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February 19, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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February 19, 1898

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k ,&apos; ,, , ,t L 8atrday-FelrUry 191- 5"fliclal Journal of the C0r- lration of Woodvilla -- _..-. . Simple Announcementst,f marria- ges and deaths will oe pubhshed w%mlt charge. llbc'i lll an pq'l' a llllllln. ....................... $1 50 Otherwise ................. $2 00 MARKET. New Orleans, Dec, 17, 1897. t 'otton-- tiddling ...................... 5 1-4 Jon '' ORK AT TIlE [EPUBLICAN. A full line of black.and fa,lcv wors- ted at, Rot hseh ild's. The weather continue warm and spring like. Ralph Gunst of Fort, Adams was in town on Wednesday. Mr. Jos. Sarpheand family moved into the. Calder house the first of Lhc week. 500 pairs of all wool lmnts at $1.50, 1.75 and 2.00. Worth double. At Rothschflds Fresh newcrnp(ff Landreth's Gar den Seed at Get). J. Adams. Plant plenty of corn and then go in tomakeas much cot,ton as to: (:an. Do notsellall your cattle now as higher prices will ba in order in the near fu ture. An elegent, line of men's and boys" at, C. Schaefer's. Mr. Waller Lewis left for Natchez Thursday morning where im has se cured a sitnaLion Rev. J. W. Crosier, was called to Braadon,m husinessthe flrs of the Week and returned home Thursday. Edna Conner after spending a plcasanwcekswit, h friends here returued t:o New Orleans last, Sat,u|'- Kid gloves worth 1.50 h,r 1.00. The best we have ever sold for the money (2. Schae f( r. ,) Ca))hage plants now ready to set Out For sah., by Mrs.. G. Stern, We are pleased to learn that Mr. W. w. l]abers who has be, n ill is now somewhat, ira- Street Comml her C. A. Chis- has |icon :tL work on the street leading to the depot, and it is now it) lirst, class ctmditi)n. ico,d,wad;00;;lap: g.od ma W double 10 x 4 blauket for cents at Rothschilds. 7"/: and bay' elf caps in wool and velveteens for 25 cents at Rothschild's. 76 is indeed on a boom conferred seven deg,'ees on last, M,mday night. This breaks the of work for this Lodge. ll- -ii Mr. Leon Schwartz has had the l'ront, of t,heGem Saloon painted and l, hesidewalk repaired The building presents a very neat appearence. If )'Oil wan first class photo- hs of your house, ramity or bahy call on White & Welscher. If the Board of Supervis(,rs in'tend (aging a Road Commissioner, wc :now of no one better qualified than C. A. Chisholm to flit the posi- I)n. sa -- =: Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Rothschild left nrsdav morning via Centreville for York. Mr. R, othschild goes east purchase t,hespring stock for his The newbrik ouilding of Messrs &Tucker is being rapidly aishedand that porlio|l of the town improves by t, his ad- "Notwithstanding the advance in our st of clothing is being y low prices at 1Lot,hschild's. we have just receiyed frt)m a 'thern market an elegent line of dress goods and full line of Illnaings. C. Schaefer. farmers in our county seem to alittlelate in getting ready for new crop. We believe they are what` dishartened by the low of cott,nn. B. Gosllnski ret,urned last Fri- 'night, froma trip to the Crescent he purchased a number of which he offers .as such inspection. We learn that Mr. W. P. Burton been ill for a long time, -has w ty. His funerel t,oob" place at 2 o'clock. Mr Burton the oldest, resident, in  euunl, y. Lampbeli Hardy, representing hera Immigrant,, was a visi- ,. Mr. tIardy is gaLherjna; for l)ublicat,ion and circa- among northern homeseekers, the advantages Mississippi dmrable immlgrans rat class brier for sale by A.r. aud--M'les laekets at, I The many t rieod or Mrs. I). C. 1000 pairs of mcns shoes all will be pleased to learn I size congress and I:te, u good - that she is rapidly recovering from heavy shoe ()t to the e, ffeets(t: ln'r severe fall and wilt nmke $1 95. our l)ri(',e $1. Ask be pleased to see her guests ou Men- for them at Rot/)schihls. day evening aT the