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March 5, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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March 5, 1898

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atic Pains to N.r ned, b.t Noon'. Sarsaparilla Gured Her, "I was taken with rheumatism and suf- fered a great deal of pain, and at times WM confined to my bed. I obtained ly taporary relief from medicines, and a friend avtsed me to try Hood's Sarsa- paAla, which I did, and it cured me."  P P: HAt, Centralia, l. yood's Sarsaparilla a's Grtet Med;cine, $1 ; six for . : NOod'e PlUe care sick hada0i. .- HOW SHE MANAGED HIM, Let Her Hnmband Be Cross for te Presents He Gave Her. were two women discussing tbeir over shoppiug lunch. One asked tb r husband was ever cross. "Ile is never anything else," was the cool do you manage him?" asked the a2,n't try to manage him. I just let him how  ? s, he is ab FAR'M-AND GARDEN. AN m om vamL SANDY LOW WAGON LOVZLmSr m rn WO.LV. I o..,o., c......e,de.. ' The Tlhnronghbred Poultry Industry in [very Mnn Ownn'g-a"a Folr Set o[ To - n ........... " ." ...... [..The .general appraisers of goods passing POULTRY FOR PROFIT. the South. Can Build One el ....... =m. == *a.vas nezerrlnB I tnrouigh.t.he Custom House have made sev- ...... .. Lo ,nozner woman, [ eral ueelsmns lately which,untilpassedupon No Daner Thu't'ere Will e an There are, perhaps, but few people 1he aeeoml)an3ung zJtustrattons rep- "I know what I am talking about," re-[ by the Secretary of the Treasury, will hold resent a farmer's wa,on which can be marked a member of congress. "when I say ; good. But whde there m stabdlt m that r Over Supply of Eu'gs., wlOmparatively" in the South especially, m.'me" ,t h .... ,m .... " ,,.T" ..... , t- .... that a congressman has tr'oubles of his owzL t quarter, no system .... failing in strenY 'th can --Atchison Globe. lhere are very few iarmers who m apprectate even the present mug- a lindffrll:u'i" lnI ";'aa " '`'" ..... It's a fine thing to be a statesman and sho,i be properly sustained without thegaid of realize how much money comes from nitude of the poultry industry, or : .... ' g. are oeams up in tte national parade ofureatnessat the IHostetter s Stomach Bitters, a genial tonic Vht  a irl gee: the poultry and eggs that are produced realize the rapid strides being made in i eeL mug and 2xV inches, b b 4 capital, but there's a good eal mo1:e to it [ and remedy for malaria, rheumatism, dys- her st ady, evervb on the farm. If 1hey study the matter the Middle South particularly. There feet long and 2x0V2 inches; the axles than that. And one of the things that is i pepsin, constipation and biliousness. Globe. __ ae ~ feet from each end The middle [] , " v .I -- " I a ent rel cu np ttmy will find that the liens in the are severallarge and prosperous farms ,, , aruest o bear zs what the say about us ...... .... ,  : ".. : ., . vvny, a lady can't come uo ere and ask to l After a man. is 30, znthmkmgofeoastin  ..... ;. e, barnyaml pay more for the food they in thi i section devoted exclusively to ,:ssI)leee  tsz eet nicK or )e Iront see amember that there az:en't half a dozen [ he considers the walk bael.--Atehiso i:oisa (.i,':," consume than almost anything else, in poultey raising, managed by expert- .r,. ne z'on axle s 4x nenes people to wink and shake the head and a tiJone. - ............... , fact, except the. indispensable izorse, eneed and thorougifly capable nmn, and is 2, feet long measured inside !.ot more of the same to make him vi'shal]  We onder wh--- whose value is tiard to compute, being whodevotetheirentire time and talents rne women were in hades. Of course, there . A bi man with a soprano .-olce sounds! (,n Su day always r s some ground among us for remarks lust just as zunnv as a httlemanwitnaaeepnass j than , n "x eek l so much depended upon, so says a writ- to tim indtstrv. One of timlargest and _ --  ,,s there is among preachers and doctors voice.--Vadhington Democrat. d crat er in I'oultry Tribunt,. The farmerean most eompiete of these is Belivue Farm,  7-. -  ) ;rod hod carriers and ever'hody else human,  = ------------ ......... t [---t2-.] and I know a woman or two who find the r ..... l:eep a hen for less than 50 cents per near Memphis, Tenn., owned and 1[-"1[ ............... !,[--']/,. e'lfief delight in trying to involve congress- v A [[ / l r.'r year' This has been proven time and operated by Gen. S.T. Carnes, himself IB..,l,_ Idb.]Ib men and other oflieials in anz kind of a flir. ii .]