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February 23, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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February 23, 1973

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% Friday, February 23, 1973 COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ,MEET tate of Miss:slppi County of Wilkinson. Be it known and remembered tha on this the 5th day of Feb- ruary, A. D., 1973 at 9 o'clock a.m., the Wilkinson Coun:ty Board of Suprv, las'rs convened in regular mnthly session in the Courthouse. The roll being called..the fol- lowi:ng answered p,re:ent: Steve Reed, A. J. Darden. Leon Cavin, Louis Gaulden and Tom Ashley. Also present were H. B. Mc- Graw, Sheriff ,and Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk. The monthly reports of John J. Dale, Jr., County Agent; Mar- jarie F. White. Extension Home Economist: and Seate Hospital Commission were received, ap- proved and filed. Claims against the County were disposed of as follows: General Fund: Lawrence Printing Co., office up., $18.75; /lonzo H. Sturgeon, po...tage, $54.53; Cliff Whi, te. copy paper, $1,15.50; Bckham's Elec. Serv.. serv., assessor's .office, $13.30; Planters Hdw., Inc., supplies, $4.59; Ketchings Co., same, $8. 89; same, $6.14; same, $3.9.65; land book binder, $64.50; sup., $25.57; Sidney Medley, serv.. Ct. hoe., $10.09; State Auditor, exp., s.sessor, $8.42; Mrs. Marshall Treppendahl, elec. commr., $20. e0; C. E. Cage, same. $20.09; John Rollins, ame, $20.00; H. N. Jensen, same, $20.00; John Ash- ley, same, $20.00; Samuel E. Smith. same, clerk, $15.00; Campbell Pest Control, serv., jail, $5.50; Planters Hdw.. Inc., ,hdw., $2.96; sup., $20.02; Clarion- Ledger, pub. Ct. hoe. Const. con., $50.35; Seven Day" Co., sup., $9.25; same, $25.85; Samuel E. Smith, postage, $23.00; Mi.s. Power. & Light, utilities, ct. hse, jail, $82.83; O. W. Ca,tchings Ins. Agency, bond Marie Russell .Green, Sch. Bd., $105.00: same, John Green, $105:00: same, A. Sturgeon. Clk., $70.00; same, S. Reed, Bd. Sup., $75.00; Mutual Ins. Agency., same. A. Sturgeon, elk., $175.00; same. S. Reed, Port Comm., $18.00: ins., health cen- ter, $331.00: same. ct. hse.. $18,8. 0O; Myrtle Wiener, coroner in- quest, $15.0[}: Elmo Sander.. same. juror. $3.00: James Me- Klemurey, ,same, $3.00: A. W. Sumrall. same. $3.C0: Dennis Sanders, same, $3.09; William Geter. same, $3.00; Clifton San- ders, same. $320: G. C. Golden, same, $320; Mike Logan. same, $3.g0: Cage Chisholm, same, $3. 00; Charles Campbell. same. $3.00; Curtis Leake, ...ame, $3.{)0; Charles I.nman, same, $3.0); Jerry Enis. reimb, freight, $13.12; Adris D'A.quila'. rent, polling place $50.00; Town of Wood- ville, utili.ties, ct. hse, jail, $72. 80; Samuel B. Minctr, J.P., $15.00; Mary Russ., same, $50.00; Myrtle Wisner, same. $345.0,0; Gordon Rymer. same, $170.0D; Alonzo H. Sturgeon auditor, $150.30; MCA- 3932 (PP). $13.60; Samuel E. Smith. registrar, $107.40; for deputy, $350.00: Judith W. Brown. ct. repr., $81.75; Anabel Y. Maxie, same, $59.77; John J. Dale, J., Co., agt., $278.63; Mar- jorie F. White, home agt., $171. 44; Mary P. Barley, Co. agt. sec., $28.25; Edgar Delaney, janitor, $117.69; Ruth Scott, same, $63. 39.: Clay B. Tucker, Bd. atty., $300.0D; E. E. Benolst. Jr., dist. atty., $02.50; Victory Tax Fund, w'held. $288.80; Sta'te Income Tax Fd., $43.32; Retirement Fd., I Co. share, $129.95; w'held, $1,96. I10; Soc See. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $255.98; In. Fd., same, $98.94; H. B. McGra,w, shf., $739. 14; Waldo Welch. dep. shf., $33. 51; Herman Anehony, same, $31. 