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February 16, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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February 16, 1973

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Pege 4- The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi MINUTES OF MEET OF WILKINSON CO. BD. OF EDUCATION State of Mississippi County of Wilkinson The Wilkinson County Board 3 ardson effective November 17, I 1972. Said motion was seconded by Marie Russell Green and car- ried by unanimous vote. On re:orion oy W. . Carter, .zeconded by Marie Russell Green and unanimously carried, the Beard approved employment of Hman Anthony, Jr. to replace of Education met m regular James S. Weals. who resigned session at 3 o'clock p.m.. Tues- due to illness. day, January 2. 1973. in the of- The Superintendent asked the rice of the'County Superintend- Board to consider approval of ent of Education, with the fol- corrective treatment for Tommy lowing members present: John E. Hans. On m..otion by W. V. Green. D.strict 1; Marie Russell Carter. seconded by John Green Green, District 2; Charles H. and unanimously car, ried, cor- Campbell, Pre:.ident, District 3; rectlve treatment was approved W. V. Carter. District 4. Absent: I for this student. R. J. Netterville. On motion by W. V. Carter. In addition to the fore4,oing ytconded by John Green and membes of the Board, Bernardunanlmously carried the follow- Wait, es, Superintendent of Edu- lng bills on the Claims Docket CAPITOL COMMENTS by Rep. Tommy Walker Another week of the 1973 Reg- ular Session of the Mississippi Legislature is now hisS'cry. With the series of deadlines that confront us. the members find themselves chasing from one committee meeting to another in a desperate attempt to re- lease fom the various commit= tees their particular bills or some measure that is of special interest eit,her to the member or some pressure group. This is the time that calls for serious consideration of every bill, as all the snakes and worms are turned loose. This week began with a prayer breakfast that was attended by cation, was presen.t, were approved for payment: over 1,200 .perxons. I think it This session was called by the County Admini..tation Fund: ls well that those of us who are Pres'.dent, Charles H. Campbell. Bernard Watts, $98.45. responsible far the transaction The minutes of the December 4, Transportation Fund: Me- of our state affairs pause from 1972 session were read. On mo- Gehee Motor Parts. $231.77; tlon by W. V. Carter, seeondedCl:,eme'tron Corp., $6.39; Gulf by Marie Ru:_sell Green and Oil Corp., $1,776.86; Superior BRIDGE OUT-ON LOVER'S LANE ROAD by B'II Catchings, Jr. The undo rwater bridge on time to time to seek the "Lovers' Lane Road" that crosses Guidane.e and Wisdom of A1- Bayou Sara 'Creek just soul)h of mighty God. Dr. Richard Hal- Woodville is out of service at The bridge will be rebuilt by the county as soon as weather permits, officials said. The un- d.rwater truc:ture which has washed out many times before, is to be rebuilt in such a manner Friday, February 76, 1973 2130 bills on the General Calen- dar. Some of these are neces- sary, others arc not. Some of the good bills will fall by the wayside and some of the bad ones will become law. Only his- tory will rewval the final d- ie.rmination of the fact,. I, OCALISMS ,Contimled from Page 1 to carry guns to protect them- selves, we lose our claim of being the most civilized country in the world and support the accusation of being t'.:e most violent nation on the face of the ea,rth. How many more people are going to be robbed, beaten, or murdered before we have had enough? Violence breeds violence. But we have the greate-:t system in the world to combat violence-- laws and the courts. Given the capability to enforce the laws ancl punish th,e offenders..we The federal government, says Cal-Tax News published by the Califoxma Taxpayers' Assocm- tion is having trouble giving away the voted by Con- oress