| |'- .... again, and it is a poor sort of a hen achieken ianeier lU-::'-:-'i[J- t.on that comes handy. hey arepretty $, ]kV4b=$., l t==. m.Jif , th:t ,,,!i[ not produce ten doze,, eggs a An ideal chicken farm should consist t1.  L .../Rw'/f '- u persuas,ve, anu nerore a mar, no,vs I  " t-J-- d what he is about he is down in the senate ------------,--. en. : d:zea:ieral:r.: e mh:l)ut, ten of say 50 acres of high, well-dralned  - fiIjIEL.= restaurant paying for a lunei, and listening .. . ", g t e cos el land, which is large enou,h to reduce   to, some kind of a tale of woe. :,e:l)br ,eSn0 :::::s, and that egs aver. all feed needed, besides affordilg suf- ART OF WZON. a uayo twoBg:dth:YnetSn itns:nW'eandfiten'eaunrrdedI g .... s a uozen rne year fieient room for the breeding and grow .... state ha'd I)een invited to call at ago A member from ah a I.]--___HOW -'vaioness' "oeglns." througih it will be seeu tie income is ingot stock. The friendly little Fox the wheel. The heigit of tle frame lady's hotel the next day and she had asked i00 per cent. on the investment of keep. Terrier is necessary, for he wages such resting on the bolsters is 15 inches, him to let her know if he could come. Ie If he keeps his poultry as he should unrelenting war on rats and mice that The king bolt is 20Vz inches long and wrote saying among other things: ,'co. the average price will be nearer 2 morrow, madam. I hope to see the loveliest nota rodent dares show lfimself, goes through the bolster dud axle at woman in the ,whole world.' Naturally the cents a dozen than ten cents, for ]at With an incubator cellar with say six e and is kept in place by means of a was pleased and told all thepeople around will get eggs in the winter when prices to eight incubators in operation reveal- key. The short piece of iron h is bolt- thetppear,hotelandabouttheit.nextThesheneXtsawdaYhimhe didat notthe prodnctsare high. ofWiththe allpoultrythe increaSeyards olin thethe ing litlle chicks in various stages; with ed to the crosspiece d and attached to (apitol and asked him what he meant by as at breakfast, and 8aye a whole lot of sarcastic things about n attending to their houholds, and wo hen, and any other old thing he can i o !, and then 'he goes away mad and t} e front door." a brooderhouse 24x50 feet, divided into the irou g. The side boards can country tiwre has never been a yea say 2O pens aud ]teated by hot water be taken off at will, which leaves ihe "You poor thing. And people say youare when we (lid not import eggs, and thi pipes showing cifickens from broiling top perfectly flat. These nre 10 feet 7 r/r0ngenial and ao well suited to each importation has not fallen off, except size down to timse just from the shell inches long on the sides,' and 12 ine] ,we are. When Harold eomes home at as the tariff effected it, and the tariff he bands me a little package and says of five eents a dozen did not cut off im. reminds one of a well-conducted orphan high. The end boards are 4 feet 4 apes it will please me, and I tell hint portation entirely. The United State asylum, inches lopg, with 2-inch slats nailed on tc good, ami I wish all women had as a ltmband as mine. Tien Iseewhat is fast becoming a nation of poultr The success of tim farm depends giving me, and sometimes it's a lovely and egg eaters because the wholesome, upon the selection and care of the fowls. "  ", rgivea neWhim aehatelaine'klss nad asker hima fanCVto.forgiveSCarf hess of poultry and the relative cheal> The White Leghorn is a good layer r b,ing cross in the morning." hess of eggs as compared with meat of large white eggs. man looked dazedandwenton are becoming better understood all the The White Wyandottes, with their her chocolate in profound silence as : time and the result is that the demand plump bodies, suggest juicy broilers. it. 'Hen for poultry and eggs grows nearly a The Cornish Indian Game is a prize And yet you deliberately told me ym fast as the supply is increased, and tile winner. dit t manage him."