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February 26, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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February 26, 1898

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+" ++ +It++&apos; l.) ++ 1,andred .oils. TIIE FARMING WORLD. As+ You re -,v+ I, *, AsmA, case of Catarrh that can not be '}Iall's Catarrh Cure. -* Some lleqalrementm That Will Be . Cheney & Co,, Props, Toledo, O. DAIRY CONVENIENCES r Found lndlsl)eusable. he nnder.igned, have known F J .  + The universal article of diet in that for the last 15 "ears, and believe How to l)nt Up a Slerllisln O eu f  g " aud ectly honorable in all business n Bottle Track. country, depended uponandindispensa. ions and financially able to carry Both oven and truck for milk can ble, is bread or biscuit. Andtomakethe  a bligations made by their firm. be made b,, an ..... +^" and" ..... Truax, tVholeate Druggists, To. i _. a ., cart. ...... uuuer bread and biscuit, either in tile camp or ] lyg. 1 represents the sterilizing oven upon the trail, yeast cannot be used--tt W , Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale It is made on a li ht frame cf .... s T-) ''++ "" g ) nmtclled must be baking powder; and the pow- . teo, nlO: . . : .. it tuber, and inside is lined with zinc der nmmlfaetured by the processes of atrrn ure IS taken lflternauy, ) . te ire et!y upon the blood and mucous [ soldered at t.le .lOHlts. The door should the Royal Baking lowder Company, m o! tt,e system Price 75e. per but [be double with beveled edges fitting miners and prospectors have learned, k d by all Druggists. Testimonials I loosely and having felt, rubber, or as- , rali'a 17,,,+,, p;,+ ...... t.^ ._., I bestos packing all around the outside Is the oulv one which ,viii stand in that ......... " ......... " "' " peculiar clinmte of cold and dampness . ...... |No threshold or extra floor is re- __  ltlliEh Lights. [tuired Drainage must be supplied and raise the bread and biseuit satisfac. ThlT: lZYtefosr :heIage ateP [prefcrably through the floor, torily. / Steam is introduced by a row of jets These facts are very important for man who wife belongs to five clubs [eight to twelve inches apart in a steam every one proposing to go to AIaskaand , Sees home enterining serious ap- pipe ]aid on or near the floor on the two the Yukon country to know,/or should 'I>l?:yap:s di!tmlrre families when s:des and back and connected with ,be he be persuaded by some outfitter to rls are so many different si that steam supply A valve just outside take one of the cheap brands of baiting ' w ' " powder, it will cost just as much to aa t ear onc another s clothes, regulates the amount to be ud. The m a woman is sure sle is ahme in the p:pes at the end iust inside the door transport it, and then when he opensit she eats an orange after digging a lit- " + for nee, after all his labor in packing it a in one end ot it with her scissors-- a leeord over the long and difficult route, he will She Was Rattled. find a solidcakedmassoralotofspoiled girl, an ardent admiter of Mm reception given for tie t complexly overcome when it turn to have a word with the blushing crimson and a sweet smile, si)e I believe ?"Philadelphia Mutual. Dank Clerk (serutiaizing eheek)--M+adam this unless yon bring some one 'OU. ')/ should like to know don't know Yon." be silly! I don't know yon i Likely. Dr+ Smiley--Ah professor, is your little We call it ............................... :--Judge, whose children can't talk plain as 9ng as older cues can (to no agton Democrat !