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February 26, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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February 26, 1898

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&apos;fl1i| ])1li,L'l]. Tllc35thanniversary azreeable o 1000 pah's of meus Mme all ....................... :-- the co|'dial invitation ext.endod bv the size conl'U.s ttnd Iqt!o. tt flood bruary Saturday Fe 2o. <r,,, s,,'a L.d._,e No 7 X or P to heavy s.t,tu,t;,d s.o,.. C(,s+ t,, , ..............  ilode L,de NoT(,." this i.;ce to nlake 1 95,,,qr prh'e '1. Ak :Icial Journal of the C0f t,:,,'t,c,p.e in ihe 35Lh nniversary ,f for thctp+ at l{othschihts. the order, ubtmL 35 members of tile "*"-'-'+" p0Iation of W00dville. latter Lodge left he,'(+ ou F'.ida5 eve, *+()TICE. lli[Ig aboard a special i,r,dn to aLtend l have {his day pu:'ehas(,:t tiw In- ] Simple Announcements of marria- the celebration. On arriving aL their' loI'CSi ()f the lalo'.Jo<('ph A;I,r/ll ill tilt, btlSill('S: ()f G:)li!::,ki & A;II';HI, ilIl(l ges and deaths will be pubhshed destination the I(niglit wcrc rt.cci.ved have aequ;red all the :\\;s,.ts awl a +" ,'ithont charge, by a committee and escorted t.o th,', s!+mcd l he tiabili,ies of said Firnl. ,. Pythian lIall where were found al- and will C(HltilItle tlw I tlsin+,,s [or nlv own ace+mat.. 'tad reslwctfully olici}, llSl21t'il||on pPl' 1111111111. ready assembled tlie men+hers of the kind . pa'tronagc of the old Firm ....................... $1 50 Ba3ou Sara Loclge. Past Gran and public. Othorwtse ................. $2 00 ChancelorBrowning, Grand K hi' gl P.. GOSLIN,qI(I. ,,.__. . S MeLain, Grand Lecturer llarris oft WoodvillebIiss., Jan. '95. MARKET. Louisiana and members and repro- "+-'-' NOTI( 'E. New Orlean. s; Dec, 17, 1897. sentatives of Jackson and Baton q " We hereby inf'orm the pat)lie that Cotton-- Ronge L')des. P G C, row|nng was 1M]ddlina ...................... 5 1-4 assigned theoritor and in a niostlwe will (dose out ,mr umrcantiIe bust- chaste andeloquent:manner dep,:ted[nessand' though, we would prefer JOB WORK AT..r -*,TttE I{EPUBLICAN. the principles and tenets ef Pythian- tOwilldiSpo.Csell inf smallUr stoCkquantitiesaS a whole,at re- ;: Tuesday is thelstof March. sm. After bheoratiouthebrethe|.en[duced pricestoreash. Positiwfly u, : were conducted to the Banque Itatltyearlybills All accounts must he A full line of Black*and fancv wets- in the Opera house just before the settled by March 1st 1898. " Respectfully. ted at, Rothschild's. Lo&,e r(}un and upotl enterin,, timrc VETTLIN &I]IcKEY, MardiGrasis verand the pilgrims suddenly appeared beflwcthe vision a Jan. 29 1895.-lm. a scene of rie/iness and splendor. :=.: are homewasd bound. Deft hands had ranslormed bare 200 pieces of outinu, all styles and Fresh new crop of Landreth's Gar walls into thoseof exceeding beauty shades, from 5 to10 cents ar den Seed at Gen. J. Adams. and LiJc emblematic colors of rvd, Robhschild's. The weather at this writing s yery yellow and biae mJngleded with the  "S" R'E-C:IIVED , U i threatening and indications are for evergreen. The bright, and blooming Loaded shells in all sizes and loads flowersctlarmed and was much ad- rain. mired. The tables in tbe furs of a at, 500 pairs of all wool pat)Is at a Lriaugle were laden with deleca+e :aGe= :: ,T, Adams. 