(:tfieago Times-Her average rises slowly )'ear by year. Ne The Buff Plymotl Rock, a new breed, ald. "  Detroit, Michigan, is one of those women out need hesitate about going into the is also a prize winner, and rapidly grow- who always know just what to do in all ESGUED BABY, business of raising poultry from an 5, ing in favor. They posses all tim good  trouble and sickness. One that is a mother " to those in distress. To a reporter she said: fear that there wilt be an oversupply. A qualities of their barred Cousins; with "I am the mother of ten children and have IBIPSVe Deed Of st llerolne for tlileh lO'tV price alwavs meets an increased with the beautiful buff color of the IDE VIEW OF rAGON. raised eight of them. Several years D0ubtlessShenoGtw0manN inBeVemrd'town swims bet- demand, and tizis fosters an appetite Cochin without the litter's to keep them upright. In Fig. 2, e whichWe hadbegana seriOuSwhentimesheWithwasmYabontdaUSsi: :r than Miss X ..... ,but since last summer for eggs and poultry, which is satisfied feet and legs. is thc sideboard, f the cud board, g the years old. She did not have any serious ill- e has CeamM to take pride in her aeeom- wimn eggsgo up again,and the businest The Light Brahma is also a prize side beam, d the cross beam, h the nesS,HavingbUtneverSeemedhadtOconsumptiongradually wastein ouraWay'fam. plishment.nOhern |aks.he simntone theeaSOnafternoon,atonebfthejust at the keeps on growth F. It will keep ou in. winner--taking premimn at St. Louis back axle and e the tongue. This wagon ily, as we come of good old Irish and Scotch fishable promen'de hour, she was walk- definitely, for poultry can and will be Fair last year. It is a handsome bird. cost me $3, besides my own work, and stock, we did not think it was that. Our an the lake shore drive, when the kept with profit when the country i The White Plymoth Rock of the I did all of it except the blacksmithing, which,dctr calledi afterwardthe diseaselearned,bYmeantan oldlacknameof as frnm the pier near. Sheruns muchmore thikly populated than it it Rev. Itughes Empire Strain is a beauty, Every man who has a fair set of tools blood. d:a] and she dashed out to the now. ,to Cure a Cold In One Day' Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c. However sad a man may feel, he loses his look of sadness when eating a good dinner. Vfhen a girl goes on the street to look for her steady, everybody knows it.--Atetfisou Globe. " " I am entirely cured of hemorrhage off lungs bv Pisos Cure for Consumptmn. Louisa Lindaman, Bethany, Me., Jan. 8, '9t. Ve wonder why a hammer driving a nail' on Sunday always sounds so much louder than on "week clays.--Washington Dean- treating ier so. " 'What did I do?' he asked mnocently. " 'You said you were eomig to see me,' he said, blushing at the remembrance of his words. " 'I think not.' Indeed, you d d, she mmsted You d you would see the loveliest woman in I ' " "ld, and she b]nshed agam. , I heg your pardon,' he'said, smiling, meant my wife. She just arrived yester- lay.' "--Washington Star. Benefaa00ess' Kind ltet. From the Evening News, Detroit, Mich. Mrs. John Tansey, of 130 Baker Street, How to prevent it. lvery" person, male or female, shrinks from baldness. It add to the appearance of age and is a erious discomfort. The cases are rare when the falling out of the hair may not be stopped, and a new and heatthy growth of the hair promoted. The hair grows in the scalp like a plant in the soil If a plant flourishes, it must have hair, and gives an abundant snd gloss1? growth. Those who are threatened witt approaching baldness wilt bc interested in the following vohmtary statement made byAldermau S. J. Green, of Spencer, Iowa. lle writes: "About four months ago, m 7 hair corn- constant attention; it must be watered menced falling out so raptdly that I regularly and find its food in the soil became alarmed, and being recommended where it is rooted. It's o with the hair. Dr. Ayer' Hair Vigor by a druggist. I Neglect l usually the beginning of bald- resolved to try this preparation. I have hess. Dandruff is allowed to thicken on been now using it for three months, and the scalp. The hair begins to looen. The am much gratified to find that my hair has ealp loses its vitality. The hair, insuf- ceased falling out and also that hair which ficiently nourished, begins to fade and to had been turning gray fqr the past five fall. The instant need in such a case is years has been restored to its original some practical preparation which, sup- color, dark brown. It gives me much plying the needed nourishment to the pleasure to recommend this dressing." scalp, will feed the hair, give it strength, S.J. GREEN, Alderman, Spencer, Iowa. and so produce a strong and healthy l growth. All this is done by Dr. Ayer's [ Those who are tntereted tn preserving Hair Vigor, the most practical and valua. I and beautifying the hair will do well to ble preparation for the hair that can be I send for Dr. Aver's, A story of obtained. It tones