+ R Jme wash t tousled b: Romeo; it was tfliet who was found dea by ilia --Chiea '. p Daily News. " " i The eclat nlay not make the manl but law- Suits make attorneys.--Chicago Daily News. IS Face S troubled with eruptions on my face. I thought I would give Hood's r. a trial, and after taking a few I was cured I am now also fre rheumatism to which I have been for sortie time." C, E. Bmr, kee Street, Mihvank% Wis s Sarsaparilla 3reatest Medicine. $1; six fort5 PitIs cure aI1 liver ills 25 cents. STERILIZING OVEN. re capped so that no steam escapes except at the short nipples, or simply holes drilled in pipe, which will au- swer very well. A flue opens out cl the top of the oven, made of tin, three or four inches in diameter and long enough to go out at the roof. This flue is closed by a dmper just above the oven; except after sterilizing it is opened to hasten the coolialg and as- sist iu drying off the bottles which are inside, Such an oven is never to tie used for the heating of milk, but in it may profitab/y be placed not only bot- tles. but tinware, stirrers, lancets, dish- cloths, in fact, anything movable tt comes in contact with the, milk A convenient method of handling a large nnmber of t)otties is illustrate by 1.'it+ "2. This consists of shelves so BOTTLE TRUCK. arranged that when the bet|lea are , + + + Chronic Rheumatism. 00OT.-.ROSH TA-00 *+K=00Fre. ,i,, 11 Should Be Done Before the 81D From the Industrial/qe+- ..+i.._. t.u An Old Story aDd-'nne Tha . A battle Of giants is going to take Starts in the Sprln/, The sub+e ^* -; .(L +/'7+ ?%,.u, *,eu, r t Is Brand [ his summer 9n 30,900 farm3 in A nerie /lather more than any other kind 0 of a,e fi : o+.tnls st(eros lsflfty-slx).eay$  , . ?ew, . /in talk or votes but hl elds S tl , aml actively en a ed i " "" s ' , Y + + zer' When sev nt,,,, ,+ g g n farmmg ..... - So.e ely gtr! get In the newly de.e- / potato marvels are named a* above fruit, unless we except the peach, tile shouhter ad-a'",Je.afs old he hurt bls ,-ae.? !t f te b!te:eyed irI, Th offers a price for the biggest at am grape requires annual and severe prnm+ ins. If not properly pruned a vigor- to have rheumfe3+:years, gftfr comae.need !n-ey+!i ,rl t.tefl.rhar s.e ished also $400 in gold for suitablela,ne f( ,.. . ' s ... ,o, n taKm+ a +m.v une womct remlntl ti#l' td bu a tooth eorfl 17 inch . sngnt cola or the . . . o , . Y ( es long) and oat prodi ie. ous, thrifty grape vine will almost in- ...:,_._, least strain, somettmes 'uslt the next time she went do'htown, seedsme ' America owing r variably set more fruit than it can ma- b'.u.any apparenyause wilatever, the nen. slte laughingly asked: el,pets ndlarm seeds anrsellin g/o moskOe wnn!( smrt anti he would suffer the .ilris, what would you call a toothbrush at I 30 a lure well, and this excessive draft on + excruclatmg pains one of + ..... :,: .......... ,, . $;, ,ba[re].. The editor urges y lie stlffePed for ow- ;'u:_,+,.  .. ,,t ...... :;=?2e,?2,es ot elv.nzatlon : try Salzer s zorthern-grown seeds a' last dee * "'+# Years, ann t e  ,*oum c,, 1 a necessity, ' exelMmed SEnD Tn + ' '- , fine vitality of the vine so cripples it w ...... de has suffered, so_much ttmt e the ,blue-eyed girl, "That reminds m- [ ..... ,s.Norlc ll 1OCs. , S that little or no fruit is secured tile next quen,eurr o no anyyor. To this the fi-, girls," she+eontintleG '(of a story me Unrl / , corm a. aJzer eett uo., a urosse, season. To this may be l,,dded the fact ruskin- h: ncesofdizzy spel!s were added, oases iseU o tell. I aiwavs tacfm doubts/[-r it new r,armseeu .samples, worth that with an 5, tree or vine wheu too n ,m tumos a helpless invalid . anout thiS?tol-y of Uneie James', but I wi 1 ]vo ge a sar, and their olg catalogue. ,///ZLL "//.