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February 19, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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February 19, 1898

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WUdltllt ltlthaK tics cut no figure in the solid =::: ..... ::-- :-: backing always given a President Saturday, February 19. wh,, tan(Is up" firmly for any .J, S. LEWIS, Editor aml l*roprletor. t AI)V A{ IISER8. TIIE ,VOJDVILI,E [{EPUBLICAN Is the oldest mVSl,lper iu th, ,%ate: has &apos;t ]:irger boa rid( ircqlalion tha: :my othe newsp:tper in this section,. therefi)re "" is THE ItAVANA IIORROR. Later reporl well the nunlber of the killed by the bl-wing up or the Maine to over 260. The rw wore mostly in their hant- mocks whkh wore hung in th, part of the vessel near the question "tffecting our honor or rights+ and Cort,t'ess was and is still ready to back Mr. McKinley, eveu{o the extent of a declara- tion of war, but he does nothing. Iris now in order for Congress to ulakehim do something, and its nlclni/t.q' are in the huulor to do il. Even proniinent republicans Jr]lore the very existence of Sec- real'y Sherulan when discussing a,yt|iingrelating to our foreign relations. Senator Lodge, who take a more cheerful view of the situalion than many of his collea- guesdo, said: "Spain is evi- denlly practicing duplicity to- w,u'ds us, and the a(hnmistration will be forced to this conclusion if Spain does out express regret for the utterant:es of her late Minister, and no matter what meat oI those Ills( interviewed that (they ore asleep when the e.plosfbn [ occurred. Capt Sigsbeesays the explosion occurred in tim how ot the vessel |le recc4ted a wound in the head. Orders were lven to tim other ,lli cers to save themselves as bea they could, The latter, who were literal iv lhrown h'Onl ,hrir bnnks ill their ni/ht clothing, gave the necessary ,rders itl great self pgssession and bravery. Tile Mississil)l)i Picayune Bu- reau quotes Judge Campbell as saying Uiat "the proposed autend- ments to the constilution, for all elective judiciary, has either been iulproperly sui)initted, and the eotlrt will hold theui void, or de- clare that t he several a men(linent s sought to he sublnitted must be submitted in such a way as to allow tile people to voteseparate- ly for or against the same." The late legislative session was espe- I eially fruitful in raising constitu- J tionall)ointsfor the edification l of the people.-Vicksburg lterald. [ The p,)or fellow were blown into etcrlliy withoul an illstants warning. The Ne York Worht asserts that Cal)taiit 8igsl)ee telegr,q)hed the Govern- meat that he suspet-ted foul i)la> ., but if this l)e 1rue no sigu ha,, been made at Wahingtou. Government is pursuing . wise and prudent COllrSe. and tlntil further developnlent tt aaumes that the Maine was de- troyed by an nee]dent. Ou this point the ()pinion of Naval ex- perts is divided, but the niajority, Spain may say officially, the gen- Vidalia. La.. ,pposite Natchez. were terribly v:otlghl up lasr nieht and oral belief will be that tie Loule yesterday nmrning over anolymo,s told the truth about the use of ! ent (,x?ei' there from this city .... be Idle elfeet that (tie n{rgl'os were nr- autonotny and rectproclty to de- I ganiz:ng a club to (nob all the whites lode this government. ] cannot t and destroy their prop,rt, v. The let,- . . . 