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February 12, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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February 12, 1898

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" ,,&apos; .,  go 4 . r The cr,uinals abonl Folb Atialus more early in tim fall it ')','as , / alb,a,aiI, when .... . have a llieliie wheu they are sta:ted to ' so dry, th'al any other time. After i" dg,y F Yns, ry- i .... t ioe,,iinly ].,il. A few da,s a}.(, &,hu the fields were ,,pe,, they ha(l the ri,,, 8a 1" 0 ' Sulilh l<ll'o':b:ed Antho,tv lIlley in the or the pea-fiehts, potato-t;atehes and head and nlade his esea pc acre,s8 the mast, which was very ahun(I nt this ;;Ideial Journal of the C0r- ,iver )te re,,,rned ,,, Wart,e,( la,t year. They got very fat on the nlast act 1 el)h" had to feed them corn lon j week and was captured by 8am U.iley eno,lg i to harden the fat The gl"tss and his son and brough to Fort I:tnd I had was well set in lernluda[ Adams before Judbiee David. Slniih rass, an,.1 that was lily chief reliance. I [ was urdered u, theconntv ]ail to await A v,'eat ,,,aiiy 1,eonle have a,, hlea! CD     l- Q  0  S i " that a wo)ds pasture is the i)Iaee to the Circui Court, but eoocluded aft, er raise legs. There never was a nmre ---o SUCII AS o mat, ure deliberation that, lie would not nlistaken idea. 1 wouht rather have tarry. Bethel Maiden and his father one acre well set ill Bermuda grass poration of W00dvill0. Simple Announeements of nlarria- es and deaths will oe pubhshed wil%mlt ('barge. seem to have been a sort, of dotible- than ten acres ill woodlan(l. A hog barreleonstabn]ary to whom Smith will starve to(leath in a woods t)as - tnre. nnless there i mast fur him to wasent,rusted for safe keeping during feed on. I anl going to add 100 the night and transport.alien Lo acres more of good, rich open land Wnodvdle. Mrs. John ,.qlnilh was to nly pasture, to fnruih more grass. solicitous for lhe eomrurt of her hnd- That will reduce nlv cstton ClOD ten I)and so she lronht him his overeoa. which hat)penedLo have a l)isLol in one poel(e and a razor in the ot}ler. Snlith prompt!y shot and wounded Bethel, regaining his liberty wit,hour the intervention of the raz,)r. All the parlics are negroes, (;xeeptJng, of sr SALOON IS N()W ()I)EN FOI BUSINESS )l'iTll A Iq:LL STO('K OF llIS(;Fill ion peT |lllnllnll, Cash ....................... $1 50 I Ofllerwise ................... $2 00 per cent to start on; but with Sly hos, sheep and cattle, I exl)ect tel nlake nlore clear nloney Oll that 100 [acresthan on any 500 acres l mayl [havepl'ulted in cotton. This pas'-[ ture will all be encl.sed by a ix bar- / ]bed wire fence, at a cost of sav. 2,000/ /Ibs. wire at 4 ets per l)ound. 1)er mile | "$55:640fl)sts $4: stq)les $250:" MARI{ET. New Orleans, Dec, 17, 1897. ( 'otto))- liddlinff ...................... 5 1-4 JOB %'ORK AT TIlE IEPUI'II,ICAN. Liens for 1898 are iqeing filed by the Chancery Clerk quite lively during the past week. A full line ofhlack and fancy wors- ted at, Rothsch lid's. Rind overseers should not, forget LO make lheir reoorls on the IsL Mon- day or next nu)nlh. Be ready I() hand in ymlr enrpora- ti.n assessment next week as you will be eal]ed on by the Assessor. 