11.50, 1.75 and .00. Worth 5en}pbinu food. ano the appetites of The wet sea,on is upon us and double. At Rothschflds. all wcrewhctted thereby cud hen waterproof garments are wh'tt is the uner mau l-|ad been satislied, needed. Ask to see our Mackin- Cotton eoutinues to come into the Master of Ceretmmies, J. R. Mathews tosbes from 2.50 to 5.00, sohl lmarket in considerable quantities, no aunouneed as the tirst, toast, of IIope elsewhere from 4.00 to 9.00. doubt influenced by the sligllt ad- Lodge 7( of Woodvitle which response At Rothschild. was made by P (J, L Scidoss. who do- vance in the price, pitted the beauties of Py,hi,m sm. :-- = =" ::=--" Family groups taken at vour own Our train and mail has been at" Ba3 ou Sara N() 15 was nax in order 1'lying late during the past, week andPG C,F.M. Mumford paid el3- home, m or out of town by +hite& ,caused by the va)rl on raising the quen tribute. Lo his Lodge ar.(l mere- WeEcher. track at Bayou Swa. bers. Bro. W. Matbhews responded +-=: :: _- : for Bat, on Rouge Lodges in feeling 1 have the famous Pratts' Stock An elegent line of men's an.t boys r htnguage. Brothers Murdock el Feed for sale. Just the thing for g clothing at C. Schaefor's. Ili., and Welsch of Ind., responded iiJ :Jeer, um:onditioned stock. I ..... behalf of their Grand Lodg( and Gee J. Adams. t] :+ Capt. Ill. MGelee returned Sat- ether ,esponces were made by mere- .. u Urday evening from a visit to OW hel+s of lJayotl S:trtt Lodge. Tile :+: :<)rleans. He reports having. [lad a Wo(,dville Quartetne compused of 10,00C cabbage phmts for sale by ] pleasant, ti'me, aiessrs G. A, Wettlin, E. W. Meyer, Mrs. S. G. Stern.  Kidgloves worth 1,50 f.r 1.00. The s. R Walker and R. W. Turner inter we have ever sold for the mouey, spersed the speeches with choice .''eW Rdvertisements. "2 Schaefer. adections whi]e the German Quar :>=-_ Lel.te lo(1 by the irrepressible Aug'ust P. It. WIIITE. W.S. WtlITE. Ir Jessie Miller arrived home en Metzgar caused much hilarity atd [ evening, from tlat tiesht+r_, etjoyment at. the close. P C. chb,s [t][ | } and has accepted asituation with thelasthe representative and sp, fltesrflan at Centreville. . for Hope Lodge returned the thanks ,falY $TREET. Under Masonic Hall. -+ .... ' of his ]edge and the,g 2,50. abhhge plants now. ready to set bretheren for the extremely pleasant DEALEnS IN t Forsale by Mrs.  G. Stern. timeoceas.ioned by their visit and Fancy and Staple Groceries, ,Candy, !. +;=+= : .'1 Ouiforeman, Mr. gobt Lewis, has that in the a-es to come the events Cakes. Fruits of all kinds. Tobacco D" of that, evening would be refcxred to and Cigars. Best ExUI'aets it) town. Otlflned t.o his bed for several with great pleasure, Feb J29S]y. days wlth chills and fever, lie is is- At:, one o'clock the Knights left, for proving however and will at, his post home. every one I,r( o,m('in the at- NOTICE. lay or two. " . = _: fair lhe randes and mos etjoyable Bids to build a bridge across Clark's Plush eaps and Misses lacket's at on record. Ceekaecording t,o specifications o, . ,,-+-+_,  file in the Chancery Clerks office, will be received up to nine o'clock the flrs Cleve and, O Feb. 22. WoI'k :,Ionday iu February 1898. The board reserves the right to reject any and on the big goverument ,>entrant all bi0s. is now under rapid liead'.way at C.A. Coo, Cleric. the Otis S+eel Works. Fie on- Feb. 12t, h. 1898--4w. ormous gou.