76; Edith Carter, same, $2,21.75; Vietoey Tax Fd., w'held, $207.80; o" . The Woodvflle Republlcan,, WoodvflM Mbslsdphl tory Tax Fd., w'held, $100.50; State Income Tax Fund. same, $1.10: Retirement Fd., Co. share, ,%57.38.; w'held $57,38; Soc. Sec. Fd.. w'held & Co. sh,are, $149.18; Carter lDqt. Co., .parts, $30.52; Rollins Chain Saw. serv. & pts., 20..75; Fernwood Ind., creo. lbr., $166.18; Mrs Max Bankston, gravel. $4.09: C$ter Eqt. Co., rent grader, $6,00.00; Gulf Oil Producers. fuel, $213.29. Second District Road Fund: Scott's Auto Repair, serv., $155. 00: SW Miss. EPA, utilities. $3.00; Fernw, ood Ind.. creo. Ibr., $L089. 94: Rollin.. Chain Saw, serv., pts:. $23.35; Laurel Hill Lbr. Co., lbr., $272.10; Planters Hdw., Inc., hdw.. $11.07; Super Serv. Sta., tire repr., parts, etc., $134.63; D'Aquila Oil Co., fuel, $874.36; i State Income Tax Fd., same, $27. 05: Retirement Fd., Co. share, $99.00: w'held, $99.00; Soc. Sc. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $245.72; Ins. Fd.. same. $133.65: Edgar Delaney, work. jail, $10.09: Egsie Harris. jail board $36.00: Ketch- ins Co.. of. sup., $12.30: Mi..s. Sheriff's Assn.. due& $59.00; Chuck & J.unior's Body Shop, serv., shf. car. $11.35; Hunt & Whitaker. pistol & holster, shf.. $74.16: Ci.ty Drug Store. sup., $.89:(i1-24 Gulf. gas, $11.78; Motor Parts. parts, $23. 80: South Central Bell. serv.. hf. $73.86; Super Serv. Sta., gas, shf.. $210.2,9:" Betty Dawson, assessor-collector, $752.28; Julia Henderson. deputy a-c, $221.75; Sammy Johnston, same, $221.75: Louisa McGraw, same, $221.75; Victory Tax Fd., w'.held, $284.70; I tires, $74.92; Steve Reed, salary, State Income Tax ld., same, $4,68.96; Theodore Br,ackens, $51.97; Retirement Fd., Co. same, $234.65; Fred Brown, 'same, share, $40.50: w'held, $40.50; $2.55.54; Arthur Clack, same, 8271.28; Tom ollins, same, $227. 32; Arthur Lollis, same, $252.75; Isiah Selvage, same, $243.95; John Selvage, ame, - $256.65; West Ware, same, $271.25; Vic- tory Tax Fund, v'hel'd, $123.30; State Income Tax Fd., same, $1.10; Retirement Fd., Co. share, $85.52', w'held, $85.52; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $367.94; Ins. Fd., same, $343.87; McGehee Motor Parts. parts, $11.40; lol- lins Chain Saw, 'same, $1.15; H & R Eord, Inc., serv., pts., $85;19; Ralph Wall, gravel, $89.20; Alex Ventress, same, $24.00. Third District Road Fu,nd: Carter ,q't. Co., ,pats, $12.11; Centreville Motor Co., serv., pts., $338.99: Buffalo Services, pts., $50.16: Mrs. Max Bankston, gravel, $29.60; Minna Erstling, lot rent, $1,0.00; Super Serv. Sta., tire repr., pts., $5.75; D'Aquila Oil Co., tires, $49,24; . J. Dar- den, s'alarY, $509.9[/; Harold C. Beuss, same, $257,i2; Leslie H. Hu.hes, .ame, $287,5.1; Mrion E. McCurley, same, $274.77; W. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. shmre, $21D.0; Ketchings Co., binders, $25.40; Ginn Office Sup., repr. of. mch., $21.50; same, $24.45; South Central Bell, serv., asses- sor, $3,1.33; Betty Dawson, pos:t- age, $33.20; Woodville Repu'bli- can, .pub. proc., $60:00: pub, no- Vice, $23.98; same, $57.07; same, $15.28; Ketchings' Co., file, Bd., $122.46; warrants, 78.80; South Cen*ral Bell, serv., Co. agt, $18. 25; ct. rm.. $37.12; Bd. & clk., $94.71; cir. elk., $15.56; supt. edu.. $34.86; Ketchings Co., of. sup., $12.79; Hederman lros., deed binder, $69.9,1; State-Wide Gen- eral Ins., bond, Russ, $20.00; Ctchings Clinic, treat pri,soner, $28.00. First District Road Fund: C. M. Treppendahl & Sons, hdw., $10.20; Big River Supply Co., grader blades, $405.38; Dicker- son & ,Bowen, asphalt, $76.14; 61-24 Gulf gas, $5.67; Louts Gaulden, 'salary, $4.67.90; Oliver Lanus, same, $287.46; Gerald Wilkin, son, same, $286.07; Vic- Almost 200 years at the same location. Lum McGraw, same, $26,1.27; Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $98.20; State Income Tax Fd., same, ]$3.38; Retirement Fd., Co. share, $42.75; w'held, $42.75; Soc. Sec. Fd., v'held & Co. share, $234.04; Ins. Fd., same. $193.15; .Gulf Serv. Sta.. tire repr., ec.. $13.95; C. C. Germany, Jr.. anti-freeze $10.20; Gulf Oil Products, fuel $215.63. 