for "revenue sharing." Of tbe 39.000 postcards sent to cities and counties n:otifying them of the new "no strintls attached" finance 4.600 were returned to the treasury de- ;artmcnt marked "address un- known." Farm Eureau INSUkANCE COMPANIES "Owned By Those It Serves" * Fire-Auto-Life * Inland Marine * Farm  General l,iability * VlorlinltrlfS Compensation I unanimously car,ried these min-[Sales Co.. $45.85; L &, M Tire utzs were approved as read. [Srvlce, Inc., $19.00; MeComb The monthly travel reports of I Glass Shop, $65.12; Sout,h Con- Bernard Waites. Superintendent!t,:al Bell, $12.09; Miss. Power & of Education. and John Clark L:ght Co,, $6.38. School Bus Mechanic. were read. I O hher Current Costs Pund: On motion by John Green. sc-iDave E. Carter, $60.00; Alco- verscn, pastor of a Presbyterian this time, as shown in the above as to prevent fuether trouble of can blow the trumpets heralding RICIIARJ ,'I,ACCOMIO church often attended by Pros- photo. The brldg. is not marked this sort. ,4eeording to Second our low came rate. because for Woodville, Miss. ldent Nixon and other digni-las impassable at this time, but District Supervisor Steve Reed. us the lessn will have been to, ties of Capitol Hill, gave a drivers should not attempt to The bridge will be marked with learned.., the hard way. R,x 444 -- Pit. gSR-3fifl r 4612 very inspiring mes.age, calling iavel the complete length of proper warning signs shortly, he .-' , , .... __. upon the Legislature, Governor the road. added. and other state officials to sea-. AZALEAS onffed by W. V. Carter and unan-: Columbia Paper C., $84.86; Del son their work with reconcllia- im:usly carried, the tvo reports lChemieal Corp., $134.80; Plant- tlon forgiveness, and love. The were ap,proved as read. ,ors Hdw., Inc., $1.1.0: C. M. Trep- ma,in theme was that we all A motion was offered by John' pendahl & Sons, Inc., $21.86; should erideavor to think as GTeen to employ Glenda Scott Bell Co., Inc. $162.00; John L. Jesus thinks. to replace Nellie Magee Rich-Ash. $322; Simplex Time Re- The major bill that was passed NEW LIQUID SUPPLEMENT DISCOVERY! thi.s week to reappoetion the Hinds County Senatorial I:;istrlct. One Senator will reside in each of the supervisor's dis- trlcts, and be elected' cou'nty- wide. This does not conform with the apportionment of the H.'_Use members. They re- qu!xed under the new act, not only to reside in the supervisor's district, but be elected from that dis.trier. It is my judg,ment that both Houses should run on the same basis, either by dis- trict or at large. I feel that the EXCLUSIVE PATENTED FORMULA NUTRENA CONTROLLED RELEASE C1.S A new, patented process developed by Cargill Research offers cattlemen a safer, more efficient way to benefit from urea in a liquid supplement. It's called Nutrena :ontrolled Release CLS because the release of the protein- building nitrogen supplied by urea is slowed down, made safer, more usable. This new kind of liquid supplement makes it more practical than ever for cattlemen to enjoy the labor-savlng and cost- saving advantages of liquid feeding, r Nutrena Controlled Release CLS helps you obtain all of these benefits: Extra safety from urea toxicity. Nitrogen release that resembles natural protein more than a conventional urea-based liquid supplement. ,ess labo than most dry supplements. Low cost per:ton of supplements. Uniform grazing - efficient use of av@ilable roughage. Cattle can help hemselves as needed. There's no bunching up and waiting fro" cLrbes with resultant lost grazing and over-grazing within a limited area. Good conception rates and big calf crops. Nutrena Controlled Release CLS makes it easy to provide the supplemental nitrogen, vitamins and minerals that help in getting cows bred on schedule, keeping calves evenly bunched. Uniform nutrition. It's unlike range cube feeding where "boss" animals take charge. Once aggressive animals get ennough liquid supplement they leave the lickwheel feeders. Then, even tail enders get a fair chance. BELLMONT SHOPPING CENTER HWY. 61 S., NATCHEZ Phone No.: 442-0881 Harold White -,Walter Salmon PLANTATION SUPPLIES NUTRENA FEEDS BY CARGILL feeding programs you can believe in corder Co., $119.00; John L. Ash, $1.48; Superior Products Co., $171.75; Malter International Corp., $147.46; South Central Bell, $12.97; Woodville Utilities, $496.65; South Central Bell, $10. 