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February 19, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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February 19, 1898

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exv tlcnrih in 0 Copyright, I S97. &lt;..BV . QUAY. 9 ainh und SkeattIe, nnd der Klondikes', Oh, dot's too foot! May dey expect bm 0 Vitlie, my poy, du bit ein crate Choker Peopte all over de vide vorh:l is saying: - "Vell, vet vitl he do next? I:kJt's de ves. In the truck patch, on the north side  that my ambishua would carry me to tmu/' Fall into a brown study and theaid of the old sqnatter's cabin, was a wa- the legislachur'" :. ftty slips out.--Cleveland Plain Dealer. termelon so near the size of a flour-bar- t "And you got the melon down to the ,No man was ever blamed for beings fen- rel that I gasped at the sight of it,  county fair?" I observed as the old man tleman but many have bceu ialsely accused and after I had waiked around it three made a long pause. iL.-Chmago Daily News, or four times I asked Abe Hope if thatt "No, sah, we didn't," he' slowly re- =' ................................................ was the biggest melon he ever raised t plied. "One day I got 16 men up yere A! "" waysDelicate "Thatno account trifle outthar'T jwith hand-spikes and ropes, and we he exclaimed in tones of contempt as rolled that melyon down to the river he glanced towards the patch. "Why, and a flatboat. Yo' kin see how sho tHOOdS 8areaartlla HaaMade sah, that's one that wasn't wuth totin'lgullied ou theairth as she went along. Her Strong and Rugged, away to sell to the steamboat meal i We got her on the flatboat all right "My little girl has always been very Any of the eull'd folks aroundyere lento, and has been using Hood's Harsa- would hey to be mighty hard up to She has taken several bottles of steal that melyon. Shool Hut" is medicine and is a rugged child now. . "Then you have raised larger ones?" /e betiev Hood's S.r aparilla has done I persisted. what no other medicine could do." S.H. "Stranger," said Abe as he picked at CASk, lil6 rand Ave., Rine, Win. a sliver in the sole of his shoe. "I'm gwine to tell yo' 'bout the whoppinest IE ____.Ill tDarsapurma mfyon ever raised, and the old. !stlebest--intaet the One True Blood Purifler woman and all the folks around yore . will back me up in it. I might lie uealiiiveri[ls. ceats. 'bout wild cats or eat-fish, but a man LADIES would hev to be low-down to lie 'bout melyons. 'Bdut In' y'ars ago Kurnel Bunker cure along yere one day and sez to me: "Abe ope, folks dun tell me that yo' ar' the laziest man in all Arkinsaw, and I'm feelin' bad over it.' " 'What's the use in workin' when yo' don't lev to?' sez I. "'But every critter error hey an am- hlshun,' sez he as he takes off his hat to the old woman staudin' in the doah. "'IIev yo' got an amblshun, Kurnel Bunker?' "'I hey. I want to be for'her of Ar- kinsaw next y'ar. Everybody in the state except yo' has got an ambishun, and I've dun cure down to see if I can't stir yo' up. Yo' needn't hey no ambi- shun as big as a house, and one to make yo' sweat yo'r shirt, but jest sumthin' to keep the chills and fever off. Ar' yo' willin' to tackle an am- bishun T can be prevented. Trials at Experiment Stations and the experience of leading growers prove positively that " 'If I don't hey to wear butes nor git my ha'r cut,' sez L " 'Then I'll tell yo' what to do,' sez he. 'We ar' gwine to hold a county fa'r this the biggest watermelyon ever seen on the face of thisairth. That shall be ambishun, and it will be one to glorify the hull state. When thal the onk, rem,,, eelyon gits the prize at our show the name of Abe Hope will be writ in let- Wewill be glad to send, free ters of gold on the records of time, ant] t.tlagandusefhlpamphtetswhichtreat with my own hand will I present yo'r mattvrindetail. ole woman with a hull pound o'snuff and a new pa'r o' shoes.' GFRMAN KALI WORKS, "That's the way he talked to me," 93NmaYtN0da said Abe as he still dug at the sliver, "and I promised him that I'd hey am- bishun. I had crowed sum wboppin' big melyons in my time, but I had aev- I and sot off to float her down the river but arter we had gone 'bout ten miles the roof of that melyon begun to cave in." "It was too ripe, eh 7" "No, sah, that wasn't it. Fustthing we knew tbar' was about 20 eull'd folksmen, wimen and chill'en aboard us. They wasn't tbar' when we start- ed, and they hadn't swum aboard. They had dun crawled out of that melyon." "You don't mean itl" "Every last word, sah. Yes, eah them three faro'lies had dun squatted inside that melyon fur a cabin bern' it left my land, and they had eaten away 'till the roof got weak and fell in on 'era. They had dun dug out three big rooms inside, and hang me if they didn't hey in' or five cats and dawgs along with 'eml I reckon I was never so mad in all my