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February 23, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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February 23, 1973

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Page 4 MISSISSIPPI OUTLOOK I I i I by Paul Pittman I J i A subtle, but significant, the traditional leadership of change has come over the Mis- the House. In fact. supposedly s:sJppi legislature. It has not key leaders went on the floor been reported in the press, but in opposition to both measures. the ramifieatior could make to no avail. The Woodville Republican, Weodville, Mississipp| Case of Canton and Rep. George United tates on 'July 3, f[971,]gram. Rogers of Vicksbu'g have been ldid officially declare that the C. The Committee will ,seek mentioned as likely prospects'four years until the Two Hun- the support and cooperation of for the Speaker Pro Tern. dredth Anniversary date shall appropriate individuals, organi- A sleeper, in this respect, be the Bie:ntennial Era: and ]zations. town officials, county could be Rep. Horace Meridith Whereas. ne Bicentennial Era Icfficial,s. state officials, and of Greenville. Meridith has gone will help o emphasize the con- federal agencies in fulfilling the out of his way to cultivate tinuing effort to achieve the Bicentennial program. freshmen legislators, and his ideals of the American Rove- D. The Committee wilI notify progressive views are appealing lution as s, tated in the Declare- the Mississippi Amerman Revo- t.o ,some newcomers to the House. tion of Independence. the Con- lution Bicentennial Commission The truth of it Is no one is stituLion and the Bill of R]ght; of all Bicentennial projecls and qule sure about the direction the legislature will take in the furore. There is a benchmark the shift in philosophy impor- A meeting scheduled this quality about this current sos- tent to the future of the state, week by freshmen legislatars sign. and it remains to be seen What is iascinating about the was designed to devise means what will develop. situat,lon is that even the prin- to. as one rel:resentatlve put it. What is evident is that the cipals involved apparently don't "let the House run the House. legislative leadership is in a fully grasp wh,at is takin olace, instead of letting it be run by state of flux. Perhaps this i,s I,n the House of Representa- those who had come into key a function of t'he transitional fives, especially, where organ- positions by virtue of appoint- times in which Mississippi finds ized labor in 1971 concentrated mont." ]itself. on helping candidate.s friendly At this point, there is a move- to their cause in lieu of getting ment afoot fFor some kind of involved In some of the state- changes in the legislative rules. Proceedings Of The wide races, there is a restive Some semtiment favors, based mood. on the Eagleton Report on leg- Centreville Mayor And What is apparent is that the islative reforms, elect,ion of key Board Of Aldermen labor movement may be over- committee positions as opposed estimating its !csition. In fact. to appointive chairmen. - Be it remembered that there some legislators who were ben- The most visible change being was begun and held in the eficiaries of organized labor's pr:posed is the election of a support, openly have Ueen in- Speaker Pro Tern of the House, a move opposed by House Speak- er John Junkin. Such a development would, at best. be symbolic a this point. But this type of development could be a harbinger of th,ing,s to come. In this contex't, Rep. Mibon dependent, Yet, the restive mood of leg- islator:s is reflected in recent developments in the House. In two key votes, one for the teacher pay ral;se and one f.Jr diverting funds to the junior colleges, the vote wen.t against I I I I I NEW LIQUID SUPPLEMENT DISCOVERY! EXCLUSIVE PATENTED FORMULA NUTRENA CONTROLLED RELEASE CLS A new, patented process developed by Cargill Research offers cattlemen a safer, more efficient way to benefit from urea in a liquid supplement. It's called Nutrena Controlled Release CLS because the release of the protein- building nitrogen supplied by urea is slowed down, made safer, more usable. This new kind of liquid supplement makes it more practical than ever for