'l Lets siai((l that the organizers of the I)redictwhat theifuturewllbring./clul ) had already I)urned ()tie gin- I only know that in Judue Day /house: 1he ladies and children pass- . , .... . ,. '[eaasteeplessnlght, while the male we Utltve a oeeretary WhO is Ill'ill, [pOl'Lhm arm(xl thclilSPlves and stood patriotic and capable and guard all night. The ncgl'() whe was .. ..... r _ ' . . . alleged t,) be at the head of the move- tta ne will see that thls men( was said to be named George country does not lose Siu)mous, and resdfs in Natche  cast . . ' ' z. tatters na0 quteted down ton ght. anlong the nations of the world and it was e-nchlded that the rep(n.t by reason of this incident " was gotten up by unscrupulous labor . . " agent.s toiqflamelhe whites to some Not havnlg the fear of Czar overt, at(against the negroes, when Reed before its eyes, the Senate all of them would want to leave the parish and engage to work elsewhere. thi theory be true the ship was destroyed by a torpedo, an(l in that case the armor plates be : found driven iuwards. If on the other hand the explosion came from wi,hin the ship the plates will be forced outwards. The strained relations between the United States and Spain, and / the evident resentumnt caused by the presence of the Maine in the harbor of Havana give color to the idea of treaehetT. If the ship,was thus destroyed there would still remain two theorles it was done by fanatical in rvenge for Ul)l)OS- to their Government, .aadthe ()tiler that some Cuban sympathizers resorted to this des- peratemethod of involving the Governments in a war. That the /Spanish Governme!t would risk such a desperate and dangerous outrage is hardly possiille, and if it is hown that the Maine was destroyed by treachery ttmust horn clone .bY irresponsible who have expressed themselves, increased the amount ca'rled by favor the theory of foul play. If the fortification Appropriation bill from $4,144,912, appl.ol)ria t- ed by the Itouse, to $9,052,494. It remains to be seen whether the Czar can compel the House to insist upon its original bill. Unless a]l sigus fail, as they sometiules do, the treaty for the annexation of llawali will have its fate settled this week. The Committee on Foreign Relations, acting upon the expressed doubt of Senator Teller, one of the strongest annexationists, as to their at:ihty to ratify the treaty, will get a test vote in the Senate. if the vote shows that the l;wo- thtrds are for the treaty, its early rat]fit:at]on is certain, as the op- position would not prolong the fight with certain de(eat ahead of them; if the vote shows, as it probahly will, that the treaty cannot be ratified, it will at once Cubans have ah'eady dis- dosed their methods of attempt- I the two govern- by the stealing of the l)e tome letter, and this faihng of results it is l)ossible that more reckless methods wouhl be re- who held the cumin]s- government as Minis- tr to the U. S., and our depart- of State has been ,held up the orld for itself to be gulled by labeled autonom and negotiations for a The matter will be thoroughly sifted. We heartily favor the suggestion of the Herald that "a good roads eon- vention" for the State should be held at Vicksburg. The llerald re- Eawara McI00eI00ee 17011ere. WOODVILLE MISS, i (eorgi nza,to, rinciy, aI. Will Open its 36th Annual Session September 1st, Thoroughly equipped For work in MUSIC, ELOCUTIOt/, ENSLlSH BRANCHES, THE LAN6UA6E$, ETC., ETC. Y-The course of study ha been revised, ntandard of Sehohtr,- slll0 raised and l(indergarden Dcpl,trent (Ided Teachers will i)e Specialists. The h/ttl(lsOllle flew buildings lluv I)een tboroutlly rerurnlMled andmad h) )( ke New Oak Fur- Ilit, lr( ()r ils rOOTIl;. II('W ])I'iIIS. tleW IItLtLPeSSOS. till set,u,, eUL Tile tltl)le will be eonsta, ntly sut)Dlie d with D.II Iti)Ull- dlillae of WIIO]i)SOIll( 9,n(] wcH i)l'elJ;tred food. No efflll'L ',viii be spared to mak*. tilts he lealng College for girls in this section of the Soutlt. t'Write for Cttalogue and Term,v. alarks: Fugler b C ......... sw pt ........................... 