Silver Party. l l,-e--,l : (onll)lainbs are s(i!l I)cing [nad.e in regard Lo the 3ondil,ion of oar roads and on many of them it, is almost, im- possible to travel. Something nlusl be done to them in the near fut,ure or considerable trade will be delivered t,o other places. := eiI Family groups lakcn at your own home, m or out of town by White& Welscher. From the numbcrof buyers of cat- tlethroughoutthccounty it, is very evident that cttle are yety much in demand and that consc- quent,ly higher pricer will prevail. Mr Stokes has over 1000head in a pasture jusboubofLownand is still adding more daily. Mesdames D. C. Branllctte and It. II. Wallace both melowitivcry la.- fulaccidents while out driving last Tuesday. The itorses attacilcd to l,he carriage became frightened and started to run and both ladies julnpt!d OUl and WaS thrown be the ground. They received a numl)er of bruises but we are glad t,o say none of t,hem were very serious. 1 have the famou Pratts' Stock Feed for sale. Jost the thing for IJoor un(:onditioned stock. Gee J. Adams. We not,ice frolu Lbe Times-Demo- crat tI]aL Mr. L. C. Schloss lms been N()TICE. I have this day purchased the ]n- teresl of I,he lale .l(,el)h Aarm in tlIe bniness ,ff G,Minski & Aaron. and have acquired all the Assets and ;ls- sunled the liaM]ities of said Firm and will eonlinuc tlhe / usiness for nO' own act:,ant, and resp ctfullv solicit l he kind patronage of theohl Firm and public. }2,. GOSLINSKI. Woodville Miss.. Jan. '98. :NOTICE We hereby inform the public that we will close out our mercautile busi- ness and, though, wc would prcfer to disposeo[ our stock as a whole. will sell in small quantities at re- duced prices tor cash, Positively n, vearlv bills All accounts must be settled by March 1st 1898. Respectfully. WETTLIN &'IIIcKEY. Jan. 29 1895. -lnl. 200 pieces or el,tin,-,, all styles and shades from 5 Lo 10 cents are Rothschild's. JUST IE(JEIVEI). Loaded shells ill all sizes and loads at, Gee ,1" Adams. The wet seasou is Ul>On usan<l waterl/roofgarmeuts are what is nee(ted. Ask to see ore" Mackin- toshes from 2.50 to 5.00, sohl elsewhere froni 4.00 to 9.00. At Rothschihls. v 3xcepL Miss Willard--who we re- appoint,ed by Grand M .- e J, M. gret to rmte is dying--ti,e m,s( ,%one. as chairman of t he (;otntklittee noted prohibitmnst in the United r,o ctmfer wit, h other fraternal socie- St, ates is Guy. St." Joh . Heat. tile mnouncement thai he had hem, ties withe view of erectinga widows and ,wDhaBs honle. This is Indeed a pret, by compliment, to our fellow citizen. The members of Hope L)dge 76 I(. ofP. of thisplaecabouL30n number are 'teLling ready as we go Lo press, to leave for Bayou Sara, La., to attend the35th anniyersaryol the order by Bayou Sara Lodge. They expect to have a fine time as cousideraMe pre- par.finns has been made by our friends in out" sister town for this oc- casion. The members of this place chartered tile train t,o t, ake them down, leaviug here at  P.M. and re- t,urning about 2 A M 10,00C cabbage plants for sale b5 Mrs. . G. ern. PHO'I'OGRAPIIERS. %]Iie & Welsehcr have erected their tent in the Court House yard. where the) will hc pleased to see their mny patrons and frl+nds. A trip thmmgh the'SLate <m the I. e. R. R., from Jackson to Memphis by your local reporter duritJg the last week was indeed very interesting and a source of nltleh gratification and pleasure in t, hc marked degree of pro,- perity. ,advancem enl, and growt} which was in evidence atever hand. Small towns showed their progressivc- aessby having all the latest and mos modern convenieniences such as electric lights, wat,er works, com- presses, banks &c. We leave you bo draw ),our own conelusi(ms why Wood- ville s not as progressive. earl;-" " Have an rden. Best va- riety of cabbage plants for sale by Mrs. S. G. Stern. Read what promi,mnt planters of your c nnty say about C&PITAL (hITY FERTILIZER : Ce||trcville, Miss Jan,22, I898. Mm B E ESKrTDGE, Agt Capital City Oil Works, Baton Rouge, La. My dear Sir:--I think