bo'n days, but what could I do 'bout it?" "What did you do?" I asked. "Rolled it ast{ore and let them nig- gets brace up the roof and live in it al winter It wasn't no good to me any ms' as a prize melyon. When I zn6t Kurnel Bunker I sez to him: " 'Kurnel, didn't yo' 'peal to me to hey ambishun ?' " 'I did,' sez he. " 'And didn't I hey it like a baby with the measles?' "'Yo' did. Abe Hope.' "'And hain't I bin knocked out EGYPT AIN'T NOWHAR." er spread myself to see what could be "dun with 'era It, was 'bout plaatin' time then, and I fixed up the nile and picked ou sum seeds and went to ork. I 'lowed fur plenty of rotm, and put a bresh fence around the spot to keep the mewl off. Bimeby the seed cure up and the vine begun to run, and I never did see anythin' like it Thar was six melyons on that vine, but fhe one in the middle was the best." "And it grew to be a whopper?" I queried. "Stranger, a whopper of a melyon is one thing, but a whoppinest whopper is another. When she got to be as big as a beer-keg she was a whopper. When she got to be as big as a flour- bar'l she was a whoppinest whopper. Arter that 1 couldn't find no words to call her by, She jest riz up andapread out and got big, and finally abe was the size of a hogshead." "You don't mean It?" "Ask Kurnel Bunker, sah! He rid down yore one day and took a look at that melyon, and arter he had walked all around it he -ez to me: "'Abe Hope, them pyramids of Egypt aln't nowhar' alongside th|s melyou, and the archives of time will be huld- in' yo'r name when that of Napoleon has dun bin forgotten. Don't gitdrunk don't lick the ole woman--don't do nuthin' to this melyon from grow- in' as big as a house.' wreckedbusted and kerflopped by a i passle o' niggers?' I " 'Yo' hey. and 1 can't blame yo' if yo'r ambishun has fled and yo' dun turn about and never draw another long breath.' " "But you have?" I said. "Mebbe so, stranger--mebbe so," re- plied Abe as he stretched out his back in the sun, "but if I hey I didn't skass- ly mean to do itl No, sah--I hain't got no me' ambishun, and them pyramids of Egypt and #rchives of time and let- ters of gold ain't gwine to bet]let me furthe rest of my life. Thar's a pipe and terbacker on the shelf and a jug of whisky on the floah, and yo' jest dun help yo'self and be at home and don't fit up no talk to make hard work fur reel" A PARIS WATER PALACE, A Wonderfully Beautiful Structure tor the 1900 Show. To Paris and its visitors from all the world the name of the Chateau d'Eau has long been familiar. But the superb project of Prof. Jau Zawiejski, archi- tect of that grand theater at Cracow; by which it is proposed to enhance the splendors of the intended Universal ex- hibition of 1900 surpasses most cher designs of decorative architecture con- trived for the mere spectacle of a mag- nificent festivity. It is to be con- structed of iron, and to be clothed with rushing water; indeed, the water is to form its inner walls, descending in vast sheets of unbroken liquid surface which are completely to inclose the halls and chambers of the interior, aud to form a majestic dom6 crowing the whole edifice. The total height will be 100 meters, rivaling the loftiest build- ings. This is divided horizontally into three stories, the solid framework of which exhibits different architectural ordersthe Tuscan, the Renaissance, and the ;Ionic styles, one above ths other. Visitors will have entrances quite free from danger of a wetting, and may ramble securely about thc pal- ace, take their seats in the theater as spectators of the Varieties.' cr avail themselves of the restaurant, or ride oz bicycles, or'oin the dane at a' bali. I D the aid of lifts and staircases they "That's what he said, andme and the/can go anywhere, protected in some ole woman used to walk around on tip- [places by glass screens and roofs, toes andspeak in whispers. Ireckoned |where needful, from even a drop of that when that yere melyon got to be |water blown aside by disturbance of as big as a shed t would sort o' settle [the air. The surrounding waters, hOW- down and stop growin' and go to keep- "ever, illuminated with electric ltght in in' house, but it 'peared she had an am- .various changing colors, will probably bishun, too, She kept growth' till he ] be the chief attraction of this wonder- was mighty nigh a big as this cabin, ]ful palace. arther detail my be ex- apd if 1 ld cteaaed her out she would [ peeted in the cour$e of its erection.