up the scalp, does away I cures told by the cured. This book of roe with dandruff, stops the hair from falling, I pages is sent free, on request, by the J. C. restores the original olor to gray or faded J Aycr CO., Lowell, Mass. : !i An elaborately dressed woman was hardy and a rapid grower. "I .... ng her hands and screaming: can build this. It is very nsefuliu haul- t m mpossble to describe the feelir ' John and I had as we noticed our daugh my baby! My baby! My baby s CLOVER FOR FOWLS. The Partridge Cochinisa delight, per- ing eorn fodder, manure, stone or al- slowly passing away from us. We finn 'n'"",tbut :dneZoh feetin shape and eolor, with exquisite most anthingon thefarm. The front aas' ' hi?'? When ProperlYwlnterCUt ItFoud.I. an Exeelh pencilingsofthe feathersof thcfema]es axle is mde short SO that there is less found, however, a medicine that seemed which has been a feature a long time and difficulty iu turning. Orange Judd She dived fxom tim pier. She  Cut clover has come to be reeognize Justifies the name of "Point Lace Farmer. om y underher sawWater'a smallShe rose and a few as one of tie best of bulk], .... winter foods Strain." four-legged fat iody, forpoultry. Aclovercutteris exceeding. :No poultry farm is complete without VEGETABLE MOULD. paddled shoreward. "]l lyconvenient, but where such a machim a flock of the celebrated Pekin Duck. Coznntonly Its rhine as a Fertilizex d the one lone man who 1: Is not at hand, a home-made eutter ear ; remarks to baby's owner a few rain. be devised. Take a stout block of wood They do not require water in order to la Overestllnnted. later tells me that he thinks of them at night and quakes.--Washington with smooth top, and buiht a boxabou thrive. In fact those intended for mar- The value of vegetable matter in the ket ought never be allowed to swim, soil is very commonly overestimated. OnlF llolf So. it, using the block for the bottom oi but the breeding stock should be given If it is extra abundant in virgin soils Bookstore Salesman--What can I show the run of the pond, because it keeps freshly cleared from forest it is a sign them clean, and their plumage in better that the subsoil is wet and cold. Such want to order the works of--the eomptete works of shape, soils when first cleared are generally again! J know it' Blood will tell. Even in Barred less productive than they are after one Southworth, t)ut I I)lymoth Rocks like will produce like or two years of enltivation, whieh has remember which. About the same ain't they?--Chicago Tribune. when systematically and judiciously not only opened them to light and 7.=_ .............................................................. bred. Standard colored cocks matched but has also decomposed some of th with standard colored females, will pro- mold and converted it into earboni, greatly improved you would not have recog- t duce standard offspring. Therefore, acid gas. There is, besides, adifferenc nied her. She gained in flesh rapidly and ' was soon in perfect health. The medicine used was Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale ,, how important is it to procure the b, iu tize quality of mold dependent on strains for breeding purposes, what vegetation it is made from. That People. I have always kept these pillsin the The industry of poultry raisin in swamps is mostly from leaves of house since and have recommended them to many people. I/nave told mottmrs about South is but in its infancy, and the trees and mosses which have little ex- them and they have effectedsomewonderful CIX)VER CUTTER. masses of the people are not yet fully eept carbon. Such soils are often made cures. alive to its importance. Markets are very productive by applying to them ,n _ " ter is pestle-shaped affair, square nt rates are high on account of distance, composition. The slow decomposition of carbonaceous matter in water gen- the lower end. To this are attached but as the country increases in popula- erateswhatlsknown ashnmicaeid, and three sharpened steel plates, as sug. tion and developmcut thisiadustry will which is very poisonous to the roos of compliments says that it pleases a man ffested Set them into the wood and take high rank among the profitable A man who has scattered a good many bolt securely. Any blneksmith can enterprises of the country at no great more to eomplifimnt his children than it n. tly Fe; roOmPtly on the Kidneys, laver t nd owels, cleanses the sys- colds, head. cures habitual Syrup of Figs is the of its kind eer ng to the taste