// z// " I tell yogi What he said ,, much fruit is allowed to mature the _ ./'? " I "He as goin- from P, ostoti,-x. - , | Lemme tnstan said Mr. Et quality is almost nvariably lowered //,// , ' //, .  to ew ora Pinkl "1 -' ///I] .':-'/N //./ I one tlme on one of tim new S ..... t m( .... | ,, , y" - s er locksnnf er mat, dat k It is necessary that the pruning be . ///-'b  '/. I era, and he shared his stats(ecru "+ 5.7"' I al,,',oout how tar open all kin's tr lock done (luring the winter, ,nd it. should "/,tt i'a' /..  V/. [strange man. When morning, eametrn. a / ,.o's he is," replied Miss 5{tami J /, ., LI / / .+ // I ,James got tm first a ..... e _ :, .Uy.. / 11 I dunno how 'tis, but I sho'ly be completed before the sap starts ia /1,, /// . [deck. Presently he came back to pack his []t;,xz ........ ,, the spring. Otherwise the vine will bleed, and bleeding is always injurious. '- (]///, -///4  /// leP?':gogrtle renmberd thantlhZlha d I,, "EVralacli nine 3?t'nahke+ a b The work can be done at any time dur-  #i///l/f/ / for it he discovered iris roomma +- - .+ I'ts chickens. '--Washington Star V//; ' t,e using It " tf/x .':.0"#/1V/// vigorously Supposing that a mmtak ing the winter that tlhe weather will  z///// /f/// . been made. he said" The GOVernment a Da/al. permit, and that the vi,ne is not frozen  U  'fl //'/ . .I beg your pardon, sir, but that is m.. The commissioner of fh2 generail) /ea Generally it will be safe to cut awa;! "/: /'/) z'X'3& ootnprush.'  rice has submitted his rpurt to the S - " /'/ (]]  fndeed,' said the man, 'you must ex- tary of the /nterior. Corn axed with fully half of the previous season s , ' / t J/xl t euse me" 1 thought it l)eloned totheh-t '+'' year, it shows a decrease of 208 he  growth, as it is on the last season's " ,, i ' , ......... , /' / ."  J  . Oh. oh! oh." exclaimed the gray-eyed entrms, aggregating 378,625 ascots powder, with no strength and useless, growth of wood that the fruit is pro- ,-x_ i ,. grl, waving her hands franticall- ";h.+ L. proportionate to this is the fallin Such a mistake might lead to the most duced. But in pruning it should be re- w-  the same story my Uncle Robert aia ,' eral health when no effort is ma Ola It didn't happen to either one serious results Alaska is no place in membered that the best . . IN ALL SORTS OF WEATHER . . ,, of the bowels. This eau + " ' ' canes Ior Iruit tie " , " " - " tnem wblch to experintent in foot], or try to bearint are the lavabo- .... r ..... : ...... treed the but wtthout ,,,, of course. ,, hd with the aid of'!ost, ........ ;.. .._.+, . . .. .. --o ........ -,c t, mg nenenteu anu nas used several snoific u, course no, t assented the bhte-eved te: s, also a remedy fcrmt n'suc't?';c}VltltY?:nrdSLOn3:nt.h:tOr r :e PUamg as a rule it will be best to cut AalUunatine e cures, .but was not-h'elped guitr]:augh) g" Wf.have caught both onr dyspepsia, rheumatism and liver trouble : y g bout one-third of the 'rowth of +h ..... )'ear ann six months am) he read . . s now, haven't we.' --- and fatiguing conditions of life and larger, more thrift-- ca " -' +:' tn tnls.paper of a case somewhatsimilar to . "ln.e nrown-eyed girl looked at her frineds /new Hls Business. labor in that country, ever,thin mr.