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March 9, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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March 9, 1973

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)/ (%: Friday, March 9, 1973 Proceedinl00s Of The Woodville Mayor & Board Of Aldermen Jant'ary 2, 1973 At the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Tswn of Woodville, Mis- ss:.ippi, bun and held in said T,wn at 7 p.m., there ln'C2e:t ycr M. N. Lewis, A1- dermn C?:e Chisholm, H. ,B. Cu,rry, Thomas M. Bryan and J. M. Bee,t, Freflriek P. Cavin, Jr., Supt. of U tilitie,s & Street Commissioner, Richard T. sen, Attorney, and Frances Townsend, Clerk. Motion by Alderman Bryan that the minutes be approved as read, seconded by Alderman Cuxry, voted upon and unani- mously carried. Motion by Alderman Bryan, seconded by Alderman Curry and unanimously carried that ,the bills in the amoufit of $78,179.88 be (paid. Alderman Curry made a mo- tion that"the bid ,of the Com- mercial Bank to erve as a de- pository for the town funds far a period of two years, beginning January 1, 1973 ,be accepted, this being the only bid, sac- c, nded by IAlderman Chisholm, voted upon and un,animoufly carried. Motion by Alderman Best that the contract with J. H. Lamb- din, Gas Consultant, be ex- tended for an additional six months at the same rate, sec- onded by Alderman Curry, voted upon and unanimously carxied. (Here follows copy ,of order of Board directing Clerk to adver- tise for one utility type diesel tract,or with side mounted mower, xotary ty,pe rear mower, and :street sweeper.) Motion by Alderman Chis- holm, seconded by Alderman Curry and unanimously carried that the Clerk be directed to advertise for bld:-: on the follow- ing: two carl:ends of Enslag Cold I of $50,00.00 from the Comm,er- eial Bank ef Woodville, Miss., for the purpose of paying for amount due on con- struction of Sewer Treatment Plant now under construetionA The Clerk i: charged with the following: Res. Gas, $8,483.85; Com. Gas, $3,103.83; Res. Water, 2,984.01; Com. Water, $695.03; Res. Sewer. $172.34; Com. Sewer, $69.23. (Here fell=we copy of Ordi- nafiec adopted by the Board 'etting forth new. gas se.rvice rates to be charged to customers served by the Town, same hav- ing already been publi.shefl at length in this newspaper.) The following is a report of the gas, water anc sewer eol- lection,s for the month of De- cember, 1972: Erought forward, $295.84: ,Res. Gas, $4,219.29; Com. Gas, $1,662.67; Old bill (Edith Sweeney), $6.39; Res. Water, $2,912.87; Com. Water, $667.44; Res. Sewer, 168.24; Com. Sewer, $64.73; Outside Water, $31A9: Old Bill (Edith Sweeney), $14.97; Penalty, $128.64; Cut off & on, $30..00; Sales Tax, $428.88; De- poslts, $235.00; Total, $10,86.36. Collected, $10,595.42; Delin- quent: Lewis Allen $10.80, Ira Dean Keeton $1.04, Jerry David- son $4.88, C. E. Emmons $5.88, L. C. Brown $1.31, Ronnie Davis $1.74, Joseph Lee Dixon $1.70, Wiley Collins $2.34, Thomas L. Piazza $21.71, Annie Catherine Th,cmpson $5.87, Jim Teal $31.61, Albert Havard $4.30, Willie James Ross $20.51, Charles J, ack- son $5.90, .Charles Andrews $3.26, Fannie Lee Gavin $5.83, Ike Evaus $26.74, Isiah White $10.67, Willie Lee Peters $1.85, Gloria Dean Myers $5.19, Houston Park- er $3.82, Ernest Smit'h $.13.93, Chas. Edward Buck $11.47, Joe M. Stutzman $5.42, Leon Wil- liams $1.91, Larry Box $1.97, Walter Jones $1.35, Julius Wil- liams $5.24, Willie Vaughn $1.67, Larry C. Kendrix $14.52, Robert H:ampton $6.81, Leroy D,avis $2.37, Glenburnie Cafe $27.53; Total, $10,886.36. The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Misslsslppl Jack Curtain, same, $51.78: Wal- ter E. Davis, Jr., same, $191.44; Herbert