40 36 The roads ill a great part of Loweubnrg Mallery Misissit)pi are too bad to pernlit of Grocery Co ........ all Spanish Claims n a trafficat certMn s'easoos of the year. Scruple F R ........ all ex'cept 220 acres .............. 44"1'7a 9- 4 out they areuoworsethau the roe-Is lhn,terRenben .... ht sptclaim ....... i "" .... 176- 7 1 that bave prevailed in other states ,:; p .... ....h, spt ..................  .... 160 7 3 to the time wheo the National League ('urry W M ....... w pt of npt ................ :' 10l 35 3 for good roads took up'_tho question N A James ..... lot 1 "" ,. 3 Tit "" . .  - , ......................... 80 13 1 e esult of the agltat]ou fl'om this ' James ...... lots 1 and 2 . - lr, ,7 source has bee,, that roads have bee,,, Unk,town ........ nw X of nw  ............ aT} ;- ! ttroved and with the improvement[ " . ...... n nod e pt ..... " ...........  ,, 4 oi rl)ads agrmultural lands have at- IF A Dicks ..... s3:, of sw ............. u ,J I creased lu value.. Of the fort,-five IJohu II Kennard..ef of sw"" of'iiw',; ..............  , 4 states in tl)e United States more than / M Rothscl)ihl ..... In w pt ((f+e; of ",e;/[ ............ ,-,, -, 1 h .... "' ' ' ................ 2 elf!rove ahead good roads con.[Unknown . .. nw of nw  ,,- ventto,s anditisin tim natt,.t ,,. / ', ,,,,,, i ................... ?" zo 4 , . : . ." ...... " ......... , ....... 4 .................... 41 24 , Mississippi should] " ........ w) ofse 1//44 ..................... W) 90 4 tave a convenuon of the sort. lftS VPerr ........ lot 1 ................... 8 l"q 3 sncn a convention is worked up, it is Coh)nial and U S ............... 2 apparent that Vicksburg is the place Mort'g Co L't'd nw  wof old river   2 ,,, wh,cb it shond he ILed U,,k,,own ....... :,, and e pt ......... ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'" d" i,; , -,-- Dr. . Kaigler...e pt of w ........................ 53 I8 I The Jackson News says: " .... h t)eJ n of Pmeknevville road .... J3 I8 l The Govc/rnor,s veto of the provls- " " .... xv pt .............................. 320 8  49 2 lenin (,he Industrial Institute and " " ....all ............................... 487 97 50 2 College btll is the subject, of general " " .... lots 1 and 2 ....................... 165 54 2 e<mlmert all over (,he State. A first " " .... In ................................ 16 55 2 theNewswas Inclined to lhat be- ,t " .... wDt ............................. 295 49 2 lteftltat he had theauthwity bo veto TOWN OF WOODVILLE. NAME. DIVISION OFSEGTION. Acres. S. D. . Start(lard Oil Co ...... n pt lot 23 ................ 1 3 TOWN OF CENTREVILLE. Unknowu ............ all ....................... 56 Iax Collector a '4ale. % .Of lauds in Wilkinson County delinquent for the fisca vear 1897 the .... (lersgned Sheriff and Tax Collector of Wilkiuson  ...... .. ,"., ...... '7 ...... ....... . ' ,,,,y tae OI .VllSSlssi pi wn, or .uon(my the ith day of March 1898, sell at public outcry to the highPst hider for ash, during the hours prescribed by law, in front of the South door of the Court ltouse, in the town of Woody]lie, the following described lands. Sale to be continued fromdav today until all land is sold JAS. M. SES,qIONS Sheriff aud Tax Collector Woodville, Miss., Feb. 91h lt98. , ' NAME DIVISION OF SECTI(?   Tax. ,1 xoboson, . In e part -- 1--10-----1 - -- v , - ' ...... -- 1 le Est v,nbree ...... Iosotscl/ ............... 