anga ] stomach, prompt in ation and truly beneficial zn its effects, prepared only from the most healthy =mJ agreeabta substances, its man excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most can be raised at a profit, and the yield enlarged, if properly ilized. Most fertilizers do contain enough Potash. make these platen, dud they can b sharpened on the gTindstone. With one tan tilt np clover as the house- wit,; chops meat iu her tray, but a fe moments being required lo cut sniff eient for a large flock. -- American Agriculturist. TIMELY FARM HINTS, C|over hay is the best for the milh cows and the ewes with Iambs. lqau this winter to reduce the num. ber of waste piae'es on the farm. Manure can often be hauled out when there is snow on the ground. One of the best places to apply wood asides is on the patch intended for po- tatoes. Especially fattening foods shouh be excluded from t&at supplied to the growing colts. Generally the more compact in form tim farm produce is sold the better the profit. It is the amount of fat that cream- lg and churning will get out that de- termines the value of milk. There is no surer destruction to a herd. however good, than that ol breeding to an inferior sire. Keep well up with, the manure haul- Ing; it will save ranch time in spring when work is pressing. Tlere is nothing like a good supply of milk to make the work of the lamb. ing season light and pleasant. distant day. In explanation of his efforts to induce immigration to Louisiana, Mr. J. F. Wellington says: "i am seeking to bring here what may be called the over- flow of the Western and Eastern States, not men of large capital, but of means ranging from about $5,000 or upward, indeed less in cases where it is apparent that the prospective citizen is of the kind to carve out a success for himself if afforded fair advantages. The pop- ulation in the sections in question is gradually growing too large. The chances in life of acquiring one's own home are growing smaller. There is an increasing army of those who are seek- ing tiffs advantage, and in spite of tim fact that they have saved up enough to buy a farm where land is at a moderate figure, yet cannot afford to pay for it at the tune of $100 per acre. This is a most exemplary and desirable class of citizenship, and Louisiana wants them, and we are trying to get them and are getting them." Rye starts earliest and grows faster muzzle, with small and non-expansive than the grasses on the farm and is nostrils and bendu]ous lowerlip, means well adapted for early pasturage, stupidity. A sensitive and trumpet- A Roman nose in a horse generally indicates strong individuality, often ac- companied by great intelligence. A traight facial line is quite often found with a high degree of intelligence, but a dish-faced horse is rarely anything but a nonentity in character, or a fool. A fine muzzle denotes a highly nervoua organization, while a coarse and large High feeding, drying up premature- ly or milking irregularly, weeds out, tings and contracts the milk of cows. It is not always the question of im- mediate returns whieh should govern us but the question of permanent gain, f'armers' Union. Vegetables need/enVy of pot. ash  at least o  besides phosphoc r.cid and nitro- gen. _ Write for our books which tell all about s. They are free. cost proportionately, and it is pos- GAN KALI WORKS, sible to pro, tuee eggs at a cost of only #3 Namma St., New York. ...... half a cent eack--Farm and J'ire side. The Cost of on lEff. The cost of an egg in the eastern states is estimated at one cent, but this depends on the prices of grain, if meat milk. cut bone, chopped clover ant cooked po!atoes are given, the cost will be less; not because the meat can be mrehased at tess than the graln, but because the ceding of a variety and shaped nostril means courage and in- telligence, even when, as sometimes, it also means heaves. A broad and full forehead, and length from eye to ear, are good indications og intelligence; hut the eye and the ear are the speak- ing features of a horse's face." Poultry brings quick returns. They are always salable alive or dead. The eggs, young fowls, as well as the ma- tured fowls, and tim feathers are all sourcesof income. A start can be made with small capital and if success war- rants, tim business may be inerease(t very rapidly, and the nmnber that can be kept profitably is only restricted to 0 balance ration will induce the hens what can bc properly eared for, but as to lay mo,.e eggs. The greater the with all other stock, thereis no advant- number of eggs laid, the lower the age in keeping more than can be prop- - Twiddle your thumbs, ,{, / ' if you ve nothing better to do, in ',: '"J.  the time that,s aved by wash- "/,[A.