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February 9, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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February 9, 1973

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i ,;? ,. Friday, February 9, 1973 The Woodville Republlcan, Woodville, Mississlppl MISSISSIPPI OUTLOOK by Paul Pittman Proceedings Of The Woodville Mayor & Board Of Aldermen December 5 1972 At the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Town of Woodville. Mis- sissipgi, begun and held in said Town a'L 7 p.m. there w,re rresent Mayor M. N. Lewis, A1- M=un,t!nl' legislative frustra-.building pr.ogram. "If they can ticn over the state's massive spend $503 million at NASA test hig.hway program 15romi,-:es to site in two years, why can't dermcn Cage Chi,holm. Th.mas make t!e issu2 of how rapidly they do the same for the high- M. Bryan and Joe M. Best. Fred- ,roadbuilding proceeds one of ways?" one state representative rick P. Cavin. Jr., Supt of Utili- t]'e hot potatoes during the re- complained, tie and Street Commissioner. mainder of th,e current session. Other legislators say they .get Richard T. Watson. Attorney On the face of it. this seems different stories from different and Franc,as Townsend. Clerk. Alderman Bryan made a me- Lion ,that the minutes be ap- proved as read. seconded by Al- derman Chisholm. voted upon and unanimously carried. a b.t iranic For. in addition to sources including ability to hire the 1309 million in roadbuilding enough enginers and apprais- bonds authorized in 'the admin- ors. packagirig of projects which istration of former John Bell most state contractors can't bid Williams. the 1972 session ap- on, and delays m purchasing proved another $600 million i,n right-of-way. (T L. James Con- bond, s to be to fund a struetion Co. of Ruston, La.. for system of modern four-lane instance, has gotten a large $539.21; Big Three Me- 99: Planters Hdw., Inc., same, i ter Repair. Inc., repair. $37.90; $10.52; Sou, th Central Bell, phone Communication Associates. Inc.. exp. $4.90: MoGehee Motor Pts.. radio contract. $5.63: Three Oaks supplies. $1.37; Beckham's Elec- Servic.e Station. gas. $39.57; Su- per SErvice SLation. same, $112. 92: F. R. B!ankenstein. supplies, 17.99: Public Employees' Re- tire:ncnt Symptom, retirement, $55,0.07: State Tax Commission. w'h.ld. $19.33; Commercial Bank, t:ria Service, repairs, $14.36; Wholesale Supply Co., Inc., sup- plies. $228.64; Central Utility Supply Co., same. $1(}7.55; Ca- pin's Welding Service, welding, 25.C0; Harper Foundry & a- ,hine Co.. supplies, $10.07; M & R Meer Service, repairs. $137. :me. $410.90: Grant Carter. Jr., 0; Communication Assooiates, salary, $117.89; Robert Clai- Inc., radio contract, $5.62; Three borne same, $146.95; Jack Cur- Oaks Service Station. gas, $39. lain. same. $52.14; Walter E. 58; Super Se,rvice Station, gas, Davis. $191.55: Robert etc.. $112.92; Franee.s Townsend, Fields, Jr., same, $118.52; James outside waer. $3'1.49; Clerk's A12erman Bryan made a mo- tion that $1.50.C0 be donated to Robert Carter Slan, same, $118. tl.e Woodville Public Library, 152: Lawrence Wells. Jr.. wages, Foreman, same. $195.59; Dave Lewis. Jr.. same, $132.02; Eula Mac Lilzarty, same. $13.54: Sid- ney B': Mealey, same, $1.65.21; Eft Porter. same, $117.8[}; Huey P. Robinson. same, $116.72; Rob- ert L. Skipper.'same, $194.00; Special Account. reimb., $33.01; General Fund, transfer, $190.58. The Clerk is charged with the f, cllowin%: Res. Gas, $4,219.20; Com. Gas. $1.6,2.67; Old Bill (Edith Sweeney), $6.39; Res. Water. $2.912.87: Com. Water. $67.44;. Res. Sewer, $168.24; C, om. Sewer, $64.73; Old Bill h.ighways linking all sections of icortion of rec,ent hig,hway work. $753:0[} to .be paid'no,w and $25.00 $130.75; t-Ierbe;vt E. Felter, same, (Edith Swceney), $14.97. the state. Only recently, a Texas .firm, per montt for one year, sec- $48.75; Jennings MoCurley, same. The following is a teport of What may have triggered the Dahlstrom Construction Co.. has ended by Alderman Best. voted $6.36; Prudential Insurance Co., Clerk's Special Ace.purist: Brought current unrest has little bear- gotten szme work in the state.) upon and unanimously carried, ins., 58.48: Mid Louis!.ana Gas forward: $324.97; Disbursements: ing on the :state's roadbuilding "We (the legislaturel will act Motion by Alderman Chis- .Co., gas: $5,825.43; Betty Lou Henry Lane, labor, flowers, $16. lcrogram. It has to do, instead, if the highway department needs i holm, see.tufted by Alderman Davis, refund dep., $10.00: Fran- 00; U. S. Postmaster, postage, w!th Interstate 1-10 and 1-110. I supplementary funds to hire[Bryan and unanimously car- cos Townsend, pay acct. dep. $.99.06; James Foreman, shoe re- lart of the federal interstate people or get relief from job ried that the bills in ,the amount (Walter Jones), $3.59; (Julius pair, police, $9.19; Total, $124.25. program which happens to run classification commission's pay lo f $11,742.13 be paid. Williams), $[}.23; (Gary Austin), Reimbursement: General Fund, along t.he Mississippi Gulf Coast. scales. I think we can ,get fa-.