9,,v  , . $  55 '' '' '' Pt o-_ -_,'%. : ................ ,, u , te 06 ....... opan]sn ualm ............ 53 12 1 le SA&Evans Hayns..w)4 ofnw V44 ..... 85 qr. o ,_ 2 7(,  .  . ........ uo o  2 1i 1 1  lIayns ............ s pt of se  of nw /, ne  of ,, . .... sw4, wpt ofse.,i ofsw  78 59 97 3 1- :urs. ancy +,c-earlev s31 of nw , 8, I ,,  : 1 00 Jno  h'ven ......... sw ........ ] w o, , . ,l,,o ] Irven ........ Ius pt e of P M Stoc]'et'ts:: 104" 2   ,14 O l lrvell . . .a l . _qlR Ozt J,) , , v Juo l h'ven ........ all ............... 20fi 44 1 1w Jno F lrven ......... all ......................... 644 72 45 1 lw Jno F Irvin ......... In wt ....................... 221 ,16 1 lw 107 30 Est ot Susan Walker..nw / ...................... 165 22 6 " " " s),ofsw,inwpt ofse 18660 6 lw 660 Louis Butler ....... ne /, of se  .................. 41.2 12 33 lw " " ........ sw of ne) .................. 41 62 12 lw '' '' ..... ,1,V of,,e  ................. 42 ]2 33 Iw ,.1390 Vr C Green..'. . .e of sw  .................... 84 35 lw : Est of James Carolina It) sw cur of ne  of se)6 ..).. 4 50 12 2 2w 25 Louisa 5ackson ..... sw t .......................... 162 50 16 2 2w 4 25 2 2w 3 58 2w 10 2o 3w 11 08 3w 3w 7 4q 3w 5 15 4w 4w 6 90 lw 4w 4 28 lw 2 15 le 1 03 1 w 66 lw 1 03 lw 1 05 le 1 03 5w 2 10 ed to be recorded The money in the t Treasury was this clay counted by the Board and found correct. Ordered that horse valued at $25 and assessed to C It Rogers be strieken from tile roll. Ordered that the following land be assessed to Gee Argue lot 2 square 29 die 1 instead of Annie Deioney. Ou account of change of owuer- ship ordered that the folllwing land he assessed to Tire and Ellen Wil- liams w 0f w  see26 t5 r 2 w and wofwofsee4814r 2 w con taiuing 243 acs. Ordered tlTat the Woodstock be dropped, and a joint resotu- the part whl'eh he did. but arter giv. tion for 'annexation brought to ing the matter careful consideration the front, the News is sLrorm'ly of the opinion tlat he did nob have such aulh()rity In his eto message the Governor assumes at the outset tllathe has the tly Associate0 Press. right to veto the 'condilinu' of an ap- propriation bill under that secqon of Havaua, Feb 15.At 9:45o'clock theConstituti(in which allowshiuL t() this eveniug a terrible explosion veLoanappr.prialion hill "iu part'. (,,ok plae, on hoard the Untted "Upon this_hranch of the ,subject Sates orntser Maine in Havana har- it is nn]y neccessary to observe lhaL bur. Many atekilled and wounded where the legislature makesat appro- priation upon a considel'arton, it has All the teals of Ihe Spauish ertuser made if lhe c(m- Alfonso XllI are ass]sling. U{eaplwprialn As yet dition set at tmnght. Tire ('on- the cause of the exl)h)sion is not.dillon is the siue (rta non " . t, , . , t nf the al)l)aren, l he wounded sall,)rs ef ! legLlattve act. It is the indinensa- (he Maine are unable to eplain it t hie bri(kre across the chasm whi.i] ]'ies " ' -etween the appropriation and itseh- It IS he,ieved the cruiser is totally/jet t Destroy thee btid,,e ',,r destroyed. "  = "...._, , ,;  a., yeu , | ('UI () Lrle only Inean8 of access. 'lhe correspondent of the Assoeia-[ It(ring thus as.umed lhe II ht t( mst tend to render the relation- t  "' ' ' g , ed I re.-s says he has conversed wtt|)/do what, he clearly could not legally htp l)etween the Utfited States several of the worm(led sailors rind Ld() ' the.Oovernor goes on to jt, stify and St)ain more critical thau understand (rum them that q ..... n tnseir Dy a' singurlar" and' nerves]re , .... - n)lsconstructiou of another 'oasi, iu- ever, and nothing but the clearest l)l,).ion to(,k place vllile they were tional provision. asleep, so that they can gtve no "Section 69 of lhe constitution pro- I)rt)of of an accident will relieve l)artieulars as to the cause. des that ]e ) the mtuatiou. If an exanlinatlon "" ." ' .g'slat& n shll not be hauds work tbe piece of road corn : ' ' ' " ' " " ' , etract iaCton they l)ainn, t "Maine blown un in Havana h.. I t,!on riot in the nature of a 'cond t on' / b _: ........ " ....... .......... l bur at 9"40 aed ao ........ , "= ,, .... I snati not be engrafted en appropri- ):,_ g,veu ue,p,ece or r.oat commene- ,  . .,eo,,,y,,. uanv alien I) U8 This iN th- ........ ,, ,v.1 lug at tile .sixteen mile t)oard anti r . 1 nded and doubtless more killed effect or the two clauses when e(n-) en(hn, g at the t3p of mile lull. Ill(,  ashltigton, Feb. 14, 1898. land dro, ned. Wounded and others [eitooether, t, ll the Governor lort Adams i,auds extend their road . on board a S amsh man ee them " The ada,, , "ph ....... ; .... t i "P " -0f-war and / " " " to top of mile hill. " t,ar(! Line steamer. Send ligl)t. ]Special to the Times Democrat rhe new bond o James Murray houseten(idrs from Ke ' "  " , '" .... " " LY Best for Oxf,,rd. Feb. lb--AlxSmith, a far- with ttLesurets thisday submllted crew and the tew I)ieees of equip- nler_, or thts, ". (Lafa" yette) county, about whmh was approved by the board tortv-th'e .ears old. eh)ped with Miss and J S Cobh and I) Dav are hereb3 ment still ahove the wal,r. G. 0aldwel], ah)ut eighte.en years of] released from all further'liability as "No one had other clothes than age, htst nignt, leaving his wife and I bondsmen. thoae upon him. six snlall children behh)d, Smith had I "Puhlie opiuion should be suspen, hcen in this coqntv about three or[ Ordered that William Dawson t)e pen(led till further rel)ort All I four years, anti Has been a leader in el)pointed overseer of road in place officers believed to t)e saved. Jenkins sanciti('ation meering. All his pro- of James olith. and Merritt not yet accounted for IP.t:rty had.been, in his wife's name uu- Iu the matter of W G Huff and Man- S..anis - ( ,, ._ .  , -.. lt recentty, when he induced her te 3" v , maeers, lnClUOlnl make it over tr) him. A sh r . , others to cross lay the ball hill, same represen,.atives of Gen. Blanoo, |nowago he got rid of his rn e t tim(. is /atd over. wi . . p p rty, .aud th e aud express svmpalhy, i has appr,)priated all the proceeds and To the lion. Board of Supervisors. "r(4i41h: ................ ,) j gone, leaving his.. wire and ft, mlly The undersitned appointed t,, " "t penn]le.s it is sa)d Smlth r ,, . . " ocured Havana, Ieb. 16.lhe wlldest,ahcensetomarrythegirlinoato,,,, inspeet the bridge recently put up consternation i,revails ill Havana t -,.4. _ The wharves are crowded with Ihou- Rev. Charles Todd QnintardtEpis sands of people. It is believed the explosion occurred ia a small copal Bishop of Teurtessee (lied at powder magazine Meridian of heart failure while ou a 4w 1 20 1w 3 25 3e 3e 3w 3w 3w 3w 3w 48 00 Tax. 2 55 65 tile month of Jan. which was ordered to be filed and ia approved by the Board. It is further ordered thata warrant issue o him for $52.21 [or his sahLry for moath of January.a. D 1898. To the Hen. Board of Supervisors of  iikinson Co, Gentlemen:At a meeting of the heads of families held this 29th (to) of Jan 1898 at the Cold Springs (Brannan) school housel called aud held by tile undersigned trustees in aegordance wilh the provisions of the Annotated Code sec 4159 for the purl)use of taking the sense of the inhabitants in regard to the leasing of the uncleared school land see 19 township 4, range 2 west for a term of seven years to I W Carter