\\; k'[ _. ing with Pearline, Better be /{tk....\\; , sitting in idleness than to spend '..,.//k unnecessary time washing with eo,n00u00h00a0000hy=dwe0000. mg wor. gut almost every woman has something or other that she talk of doing "when I get time for it." Washing with Pearline will save time for it. r0 CATHARTIC help her, and from the first we noticed a decded change for the better, and after three months' treatment her health was so Vegeiable matter, which is highly does to compliment nitrogenous, heats rapidly, and its ear- Globe. ben is so quickly burned out that it makes very little vegetable mold, and that on further e-xposure to air qulckiy disappears, hrence ou the richest land there is often less vegetable matter in the soil than there is on land which is black with it only because it is cold and wet. The application of nitro- genous manures hastens the decom- position of vegetable matter in the soil. while coarse, strawy manures tnrn tc a mold that has comparatively little fertility, but which makes the soil look much rieher than it really is. Farmers have too long been deceived by the idea that it is the black soil that is ahvays the most productive, and especially if it is black to g'rea depth. Most such soils lack potash or phosphate, and often lack both of these before they can be made profitably productive.- American Cultivator. his wife.--Atchison The Silver Lining. Creditor--Vhat, still no money? Do you thinl it is a pleasure for me in tiffs witer weather, iu snow and rain, to call iere every day ? Debtor--O, don't be down-hearted. The spring will soon be here.--Fliegende Blaet- ter. Deafness Cannot Be Cured by loeal applications, as they canno reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mu- cgus lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and wimn it is tirely closed deafness is the result, and unless tL inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal con- dition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Do case of Deafness cannot be cured Send for circulars, free. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75e. Hall's Family Pills are the bet, His Apprehension. De Witte--I fee] so sorry for those cad- dies ! Bquirrela In Corn Cribs. Wherever squirrels are prevalent, care should be taken to prevent them from getting at the seed corn. Itlsnol a good plan to hang the seed eorn in the crib, as the open s/atted unless by trial he is convineed that he has made a mistake, an(] then change to what he thinks is better. The time to commence to feed his stock is a birlh, It should never be allowed to stand still or go back. He should lay in a variety of the best feed and fed regularly and no more titan they will eat up clean. Another very important mater is tn procure clean, comfortable quartcrs for Miss Askens--Why ? sides to allow ventilation the squirrel "I'm afraid some o'f them may grow up to ,, ) can easily enter, snd his agility makes become golf players. 1 uck. it impossible to keep seed eom from Fits stopped free and permanently cured. him, no matter how carefully it is o fitsafter first day's use of Dr.'Kline's braided aad hung where neither rats treaterveRestorer. Free $2 trial bottle & nor mice can get at it. The squirrel treatiae. Dr, Ktine, 033Archat..Fhila.,pa. does not. care for the bulk of corn in --o the crib. He is very dainty In IHs food, Miss Johnsing--Yes, sah. Mistah Smiff, and is sure to take that which is hung I wouldn't toop tuh do sum ob de things up and carefully dried or seed. The dese,heah white sassiety wimmin do! Yo, provoking part of it is hat he destroys ham t nebbah seen me wif black cou't far more eonn than he eas. He cares lastah on mah face, has you?--N. Y. only for the chit or germ. leaving all ournal. A 50-year-old man down in New Jersey, the rest as only fit for hog feed. it is reported, is just learning to talk. It American Oultivator. takes most of us that length of'time to learn Best 8tuck for the Farm. not to talk.--Providence Journal. T he knd of stock for the farmer tu Family Tradifion.--"Did yon read about raise is the kind that suits his fancy, flint mince pie ten feet  diameter, Mrs. When hc has made choice, he should se- Jones? .... Yes; hut I presume my husband's mother has made bigger ones.'