you are en- titled to some testimonial from meiu behalf of the most excellent Cotton and Corn Fertilizer compounded by the Capitol City Oil Work. and sold to me through your efforts this past year' It is not too much for me to say, that att,.r an experience witl, commercial fertilizers for more than 20 years, I have never used one lhat has given me as good satisfaction as has yours thispas year. Notwith- stan'dingmy plan:atmn was visited by a disastrous hail storm in May. and two cloud bursts in .luue a',d July resneetively. I made the largest erhp of cotton thatI have ever Inmle and plenty of corn to run mv place and I used yonr fertilizer exch, sively. As Iofig as you keep it uo to its pres- ent high standard, your customers will get full value received for their money. Yours truly, etc. JNo. A. REDEtEAD. After ths use of the above fertilizer the past year, I ant prepared to en- dorse all that my neighbor and friend Mr. Relhead has said about it. 1. E WtIITm lior White Bros Ccntrcville,'- Miss. Jau 10. I898. Me. B. E ESKrtD, Agt., Capital City Oil Mill Co. Baton Rouge, La. Dear Sir:I can highly recomnlend vour,'apita] (itv Fertzlizer to any one wtm wishes a first class article in every respect [ used it almost cx- clusively iast season, and fouttd it gave as good. if not a little better re- suits than other first grade goods used ahmg side of it. Otllers who ordered with me speak well of it. l think it comes fvly Inp to yo(r claims for it. Yonrs trnly W B. MERCIE_R. pulled up by his cohl ,ater disciph,s for eigning a whisl.:ey I>etition, e')mes in tile natu,e t)f a sho(:k B - z called on LO explain hc s& d l e .autedwhiskei sold ezallyihydrug- gists.' Kansas now having snell henselaw. I ix needless to sa 3 that tile ex-Oovernor wa "roun,liy den(ranted" tor preferring whisk,.)" lcally sold. than the l)rohibiion b;tnd tiger brand.-- Corn Heraht. New &4vertisements. P. lt. WtlITE. W. S, WIIITE. While 00rocery O0., MAIH STREET. Under Masonic Hall. DEALEnS IN Fancy and Staple Groceries. Candy, Cakes, Fruits of all kinds. Tohacco and Cigars. Best Extracts in town. Feb 12 9S ly. 7 NOTICE. Bids to huild a hridge across Clark' (Jreck aCCol'(l[ng t,O spec{float, J(,ns o tllein theChaneeryCh'rksoffice, wi]} he received up to nine o'clock the first Monday in February 1898. Tieboard reserves the right to reject, any and all bias. C. A. Coox, Clerk, Feb. 12th, 1898--4 w. THE GEM SALOON IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITII A FULL STOCK OF : : o--SUCII AS o 0 LD 3TOWOPO LE RYE, P UR I Td W R IE, FRE+VCH BRdWD , IVIWES, ETC.. Choice 8rock of FINE C/dRS dlways on Han ' g- l?hose is need of PURE LIQUORS for medie/, pur- poses will do well to call aud examine my stock.. A. s. JOHNSON. R(/, one hagf price. Itl dt Henriettas iformerly sold at 50c now 25, '" " " 20c " 10. I Dress Goods ]1 Blae Brocades "- " " 5 0e " 25. [! ,lll lVoolens, sztch as Blanltets, Fla n- rg;llf nels etc, at'the same ct. dll wool che- rots suits formerly 7.50 now $,t. Part li wool cassimere sits formerly 5. now ;2.50 N i Yours Truly, Martin nor, ,schi/d & Bro. S. MARANTO, --DEALER IN CnOTCEST Fruits, Ovsters, Nutsl ofall 1.:lnds, and Fresi, "Fan,ily ( re  { cerics. ReccivesdailyFancyCan[ dvofall kinds. Macear(micook-5 ].edin the best style, from 9. M.I "to 8 P. M. ] llain t. OppoSite m & !) am Pf. . Feb 12 98 ly. WALSH & WILSON, -- 4 CONTRACTORS OF !1. -- FJRICI { CEMEIT wORK. Estimates Furffished Patronage Solieited. Leave Orders with %Vettlln & lticke$ or B*'n Brown%, tarl)er Shop. Dec 18 97 2m, FOR RENT. . The W. L. ltays Place, about 205 acres. 6:1 acres in cultivation : situated about 7 miles west of ,Voodville. T ;e Caesar Gillespie Place, about 280 acres. 