and Kirk Rahb ia consideration of tile clearing and improvement thereof, and with the eon:lition that the lesses shall have the preference to lease the same for another term of five years at an annual rntal _'to he agreed upon as in other cases of leasimz. It was derided as fellows: For the leaseAll. Against the leaseNone. Respectfully suhmitte:l, J. W. Sutith, M. Bunch, B. W. Brannan, Trustees. Sworn o and subscribed before me this 29th day of Jan 1898 I. A. Carter, . B. S. Ordered that 1' B Hatfield Co. treasnrer heanthnrized to see what Ihe outstanding eount, houds can be treaty; tbo insult was the authorshil) of wa acknowledged by Lome, and has been the civil]z- woad. Surely this was an but no "man" has produced. The natural lhing to be exf)ected after de L,)me acknowledged having writ- At a qnarter of eleven o'clock what remains of the Maine is still burning. Capt. Sigabee and the other offi- cers have been aved. It is estima- ted that over 100 of lhe visit to friends. PROCEEDING8 of the lloard of SwJi)eJ.visors crew were FIIE STATE OF 5IISSISSIPPI, } givekilled'exetl'u ,tdetailsis iulpoSSlble as yet to WILKINSON COUNTY. the pubhshed letter, was that Admiral Manterola has ordered Be it remembered that at a regular Ihat boa s ( McKinley would at once send . t )f all kinds should go to meeting of the Board of Supervisors t) -1 .... the assistance of te blaine of said County began and held at me n s passports, lnsteaa, oun : " ". _ snd her the Colrt H)use in the town of. "at " s  I " tied. The Havana firemen are[Woodville ' said County on lhe 1st( ,. aa ,:e eat a. rcquest tO igiving aid, tendln carefu ly to the Mondav' being the 7th dav of aarta tlaat (re lome be recalled, t wounded as they are br,,nght on February., . 1898. " ] tore it was presented to i s,)ore. It is a terrihle sight.. Gem 8olanoand the other Goner 1 ' Spanish t!'ove "nment, de Lonle 1 ' . . . . a s have .PRESENT. I :---_ J . .. L ..... theen ordered hy Cal)lai 0 General L. T VentlesS, President Jas D 7h: t 2:i gvernrilent!Blarrc,  to take st,.ps to help the Cage, W L. Jenkins, l A" Ca'ter" . P gnu(Ion, and I Maine  crew in every possible way. C T. Netterville, members. lley is waiting to I The cr, rrspoudent of t)e Assoctaled J,s, M. SSSONS, 8h'ff. p rl will say about resa has been near the Marne in one ot the, heats Of the. erln " e . een proven tlme]Alf,ns oXIl[andseenothers of be by (.ongress that l)oli- wounded, who corroborate the state, by T. A. Johuson over Titompson's houliht for and report al next meet- creek near the residence of James ing of the Board. Cox respectfully rep,rt as follows: We inspected said work Friday Feb. 4 and after a eareful examination found that In many respecta the hridge is not constructed in steer dance with the plans and sl)ecifica- ions adopted by your honorable i)ody. The diserepancy herein el luded to are herewith submitted in detail. L. T. Veutress, C. A. (;()ON, ClerK. me0t. Present same as yesterday. Ths day Thus I atfield C " J . ounty Minutes of yesterday read, approved l"reasnrer preseoted his report of the and igned by the President several differont-eonnty funds which +" " lhts day /oseph Johnson, Supt ,ere examined, appruvod, attd order- of Etlucatlon presented his report t0r Ordered that the following report he spread on the minutes, same having been overlooked at the Jan. meetmg We the undersigned committee appointed to examine the county Auditor's hooks, after a careful ex- amination find the same to he correct J. D. Cage, , W. L. Jenkins. C. T Nelterwlle. I.A. CarPer. Sworn to and subscribed before Sworn to and subscribed before me thi 7th day of Feb 1898. me