--Chicago lect pure-bred sires and stick to them, Record. NOTIG l! 00,,:,Wheat a Bu, China E/4"a /nJurloua. A china effg in a nest is always of the same temperature as the atmosphere; henee, when the thermometer records ero the egg is also zero. The tem- perature of the body of a hen is abou! 102 degrees. When a hen goes on a nes to lay, and her body (the naked portion) comes in contac with the ice- cold substunee, it is torture, and she also loses heat and becomes chilled. I| does not pay to use food for warming ciL,a or glass eggs by the hens. (;over them wih white flannel or some othe material,Farm and Fire=tale, A Reeommendation.--Cnstomer_,,I this the latest thin; in aealskins" Salesman (impressively)--"yes. madam." This is a pelagic sea]skm. ] uck. 10 ALl; 25e 50 DRUGGISTS "A HANDFUL OF DiRT MAY BE A HOUSEFUL OF SHAME." CLEAN HOUSE WITH m SAPOLIO C, F, Simmons Medicine Co00, . "I fear," said the manager' as the living PROPRIETOR. skeleton sat on him an(/ intermittently qP. LOUIS, :O, hv.mmered him, "I fear that my curiosity J the best of me."Indianapolis Jour- SO/]THING Nl:i. U00er BELLEVUE FARM, MEMPHIS, TENN. Offloe, 300 Eocond Street. 'EEPING abreast with s.T. CARNES, Prop. J.L. KERR, Maa'gr uxx the inventions of this age, we, by modern Slandard Bred l Zs c00inery, co0000,os00 our 00m00rv, powdered Dr. M. A. Sim- Bue, Ba, rred Ind White------'---aPly=oth mens' Liver Medicine into neck. Cornish Indlt, n Games. tablets and sugar coat Whir. Wyundottns. them. Partridge Cochlns. Rhlte and Brown S. C. Leghorns. Consumers can either Light Brahmas. swallow the tablets whole Pekin ,,d Ro,a. o,,eks. 1Egg, 82.00 per 13. or chew them up and swal- ]goglstered English Fox Terriers. lOW with water. Th mdy sugar coating Write us if y0u want the Best. the air, protects the purified medicine from microbic influences, pre- FOR 14 CENTS vents the possibility of deterioration from atmos- pheric changes, insurin perfect purity and |.7 strength when taken, and w.,t.**.r.,,,, makes it pleasant to take as candy. Tablets contain only the powdered Liver Medicine, same as sold in packages by Dr. ,. s,ma ,,. co.. ,,  M. A. Simmons and we " his successors, since 1840. 'Y[AW#/# IPri. == O=,.r,... w'00zz 00RgT_#00R00A / / / f Z../V-MH4 Zg/vzv; , 1  I I I i "Yes, my sight improved just as soon as I erly cared for. With v/variety of poul- the stoek in stormy weather. Rural was p'inted postmaster." "Itow do you try properly managed, a considerable World. account for it? .... Readin' postal eards."-- increase of ineoma may be secured. Cleveland Plain Dealer. Feed the Fowls lowly. The StatelaboreommissionerofNorth The great tronbie with most fowl The difference between an optician and an editor i, the former may wear his own Carolina reports that fourteen counties fanciers is that in their zeal to pro- glasses, but the latter was never known to of the State ship 90,000barrels of apples mote egg production the)- feed fooheav- read his own paper.--Washington Demo- annually. There are many localities iiy, and the fowls fatten instead of rat. w]ere peaches are seldom killed, and laying. Corn also is a bed feed for It's easier for a camel to get through the especially is tiffs the casein the thermal fowls, especially if shelled and thrown ye or a nee(le than it is for a Chinaman to region. There have sofar ben few at- where the fowls can eat it as rapidly ,et through his need of an idoL--Chicago tempts to grow apples in a systematic as they can pik it np. If one per- Daily News. manner, and an absence of system as to son shells by hand an ear of corv and A banana peel on the sidewalk is a nuts- culling, packing and shipping. Tiwse throws it among 30 or 40 fowls the ance and the man who steps until usually active ones "ill get it fully as fast as tummes ro me act.--Chicago Daffy News. North Carolina apples imve this yew they should. The better way is to mix taken prizes at New York e.xhibitions, the grain and small grain as wellamong The man who dyes his whiskers and the woman who bleaches her hair never fool any- he great size of many of the trees at- e,ul straw and let the fowls earn their one but themselves.--Chicago Da':]y News. tacts attention, as it is not uncommon living by scratching for it,---American  to find hem thre0 feet in 4imetez. ultivator, Because a man is from POULTRYg00000000i@I0000 caVe Fzeld and Hog.Fence, and best and z00oz=t s00wan: World's Fair bale won $3oo, and Tennes- WHEN WlTITING TO ADW]J,ntTIfJE sea Centennial bMewon $50 premimn, plebe state that you ssw $&