-carriages are t)ein_ constrncted there. They .ire for  S thirteen-inch gnns, to be t, sed on I00ARANTO, United States battleshi,).. A  --DEALFR IN- % similar carriage was co,apleted . CUOICEST Fruits, Oysters, Nut., (:) a a a some tnne ago and shppe! East, .i.of all kmds, and I resh 1 amfly Gro where it, met the alproval of thu ceries. Receivcs daily Fancy Caw dv of all kinds. Maccaroni cook- Naval Department. .e('l in the beat style, from 9 A. M.I General ManagerBartol of the toSr. m. i 3lain St* Opposlto l.aum & IDanpf.  Otis planl said tod,y that orders .+'vY'e.-i] had now been received to om- Fu mas y. plete five more of the cat'riages. The great Galling e:,,.+t-,teel WALSH & WILSgH 9 class photn- gun will be returned to t,h, Otis CONTItACTOB.S OFt ttrapha o your house, family or works wit bin a few dqys fr,am th(, baby call on White & Welscher. Clevelqnd City Forge to he ream- RICI4 2 CEMEiIT :: = = out, in readiuess for the ,:rifling, '++g+ W O R I. +D+ NOTICE. The public are hereby notified that which is to be performed in the Estimates Furnished Hunting is prohibited on the Sur East. Patronage Solicited. gette, E!mwood, Belleview and Got'- . -,m, ,.-. don l'lant.ations Leave Orders with Wettlln & Htcke or B',q Read what prominent plan ers of Brown's, Barber hop. All former permlts are ]lerehy re, yoked. CtI.kS. CIIL . 'our e,unty say about CAPITAE, CITY Deel$972m. FERTILIZER: Nov. 20, 1897-tf Centreville, Miss. Jan,22, I:98. MR. B. E ESKRIDGE. FOR RENT. Agt. Capital City Oil Wm ks. The W. L. Hays Place, about 205 4 H'4'4`4'4`4,4,-4,4`4`4,@4,4,4,4`4,4, Baton Roue, La. acres, 6' acres in cultivation : situated about 7 miles west of Woodville. ,4" I b4"4"4"4"4"4''b-4`4`4`4`4"4'4'4"4"4`4, ' mOlto PuSH 4: My dear Sir: I tJdnk von ire e- T m Caesar Gillespie Place. abont titled to some testimonial from me i. behalf of the most exmdlent {',)tton 280 acres. 60 acres in cultivation. ]I i,d[ " MJRE ENTERPRISE. ][' cud Corn Fertilizer comi)oun.ted by is situated about 5 miles from Frt 4, 4, the Capitol City Oil Work an t sohl Adams. For particulars al)ply to MORE INFLUENCE. 4,','J['- to me through your effort_ tni,.: past EDWARD AARON. MORE PROGRESSIVENESS. - Rolbscilild's. year" It is not too much for One to Dec. 18, '97-tf 4, l,.l, :- a-, say, that aft,.r au experience with MORE SPECIAL FEATURES. ',- Roy. B. Wohlberg will on next commercial fertilizers formore thau POSITIONS ,UARANI"EED. t .....  : lrsdav evening de]iverona of his 20 years, Ihave never used one :that To Graduates of IIaaris' i ractical + TheTimes-lm0crat, ! , g has given me as good satisfacti, m as lectures to t,he students f has yours this past year. Notdth- Business College, School of Short 4,$ NEW OP,.LEAN, LA.. 4,, McGehee College. The pub- standing my plan:atlon was v (ted lland, Telegraphy, etc., Jackson r '4` to attend, by a disastrous hail storm in 5 Icy, Mississippi. MORE NEWS. it' := = :: and two cloud bursts iu .Inne and We have bouffhf the XVavatt Col- @4.@ 4,.@ 4` MORE STORIES. July respectively. I made the lar lest loges here and at Meridian. but have  PHOTOGRAPHERS. crop nf cottou tint I have ever n+, t',de closed out the one "It Meridian, cud 4` MORE INFORMATION. d[': While & Wel.cher have erected and pleuty of corn to rnn my p ace prepared to give sludents ' the very 4,4[,@4`MORE ILLUSTRATIONS.  , best business traiuing to be had ; y- ,I. and I used your fertilizer exclusiv, :1. where. Catal,,gue sent ,.n ap!)lica- 4MOR to'at in the Court [Ionse yard. As long as ou keep it UD to its p 'e- tion. N.J. IIARRIS. 4" y ADVERTISEMENTS. 4,: lhey will be pleased to see ent high standard, yo lr custon: ors ,, y patrons and friends, will get fnll value received for tt ttir Prcsideut. Jackson. Miss. ,. 'rE os'r 'WIDELY Cn- --+ money. Yours truly, etc Sept. I1, 1897-tf  CULATED NF:WSPAPER 4,4"4. 4` id JNO. A. REDHE J), +'?ave an early garden. Best va- After t hs use of the ab(we fertiii zer FOg ,'SALE.  IN qPtll SOUTh[, 4,,I,4. 4, 4, of cabbage plants for sale by the past year, I am prepared to ,m- The house and lot in Voodvitle,  Subscribe for It If you want S, O. Stern. dore all that my neighbor attd frit md south west of the public square known 4, to keep up with current ,t, 4-4,4, 4,, *1, := : : Mr. Redhead has said about it. as the Susan Scott ]ot adjoining lot  events at home and abroad.  We'have lust receiyed from a F.E. WItlTE For White Br 0s. of Dr L W Magrt)tler apply (o market an elegent line of " lI S VAN EATON, 4,D ly and Sunday, poryear.$1200 dress goods and full line ol Centreville, Miss. Jau 10, I898, 1l 20 1897 tf. $ Semi-Weekly, per year ...... 1.00i! Schaefer. MR. B. E. ESKRIDCE, Agt.,  T ;b 4, ( uesday and Frtday.) , Capital City Oil Mill Co. -I'IH+]SPASS NOI'ICE. 4,t Sundays only. per year .... 2.0:4, ion for buying good Batou Rouge, La. All hunting on Si,nrall and Sehae- :4, SAMPLE COPIES FREE, 4:  been established too Dear Sir:--I ean ifighly t'ecomme p.d for places is strictly prohibited under 4,4, wti 'rms-DocnA, : :;much tllowing about, your Capital City Fertilizer to Pray penalty of the law. 4,4.4, 4,,'4, e only name a few items: oue who wishes a first class article in L. W, IAGnUDER. 4` New Orleans, L. ,,. sui's 90 cents, Boys' every respect. I used it almosl ,,x-il ,()97 tf. :! .I+ 4--I. - 4. 4` Men's suits $2.50, all elusively last season, aud fou, nd it " -- :'+- 'I'4,4,''I''4, +.,;+.- J+ _ & Lt+.P++o and will satisfy you. gave as good, if not a little better re- TRESPASS NO ........ sults than other first grade goo3s Allhnnting or trespassing on the Artonish lar, ds under fence is pro- ELE('TRIO BELT FREE. 1 :: =, used along side of it. Others vho hibited under full penalty of the law. Totntrodnce it :tndol)t;tln atensthe (lt, rstgned firm wilt 'lw" away a, Lw OP their ordered with me speak well el it I Any stock remaining ou the, Artonish i Ge:'man h+ct.rh" B',lts iu;hnted by Prof. is the time to plant Ohion think it comes fuly lup to your cD, Jms msture "filer February 15th will be van tier Weyde. l'r(s, of the New Yolk Elec- trical 8oete;v (U. S. Patent md Gem J. A(laliiS Is the ptaee for it. Yours truly, charged pasturage--50c 0or month, curefor , loss .hem, J. A {.'ILLESPIE I y. Schaefer's. The outward appearances of the "buildings on Boston Row preeent a very poor appearance and are much in la need of repairs and )rint. A rna]l reded on them would improve thelr appearance considerably. ii_ --,i + Mort'sand boy's golf cads in wool :and velveteens for 25 cents at Rothschild's. 