-* st, '= .... '" .nes enttreiy, ns,whtcn was cured by Dr. Williams' Pink In alsgust--St. Louis Republic. "My dear why at- ......... ,,a;,, +hi be th h* ---   . d S ,c* .,,ttlJes even to ane extent of euttin, rills ann concluded to try this remd,,  n;o.O, ,, .1- '.t +.',. ;- " ":'v:-7'"' P'+ , :Y7 ' n(t lost uselul, and above away some of the older wood i After taking the firs(box im fe]'t,,, An Old War-]H[orse of Journalism Dis- .,;,_.seu,,als: naggs, In a tone o[ ' .,,+ ,,t,ota1t:e. J)OD  yOU see no one eH tll.ia]t, slmperatwethatallfdsupplies Of eourse there are exceptions. Some. I what better{ an.d after using three boxes, the cover th.e. Vlrtue of a .ew ] is applauding? It iseyond the performer is a'?w )-aveper'ect geeplng quahttes. It tunes the weaker canes ,nay be so situ I im,'anteeYhssaPoIaf'_ e_ mzzmess/eft ,,, meatetnal Varlety. I abil!t+' and not w+rthy of applause." ,c OUl-tl [O convey over such diffieu'" ate a **- ..........   " I __.. ...... uver a year neen anere are only a few of them lf+ I 'l Know that " re lied Mr Sna s bt +. t u tou 15 Vlll De nesrabte to have eourey tree trom au his former trouble " ........... w ' 'P " " gg ' and expensive routes an article that. hom ,, t. . ' I en;o,,o h+,^_ __)., ...... and ...S. mee Chas. 2k. Dana's death Joso,.h r^. [ e must appland paces like that m ord( will ,tt ; ........ --,-.- ................... armff weep next year and I hi i,,,,.,..  ,cun roan ne nas nan smce 0ill, the war-horse of the 'i" ' ,:.'-' .... to get something worth lis/'enin to in .......... r,,,ate n ransH, or that will when this is the  . . ....... ..o is th ' . . C lcago ihlbune, encor " )' . , "" ", g . ......  .... ca. e it w'H1 be best to ] tie is lot.n :- t.: .... : ........... , e chmf surmvlng representative of the I c. --I tttsburgh Chronlcie+ ]:stTre:tTlrteqnil[:or use to have j cut back to the third bud, counting I Pink,Pills'f0r laie ;at(rwltJgais 31adn: ehl of vn'de, aggressive editorial } ----- , v from the base of the cane Tie third [ eorrooorate the above statements. His post To have m +h _ uite fry u nt ' ." .he;'e is no better guide to tel'owl budisusuallv.b,, ....  .... [omce address is Lorenzo Neelev 1.,^: *h ..... f,o;.ud -+;,)yn at them was part ,f .t2.) , q e ]y.amansxtewsonrehg in these mnt,-- +),,. +1.  ..- t . v --. -. l, crJuet ouu pro- F dackson Count- M;.;.. , ..... -, :-, ........... ar all tunes, nut to find health / ;..,=,,u , a eonsloeraDle exten on wa - ............... eaovmeoztnose I aueed. / All the el +" +: ..... s .... . In mud is rather a modern innovation Tha* |and of a job he bas.--Puek. who have gone through similar expert- I One advantao in ..a: ...... !life and ricnme ents-neeessary,t llVe new !s. what Joseph Medill has been doing, of [ --;--=----- euce Mr MoO, g-+ ...... __  .+ .-. | . . ' '  duu*cluuS prunln __   co u late DIOOU ana restore late. / a weet one. . . - --+--.-, w.o tscaueu tne I m goou season is that in the nu l--- + smrtereu nerves are contained, in a con- Mr Medi I ; -- : ...... - Sam loh "  ' rataer of Alasl-a " after an rnori,,,, I , ....... ,.,co u, senses form in Dr Ixnn: .... r,.._,_ . ..... - ......... -. mvesugaor and when  ; ,,, nsmg--X as, sa!l, m.y gal s a htgl of years upon the trail, in tile ca(i,, and I of"e[t t/hSt:/nleel:=:tth:eyn]  Pale Peopleuggs'''!ellXt'ed nlsl' iZisatiliLth  ,eglsOUbSeghago-::?d:/<l'etJ;?(sef\