500 pairs of all wool pauts "it $1.50, 1.75 :rod 2.00. Worth double. At Rothsehflds Services will bc held at St. Panl's church tomorrow dl, 11 A. M. and 7 r. I. Feb 13th l.gS S. Mal'unto has decided to remain ernlanonlly ill our lOWll and 11is new ad may he <Don in aDolheF c(ihlnln. Look ,vet tile list (if ];tnds a(lvcr- tised u) be sold for :taxes al)d see ir any ()f your land is,')n the list.. Fresh new er(i ndrebh's Gar den 8ted at Ge,i. J. Adaals. Fresh. pure cane syrnp at, 6 n ('ants Der tllh)rl can be f()und at, White Grocery Co. Cotton, unexp t dh'u) most peoi)h' course Justice Davis. Abom the last t[nle a prisoner was sent, n[) I'rolu the Fort he eseal)ed at, the door of the jail yard. Ite was captured subse(tuentl3 andadserted thathe had I)lul)ed tti guard,to let hilu 12"O. AS it was ill tile night, if the prisoner bold tile t,rulh. t,lie release was easily made. Slit)p(;' e an(d,her route is tried with falUl'( F()I'L Adanls prisoners, viz: by ,'eXl)l, ees via the river and Basoll Sara. 200 l)ic(:es (ff OULlng. all styles and shades, froln 5 LO J0 cents at, Rutllsehild's. NOT] CE. We her(by inform the public that we will close out our Inercantile hnsi- llOS alld. t]ll)llgh, we %vonld l)ref(:r to dispose of our,tocl( as a whole. total 6"1 90. For tinle, as we have tinle to buru. and nlost of us bnrn it. too. .Now. this isacneap fetter and withiu tl,e reach of i[lost of our farulors--l,:t theni Imve the nerve to throw oul sonic of theh" good land for a pasture. put thi ki).lof a fence aroun(I it. and thell raise hogs without any trouble or cost. To keepl)()s it) all enclosure of this kind they must Imve 1)le,tv of room--six wires will not keep hogs in a small eneh)snre lu OIIItIIIK Ill') yonr fence, pnt vonr ports ten feet apart, stretch vonr wire tight at(,1 put shert posts "half will sell in sea l qnal)tities Ill re- e<)tren en',)uvh, au(l to spare .)lll, yell (Inee(I i)rices for ea,h, l.'ositively n,) ill tl:lcl t g )od pasture, well stocked vearl, [)ills All accolllltS lllUSt be will pay 3 ou than an.}' other settled by March lsl 1898. part, of y,,ur rarli,, a.d t, he land ira- | ill I Choice Stock of FINE CI6AR8 Always on Hand M --.,, those is need of I'URE LIQU()IiS for nledieal pur- l poses will do well to call and examine my stool<. | I make no allowance . , 11 esl)ectfull V I( ET'r LIN &[I]ICKEL Jan. 29 1895. -lm. Otu" reputation for l)uying good clo(hing has I)een estal)lishe(l to<) ],)n 7 to do inueh blowhig about. We Oll]y llall)e a few it0111s: "-- LLSJAL. .a,.=._=- - . .. . _  _--- - _ . way between the IHaiil posts aiid /P iaple the three lower wh'es to it. h This :will prevent pigs and shoats t tree squeezing between the wires. 1 urTe upc)n 3ou Io give np sf)llle ()[ II yotir best open land 1,o 7r',lSS and pas- [nre. Never f0al", yell will make 14 | provinK all the while. Get you snnte ot)d hogs, good ('ut,tle and a fl()ek (,f sheep, and then you will indeed enj.y the nrn('eed)fthe farnl good milk and Im'<ter all t,he year r(,nnd: nice faL, jtlcy ninLl()n in the sutunler, and 'Dar0-rit)s and ba0kbone ill Lhe win ter. %V]ial l)elter coii]d one bave I hllil ,his? t/esidcs 1here is always a sllr- plus lhat> will briu you in Ina[iv has lakes 'a little npward spirt. N, :pare dollars when you need