00; Town of Centreville, $262.65; Miss. Power & Light Co., $189.14: $.298.32; $604.31. Oereral School Fund: Dept. of Audit, State of $200.09; Ginn Office Supply Co.. Inc., $1113.16. School Bldg. & Imp. Fund: Town of Woodvllle, $12,55.34. Wil. Co.-wlde District Main- t, enance Fund: Morris Smith, $30.00; Dcxls Boyd, $20,09; Do- rena Davis, $10.00; Ivy Dell Da- vis Jones, $20.00; Natchez Elec- tric and Supply Co., Inc., $24.00; Super Service Station. $12,65; Campbell's Termite & Pest Con- trol, $15,00; Acme Refrigeration, $60.96; $35;50; Centreville Gro- ceries, Inc., $16.03: CCM: Gen- eral Biolag, ical, nc., $38.41; Beekham's Electric Sexvice, $152 g.2; Emmette Knighton, $3.50; Morning Advocate, $12.60; Town of Centrevllle, t270.25. Wil. Co. Public Schools-Proj. ) 790021-ESEA-Tttle I Fund: Ginn l Office Supply Co., Inc., $3,4.53.60; $24.54; Miss. School Supply Co., $248,00; Science Research Asso- ciates, Inc., $1,224.81. Wil. Co. Public Schools-Proj. 790081-ESlgA-Tltle I Fund: Ban- crof$ Paper .Co., Inc.; $159.@; Brunlng Division, $123.00; Mary F. Carter, $8.00; Catchings Clinic, $8.0,0; Chewron Oil Co., $11.22; Educational Systems Dee. Corp., $550.04: Glnn O,fflce Sup- ply Co/ Inc., $46.85: Hayes School Publishing Co., Inc.. $10. 10; Wendell, B. olmes, M.D., $48.00; Jo,hh,ny Lewis, $4.20; Metens, $2.50; Martin School Equl,pment Co., Inc., $15.75; Miss. Power & Light Co., $16.42; Mbdern Handcraft, Inc. $1.5,9; James Moses. $18.90; Natc.hez [ Electric & Supply Co., Inc., $284. I 23; Oliver H, Van.. ,Horn Co., Inc., I $83.34; Parine Publishing Co., I $'6.90; Planters Hdw., I'nc., $5.40; S,ven ,o Day Distributing Co.,' $9.1 10; South Central Bell, $21.72; I $19.36; C. M. Treppendahl & Sons, Inc., $5.4.0; Value Mart, Inc. No. 1tt2, $247.57; Ann, C. Waddell, $19.30; Wood's Omo Supply Co., $39.00; Woodville Paint & Supply Co., $1.58; Brun i Division. $46.75; Dave E. Carte,,r, $60.00; Mary F. Carter, $10.20; McGe,hee Motor Par, Inc., $13.32; Miss. Power & Light Co., $375.69; Dept. of Audit, State of Miss., $250.00; Wood- vllle Utilities, $189.87; C. M. Treppendahl & Sons, Inc., $233. 83; Woodville 'Utilities, $12.93. On motion by John Green, seconded by W. V. Carte and carried by unanlmou's voee the session adjourned. ,Charles. H. Campbell President Attest: Bernard Waltes Eecttile Secretary courts will make this decision, bill will likely run into consid- but,surely they will require some erable trou,ble before final ac- type of conformity. A b'.ll liberalizing our divorce law passed te Hause by a nar- row margin allowing divorce by mutual consent of parties. The double-trailer bill was con.:id,red, but did not come to a final vote due to the fact t,hat the House refused to sus.pend rules for its consideration. This tion. A considerable amount of discussion in Commit.tee, etc. has been given to the question of supervisors maintaining peSo.ate drives, however, a constiutional question makes it unlikely that the Legislature will be able o tak, e any .action. Th,e Huse now has almost Choice Of 25 Varietie. ALLENDALE NURSERY Woodville, Miss. Ben S. Jones When Mississpprs Electric Power Associations began bringing electricity to this area over thirty years ago, the only places that had a Chance of attracting new industry were the larger towns and cities. We've changed all that. though, by supplying dependable electric power wherever there's a need. Your Electric Power Association is a vital part of Mississippis economic growth creating new jobs and a better life for our people. In many ways, we re a part of your life, wherever you live in Mississippk SOUTHWEST ELECTRIC POWER ASSOCIATION