'spiral class brick for sale hy A. r. enedict. (A number of our citizens%Dent the early part of the week in :New Of leans attending the Carnival cele- bration. They have nearly all re- turned home. "' If Vou wan', fir,t A cold wentber snnn! A good eavy douhle 10 x 4 blanket for cents at Rothschilds. cDowell, convicted of Grand and sentenced to the Pene- tenteary for four years, made his es- cape from a convict farm last Satur- day. Brook's St,nrv and several nther cnnviets made their escape at the ame time. Notwlthstandin tbe advance in our st,ock of clothing is beinu Offered at extreme] y low prices at, GEM 00ALOON I IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITH A FULL STOCK OF : : z-1-QU Ot=00,S --o SUCII AS o OLD J[OWOPOLE R Y'E, P UR I Td 2F R FE, _FIEWCH BRdWD F, WIWES, ETC. Cho/ce 8rock of FINE C/SAR8 Always on Hand Those is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to call and examine my stock. A. s. JOHNSON. ii i + --- I ...... TO THF, P[IBLIE: It#, Jlt one half price, t<f+[ Henriettas formerly sold at 50e now 25,  Dress Goods '" " " 20c " 10. I Blac Brocades "- " " 50e " 25. I .Ill Woolens, sueh as Blanets, Flan- |{f ft nels etc, at the same eut. rill wool che- rots szeits formerly 7.50 now . Part t wool cassimere suits formerly 5. now , ',), Yours Truly, + Marts nornschi/d & Bro. 1 " :NOTICE, I have just received and will keep constattly on hand a full snpplyof COI,'FINS and ASKETS, of all St. les. which I will sell at rea- sonable prices. Shop opposite W. C. Bonnys res- idence. TttOS. ROLAND. Aug 21, 1897-tf i , "[ YOUR WATCH CONTAINS 175 pieces, pnt together hi 2,400 distinct operations. The roller Jewel daily makes. 432,000impacts against the fork, or strikes it, fully 157,680,000 blows each year. The balance wheel moves 143-=-100 inch with each vibration or 3.558 3-4 miles a year. Now, you will believe that while he deiimt+e little mechanism requires onlya tenth of a drop of oil for a year's work. [t becomes might)" I_,IILSTY FOg TflAT LIlTLE OIL. I will give your watch the benefit of eighteen years experience at the hwest, prices consistent, with good work. JOSEPH S ARPIIIE, The Jeweler, NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt or otherwise trespass on my lands known as the (ildart tract, the Lnberty tract and Fleet traet, about 1 mile north-east of Woodville under penaly of he law F. F. BEST. Dec. 19, '96-tf TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting on mv place is strictly prohibited uuder penalty of the law. MRSJ E. W. JOOR 11 20 97 tf. TRESPASS N()T[CE. Hunting or otherwise trespassing on the McManu. Farish and Bowling Green places is strictly prohibited un- der peualty of the law. All former permissions revoked. R. M. McGEHEE. J. H. PENDLETON. Sept.4. 1896 -tf . + BO YEARS' "" oumNa, --" OOPYRIOHT8 &, Alyone sere dRag g ekteh  deqption may quiekl. aacerrn. ree, Whether an luvention ts Probably patetgble. omtmNattons etriclF -- .menet. wa nave a wuhltmon etude. atent_ta=en rou4gh atm & C,o. ve &t IOtlee In te 801ENTIRO AMERION, atIfLv Illtgrl,  elrmtlafltt Of HARDWARE AND LMPLE00N00. The attention of plan[.ers and others is call.ed: to our stock of IIardware and Agricultural Impie-. ments, of which we at all times carry in sufficient quantities to suit the denlands of our trade, and at prices as low as they can be sold, We especially call your attention to the Chattanooga ChilLed Plow.. for whieh