t,holil O. Midd!ins on the 10th inst, 5 9 16 Chihl's suits 90 cents, Boys' niosla. I}rolher rarnle)'s, try it,. Jony A. IEDIIEAD. &dvertisements. w. s. WItITE 00roery 0o,, Under Masonic Ha//. P. It. WIIITE. While MAIN STREET. --DEALERS IN vt ,@t tx, t t t,#a ! N i ,,l+ Mr. George II. th)wcl] and Miss India Sandall of La.. was marri('d in lhislla(:e()n Tues(lay 0vening. [{ev. John %V (2re,lor ofl]('.ial ing. An elegent li;e,)FT,)en's and boys" c|ot,hing at. C. Schaefer's. suits $2.. Men's suits $2.50, 'ill r_*ood wearers and will satisfy you. At Rothsehihls. s)-tl .- NOW is the time io plant Ol,i,)n Sels amt (leo, J, Adams is the place to fin:t them I(id gloves worth 1.50 f,',r 1.00. The best, we have ever sold for the money. , (2. Schaefer. Messrs. I<a.'nard a,l. L:inehar{ Of Beaver Creek we)'e in 1,)wn (in Thurs- day, with several w:lggons loaded wlLll oLton. "]'lie Legishiturc has i)a.secl an AcL allf, horixiilg the ]oard of npervis()rs to ptlrohase ouLsLatldillg tends of 1,his Count,y. A cold wee(her snap! A good heavy double 10 x4 bhtnket ft)r 85 cents at Rothschilds. Men's and boy's g(tlr caps in wool =: and velvetee,s fur 25 eenls at, Re! hschild's. "Your.Phot,n taken free. On May 1st I will be ready L() take your Phol-- %ograph free with every purelase of t2.00. Jos. Sarphiv, The Jeweler. The Board of Supervl.ord were in aessiol, three days this week. The ttree hundred nantes from which the juries will be drawn will beput)- llshed next saeek. (ILwit,hstatidit)g Lhe advance in Woulend our sLock of cloLhing is being ab exbrenle]y low prices at, Rothschild s. The residenee of LhelatcJas. Cur- about 10 miles nort, h of tl')is Dlaeealtd five bales of seed eou()n Were destroyed by tire on Wednesday lisel Le Luud a ,.scrub- N()TICE. I havelhis day pnrchased the In- tor(,sl of ihe ]ate .lOsoDh Aarnn in tale IHIgillesS (if (i()-diliski & Aar()ri, and lie`)'( a(:qiiired all t,he Assel, s and as sui.)led the li;d,i]Jties of said Firni. :nd will eontintlc the [;llsiness for niy own acooun{, and respectfully soliciD lhe kind patronage of Lhe 01d IJrlll and public. B. GOSLINSKI. Woedville Miss.. Jan. '9S. The wel season is upon us and w;tlerproof.arments are what is needed. Ask toseeour Mackin- toshes from 2.50 to 5.00, sold elsewhere from 4.00 to 9.00. At !{,or hsehilds. ,l U,'4 T I'ECEIVED. Loaded hellsin all sizedaud loads at, (;eo J. Adams. 1000 pairs of mens shoes all size congress attd lace, a good heavy;,d shoe Cos to ,n:tke $1 93. our prier $1. Ask for them "it Rothsehilds. Speakmgof a professional hyl)- notist arid a remarkal)le instance of Ins i)ower, the ;3reenville I)em,,erat says : Mr..qantanlli made many friends in Greenville and reee'ved many social honors. He is by far the best hypnotist that has ever visiled onr city. Among the wonderfuffcas)f hyponotism was Ihe one performed Fancy and Staple Groeerios. ,Candy, Cakes. Fruits ()r all kinds, T)/)acco Hod Cigars. Best Extracts io (,OWLS. Feb 12 9 ly. N)T1C E. Bids to bnild a bridge across Clark's (Jl'(,ek aeoording Io si)eeillc:ttiond oi) illo in the Ctlaneery Clerkd olliee, will he received I] D to nine n'cl )ok Lho llrst Monday in Fehruary 1898. The hoard i'edcrves t, he riThL Lo reJect, any and all /Ads. C. A. COON, Clerk. Feb. 12th, lS;9S.