6(} acres in cultivation. It is situated about 5 miles from F,,r! Adams. For particuhtrs apply to EI) WARD _ARON. Dec. 18, '97-if POSITIONS GUARANTEED. To Gradvates of ]htaris' Practlcal Business College, School of Short finns, Te}cgraphy etc.. Jackson Mississippi. We have bouh the Wavatt Col- leges here and at Meridian, but have closed ofit the one at Meridian, and prepared to ive students the wry best businesstrainiug to be hadley- where. Catal, gue sent ,,, apl)liea- tion. N. J HARRIS, President. Jackson. Miss. Sept. 11, 1897-tf FOR ALE. The hon,e and lot in Woodville, south west of the l)ublic sq,,are known an theSnsan ScottIot adjoining lot of DrLW Magruder apply to ll S VAN EATON. 11 '20 1897 tf. ]'RES PASS NOTICE Now ia the time to plant Ohion All hunting on Simrall snd Sehae- Sets ant] Gem J. Adams Is the place fer places is strictly prohibited under to finJ them penalty of the law. L. W. MA(]RUDER. 11 20 97 tf. Our reputation for buying good clothing has been established too hmgtodo much blowing about. We only name a few items: Child's suits 90 cents, Boys' suits$2., Men's suits $2.50, all g<tod.)!,eaters and ..... will s'tisfy, you. Atqh>thschilds. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting or trespassing on the Artonish lands under fence is pro- hibited ujlder full penalty of (he law. Any stock remaining on the Artonish pasture after Fchruary 15th will be charged l)asturage--50c per mbnth. 1 15 1898 ly.. ! NOTICE. I hsve just received and will keep 0ustantly on hand a full supply of C()i'F1NS and ('ASKETS, of all St, les. which I will sell at rea- sonable prices. Shop opposite W. C. Bonnys res- idence. TileS. ROLAND. Ang 21, 1897-tf NOTICE. The public are hereby notified tha Hunting is prohibited ou the .'tu' gette, Elmwood, Belleview and Gor- don I'lantati,ns. All former per,rills are qwrebv re,- yoked. CII S. C'.)HEN. Nov. 20, 1897, tt +. 4,++4,+-+4-+4,+.H4" I' 4"+ +++++++++-++44,+++4'+ 3 t 4, MgRE ENTERPRISE, , +4,+ +4 MORE INFLUENCE. ,., MOR] I ROGRESSIVENESS. MORE Sl IGIAL FEATURES, ' + I TheTimes-l)em0crat, ! /el NEW OBJ.IkN. LA. 4- + 4, MORE NEW @'tbM ORE STORIES. ' q 4, MORE INFORMATION.. @MORE  d ILLUSTRATIONS. ,1,i,l.MORE ADVELtTISNMENTS. "It' ',@ THE MOS'IP "]DELY CIR- (UI,&TE1D IIP%VSlP&IPER +"] IN TIalE SOUTH, +, ',' + + +: ' Snbserltm for It If you want , :4 : to k+.p up with current :' ++% +, :+ $ events at home and abroad. : @ Dally and Sunday. per year.S12 00, : Semi-Weekly, per year ...... 1.00 , . (Tuesday and Friday.) . ,] 4, ,4, .. ,4, . , Sundays only, per year .... 2.00 :: s.MP,,E coP,S tREE. !' :+ ; i l TLmS-DOC, ; 4' 4, 4- , , New Orlean,,, T,.. + + ++++ ++++ + : ET, E('TRIC BELT FREE. To inirodlleo it and el)lain aeuls the un- (I.,r,igm,d fl,'m v:ill give away a few Of t, helr 'hGerman Eh,ctrie Belts Invented I)y PrOf. r;lll (]('1' Wt,'yd. Pres. of th( N+w VOI'I( Eled- t, rical Soc, iet'y (U. S. Patent 257,[M7" a positive ('|1t'12 for nel'W,US D,'bility, R}t,,tlnla,llsh tOS ,if Powpr. 8.:,?. A(Idres at once Eleeri Agency, P. O. Iox 1S74. New York, N, Y. CONTAINS 175 pieces, pnt together in 2,400 distinct operations. The roller Jewel daily makes. 432,0,0impacts against, the fork. or strikes it fully 157,680,000 blows each year. The balance wheel moves 14--100 inch wit,h each vibration or 3.558 3.-4 niile a year. :Now, you will believe that while the deli,'al e little meehanism requires only a tent, h ,if a drop of oil for a year's w()rk, It becon)es mighty THIRSTY FOR,.TIIAT LITTLE ,OIL. I wiil give your watch the benefl ,)f eig{lteeu years experience al the ]owesL pr{ees coasistent with good work. JOqEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, NOTICE" TO "RES PASSERS. All persons are herehy forbidden to hunt or otherwise trespass on my lands knuwn as the (-]ildart tract, the Luherty tract and Fleet tract, about 1 mile north-east of Woodville under penalty of the law F. F. BEST. Dec. 19, '964[ TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting on mv place is strict.] prohibited under penalty of the law. MRs E. W. JOOR. 11 20 97 tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. Hunting or otherwise trespassing on the McMauus, Farish aud Bowling Green places Is strictly prohibited uu- der penalty of the i.w. All former permlssions revoked. R. M. McGEHEE. J. It. PENDLETON. Sept.4, 1896 -tf - DlalONS, OOPYEII, IT8 o, yoe aendln$1 & lflKh and d-zlption may qu{0kly 0rt,n,  whoth"  lnvIltlOtt la probably pntabl@. Commnlmlao trltl confidential. Older agoll ioarmg pa, t In kmerl Wa h&ve & W,aho 0* Paeata en throh  & Co.  , |ltal notA in the 801ENTIFIO AMERIGAH, boa.tifully iltuttrr&tl, lal1[at eltagi Of an aeientflo :lgura wkay, trm.a$8.l a..}'a?_ MUNN & 'CO,, 8.61 tdw, ew oa'k, HA!00DWARE AND IMPLEMEN% The attentihn of lffanfm's and others s cafledl {o our stock of [htr<lware and Agricultural Imple- m:eits, of which we at all times carry in sufllcien quantities to suit the denlands of our trade, and at prices as li)w as they can lie sold, We especially call your attention to the Chattanooga Chilled Plow,. for which we are the exclusive agents. These plow; are of improved design and superior finish, nmde of' selected ,naterial, and combine nlany original petals- of excellence not found in other plows,besides the" best features of other leading chilled plows. r really believe then. to be the best plow sold in thin  market, having handled them for two seasons, and as an inducement, we offer them on condition that- if the Plow is unsatisfactory in any way, return seam" and we will cheefully FaD YOUR MOm'. We are ffl position to at all. times quote yot vm3' low pricesm Saddles, Collars, Bridles, Whpa Carriages, Wagons, Bqrbed Wire, Stoves and every thing pertaining to Sa(hllery, I[arness, tIeavy Hard-- ware, Vehicles find nnplements. We espemally solicit your trade in these lines,. believing we will be able to give you satisfaction, to  say the least. C, SCHAEFER. DRUGS and MEDiCINE00 CHFMIC00L,0000 Publio School Books ,T'. ,C:1.  e,{a,. Stationery, Painters Supplies, C.ttlery. rni' inca Hardware, Jt[z++r inating Oils, Garden 5'eea c. :'Phvsicians prc.criptions carefully compounau, and orderls correttlg Ia-el cck selected wi.: grat car andwarranted as represented. v. S. 9z..--y. WOODVILLE, Ottice at Schlesmge" ttouse, April 18, 95 ly DR. 0HAS. E. 0hTC]tING8 WOODV|,LE : : : : }[ISS. Office in Adams Drug Store. July 14, '94 tf. DR. L. W, IAGRUDER, Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLI, MISB. Office at.esidenoe, April 7, ,881y DR C, C. CR08S. Dental Surgeon, W ODDVILLE, MIS& Office up stairs over the Postoflice. A. G. 8HANNON, WOODVILLE, MISS. Will pract4.e in all State and United Stats pearls m finis Ral tate bought ud ,old on ecru --'--'- ' " W mission. Office on ('mmtrcmi Re . H. S. V N EATON. Office tip-shfirs iu the Odd FolLows [Julidlllg. DR. JOKN F. TttERREL, Physician and Surgeon WOODILLE, MISEL Offico ou Main St. at Iris ,>| Stand JOHN A, LOWRY, FUR ERAL 3IRECTOR. A Full Stock of Mctalic and Wood- en Coffins always on hand at Wood- vilie, Miss., Main St. Trespass Nolice. All persons foun(I hunting, fishing or otherwe trespassing on the Bur namwood plautatimi abont 3 miles south of Woodville will be prose cured to the full extent of the law. A strict watclt will I)e kept oa sam( plautation for trespassers. L W. Mau:m S. O CTOARS, Domestic and Im ported . Fancy Liqu,,rs. Vermouth,,Cordials.el. Bottled and Keg Ba, Lemoa , lee always on trend. 3[y friemls and cnammors will alway ind me ready o do bsines. A: H. 8&..DM&I. March 12. 99. --DEALER IN-- I Family aim Fancy Groeeries. Confec" tmnerics, Oysters, Tropical Fruit ( a!l kinds, Sugar, Coffee, Flour, m{{i Starch, Raisins, :Nu,s of all kinds Can,led Fruit and Fish, &e. Fine brand chewing Tobaccos. Fresh Bread every day. eW aop.,- piles arriving daily. March 1, 1896-y T gsP ass s o'rIc . = All hunting and Ret real and Dameron prohibited, under penalty of the M Aso Sow I)lta. Oct, 9th '97.--if. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting, flhiqg or othe trespassing on Glen Burme s strictly prohibited unde tle law. All tormer yoked. Go. McGRz. TRNSPAS8 IOTICE. Any perron caught hireling, du or otferwise trespassing on the Frasie' (iollins or Ohl Lewis places willb prosecuted to the full extent of th, aw. Aii former permissions rev ed. F, D, LlwIa. .4. H. SdWD.Md2,