E. Falter, wages, $74.57; Robert Field, Jr., salary, $117.36; James F, creman, same, $193.83; Dave Lewis, Jr., same, $152.63; Eula Mac Liberty, same, $13.44; Jennings McCurley, wages. $85. t0; Sidney B. Mealey,. ,salary, E $181.66; Ed Parter same, $153/ .. by Ia;jol'ie White', Home AgI 78; Huey P. Robinson, same, $113.74; Robert L. Skipper, same, $190.38; Robert Carter Slan ame, $126.75; Lawrence Wells, Jr., wagc.L $143.25; Joe M. Best, .:alary, $70.75; Thomas M. Bry- an, same, $3935; Cage Chisholm, same, $5.97; Fredrick P. Cavin, Jr., same, $621.93; Hubert B. Curry, same, $5.97; M. N. Lewis, same, $278.59; Fred C. McCaxstle, St., same, $40.35; Willie Scott McCarstle, ,same, $253.23; Chas. T. Netterville, same, $75.32; Frances Townsend, same, $366. 90; Richard T. Watson, same, $134.47; Mildred Evan:s, ref. dep., $7.50; Grant Carter, Jr., contract work, $56.00; J. H. Lambdin, gas consultant, $236.76; Planters .Hdw., Inc., supplies, $4.95; C. M. 're,.:pendahl & Sons, Inc., same, $16.43; McGehee Motor Parts, same, $'3.10; Weaks Supply Co., same, $11.67; Big Three Meter Repair, Inc., repairs, $356.18; Wholesale Supply CO., Inc., sup- plies, $188.48; James R. Williams, same, $123.50; Jimmie's Auto Service, repairs, $5.25; Wat,on, Wilkerson & Welsh, supplies, $12. 50; Pitney Bowles, postage me- ter, $7.50; ,Miss. Power & Light Co., electricity, $14.04; Commu- nications Assoes., Inc,, radio contract, $5.6.3; Three Way Serv- ice Station, gas, $37.90; South Oeutral Bell, phone expen,e, $7.' 51; Public Employees' Retire- mcnt System, Soc. See., $2,049. 2,9; retirement, $542.99; Sta.te Tax Comm., w'held, $21.36; Om- mercial Bank, :same, $432.30; Elsie Jackson, ref. dep., $5:90; Natchez Pipeline Cont. Co., contract, $1,423.70; same, $2,847.: 41; J. H. Lambdin, engineeri,ngl fee, $:142.37; same, $284.74; Grant Carter, Jr., salary, $116.85; Re,b- I BE SURE YOU NEED THE REPAIRMAN Do you really need to call that repairman? Be sure before you do. As many as one-third rot service calls are made when there is nothing wrong with the appliance. It might save you the cost of a sexvice call to check the following ,before you call: *Is the switch really all the way on? *Is the appliance plugged in? Better be sure. *Is there a loose wire some place? *Is the elec,trtei,ty on in he house? *Has a fuse blown or or cir- cuit breaker tripped? ,Check the outlet to be s,ure electricity reaches it. *Does a reset button need re- setting? Has ft popped out? *Is the door closed securely? *Is the automatic oven timer on the range on manual? After you have checked these, then read the book of Instruc- tions, if you didn't before, and determine if something else be wrong. GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH FROM BREADS AND CEREALS Most breads and cereals are Robemt L. Skipper, sme, $190, 3B; Robert Carter Slam same, $117.21; Lawrence Wells, same, ,$'129.10; Mid Louisiana Gas Co., Fight Dreaded CripplerFormer Congressman Charlie Griffin (left), 1973 Ctmirman of the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Chapter, accepts key to the MS Hope Chest from Frank Barkdulli 1972 Chairman of the state group. Tire key symbolizes the hope that research may one day open the chest containing a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Griffin is President of the Central Bank of Mississippi at Brandon and Bark- dull is an executive with Redd Pest Control of Jackson. well liked, inexpensive and eas- ily fitted into your meal plans. ManLY cost only pennies per servi,ng. Even so, these f.oods, particularly those that are whole-grain or enriched, provide worbhwhlle amounts of %tamins and mineral,s, as well as food energy. To help you get your money's worth from breads and cereals, conside .these points: *W,h,Dle - grain or