--4w. b3 .lit one half price. ,l IIenriettas formerZ U soZd a 50c now 25 t |t i Dress Goods " " " 20c " 10. BZac Brocades , 50e 25. . ,1Z1 Woolens, snch as Blankets, FZan- {  nels etc, at the same ont. d N wool (he- tL ll {uA ll rots su, its fornzerly '  .. ,...o., 84. I'.,,.t i't00 , wooZ ectssimere suits[;q .gJ. 'ow l #2.5o. ..,, # Yours Truly, 00artin Rothsokild & Bro.00i .ire arlAcle_'_ .h'oml Hen. J. A. t,o t,heCentreville Jeffersunian. )he value nf a greater area ill pasture is shown very forcibly. The ad. of the WliiLe Ore(ely Co. seen in this ldsue. Tills Ihn Mr. H.P. White is at, the keeps exactly what, it, advertises all riley ask is a ceil from you. 00ehe';/00athe,, ;fi,:=L00en ,va,'ui al)ring-like during 1,he week On  "hursday eveniug here we had a vio- lt rainst,orm wit,h SOllle hail, which, lawever, lasLed but, 'a siiort, Lime. / -o.F00<:dnesd.,' e,' llthe residence of Capt. llaekett, 12 lles nol%h of Woodvilie, Mr. Whet- lle ,'Smit,h to Miss Bcsdie 8ear- ' rough Rev Garner ntlieJating. h happy young cc)uple have the st Wishesof t, hc Republican fur a  al)DY and prosperous life. have judL receiyed from a WALSH & WILSON, +I OONTItAOTOR8 OF b -- BIICK 9 CE;tlEIT -+ w o r K. Estimates Furnished ) o" *   *" " I atrona,e So,(.e(!. Leave Orders wi!h \\;Veltlin & lli('kc'y t)r l<m Brow li)... Barl er Shop, CtIOICEST Frnits, ()vsters, Nllt, ,ff all kul(ls, and Fresll'Fanlilv (h'o .if NOTI, 'E, ('eries. l{eeeives daily Fancy (:an m 1 hay( jnst receive(t and will keep i':)ll 1!ie !!7!s styX: ? e f:::: l (it) o "i enstantlyl ('(),:F1NSn lis/ndand t'ASKETS,a full Sul)ply : ' .a;,si. hp;site ll,lumlDanipr,  of all St, le. wliieh I will sell at roa- soiiah]e prires. Feb 12 !)8 ly. idence. TIleS. I{(0LAND. Aug 21. 1897-tf NOTICE. The public are hereby notified th< I-IaBtin" is prohildted on Ihe ;tlr gette. Elmwo,)d, !;ellevir and ((,c- don ['ianlatl-tlS. All [ornier per,nils are hvruhv r(,< yoked. (:It.kS. CgltEN, Nov. "20, 1807-LI Red- at a private residence yes(el.lay, Dee 18972m. S when , antenelh made Bal!y Fra- FOIl IH<NT. zler, Wile is l)aralized hi his left arm The %V. L. llays Place, ahout 205 and left, nse hottl of these Ineulberd acres, 6 ) a,.res ill onltiv'lth)n ; itliatotl of the /)o(ly, while iti the state of about 7 miles west of Woodvillo. hypnosis. It is hcll)cd that nlalil- Tie Caosar Giilesl)ie l'lac,,e, ahout ger March will play a reLurn date wiih >anteoelli. BETTER TIIAN COTTON. Montrose Plantation, Eeb. [. '98. EDITOR ,I EI'FEFbONIAN : I)ear Sir:--I have just finished kill- ingm thirdinstallnent of hogs. Ou the 17th of January I killed -25. on the ZSIb I killed 44 and Oil th; 31st 21 making90 head, besidesabont 20 Mississippi. I killcd hefore Chrishnas--makin<  We havehoughf the "Wavatt (7'el- total oflll) ,lndghig froni the d;ffer- !eges here and at Meri(lian. but have ent ones ] weiLrhe(] t{le 90 lle:i(] WOll]d average abont 175 ponl)ds oath. dressed, or F, 750 pol)nds of pork at 5e per p()nnd, $787.:)0. If asked what it costs Io raise this meat. 1 wonld say, inchldillg feed, trouble and worry, .q cents Dor pound, which wouh| n)ake ]77 50: bllt lhut would leavc a clear proiit of :ti5 00 lVhih; .-**********-,lle******++ ,tb 4-4-4, ? MOltE 1 USH. . MgRE ENTERPRINI. 