[ Motion by Alderman Bryan, S:fl.94: Gary Austin, refund dep., $58.2,1; Li,ght & Gas Fund, $33. The delegation of coast leg- potable action on this in a seconded by Alderman Chisholm $8.9,g; Clmks Special Account. {)2; CWW&SS Fund, $33.02; To- islat:rs, never noted ,for takin,4 hur,ry," another representative and unanimously carried that reimb., $3.31. tal, $124.25. matters affectin.g the Gulf said. Robert L. Skipper be employed Robert Clai- Coast lying down, have learned One highly-placed highway as a Policeman beginning Jan- General Fund: be,me, expenses, $37.50; James that while they expec,ted the highway to be completed by late 1974. the date under the present schedule is likely to be nearer 1979. has ben a factor in getting This knowledge triggered a the highway construction off meeting January 9 with the the ground. He added that some coast delega.tion in Gee. Bill Waller's office, along with high- way deparbment officials includ- ing the director, E. L. Boteler Jr. Following that meeting, Bote- ler .adVised the levernor that the project could probably be co.mpleted 13 months early if the legislature would advance department official who, for uary 15. 1973 art a salary of obvizus reasons, asked not to $5[}1.09 per month. be identified, conceded that a The following is a eport of .hortage of qualified personnel the light, gas & water collec- sectionalism among the three commissioners ,may have also played a part. "I personally think that elec- tion of comm:ssion,,rs from the state at large would make them more inte,rested in the entire state. I don't think, with the amount of money involved, they tions for th e mon;th of Decem- ber, 1972: Brought forward, $275. 40: Res. Gas, $2,556.27; Com. Gas. $1.763.8ff: Res. Wa,ter, $2.- 915.62; Com. Water. $638.77; Res. Sewer. $171.08: Com. Sewer, $64. 51: Outside Water. $31.04; Pen- alty, $104.47; Cut off & on, $12. 00; Sales tax, $323.06; Deposits, $225.03; Total, $8.677.82. Col- lected, $8.381.98: Delinquent: Lewis Allen g:10.80. Ira Dean :hould all be appointed by the Kc,eton $1.4. Jerry Forema'n. same, $50.90: John Dorscy, cont,aet work, $62.70; Woodville Public Library, contri- bution. $25.90; Mrs. E. M. Col- lens Est., rent dump, $5.00: Carl D'Aquilla, Jr., fire pay, $15.00; Gary D'Aquilla, same, $5.00; Howard L. Carter. same. $5.00; Sidney B. Mealey, same, $10.0[}; Mike Logan, same, $5.(X); Ed tIend, erson, same, $5.00; James Herrington, same, $5.0I); P Cavin, same, $15.0[}; Seven Day Etstributing Co., supplies, $19.90; C. M. Treppend:ahl & Sons. Inc., same. $33.05: Planters .Hdw., Inc., Davidson There being no further busi- ness to come before the meet- ing, upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board recessed until Dee,cmer 28, 1972 a 6 p.m. M. N. Lewis, Mayor December 28, 1972. At the Recess.eft Meeting of the Mayor .and Board ,of Alder- men of the Town of Woodville, Mississippi, begun and held in said Town at 7 p.m., there were )resent Mayor M N. Lewis. Al- dermen Cage Chi.holm, Hubert B..Curry, Joe M. Best, and Thomas M Bryan, and Richard T. Watson, A, ttorney. m CAPITOL COMMENTS by Rep. Tommy Walker I am glad to report that the teae,hers' pay kaise bill passed the House by an overwhelming majority of 1(]19-7, and there are many people proud to hear this news. Amendments were offered a.nd defeated o raise the pay of school bus crivers and lunch- rozm worker:s. T1]e bill was de- occurred in ] 968 when only some of the .teachers received t, he hll:." increase. Some observers of the debate. and recorcted vote have mde : s o m e interesting statemen:ts such as. "There seemed to be 109 politicians in the House an 7 States,men." Informed sources have indi- cated that several State .,Agen- cies will have less money on bated on the floor for more which o operate due o