enriched .products are notably more nu- tritious than unenriched prod- ucts. Most white bread is on- mare, bu't he extra food v,ahe it provides is well worth te extra cost. *Ready-to-serve cereals in multi-packs or individual ,boxes may cost %we or three times as much 9or ounce as the same cereal in a larger box. *Pre-sugaeed ready -'to-.serve cereals cost more per ounce than many .unsweetened nes. They usually furnish more calories but less other food value han those you sweeten yourself. *Cereals you cook yourself are nearly always less expmsive Page *Day-old bread and bakecl ::' goods may be available ,at , great saving. Ask or watch or these in the sores where y6u s.hop. *Baked goods made a,t home often :cost less than read'-baked products. When made a home with enriched flour hey probably more nutxitious, too, Compare the cost of the dient for ,one of your favorite recipes with the price of an equal amount of a similar ba, k- ery product that you ,amily on,joys. Then decide if it is wor,thwhile to m.ake your own. UNFLAVORED GELATIN COMBINES WITH FOODS One ,of the outs,tan, ding chaTacteristics  of unflavored :, gelatin long familiar in the American home is its versatility. Since it has no flavor of its own, unflavored gelatin com- bines width any number of n, .  :groCeries to offer llerally i: hundreds of fine di.shes. Ge .are sis,ting of 17 amino acids es' sential .to a good diet. As, prepared fo,r home use, gelatin ,comes in granulated form. You will tn,d gelatin In your supermarket in small .: envelopes packaged from 4, envelope :to 32-envelope cartons, tons. i: w00en combined with juices, ,:! stocks and other liquid food,s, gelatin will form solutions that : sol,idlfy into a gel at refrigerator ' temperatures. Thus, tt the basic ingredient in hundreds: of recipes for j,ellles and oter ligh, t .textured molded dishe, Unflavored gelatin contains no  i flavoring, acids, coloring or ! sugar, and so it brings out t2e ntural flavors of foods corn- binned wlt it, at their best. Gelatin gives variety and ap- : petite appeal to menus in the form of jellied appetizers, soups, main dishes, salads, desserts, confecitionsalt lending .the extr.a interest of aatural $ood gas, $,597.34; Prudential Insur- riched. But specialty breads Mix, Type C, winter grade, FOB The following is a report of art C]aiborne, 2ameL $144.72; once Co., ins., $610.34; Frances such as French, Italian and Woodville. tmn Clerk's Special Account: Brought tJ::kCtaviin' j es'aSm5 '788.81- Townsend, pay acct. dep. (Larry eaisin breads and some other Afte,r careful considera" forward, $423.07;.Disbursements: ' "" "" ' $' ' ; C. Kendrix), $15.00; (Julius' Wil- bakery prduefis may not be en- and deliberation, and upon Me- U. S. Postmaster, postage, $99.04; Herbert E. Falter, wages, $i5.51; liams), $5.47; (Robert Hemp- riched. Check .the w.rapper or tien of Alderman Chisholm, sac- Reimbursement: General Fund, Robert Fie]de, Jr., salary, $117. ended by Alderman Best and $33.(]2 Light & GasFund, $33.01 66; James Foreman, same, $191. ton), $7.15; (Leroy Davis), $2.49; ask the baker to be sure. approed by unanimous vote of lCWW&SS Fund,, $o3.91; Total, 53; Dave Lewis, Jr., same, $.130. (Leroy Davi,s), $3.32; Scoggins Welding & Machile Shop, ef. It takes three pounds of un- . enriched bread, .costing more all members the following Rose-IS99.04. 97; Eula Mac Liberty, ,same, $13. dcp., $5.00; Fanc Townsend, than $1, to give the D. nt q lution was adopted: ' Light & Gas Fund: Mary Jar- 44; Jennings McCurley, wages, pay acct. d.ep. (DelGn M ooxe), I thiamin that is conbjned . (Here follows copy of Resolu-Iris, refund .dep., $5.00; Grant $33.89; Sidney B. Mealey, salary, $8.8; Delt.o,n Moore,'ref. dep.,ione pound of enriched bread, lar 133 98 Rob $163 92 Ed Poter, same, $116 85 tion adopted by Board stating Caxter, Jr:, :a Y, $ ; - " " ; " " ; $6.14; Clerks Special Acct., re-l costing 25c. heir into,at to borrow the su'mlert Claiborne, same, $145.82; Huey P. Robinson, ,same, $113.75:; imb., $33.01. I *A large loaf of ,bread does m-------7 ....... -I ............. ! ........ General Fund: Robert Clai-lnot always weigh more or con,- borne, expert, see, $37.50; John/tel n more food value ,than a .Dorscy, contra,ct work, $86.99; /small loaf. Compare prices of Iverson McKey James Foreman, exp., $50.00; equal weights of bread to flnd SW 'Miss. EPA, lights, $182.97; the better buy. he weight is WoodVille Republican, publish'shown on lhe wrapper. minutes, etc., $35.05: Planters *Spaghetti, mac arc ni and Hdw., Inc., supplies. $49.29; C. noodles in packages marked M. Treppendahl & Sons, Inc .... enriched" are more mutritlous same. $27.13; McGehee Motor and usually eo:s.t no more than Market Grocery and # We have more combined years experience with meal and other foods than anyone in ' Centrevilh. YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNT WITH US COSTS YOU NOTHING EXTRA! o 6 5-3931 C le ,hen the xeady-prepared ones. colors, ,textures and flavors. Natchez Stockyards J :' . Jerard Allen, Manager . Ph. 442-0271 Natchez, M00ss. J SALE EVERY THURSDAY / TOP PRICES FOR YOUR CATTLE / AND HOGS l: Pa,rts, same, $23.29: Seal Trac- tor Co.. repairs. $33.90; Vick's Garage, same, $21.85; Beckham's Electric Service, same. $21.90 Wood's. supplies. $12.90; Jimmie's Auto Service. repairs, $281.9,8; C1Lff White Office .Stpplies, Inc., supplies. $8.20: Western Auto Assoc. Stor, same. $1..05; Pitney Bowes. .postage meter, $7.50; Ketchings Go.. Inc., supplies, $118.49; Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Chy. Clk.. record deed, $5.00; Johnnie Joe Leake, Jr., clipping cemetery, $50.0,0; Communioa- tions hssoas., nc., radio con- tract, $34.25; Three Way Service Station, gas, $769.8; Egsie Har- ris, jail board, $10.00; South Cen- tral Bell, phone exp., $75.49; Robert Claiborne, expense, $37. 50; John Darsey, contract work. $119.30; James Foreman, exp., f50.00; Clerk's Special Account. rcimb., $95.08. Combined Water Works and Sewer System Fund: Planters Hdw., Inc., 'supplies, $14.01; C. M. Treppendahl & Sons, Inc., same. $13.28; McGehee Motor Parts. s,ame, $3.10; F. R. Blak- enstein, same $87.39; Central Utility Supply Co.. same, $160.70; Jimmie's Auto Service, repairs, $5.25; Pitney Bowes. postage me- ter, $7.50; Communications As- sociates, Inc., radio contract, $5.62; Three Way Service Sta- tion. gas, $37.91; South CenSral Bell. phone exp.. $7.51; Con- cordia Contracting Co., 5th & 6th partial estimates. $53,829.00; Natchez Pipline Coast. Co., contract, $2.929.65; same, $5;859. 30: J. H. Lambdin, engineering fee. $292.97: same, $585.93; Jor- dan. Kaiser & Sessions, gen. supervision s e w a g e, $874.34; .me, $148.51; Frances Towns- end. outside water, $34.61; Clerk's Special Account, relmb., $33.01; General Fund, transfer, $190.53. Street Improvement Fund: Dickerson & Bowen, retainer, sreet contract, $13,919.01. There being no further busi- ness to come before rag, made and .seconded ad- ourned. unenriched ones. *Parboiled or enriched rice is more nutritious than white .milled rice. t may cost a little For Local Trucking Call KIRK FORD, 888-4595, Woodville I .all this for only $763 ...that is a bargain! How else could a family make so many visits.., and firm up so many plans.., for so little cost, So, reach out and let your voice touch the ones you Iove. And dial direct on those lovin' phone calls the fast, persona| 1-pIus way. Save even more by dialing at night or anytime on weekends. Love that Long Distance , @ South central Bell ou in touch