280 acres {;I) acres ill eultivat{on. It "* * * IOB.E INFLUENCE. is st(sated abont 5 nlih:s IToui F,,rt  PROGRESSIVENESS. ,f, Adams. For 1)llrih;uhil'S apply to 4, MORE r ) " .t ,+ 1,1 WARI) AARON. Dec. 18. '97-tf ,  MORE BI)ECIAL FEATURES. , j .+ rOS)T[OXS (;U,00l00*N'rEtCl> $ TheTimes-Dem0crat, t: To (h'a(hiates oI lIaaris' Practical  NEW ORLEANS. L&, l{nsiness College, Seli,)ol of Shurt *4,* *** ''( ,, ] * MORE NEWS. * Ilan(1. [ ,leraphy, etc Jackson ' * *4,,) MORE INFORMATION, C]ose(l oni Iho ()lie at Merhlhin. ai,d t MORE ILLUSTRATIONS. ,r" , , stn(ients the' v ,ly prepared t) _)e best t)llSili('s, trabihlg to ho ha, I., ,v- ..MOR ADt'ERTlSEMEXTS. *t,. where. Catal,,Kue sent ,,li 'l)t`)]itt- g i tion. N, .l IIAHltiS, i * TIlE MOST "%VIDEIbY CIlli- * Preshleul, Jackson, Miss. I  CL=LATED N1F'%%'SPAPER $ Sept. , l, 1897-(f * * IN TIlE $OUT]I. *,, 'i FOR 'A1A. l *** Subscribe for It If you want*i 1, market, an clegent ]ilio n! we liaven't had Iirst-elss hog-killinK g(iodi and full line of weatlie, r (until this week), l lliii)k C. Schaefer. class brick fur sale t)y A. F. we were glad to meet 2 and eneregetie younff The hnue and lot in Vtroodville. the wav I have managed lilV meat ! Ollitl wostofthcpul)liesql,are known will save it all. I have takeli out or I as the tisa, ii ,'Rcoll lot adj,)ining lot exposed all the joints, and made t of Dr L Vv" MagTuder al)ply :o pielde pork ()lit, of most of it I have II S VAx EATON. lnatl( font ball( Ir of nice ' ; ' ' "'; " lard (three 11 20 1897 tf. of w]iich I will have N)r sale.) ['u)d pnt n 1) 1)early ()0 nice sugar-cured TIIESI)ASS N()TICE hams. which l will be la(1 to sell at alow price contparatiwly. All llnntin o,l Simrall :nd pliae- to keep up with current : .i,t.a. ew.nls at home and abroad. t, Dally and Sunday, per year.S1200 bk, ml-V,'eekly, per year ...... 1.00 I (Tuos(tay rind Friday.) i %,<1o. o.l,-. .. y..a. .... ZOO + * SAMI'LE (3OIIE FREE. * * * .,,E "t:* * 4*e New Orleanli, Ira, *,41, +** .,**++-**+,+++**++. +********,-****+ 'ad, Davis Cage, who wlts on his N(')w. it niav not be uninleresting fer places is siri(.tlv prohii)iLt, d u,idcr to PolntCnupee parish to take to tell how to raised all of these hogs, penalty vf Ihe htw. e of the plantations of Dr. as lhave, had on my hands at onet L.W. MAOII:DI,:R. tehel)r oll()ld River, Besides be- lisle inchldin sows an:l pigs con- 11 e20 (.)7 if. fl stder'tblv over,0 Ile,d [ have :t I rst rate manager, last ye tr be palllre }if abnnt 50 "cres illclo,ed ,. , : , ) a the course at, t.he Nashviile Bilsi- with n six barbed wire fence. It is I Id,Sl ASH NOTI()E. !:'llQOllelee ard is (omnet,el t in every about eqnallv divided between gi's- All hnnthlu or tre<41):tSSdli_O " Oli lhe l tolook after the t)usinoss ho is ]and and wo(,dhu)cl with a ,l)ri ig Artonish lai,d ili)th:r lent(, is ])ro- ELE('TL'I: IIEL'P I,'I.EI.L I)ran0h rtlnlliti cr fhr(,iltrh it Dl'lrin o; liibite(l linder fnl] pei)allv of the law. u wish hill( health and i  " " ' ' '  ladant success. . the sumuler I )e(1 thenl on)e corn Al)y slo('l.: r(qllahliiig ou the Ar(()llisil ' l)lillire, aller Fehrllarv 15th will be ' -.-o-- it wouldn't average one ear each per i . sb eit7 S aud Misses lackets al drv--an(I [ had al)()llt fw() acres Of chttrged [)q, sllir;tgo.-5()c per nlolith. 