this 3d day of Jan 1898. C. A. Coon, Clerk C.A. Coon, Clerk Ordered that Hornce Green be Ordered that ",he Board do 'now appointed road overseer in place of sdjourn until 9 o'clock tomorrolJohn Cox from Whetstone to Tholp morning. / son creek. L. T. Ventress, President. / Ordered that T A Johnson builder of the lhom son's ereek b [ ' 7 p ridge be 2nd day. |given until next meeting of the Board met pursaant to adjourn. Board to comply with the apeeifiea- tions of said bridge and that L 1' Ventress and C r Netterville 0e up. pointed a committee to inspect "he work. (Completed next week.) I LEON SCl I WARTZ. SCHWARTZ & NE C It. zNEYLA_N] Main Street, WOODYILLE, MI Sinee/he Quaran/ine restrietins around onr toz have been raised zve have been daily receiving fresh _goods of all hinds and or store is now replete with best staple and taney g'roeemes, dry oods, ere, to be fbumd. Ncw goods arriving-daily. I ha 00urchased a large stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping ticles, Hats Shoes &e. in/q'ew Yo all of wlfich I propose to sell at so low that it will be to Your intere.00 to examine my stock. Specia/ dueements to /arge buyers. PEE MULLER YOUR DOCTOR FICHT$ Disease w/th medicine. If the medicine is not right he cannot cpnquer disease. If the drug- gist does his duty the lnedicin'e will be right, and your doctor will stand a good chance of w/nning the victory. You can help your doctor by AIGUE,s PHARMACy, (3EO. r. HEALy, Manager, No. 5 Night T ...... ,,l'alu Leave,, Memphis, 7:55 pm- Vicksburg '' " '" " " OAItl'ovill 0 6:10 am ...... " Arrives Ne Orteaus 10 No, 6, Night 1'rate leaves New 0) leaua "* ., 4,'.20 pm Cvntrevilio 8:35 t,m  .... " " " Vicksburg I J:50 pro. " " " " arrivesMelnphts - 7:10 am No. 21 Day :l'raiu Leave __* " '' " " 8 am arrives New Orleans 5:30 pm " " arrives Vicksburg, 8:05 am -- 5:55 pra Train runsd'ly except Sunday. " ' . -- No, 7ill leaves Woody]lie " " leaves Bayou Sara " " arrives ,qlaaghter 11 :le am No. 722 leav-t.e-  12:20 " " " Baron .qra 1;10 pm .- " " a rltves Woodvillo 2:.q.5 m 4:15 pm The only Line rnnni))tz ,,H, 'Prahm bower.n --'%emlhlc . i and I%TeW Orlea arryxug elegant Pultman Bnfl'et Slee iu suring Passeh er a ." P g Oars ia both diretions.  . g speedy and oomtorl;able journey. or lates, M:,ps etc', apply to Agents or a,1 "r, s JNO. A. 00'1', , s. Die. Pass'r Agt, M axtPrrls , T.NNss, tla A. T. BENEDICT. ANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALIR I2N 00arriag00s, 00arts, Farm Wagans, 5a40000.er00, 6". dent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WA00NS Which are universally acknowledged to be The Best and LIGHTEST RUNNI1N WAOON ade, Agent for F(t4ZIER are great ROAD and SPEEDING 0ART, whie favorites among Horsemen. AGENT FOR THE r00a Teac00 C00mpar0000, The most extensive Manufaoturers of Iron Fauoing in the Uaited Btat Partioular attention paid ;a re-revering and rigging All work done prompth/ and ;t Keaouable rates. Woody]lie, Miss., Sept. 189! tf THIs BtST SaLvI in the world o1,, Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers,- Ba' I 60 YJt&RS, Rheum, Fever Sores, Teller Chin)pc 1 Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Ski" | Eruptions, and positively rares Pile| or no pay required. II i guaranteed I to give perfect satisfaction or mone [ refunded. Prier 25 cents per box. For ] sale by Lewis & Ms'era. J :NOTICE. For Saleall land and town prop. ertv of the lateS. P. Adler consist ing (,f his lateresidenee, the City He tel and two stores on Main Street; and part of the old Holt homestead. For terms &e., apply to JAs. M; Szssxols, Ex'r. J'.;u 12 '97-t! sent free. Ptt0nts 4)PYNIHT|