we are the exclusive agents. These are of improved design aud superior finish, selected material, ami combine mauv original of excellence not found iu other plows,besides the best features of other leading chilled plows. Wa. really believe them to be the best plow sold in thm market, having handled them for two sasons, and as an inducement, we offer them on condition that if the Plow is unsatisfactory in any way, return same and we will cheefully R.FaND YOUR OZ. We are in position to at all times quotyou very low prices on Saddles, Collars, Bridles, Whtpa Carriages, Wagons, Barbed Wire, Stoves and every thing pertaining to Saddlery, tIarness, Heavy Hard... ware, Vehicles and nnplelnents. We espemally solicit your trade in these lines, believing we will be able to give you satisfaction, to say the least. C. SCHAEFER. C KANN. tVOODVILLE, ..... ' " DEALER IN DRUGS and MEDICINES CHFMIC,00L00 Public School Books .,:c37" ,,lnd. "Xao:f.ll; 2t=1: "X'=O'bZ,oc2O ,1,n21. tddl;,t3L'atil,. Stationery, Painters Supplies, in Hardware, Illuminating" Ga, rcten Seed  c. 'Phvsicians pre,criptions carefullT compoundua, and orders cck selected ,iLh grat care andwarranted as representl. . 8.9 z. .--y, F. A. McLAtN. W.P.S. VENRTlilSS McLAIN & VENTRESS, tttoruey=)d 0m=10r= Law, WOODVILLE. MISS, Office in McGehee bui!ding. DR. C. S. HAMILTON, 00ENTIST, WOODVILLE Office at SchlesInger rdouse, April 18, 95 ly t[ ISS DR. CHAS. E C ATCHINfiS VOODV I, LE : : 1 : [ISS. Office in Adams Drng Store. July 14, '94 tf. DR. L. W. MAGRUDER, Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office at resideuee, AFril 7, ,88 13 DR C. C.+CROS3. Dental Surgeou, W ODDVILLE. MISS. Office up stairs over the Postoffice. A. (L SHANNON, .Albany 00,fl 000usel0r tt WOODVIILE, MISS. Will praehee in all State and United States courts in this tate Real estate bought cud ,old on oom mission. Office on Cmmeeial Row. H. s. v Et.000N. 00,Ltorney hmdor glow, Office tip-stairs in the Odd Fellows l]uitding. , DR. JOHN F. THERREL, Physician and Surgeon WOODVILLE, MISS. Office on Main St. at his old Stand D+ O. BttAMI'I', W, ;. Bramlett & Attorneys ad WOODVILLE, Office in MGhee inertial Row, J. H, JONES. ARoney and WOODVIIE, lIliL ' Office abova the --DEALER I,-.+ Family and tIoneries, Oysters, all kinds, Sugar, Starch, Raisins, Canned Fruit and Fine brand Fresh Bread plies arriving March 21, 1896-y TRESPA All hunting Retreat and Dame prohibited, under Oct., 9th '97.--tf. TRESPASS All huuting, fishing or trespassing on Glen Bnrnm is strictly prohibited under he law. All torln voked. GEe. TRESPASS Any person caught or otherwise Collins or Old Lewis prosecuted to the aw. All former ed. F.D. d./[. lr BE00T South-West Corner I have always on hnd a article of 00isby, |rady , TUI ftEST VARJ] JORN A, L6WRY, CIGARS, Domestic and Im FUNERAL DIRECTOR. 'anev Liqur, rs. Vermouth Bottled and Keg Ber, Lemon, A Full Stock of Metalic and Wood- ee always on hand My friends and enetomera en Coffins always ou hand at Wood- fiud me ready to do buaineas. utile, Miss., Main St. A. H, March 12. 92, Trespass Notice. All persons found hunmg, fishing or otherwise trespassing on the Bur namvood plantation about 3 mile south of Woodville will be prose cuted to the full extent of the law. A strict wateh will be kept on samt plantation for trespassers. L W. MA (;RUDEI