's SOl'71inl. froln wiieh I fed them as[ J, x4i (JILIAgSl)]E. of Pew,.,.. &,,. %d<b.,s> ', one( El.-ctri long as it lasted. I had .tu fco(I Ihoai 1 {5 1898 1).. - Ag -wry. p. O. liox 1S74. Nt, w t'Ol.k.N.Y. YOUR WATC CONTAIN 175 pieces, Drlt tocther in 2,40:1 disLinol ,,poralioli. The ro]h:, Jewel daily n]akes. 4a2,00a i)upaets arainst, the ovk or strikes il fully 157.680.000 hh)ws each year. The ba]ane(, wi)eel moves ]41---1)0 ltie, h wit,h each vibration OF 3.55,q 3-4 miles a year. "N()w. v()u wit1 i)olieve that, whih l}le ttcJh'al e iill h nl(?ehanism Fe(|lllre ()lily u, t,'l)t, li ()f ;i drop of oil tot a ,V e;I l"s. wf/rl(, [t becon)es n) itZh t 3 "!']fltSt'Y l,'()l- TIlAT LII'TLE (ilL. [ wi] (,2,'is.'e y)llr wa!eh the l)erleli: (it eiuhteen years experleliee at the ]owc>l prices consistent, with o()d Wt tl'k, ,lOS EPlf! SAIIPIIiE, The Jeweler, NOTICE TO TRES['ASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt or otherwise tresl)aSS on OlV l.nds kiio,'n as the t;ildatL tract, the Luberty tract an,I F{eel, tract, about 1 mile uorlh-east of Woodvih0 uuder l/enal',y of the law F. F. BEST. De(.'. 19, '9fl-tf TIC ESI'AS.'4 N()TIUE. Alt hnn'in on mv place is strietl orohibited und,,r pen:lily of Ihe law. Mrs E, W Jeer. 11 2O 97 if. 'l'l{,I'],< t>AS S N()TI(JE. lhlnting or olherwie trespain on the MeManns, Farish and ihwthlg (li'oen phteed is strictly prnhihited iin- der penalty ot the law. All [ornier periiliSSlOn s revoked. R. <%I. Me(IEllEI,I. J, I1. I'ENI)IETON. Sept.4, 189(i -if IIA]{D{IAHII AND I! Th,, allenlh,n of l)la!Het,e all(t -(hers is called 1o (ulr ,l()ck of IIar(lware and A,,_>'l'ieulttlrtil hnple- lnellls. ()f which we, lit aH ii),.les carry ill suflloiellt qtlalllJ(ios t(t suit lhe delliltll(ls ()1: our Irade. and at ])ri('vs :IS h)w :i they Call bt sohl. %Ve especially ('all your atLenl h)n to the ('haltan()oga Chilled Plow, for whh.h wo are the ('xelnsive aelils. Those plows art, ()f hill)roved (lesibll alid superior finish, made of seleel(',l II/;/[t'l'ia], :i)t(t e)lll)ine !liallY ol'J'gillal points of exe(,llencc not found iu -ther phlws.besi(tes tlm htst fealuius of (tthur h ruing chill,,dplows. W t'tml] I)elicve then to lie the bes! plow sold in the nmrket, havi'ig handledtheni for two seasons, and :is :in iuduceliient, we ()ffcl" lheln on condition that if the Plow is uns,lt isfa(;tory in atiy way, return sauio :l[ltl we will vhoeful]v REF.IN1) YOUR MONEY. We ai'o in position to at all liules quot0 you very low prices on S:ldtlle, Collars, Bridles, Whips ('arriages, Wag(ins, iarhed D, qre, Stoves and every thin.a" I)ert.tinhig to Sadttlery, llarness, ileavy iIard- ware, Vci/iclos nnd unplemonls. We esl)eetally solicit yollr trttde ill these lines, believing we will bc able to give you satisfaction, to .'lv the least. C. SCHAEFER. KANN. %VO()DVILLE, ..... " Ml$1i I)EALE1;: IN DtiUOS and ME00IOIREs 0HFMIC00t,00, Publio $ohool Books -'z%no lld rJLo3[lei Ax t:lLolo Stationery, l'ai.ters Su/:plics, Cu///ci'y )tz'nia,,f in2" 11{t/'dwa#'e, _/Ztm in,li,: Oi&, Ga,/'/t:// ,.',ce'r/ ,' c. -='Pllvslei:uls; pr.criDt oils caFet"tltIv Coil [()tlll(/i-l, alld oral(l"8 LOl'lect]y ig.hbv,e! t ck selected i , grat care andw;).rrallt,G a rcprc.sented. v, 8. 9 I. .--y. ,a --" - - = " -U. I I I _ F. A. McLAIx V 1 ). ; VENI.TI:.'