the posibih carried out. his ;people and government of tilts eo{|lt. and that, L T Ventress see that thls order is as well as torpedo boats and tor- ties involvedthe REPUBLICAN at tim On account of change of ownorshiD ordered iln x Washington, that the following land be assesseit to I C mark try. Relief in considerab|e quanti- pedo catchers. [],twever, no Eu- time placed a fair estimate upon  the sec/lt2rl west instead T A Jdhnon Z,,a SololDon Jacoby, lWa, flnM and medicines, has been Anderson26 acres in wptofseofset/of i .... aad is being distributed, though not rt)Dean power wltuhl allow the value of tile proposition, an appro- assess T E Murra120 acres ,n of sw and nee a of de  sec 26 t 4 r 1 east instead of Mrs IKe R. Dav ldsn n, anythere near in Slllicleney to re- delivery of such sh/ps to either priation for which, it we mistake EBrower. Assess to Joho L Ash block Sin Marin Rothschild, town of Centrevnle Instead of Miss Val]e }eve tile great want and deslitn!iorl, country after hostilities were not, passed the Senate and was de. Co. Assess to D M Herring lets S, 9 and IY2 Gabriel Kaun, '1 " " which may have the ef- block29 intownof Centleville instead of R Jacob Ado]ldlns Davidson, Superintendent of Educati,m of opened, feate,l in the Honse. Whitaker. It is hereby ordered that $3 6.5 sent Be Jn Hillery Jones, tate has sent oat a circular to fect of nullifying any bargains The Picayune Miss ,Burean, ever Johnson by !r. 1) C. Rawles, collccted fro't' Willie Francis Lane|lar, parties depredat!ng on Hancock county and teachers of the pub- that might be made, as none of mindful of whatever conduces to tim school land be turned over to:the treasurer William C Miller. + ,  , .  , . , . and placed to credi of school fuud. mhools so]|clllng a small contri- the s]nps are reddy for dehvery, t bLst Jut(rests of the State, publishes Ordered that a warrant for$2 issue teAl I'A'"E ',IX ,,tT,, ) ,m of five or ten L'ents fr( m each Ou Tuesday the House of Rep- the ftfllowing fr,)m a great .journal Armstrong for poll tax he being over age. I o ................. ,qII P/, ) ordered that tie contract to build shelvt s [ WILKINSON COUNTY. hlch, if con l,li, d with woul  i resentatlvt s in a butst of enth devo ed to manufactures Fro " in Chancery Clerk'sofllce be awarded to Jan [  ,, d a- "' . u- m ,t, To,,,.tTttmsumo,0uponhisgiving  rersona,,y appeared heh)re the tge,gate a large "anm without hel 1,# I slaSlll nla(le an appropriation of it wilt be seen that Gcorgla probably All members voted yea for .dloowanceof ndersi'ned Clerk of Circuit Court ev , . ' ' I - the following accounts: , ] In and for said Collnty and state o0 000 000 to b, , ,wd adotanll Ilevlo) w mi,'d hy indlvidnal contributors t $" , , c usedatthe dis-i |  1 hat IDust MisdCWalkersupportpaupors, Feb..$1500x .... . . . . r, Ktncaanon is Itfbe commended cretion of the President in the I fairly be considered a great miter, l.iarriet Wyalt support as pauper ........ 5 00 " pn Schwartz who be ng duly Ed Haynes ...... . ...... 2 00 Wt " t , .  " - Pl P - . l M St ssions jail fees ............. / , r " ;f-r ht wise and I ,u ane suggestion J national defense, the a )re ria tlrise, looking to manufact,ring Easter Anderson ...... " " m S )rn sa3s on lath llat the sina- ('2. Sclaefer'n,attresd for Jaii ............. 221  tures, on the f regmng petition are  e note that Vickshnr, Natelw tion to be ellen until Jan- ,l( i grolll : c T NettervUle 1 da)  laspectih'g"i.ia'd" 2  genuine and those signed with an X tied other plaees are resllOndin Io An,1 the Senate basset , . flle Baltimore Manufacturer,s l cLeffkk {p,?kn..b,[eak water at Percy,4 [mark were signed hy him at the re- g . t the bill Ieeord is a devoted ln(lustrial fr end r' ALetk rep.drs on poo'r i;oh'd"bG"&;n-  / quest of said parties so sirnin tM appeal af humanity and e ltol)e I t h e next (lay unaninlously I r !tie south. It, loses t o opportutllty racr ............. a0 -- - " " i . "''tideed ib m'tkes ( ( laird heheve tltat the pnhliv and other In onse,mence there is a ru =i, :-. - - " -' t ' tip wtunit,les--to J R Leak spiRes forbri(ge ................. l JOSEPH SCHWARTZ..  , " ,., t,,. turlner IA*le inicrests ot ire stmth. TA'h)hnson building Timni)::on'cre'k -'/ Swo nna o,,t,=, r, ,,t I, t chools ol this eonnlry will do like- I |,lie arnly and navy det,art ulents J The Rt,c0rd thns dJscnsses the fa lure I bridge ......... - ,,. , t  rn to ......... e ......... e.ore a K!nroy put tinz db'w'dffl;Aa"diii?