cattlemen to enjoy the labor-saving and cost- saving advantages of liquid feeding. Nutrena Controlled Release CLS helps you obtain all of these benefits: Extra safety from urea toxicity. t Nitrogen release that resembles natural protein more than a conventional mea-based liquid supplement. Less labor than most dry supplements. Low cost per ton of supplements: Uniform grazing -- efficient use of available roughage. Cattle can help themselves as needed. There's no bunching up and waiting for cbes with resultant lost grazing and over-grazing within a limited area. Good conception rates and blg calf crops. Nutrena Controlled Release CLS makes it easy to provide the supplemental nitrogen, vitamins and minerals that help in getting cows bred on schedule, keeping calves evenly bunched. Uniform nutrition. It's unlike range cube feeding where "bass" animals take charge. Once aggressive animals get ennough liquid supplement they leave the lickwheel feeders. Then, even tail enders get a fair chance. I Council Roam in the Town Hall in the Town , of Centreville, lV,issJsslppi, .at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 6, 1973, a regular meeting of the Mayor ,and Board of Aldermen of the Town of Centreville. Present and presiding Mayor F:ed L. Hetzler: C. C. Germany, Iverson McKey, John RollinS, A. K. Van Cleave, Aldermen: M. E. Erstl,ing, Clerk; James E. WiN kerson, Jr., Attorney. Absen.t: Z. E (Bob) Bell, Alderman. The meeting was called to or- der and there came on to be heard and considered the fol- lowing matters of business: In- vocation; Reading of minutes of previous meeting A. Approval of minutes; Financial report A. Ap- proval of Claims Docket; Rose- lutions. Petiti,ons and Memori- al,s; Departmental Reports; Oth- er Business; Ad,journment. The minutes of the last regu- lar meet!ng were read. Alderman Germany moved Alderman Rol- l, ins :seconded, that the "minutes be approved .as read. Motion carried unanimously. Balances in Town Funds, Jan- u,ary 31: General Fund. $6,050.25; Fire Prevention" Fund. $1,562.21; Street Improvement Fund, $28,- 29,35; Water-Sewer Opr. & Maint. Fund, $992.77: Wate$- Sewer Revenue Fund. $9,870.61; Elee,tric Utility Fund, $8,477.98; Gas Revenue Fund, $330.68; Total, $62,43,1.85. Revenue Shar- ing, $27,293.0.9. and Whereas. the Bicentennial Era should be a periog to evaluate the progress of the last two centuries and to strive to achieve the unattained goals of cur forefathers; and Whereas the Mississippi Leg- January: Water. $2,043.55; 10%. $:4.24; Sewer, $889.04; 10%, $10. 24 Water-Sewer Operation Maintenance: Tax, $136.32. Gas Revenue Fund, G,as, $9,033.94; 10%, $87.75; Tax, $374.98. I am charg,ing the Collector of Utilities with 3a,nuary water bills, $2,246.45: sewer bills. $947. 88: gas bills. $10,814.67; total, $14,009.00; ,tax, $623.33; Total, $14.632.33. Alderman Van Cleave moved, Alderman Rollins seconded, that clalm 1162 through 1195 be ap- proved for ,payment. Motion car- ried un animou:sly. Alderman McKey moved, A1- derm,an Rollins seconded 'that a transfer of $3,000 be ,made from the Water-Sewer Revenue Fund to the Water-Sewer Op- eration & Maintenance Fund. Motion carried unanimously. Resolution Whereas, Mississippi has one of the ,worst traffic death rate in the nation, and Whereas, less than two per- cent of all dxivers account for fifty percent of these deaths, and Whereas, Shese d,rivrers are known a's Habitual Offenders with repeated traffic citations, and Be lt Resolved, that the Board of Aldermen does endorse and urge the 1973 Legisl.ature to pass the now pending Habitual Offender Bill known as HB No. 176 which will help emove these d,angerous drivers from our streets arid h,ighways, and Be It Further Resolved, that this Board of Aldermen urges all per,=ons to drive with greater care and courtesy and help re- d,uce the traffic accidents and deaths in Mississippi, and do hereby unanimously adopt the foregoing Resolution and direct that it 'be spread upon the offl- el, a/ minutes of he meeting. Resolution Whereas, the Congress of .the United States has established, by law, the American Revolu- tion Bicentennial CommLssion w.hose pugpose it is to plan, de- velop and coordlnae the Com- memoration of the Two Hun- dredth Anniversary of the Un,Zed States, JUlY 4, 19,76; and Wherea, he President of e Friday, February 23, 19.73 CLASSIFIE1) ADS STRAY: I l:ave a stray black yearling, abou 400 Ibm. in my pasture Cwner may claim by identifyin( and paying costs. J. N. Miller. phone 888-5215. 