.S McLAIN & VENTRE8S, A00t0ruyt00nl Coumlm WOODVII,LI> MISS. (_)flie0 in Me(h;hee bnih[ing. 00ERTIST, %V OODVILLE, Otlice at Schlesinge, Uouse April lg. '95 ly Do C, III{&MIASTTs W* F, {D i - Braml0tt & Tucker.', , ) ;' % O( DVILLE, MISS, Office in MGe.heo Building, Corn< ............................. ,,wr(.i,] Row DR. C. 8. HAMILTON, ............ J. II. JONES. WOODVILLE, MI SS. Ofti(.e above the Iepubliean Office. DR. CHAS. E CATCHINS VooDV,LI,E : : : : [ISS, Office in h(lalns l)rllg Store. July 14, "94 tf. DR,. L. W. MARUDER, Physician and Surgeon, %N OODVILLE, MISS, Office at residence. AFril 7, .88 l) DR C. C. CK083. Dental Burge(n, 'ff OODVILLE. MI,S'8. O[Ii('e tip stairs over the Postultiee. A. G. 8HANNON, WOODtlAE, MISS. \\;Vii1 praet/ee in alJ tttte aLld United 8lairs eoiirLs 1ll hl'3 ["Sl/ti.,t3 Real estate bonght and -lid on corn mission. Office on Cmmercial Row. H. S. VN EATON. Otlic l l) si, airs iu the Odd Feih,, Guiidhtg. 1)K. jOHN F, THEKREL, Physioian and S'argeon WOO [)VILLI, MISS. OltlcO on Man St. at hid,ic. St,ncl JOHR h, LOWFiY, 7 + _A RECI 0 R. FUNERAL "  " r A Full toek of Metalie and % o,)tt- .................................... el) Coflhis always on haiitl at Voud- ' TRADE MARKS, OPYRICHT$ &o. Anyone sending' a 8ketch and description may quiekly.seertain, free, whether au Invention i prebbly ptentablo. Communications strictly OOnlldontlilL Olde, sla agenoy for se(urint4" patcllot in America. WO llve a Washll)gton off. Patents ton tlfrotigh  & Co. rliolve lineal noti in the 801ENTIFIO AMERIOAN, boautifally illustrated, liirgot ctreu'.atioll el any scientllle Journal, weekly, terms $8.00 a.ycar. t LJll!ltX mOT),th Bpe-elllien cutples and tlA)Ill MUNN ]'re,llaSS N oli('e. All pers<)ns found hunliii, fishin or (therv, le Iresl)assing ()n ttw llur nalliV, o()d I)lantalhqi ab, I)l "I li!il,,- soutll of Wo<)dvilh: will t)e l)rose eult,d Io the fnl] extent (if the la`). A strietwatuh uill he kept (in sam( plauLation for tresl,as,ers. L %'. ,'f A, ;RI'I)ER CLo]era and Yc!lw are pt( , ,,,u,d bv il*Sl S. CUm,d00 DEAIER IN-- Family and leancy Groceries, Confeo tloneries. ()ysters. Tropical Fruit a,l kinds, 8ngar, (?()flee, Flour, Scampi Slareti. I{aishis, Nn)s ,f all kinds?" Canned Fruit and Vish, &e. Fine brand ellewing Tobacco. Fre,h Bread every day. .New sul: 7 plies arriving daitv. Marrh 21. Ig)6-v T I tESPA SS N OT[CI. .%11 |/liSting arid tre,passing on,t Ih'lrt,;tt, and l)anleron places is,stric ty - I)roh)bited. tinder penali.y of the law.. M ASON NOW DEN, ()et,. 9th '97.--tr. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting, iihil)g or otherwis : trespasi)lK on Glen lhir))le plantion is strictly prohibited nnder penttlty Of " the law. All toruier perniis,ions 1*o- voke(t. Gr:o. T. [C(JlgIIIE. % TIESPA SS NOTICE. Any person eau,-ht hunting, flsllin or othervise Ire:-l)assing on the Frasio . (7()]liliS ()l'()ltt Lewis places will b tlroseenled to {lie full exlent of lh aw. All forliler p(wlnission. rovok ed, F, 1). LEwis. d. 1[. S.I WD.J00d W, LL- tl c(_'eSsor to 'ii00E l00EST SEOII00 ,5outh-West Corner of Public S(tuaxo'= 1 have always on hand a sut erlol' article of TTTT t1gT VAnTETTER OF T)IE BE<T ]lltAN1), O UIGAIS. l)omestie and Imporh,:l. 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