'Fourth Di:trict Road Fund: Jimmie's Auto Serv.. serv., pLS., $187.16; T..J James Co.. as- p,h.a,]:k 549.00; SW Miss. EPA, u'tilties, $s.q0; Carter Eqt. Co., 'parts, $3.40; serv., pts., $646.88; .Charles H. Fairchild, Chain, $25. 00: F_,t. James H. Nettles, wage,s, $200.0D; Super Serv. Sta., tire repr., ere., $176.23; D'Aquila Oil Co., fuel, $4.24.75; tires. $249.59: Leon Cavin, salary, $468.96: W. W. Hammack, same, '$288.09; Charlle McMorrs. same, $101.17: Elmo Sanders. same, $288.09; Howard Wyatt, same; $204.22; Irvin Dennis, same, $258.19: Douglas Nettles, sme. $1'14.75; Victory Tax Fd.. w'held, $143.30; State Income Tax Fd., same, $1. 10; Retirement ld., Co. shmre, $9.54: w'held. $99.54; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share. $258.80; In. Fd., sme, $146.83; Carter Eqt. Co., serv., pts., $66.05. (Continued next week Mars Hill News Mattie Whitehead of Natchez and her daughter, Mrs. Keller GreeT, and son of Rosetta. and Mr..and Mes. Walter Cavin of Crop, by Route. Mr. ,and Mrs. Leonard Wiener of Natchez were SUnday uests of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Nettles. Mr. and Mrs. Fred H01den of .Baton Roue visi,ed her sister, Me.'s. Emma Bryant. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Maetba a,d her sster. Linda Bryant. of Baton Rouge came by Saturday to spend a while with her gr,,nd- father. Mr. Louis Arnold, on Recent ,guests of Mr. and Mn.. Walter Cavin were Mr. and Mrs. C. W. C,avin and children of B.ton Rouge, Mr. Michael Cavin and son, Pat, of R'idgecrest. La., and Mr. and Mrs. Russel Ford of WGodville. Sunday guest's of Me. and Mrs. Lo.uis Arnold were Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Rymer of Rosetta. Mrs. buy Bonds at your bank., U.S. Savings Bonds. They're a solid way to save. ' , . . . . . o$:-,y ", . .  &,,, ' , ,RIBS I ....... .-.,:..--.m'/ .... L'O'O00'OO0 "JO0 E '" .................. ::'..'::'..'.'::-'("-'.'.,.:..'t':.':',':!::  "" J Now E Bonds pay 5'4% interest when held t:o' maturity of 5 years, 10 monlis (4% the first year). Bonds are replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed. When needed they can be cashed at your bank. Interest is not subject to sial e or local income taxes, and federal tax may be defm'rcd until redemption, '  '+ The U:S.A.'s been in business a long time. So it's pretty solid. And that's whatmakes U.S. Savings Bonds such a reliable and sure way to build,a nest egg. Bonds are completely safe, too. Lost, stolen, burned. 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Walter MI" and Ms 'hown to us during the sudden the weekend were ...... - death of our son and brother, Clyde Nettles. and on Sunday, Samuel Packnett, of Los Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cavin and AngAes,,+- Calit. We wish ShirleyCh!ldren and'f Wand,aNatcheZ'cavinMiSses t thank cue many friends for' 1 f I the fine food and drink,. We: Baton :Rouge, and Miss Ma.ry, s,hall ever be grateful to all 0f As.hley and Mr. B,;bby Johnson of Orosby Route. you, and may God bless all of you.--William and Ella Packnet and children Mr. and Mrs. George and her son-in-law and ter from Centreville were d.ay guests m tle Wal.ter Oavr. ,]ome, '" Me. and Mrs. Louis Arnold visited Mr. and Mrs. Butler Ha- Lzrd in Glo:ter Monday morn- ing and then ,went to Natchez on business and stopped to st his broLhev. Mr. Lee 2rnold, be ]ore returning home. 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