2/16.3w I.UZIF, R COSMETICS: To buy or sell. call" 888-3202 or 888-6675. 2/2 8w FOR SALE: Angus bulls. 4 to 7 yea:rs old. $609 and up. Polled Hereford hulls, 2 to 3 years old. $600 up. Trepp,endahl Farms, P>one 883-.6892. 1/12 tf AVE Big! Clean rugs and up- _ .............................. holstery with Blue Lustre. INCOME TAX Assistance. The Ren, electric shampooer $1 Ben undca'Jned will assist in pr,ep- apDolnt adv!sory subcommittees Franklin Store. to provide expertise on pecifie 223/lw subjects or prgblems. E. The Committee witl be rep- RETIRED, resented on and cooperate with but nob ready to quit and have the County Bicentennial Coor-.lots of time on your hands? Why dil:ating Board. not supplemen,t your S.S. with F. The Committee ]s empow- income and ,n permanent posi- !..dature in the 1972 session es- ered to promulgate additional tion managing a self-service gas tablished the Mississippi Amer- rules, guidelines, and goals to station in southeast Lou!,siana. lean Revolution Bicentenni,al facilitate its labors, so long as Liv:ng quarters furnished, too. BELLMONT SHOPPING CENTER HWY. 61 S., NATCHEZ Phone No.: 442-0881 Harold White - Walter Salmon Commission and resolved thai the State of Mississippi should participate actively in the Bi- centennial Celebration: and Whereas, the individual Com- mittees have been asked to par- tic]pate in this Bicentennial celebration; and Whereas. the Town of Cen- treville shall be honored to a- sist in etreating, developing and executing plans, programs and aration of Federal and State income tax forms at home after 5 p.m. weekdays and all day Saturdays. Dorsey Trevillion. Ph 888-3251. 2 2/8w FOR SALE: Woodvillc Business e,tabl]shed in 1936. Sale to include building and eauipmcnt. or equipment alon,e For more they do not conflict with the Contact J. W., 108 Magnolia information phone 888-2411 or principles espoused in this Res- Lane. Covington, La. 10133. or 880-3631, Woodville. elution. Now. Therefore. Be It Known .that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Town of Cen- treville do hereby unanimously adopt the foregoing Re:.mlution and direc that it be spread upon the official minutes of the meeting. Then came on to be heard PLANTATION SUPPLIES NUTRENA FEEDS 00ycARG,,L feeding programs you can believe in I I I events in connection with the a petit.ion by Mrs. Lilliam J. Two Hundredth Observance. and Taylor to repair the drainage it is deemed in the public in= ditch adjoining her property. forest that a Town of Centre- Mrs. Taylor was informed that ville Bicentennial Committee the Board would instruct the be created and given the duty Etreet Department to perform call 892-C80.3 el'tear 3 p.m. 2/23/3w FOR SALE: One 12x69 2-bed- room. all-electric mobile home. Fraetically new Phone 65-5111. C ntreville. 2/23/lwp SEMI-DRIVERS NEEDED: Brok- 1 26/if HOUSE FOR SA,LE: Carte Sub- division. 3-bedroom. 2-bath, large den and kitchen. Spacious lot. Call 888-2721 for appoint- mont. POSTED: All lands owned' ,o,r leased by Treppendahl Farms, Inc. are hereby posted against er for Pro-Employment Train- ing. Immediate openings on Semi-Tractor Trailers. No ex- perience neeessary. Average na- tional earnings are excep,tionally high. For application call Area all tre;passing. All permssions revoked. 223/ly previous to coordinate such activities necessary repairs at the earli- Code 601-693-66S4. or write Mid- with the AmeNcan Revolution est posible date. South Services. P. O. Box 19327 Bicenten'nial Commission with] Then came on to be heard Indianapolis, Indiana 45219. the goal in view that the rich a petition presented by a dole- 2/23/4w heritage of America shall n, og gation of citizens. The petition FOR SALE: 1066 Chevrolet Pick- be a gist.ant memory of the requested that the shreet light up, V2-ton. short wheel base. on Laurel Street be repaired. past. but a living, vibrant spirit The delegation was informed fleet-side, maroon, positive rac- and hope for today and tomor- ,that the MJ,ssissippi Power & tion rear end, 292 6-cylinder, 4-speed trans.mission. Pho n e roW.for allntmankind.nly for Americans, but Light Company has jurisdiction 645-5190 after 3 p.m. in the matter. The matter would 2/16/2w be referred to the Power Com- pany. HELP WANTED: Hard,wood tHere follows Ordinance Cre- Lumber I, nspector. Must be POSTED: All lands owned by ating The Centreville Planning thoroughly experienced, steady the undersig,ned are hereby Commzoston. and sober. Good position and posted aain,st all hunting, fish- pay and steady employment for ing or otherwise trespas'sing. ric, ht man. Write P. O. Box 696, Woodville. Miss. 39669. 