a cut 'than three hours .and was ahe of $5 million pltts in Federal Aid. only legislation considered ,by The State will probably have o. the House on February 1st. Ac- make up this deficit. The $89 cording .to pa.rt of this bill, million surplus may ,be short teachers in the first three cote- lived. , :2pries (AAA, AA anti A) may receive an average pay raise of $530 to $1,20,0 across the hree grades. Other categories were not even considered in this bill. Section 1, Paragraph (B) of the bill is quoted below: "(B) Suppe,rtive services. In addition to other funds allowed in this section, each scho:l dis- trict shall be allotted Six Hun- dred Dollars ($6ff.00) per teach- er unit for use in supportive services. The sum:s allotted may be used for the following pur- 30ES: "(1) Salaries of any of the following s c,h o o i personnel: teachers; librarians; guidance personnel; lunchroom penson- nel; school nurses: principals and assistant principals. "(2) Purchase. installation and maintenance of audi:visual materials, teaching supplies, textbooks, library books and supplies, .and other equipment used or usable in classroom in- struction. "(3) School building improve- m,.n,t and mamtenace of any kind including but not limited to ,heating, plumbing, air con- ditioning, electrical installa- tions and repairs. The Mississippi Education As- ..soelation had originally asked for a 5.5% raise. The Leglsla- Some interesting high lt.ght of the last weeks have been two Joint Sessions of the House Senate. The first one to report was the Joint Ses.sion called Dr. Larry G. Rohrman,. Pastor :' of the First Baptist Church of, Jackson, who has the dl'sUnc, lion of being the third Missis, sippian, in :histxry ,to h,ave been selected by he National Junior Chaznber of Commerce as one of the te outstand,lng men in America. We should all ,be p,roud to have such an upon a citizen of our.Sta, ether two Missssippi men ,pre- v,ously awarded tlis onor are Mr. Fred Adams and Dr. Avthu( Guyton. The .second Joint Session was, called for the Governor's d- dress to the House'and Senate . .reiterating some of his desires ii m connection with the highvay construction and cautioning the, members :of the 'Legislature o i be conservative in expenditures in light of the supposed $80 rail, lion surplus, but emphasizing the need for expenditures of $25 .i' million for tourlst informatio'  booths and attractions. Everyone is anxious and con- cerned ,over the ond.iti0n of Senator John Stennis and pray-' ors ae offered daily for his. well-being nd recovery. $7.235,00 in ,.state funds, o be repaid by existing federal road fund apportionments, scheduled, but not received (There was no federal hiqhway appropriation in the 1972 Congress.) This was little to the ulf Coas legislators who .ae .astute enough .to know that legislators from other toarts of the state are not likely to mit such a whopping sum. In s.hort, the issue raises sectional differences that have ,been muted for the ,past few years. Moreover. it opened a Pan- d,ra's Box of complaints about the projected state constructi,o. Gov. Waller jumped into the .act, making it clear that the delays were not his fault and calling 'for an appointive State Highway Commission. And various legislators, con- governor.." he added. In all fairness, there are many complexities in high.way fund- rag, many of them not cl, early understood by the aver'age leg- islator. Fz,r one thing, the act that authorized the $,90 million bond issue provides for a rev- enue type bond, with a gas tax that becomes effective July 1, 1973. A stipulation in the law is that 'the state have a one.-year ,history lr gas collec.tion after that date before any of those bonds may be offered for sale. "What it. really amounts to is that we may never issue all tooted by this column, indicate time-table. ,perhaps by as much they fee] they may be getting as 12 to 14 months. But. clearly, te run-around about the road- political considerations are in- volved. And with the state .in Want Ads better shape, financially, than same, $20.09; South Central Bell. $4.88, C. E. Emmons $5.88. L. C. phone expense, $75.07; Dickerson Brown $1.31, Rannie Davis $1.74, & Bowen. supplies, $67.50: Aero- Jos.eph Lee Dixon $1.70, Wiley iron, Inc.. repairs, $25.38; Me- Collins $2.34, Thomas L. Piazza Gehee Moor Parts, supplies, $.21.71. Annie Catherine Thomp-'$3.35: Beckham's Electric Sere.. son $5.87. Jim Teal $31.67. Albert repairs. $0.75: Seal Traetor Co., Havard $4.30. Willie James Ross Motion by Alderman Cunry, tare gave ,t2xem a 12% raise. seconded by Alderman Chisholm .nd unanimously carried that It is tl]e opinion of many ,the General Fund of the ,budget members that this may possibly for ,the fiscal year ending Sep- cause teachers in some areas to tember 30. 