-- have made  shed fr the mewl. It was illustrated London 'e. her hett which made that big hole in l ,  -- , the airth or thor'. I reckon that[ Web of tWO anti a almut 500 at WOMAN AND HOME. THE YOUNGEST GUEST. Pretty Dress for Baby to %Vent on Ills "CoIiIpany Duy. For the youngest member of the family there is a pretty design in French nainsook, all made by hand, even to the tueks. The only trimming is hemstitching, which is used very free- ly. There is hemstitehing around the bottom of the skirt, hemstitching on the shoulder ruffle and the little rueh- ing around the hands and neck has also a very delicate hemstitching in its de- sign. One of the prettiest features in the little dress is the holly red rosette / t < l, FOR TIIE YOUNGEST GUEST. which catches down the ruffle on each ide of the front, thus reaieving the bite material. The little shoes and stockings are also of holly-colored silk, and a baby ribbon of holly is tied in double rows around the waist. If baby's m.'tmma wishes to make him very dressy she can make n pillow- ease of white nainsook edged with a hemstitched ruffle, at one end of which she can fasten a spray of holly with the berries upon it. MANAGING SERVANTS, o 'reach Them Self-Respect and Always Keep Your Own. The best rule for managing servants, in the opiniou of a writer in the Phila- delphia Ledger, is a two-fold one, sim- ple in idea, complex enongh, but still possible to practice: Teach your serv- ant self-respect and keep your own. For instance, a pleasant room to sleep in, a uiee kitche5 with plenty of serv- eeable cooking utensils, good brooms, ample towels and dusters, fixed duties and regular hours: these give and keep tip self-respect iu a williEg handmaid. be she cook or waitress. She learns to call your house her home, truly, and to take a pride in her work. On your side au even temper, a pleas- ant but firm oversight of necessary matters, a systematic plan of house- keepingall these keep up the mistress' eelf-rcspect in dealing with her house- hold staff. As soon as you feel thatyou Lave been cureless, or that you hnve lost your tOtal)or in a trying moment, ou realize that a false position ex- ists that endangers yonr self-respect- ing relation with )'our maid, just as she feels, when her room is wretahed, her lools ont of order, her hours of work irregular and her training neglected, that her st:mdard is confused and de- graded. The ideal mistress is ahvays self- respecting, and. having provided the essentials of self-respecting service, may reasonably expect the ideal maid to live np to the opportpnity. Ideals are perhaps never fully realized, but this espeeial ideal must be kept in view if improvement, however gradoal, in househohl serviee is desired. It ts easy to remember; try it. and see if it does not oil the wheels of your home ma- chinery. SCARLETINA STOCKS. GorEeons Little Neck Affair to Wear Over t Dark Govu If you want a searlotina stock you tnust purchase two yards of bz'illian SCARLETINA STOCK. light scarlet ribbon and form it into a double band and bow. Two yards of coarse net lace mast now be "tacked" under the bow. The edges of the lace mus be wired to TWO NEW DECORATIONS. make them stand out. /o get the jabot effect sew a narrow strip of oa.nva underneath and fasten he lace lightly upon it. Scarlet chiffon is made into vests and trimmed with lace, ad scarlet silk folded ito stocks. Tallemen, SHABBY GARMENT lIow to Make Old Clothes Look most as Good us New. A woman of wonderful resources has just discovered a new and very sure way of renovating and restoring to their for- mer appearance spotted, soiled or fade cloth or serge gowns. Pick about 20 ivy leaves, young green ones by choice, wash them carefully and place them in a jug or basin Add about one pint Of boiling water, cover up the basin or jug, and leave to soak for two or three hours, when it will be ready for use. Meanwhile the gap sent must be thoroughly brushed in- side and oat, and all untidy braid or lining removed from the bottom. When ready, spread it on the table, and care- fully sponge with ivy water. It must then be hung out to dry, when it will be found to have recovered its former color and to look quite like new. Black silk may be cleaned in the same manner, but it needs more care. If the silk is in breadths it must be lightly sponged and then tightly rolled over a cloth wound round a roller and left to dry. Black lace may also be renovated when soiled or brown with age by sponging with ivy water, and then roll- ing over a cloth wound round a roller. It should not be ironed. . Mix equal quantities of soft soap and powdered starch with half the quanti- ty of salt; make into a paste with lemon juice. Lay this paste on each side of the mildew stains and let the article lie out on the grass night and day till the stains disappear. Soaking the clothes stained in buttermilk for a con- siderable time, then washing them in the usual manner, and finally leaving them to bleach all night on the grass, is an old-fashioned country method, which is effectual. Another is to make a paste of table salt and lemon juice, and lay this thickly on the spots, which should have been previously wetted and soaped; the linen so treated being left in the open air to bleach for several hours at least. The best element In any of these treatments is-the night's bleach. In towns, where this is impracticable, the best thing is to make a solution of equal parts of chloride of lime and common soda in boiling water  half pound each of hhe lime and soda to three quarts of water : dip the stains into this for a few seconds till they disappear, then rinse the article in boiling soap- suds and send to the wash as umml. After h sicians .... p v . nan given me up, 1 was Do not let the artmles stay more thana " " ,. .