=' [me this 1st day of March A D. 1898 Certainly ihev will not fail if fond Ca,t Brow,,- .... , , ,- ?! the MT.s(!,ure to pass' oantrnenv 6 001 " . " . " t _ t ,,, ,,, has started the LexLilt Diu, .It. says." I W Tayh)r lumber . " ........................ 1   K. . Johnson, Clerk. ,[B :nderson l%mi;db iii:::iii::::'i:'ila :)01 By W. C. Miller. D. C. () c, lttlrfhate is!to Europe, as already Inelltloned. '%nee the unfort.unlte action ofl,rCatcuingspror services Feb ...... 16001 "Wil'- r.--h l=t IU ,)erintendoo, i ]3ei,t,, th,, 4,, .................. _, , the. Mississippi legislat, ure rea/'dirlg a GrenadaSent,lnolstat,lonery .... " l r " ......... ." ........... before he 'i . ' " "  " s eu u i cxile scnot,i lor that slate, and the L TVe}tr/esslnspectingbi.idge[[['[[[[j[[[2  Board of Mav:r and Aldermea nf in this be ' |he o " " " . ' ' , ntmaen)nellnlangwarranoome..14 50.,  . . 7. .... " .- ]  ] ganlzatn)n of the two at- apparent, dllnlnlltAon elsewhere of live :m non, oara'of iSupervtsors ot Wllkin- t, llC own OI It oo(|Vllle, gtea{ deal of ell we, interest in the Sublet:l, now Inty, Miss: JACt,BY Ulcrk Board wh ich tlly 5 him on th, east corner t'f tile square directly est ,if the court house, and we recommend the said A H. Sand- man to I,e of good repu!ation and a s,,her attd snitah]e person to receive ucll license. Respectfully, Paul Hahig, Ben Brown, Wil-on Bernard Newel], L.uis Goslinski, LEON SCH Wa',' ....... C I{. 2<EYLAI'D. SCHWARTZ dl NEYtANI}, Main Street, " WOODVILLE, Since He uara/Jne restricti( s aroznd onr tow have been raised we have been daily reeeivin fresh oods of all tinds and or store is now replete with best staple and fancy grocerzes, dry floods, ete, to be btnd. New goods arriving-daily. I h )urchased a large stock of Dry goods Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping t icles, Hats Shoes &c. in New Yo al/of which I propose to sell at so low that it will be to your intere to examine my stock. Special in. ducements to /arge buyers. PEETR MOLLER YOUR DOCTOR FICHT$ Disease with medicine. If the 'I med/cine is not right he cannot conquer disease. If the drug- gist does his duty the medicine , will be l'ighl, and your doctor , ,lll stand t. go<,,(l ch ,',"inn"' " : anceof No. 5 Night Leaves Memphis, " " " " " Viotsburg , ,, ,, ., ,, orttreVlllo ........ Arrives New Orleans No, 6, Night Train leaves Now O t leltll 7:55 pm :tU z b; lti a 10: bt, m 4:2o pm " Ge trevlile 8:35 l,m ...... " " Vicksburg ]1:50 pm " " " " arl'ive Mempllls 7:10 am N,,o,. 21 Day Train Leavos-Vek.h,,it}( 8 .a" " arr/vo New Orh,ans 5:30 pm No R1y Trai,Oe,,..00 N,le,,,IS * " arrives VSeksbmg. 8:05 am 5:55 pm Train runs daily except Sunday. -- - - No, 7.'1] leaves Woodville .... leaves Bayon Sara 9 am ' ' " arrivas ,qlaughtr 11:10 am No. 722 I,,av., Slaugl,ter 12:20 pm " " " " Bavan ,nra ] ;10 pm 7, " arrives Woodvitle 9.:35 nt 4:15 pm The only Line ri1nDl,lff .lit r}S |)pvoorl ,,. LTew Ol-]e, lt j .?rrylug elegant PuIJmau Bufl'ot Slee in Oars " 4Ul"ltJ{ -aSO el.'s a b , P g In For/lte .lla,,sPe, e..d.y.andy, mfrtable journey, both direetione, th r u ,tpp O u zxgcnts orad 'l"SS[ JNO. A. ooTr, Div. Paas'r Agt, teMPI'fiB, 'ENNE88EE. A. T. BENEDICT. MAqUFACTURER REPAIRER AND DEALER IN Carriag0s, garts, FarmWag0ns, H00nass d;'., d;'. dedt for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGONS Which are universally acknowledged to be The B0st and LIOHTEST RUNNIN0 WA00N Made. Agent for F(AZIER ROAI) nd SPEF, DIN 0ART, whic are great favorites among Horsemen AGENT FOR THE The most extensive Manufaoturers of I/oa Fauoiag in the United 14tatee* ]'artioular attention paid io re-coverig and rigging "JL"exttt ttdcl 1. All work done promptly and ,it lteasouable rates. Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf TRESPASS NOTICE. [ All hunting or trespassing on the . 60 YEI" hihited under full penalty of the law. ,= Any stock remaining on the Arfonish pastnreafterFebrnary 15th w!l be charged pasturage--50e per month. J. A GtLLiSI'IE 1 15 1898 ly. r- O[aIGN/I NOTICE TO rRESFASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to hnnt or otherwise l.respass on my lands known as the (}ildart tract, Lhe Lnbertv tract and Fleet tract, abont l mile north-east of Wpodville under penal*,y of the law F B EST. Dec .tf OOPYRI@HTI 41,, eulation Of : Bintitan.