2/9 5w Alderman Germany moved. Al- derman Rollins seconded, that specifications be wrZten and bids taken to repair gas line be- tween Centreville and Wood- ville by: 1. replaci,ng line from POSTED: The Lessley Tract o the Morg,an Estate, bottler Cox property to ack.son prop- erty 2. loop 2" line into 4" line known as the Cla,rk Place, lo- from Cox property to Jackson cated in Wilkinson Oounty and property. Motion carried unan- leased by the u.ndegsigned is imously, hereby posted aatnst all hunt- Alderman McKey moved, A1- ing, fishing or otherwise tres- german Germany seconded, th,at passing. Trespassers will be Mr, s Kathle.en C. Poole. CIA. prosecuted. be retained as auditor for the ll/3/6mp C. Earl Cage Town of Centreville for the fis- cal yea.r 1972-1973. Mo,tion cr- ried unanimau.sly. Discussion was held on the South Centreville Water Asso- ciation Con,tract. The matter was referred to the City Attor- ney for further study. I'iscussion was held on the request by Carlton Mann to open a Skating Rink Upon pay- men,t of legal privilege tax re- quest will be granted. There being no further busi- ness to come beore this meet: ing, upon motion duly made and ..econded, the meeting was ad- journed. Fred L. Hetzler, Mayor M E. Erstling, Clerk The first D,ecogation Day was held on April 25, 1866, at Colum- bus. Missi.ssippi. The women of Columbus placed flowers on graves of Confederate and Na- tional soldiers in Friends,hip Now. Therefore. Be it resolved by the Town of Centreville .township of Centreville. Missis- sippi : Section 1. That the Town of Centreville Bicentennial Com- mittee i:s .hereby cxeated. Said Committee shall have all powers necessary and incidental to de- velop, screen, ant set priorities for pr, ojects that may be sub- mitred for Federal funding un- der the National Blcen,tennial Commission Guidelines originat- ing or pertaining ,to Town of Cenfireville. The Members of said Committee shall be repre- sentative  the ci,tizenry of said community,; and t/e ap- pointed by the Mayor. The ,size of the Bicentennial Committee shall be .determined by the May- or. Committee members shall serve for a texm of office for Fines collected in January, a period of one year from the $150.00. The CoIlector of Utilities paid date of their appointment, and Water-Sewer Revenue Fund in shall be eligible for reappoint- mont. Section 2. Goals of the Com- mittee. The Committee is em- powered, authorized and re- quested to establish for its op- erating Frccedure and its ob- jectives the following rules. guidelines, and goals: A The Committee will notify all interested persons and or- ganizations of its purposes and shall meet at 'the d'iseretion of the chairman; it shall consider ideas from all intcres,ted groups in the CommunSty: ltshall for- mulate ,a Bicentennial l,rogram Which reflects the goals and as- pirations of the various ele- ments in the Community. B. The Committee will coor- dl,nate the local Bicentenn,ial program with the S, tate pro- Cemetery. SIMMENTAL BULL SALE 100 Head Selling Ready for Service Pasture Raised Range Ready ALSO 8 Brown Swiss Bulls at KINTYRE FARM-Gloster, Miss. Tuesday, February 27 POSTED: Longview Plantation is here,by posted against all buntdng, fishin, z or otherwise trespassing. Violators will be Frosecuted ll/10/6mp Mrs. Carolyn H. Cage MOBIi[E-HOMES Custom made, new and used. Repr. Boise- Cascade Manuf. Co.. winner of 1971 national award. Member M.H.M.A. Kaigler Enterprises, L. N. Kaigler Woodville, Miss., nhone 888-5501. I0/27/t f Want Ads Get Quick Results! ..... WHY BE DEAF? If you are hard of hearing ACT NOW! 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