-^  -:- x::, roved by Pzso  ""'=.--*'"'v" .,,cs, *v,. few seconda in the solution, or it wtll [ liamsport, Pa., Nov. 22, 1893. burn them Whenever possible, do not I tie who gs the child commits a omit the night bleach. -- Louisville [ crime aainst the state Courier-Journal. I  " "-''"'" I t was a wise man who said it was hard to Wl NTER CAPAN D COAT. [ love a woman and do anything else. ! New DeslEn in Knotted Goods foa I Two-Y enr-Olds. [ One and a half yards of knotted good with a hairy surface will 'make a ver 5 comfortable coat for two-year-olds to wear these cold days. If very heav $100 lgewerd $100. The readers of this paper will beplease te learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to care in all its stages, and that is Catarrh. llall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh oeing a constitutional disease, requires a mnstitutionat treatment. Hall's Catarrh ure is taken internally, acting directly apoa the blood and mucous surfaces of the ystem, thereby destroying the foundation f the disease, and giving the patiev  tr ngth by building up the constitutmn and ss ting nature in doing its worlc. Tb.. I,rc )rietors have so much faith in its cu a- dye powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O, Sold by Druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Pi is ar fh best. Pawn It to Buy Presents. obinson--Are 7ou going to hang your socks up this Chrmtmas? Jones--No; from the looks of things I I shall probably be obliged to hang up my overeoat.--Ul To Date. The Usual ThinE. | tIotel Visitor--Now, are you sure this bed is quite clean? Servant--Yes, sir; the sheets were only washed this morning. Just feel them; they ain't dry yet.--TheRival. The John A. Salzer Seed Company La rosse, Wis., ])ave shipped within 25 lays A00 barrels of their celebrated Salzer's arliest 6 Weeks Market Potato to Texas customers. This potato has the reputation of being the earliest, the finest flavored and the heaviest producing early potato in the country. When a man turns over a new leaf he ts never satisfied until he gets it blotted up worse than the old one.  'hen you are prepared for an emergency t lardly ever arises.--Washington Demo- ral. Demand for More Buttleshlps. The Secretary of the Navy has demanded more battleships, and there can be no doubt that Congress will consider his recommend- ations. Protection is what our sea ports require, and fortifications will not adequate- ly supply this. Defense against all disorders of a malarial type is, however, adequately afforded by Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, au .efficient remedy, also,, for constipation, bib lousnes% dyspepsia, rheumatism and nero- 0usnels. The meanest thing one can do is not to ask a woman when she has a story to tell. Washington Democrat. Nobody is too worthless to have some eon. genial associates.--Washington Democrat. To Cure a Cold in One Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund money ff it fails to cure. 25e. You can't tell anything about the amount of work a man does by the time he puts in talking politics.--Vashington Democrat. Both the method and results Syrup of Figs is taken; it is and refreshing to the taste, and gent 'yet promptly Live and Bowels, cleanses the tern effectually, dispels colds, aches and fevers and cures constipation. Syrup of Figs is only remedy of its kind ever : duce . pleasing to the taste and ceptable to the stomach, prompt its action and truly beneficial Ln effects, prepared only from healthy and agreeable substances, many excellent qualities comm nd to all and have made it the popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in cent bottles by all leading gists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will p cure it promptly for any one wishes to try t. Do not accep . a: substitute. CALIFORNIA FIO SYRUP 8AN FRANOIO0, CAL LDUISVII.E, KY. IEW YORK, N.Y. Up-to-Date Soelology. Son--Papa, what is meant the Sprocketts--Vhy, the aud A and B amateurs at all. "Well, and what are the masses?" Oh, they re the in,ks to see the races, I s' The Only Cure. Cholly--Have you anything that the habit of cigarette smoking? ruggist--Yes, sir. John, give thegen. tleman a box ot "Rough on Rats!"--N:. , World THREE-PIECE COAP. goods is selected with a smooth inne side, the coat need not be lined. Good quantity comes at $1.25 per yard, mak. ins a cheap coat. This is a pattern which eonsiste o! only three pieces--a front yoke. a back yoke and the skirt of the coat. The skirt is just long enough to reach from the armholes to the floor. It should be about two yards wide. Lay the gathers in box plaits, with the largest plait eoming in the middle of the back and the middle of the front. Sew upon the yoke and finish in the back with a big bow of black silk ribbon. The sleeves are gathered at the wrist and finished with a narrow black silk ruffle. The cap, collar and the mittens are oi brbdcloth. They are made by hand, the little mitten pattern being obtained from a measurement of the aby'shand, To Clear the Complexion. The scrubbing-brush treatment is a cure for those blackheads which are the bane of a woman's life. Be sure you get a good face brush. Purchase a cake of pure hygienic soap. The brush should be used at night before going to bed. Immerse the brush in hot wa- ter. Rub the soap over it until a good lather la obtained. Scrub the face carefullynot violently, but thor- 'oughly. One minute should suffice for the scrubbing process. Rinse with warm water and again with cooler wa. ter. Dry with a soft towel. If the skin is irritated by the unusual friction try a good cream or other emollient. The greasy look will disappear under the face-scrubbing brush also.Chicago Tribune. Latet Jewelry Is Flex/hie. Flexibility is the leading characteris- tic of all the newest jewelry, many of the diamond neekiets being decorated with flexible ends, in the forms of loops and tassels, carried out entirely in the same precious stones. A diamond 1 corsage ornament has two flexible ends, ] each being a mass of tiny stones, a sort of diamond rain, drooping downward from a scroll-shaped top, and finished with two large pearl drops. Many large pearls appear, too, in the beautiful dia- mond necklace, which is so contrived that it can be used when required iu the form of a tiara, or even as an orna- ment for the bodice. Delieloua Lemon Taploos, Two tablespoonfuls tapioca soaked over night in half cupful water. Add half cupful cold water in the morning, the peeled rind of a lemon, and boil un- til clear. Then take out the rind, add the juice of the lemon, teaspuonfu] Lemon extract, half cupful each o:f The tallest of the royal women in Eu- sugar and boiling water, a pinch of salt rope are the queen of Portugal and the and boil. Mold and eerve with eu We are all in danger of thinking that t who do not become interested in our biea are of little force.--'Vashingtan crat. It's the man who has the will stop drinking when he see% fit sees fit.--Chicago Daily ews. Nearly all women are good, but few ars great. Dr. A00lel"s is thomme to remember when buying Sarsaparilla. Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla has been curing people right along for nearly 50 years. That's why it is acknowledged to be the sovereign Sarsaparilla. It is the orinal and the standard. The record of the remedy is without a rival, a record that is written in the blood of thousands, purified by its healing power. "I nursed a lady who was suffering from blood poisoning and must have contracted the discuss from her ; for I had four large sore% or ulcers, break out on my person. I do-:tored for a long time, both by external application and with various blood medicines ; hut in spite of all that I could do, the sores would not heal. At last I purchased six bottles of Ayer'a Sarsaparilla, thinking I would give it a thorough trial Before tha six bottles had been taken, the ulcers were healed, the skin sound and atural, and my health better than it had been for years. I have been well ever since. I had rather have one bottle of Dr. J. C. Ayer's Sarsaua- rills than three of any other kind."---Mrs. A. F. TAXI,R, Englevale, N. Dak. fiet Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Let its twenty years i of constantly,growlnff success ta!k. That ou ! -x-.. to convince you that there s "something in : N -" Pearline." :; N  Twenty years ago Pearline was a new idea.   And no new idea could have come into favor q:_\\;V/ so rapidly and so largely, or would have been !: ikso copied and imitated, if it hadn't been a good  " idea. ,Pearline saves more, in washing, WED." mLSW,O &lll00llllll 00UZKLY USE Vn|00s-|V MARRIED, CANDY CATHARTIC ! l CURE CONSTIPATION ALL DRUGgiSTS alSB.,, Wheal, IrSE i" OUR OREAT CATsL6ovz mailed you  Napoleon and Josephine Bloyoles. "l Jr )\\; IIlelg&nt, up-to-datlSmodels. Noae ,,..'\\; to riderat wholesalepldce ponot ]t I \\; betrr, Sold_bymaauf$turerdireet ' pay agent's profit. So/it On &ppr6vaL I  'or catiflogue, write rlgsn ClgJ O.t II Custom house plae, Ohlcago. TS STOPPi NERVE Potitive cur for all Treatise and I eeived. Send ta DR, KLINE, }td 8clients Medicine. 9t Arch Street, PHILADELPHLk, SEED8 Garden & Flow,r with a worll-wio reputation. Catalog Tree to u]l. J1 . H. GREGORY & SON.Marblehead.l, PATENTS