1973 be amended to be eliminated from .an actual include $43,300.00 received from raise. In addition to the above OLDEST LAND-GRANT COLLEGE FOE NEGROES T, he oldest land,-gzam college es, tablihed in the Soth same. ,T558.8: Dan's Auto Re- Revenue Sharing Funds and ills the bill also deletes the di- Negroesls.lconn A & N College, $20.51, Charles 5ackson $5.9{), pair, sme, $27.48; Wood's, sup- 'that this be added to expendi- reetive 'that ].eal school author- Lorman, Mis,ippi. F_m1 Mary Alice Green $33.24, Charles plie.s, $5.44; Lofton s Trim Shop, lures undc,r the heading of itles must pay their fair share filched in 1871, it was. uth, orlze Andrews $3.26. Fannie Lee Gavin repairs. $33.75; McComb Sta-:Streets and Structure, as fol- of this r.alse..Therefore, it is by the first legislature con, again conceivaole that teache,rs t,rolled by the Ne.roes and the $5.63, Ike Evans $26.74. Isiah :tionery Co.. machine maint., lows: may not eceive e fullbenefit newly rgani. Whl.e $1,0.67, Willie Le e Peter $75.03; Wooctville Republican,! (Here follow .copy of amended of this raise as tnlended ' by the poted by: th4 ,1 $1.85, Gloria Dean Myers $5.19, publis.h minutes, $34.,90; SW bud,get for the Town of Wood .... Houston ,Parker $3.82, Ernest Mtss. SPA, lights, $172.51; Leglville for fiscal year ending Sop- Legislature. A similar situation the U. S. :Army., Smith $13.93, Charles Edward Book Store, Inc., .books, $7.8 ; [tember 30, 1973, adding $42,3D0.00 " ' " " Buck $11.47, Joe M. Stutzman Southern Uniform Co., u.niforms, Revenue Sharing Fu,nds to  the $5.4.2. Leon Williams $1.91, Larry, $12.40: Communica,tion Associ- General Fund buff.tried under Box $;1.97, Alice Scott $4.42 , those bonds. We will. instead, be ope, on a partly cash lGeral d Bradley $5.97, Julius Wil- basis with funds from the newliams $6.23. Scoggins Welding & gasoline tax collections." one Machine Shop $2.75, Jimmie S. source in the department said. Harris $7.76, Edward Cag e $3.29. Again. cash advances from the Dec Turner Est. $5.95, L. J. legislature could step up the Harris $3.36. Evelyn Scott tore $.74, Walter Jones $,4.68; Total, '$8,677.82. Motion by Alderman Chis- holm, secomded by Alderman Best anti nanimously carried ales. Inc.. radio contract, $34.25; i expenditures headed Mainte- Egsie Harris, Jail board. $24.00; nance of Streets and Struc- Mrs. Ray W. Farrar, businessItures.) directory, $15.00: Handjis, Tur- There .being no further busi- pin & McGraw, audit, $705.00; I nes s to come before the meet- Jimmie's Auto Se,rvice repairs,ing, upon motion duly nade and $88.65; Kethings Co,, Inc., sup-., seconded, the meeting ad- pli,vs, .$51.60; Burrou,ghs Corp., ]ourned. same. $69.50; Three Oaks Service M.N. Lewis, Mayor Station. gas, $485,38; Super Sere- . ice Station, gas, etc., $983.47; TREMENDOUS SAVINGS Big Two-Day Sale! FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY February 9th & 10th Get QuicE Results! at any obher, time in history, that t.he Mayor be given au- this fact .has to be a commen- thority to execut e agreemen.t tory on something. SIMMENTAL BULL SALE Toesday, February 27- 12:30 p.m. KINTYRE FARM Gloster Miss. Selling 90 \\; SIMMENTAL BULLS 45 - 3 YEAR OLDS 30 - 2 YEAR OLDS 15 - YEARLINGS Most are out of High Quality Hereford and Angus Cows. Some are out of Brown Swiss and Holstein- Fresian. ALSO 8 PUREBJ00ED BROWN SWISS BULLS SELL Kintyre CATTLE CO. Gloster and Woo d00ille, Mississippi 1 Woodvill e Public Library, con-[ 'tribution. $750.00; Mrs. My.vtle Wisher. uniforms, $10.0[}; Corn- with Southwest Mississippi Op- me,rcial Bank, street improve- ipovtunlty, Inc., as follows: men,t bond interest. $2.433.50; ' (Here follows copy of agree- same. $776:50: Robert Claiborne, ' merit which .the Mayor was expenses, $37.59; James Fore: given authority to execute width SMO.) Light and Gas Fund: Grant Carter, Jr., salary, $117.80; Rob- ert Clai,borne, same, $146.95; Walter E. Devls, Jr., same, $191. 55; Robert (Fields, Jr., same, $118.52; J.ames Foreman, same, $195.59; Eula Mae Liberty, same, $13.54; Ed Porter, same, $117.80; Huey P. Robinson, same, $116.72; Robert L. Skipper, same, $195.00; Robert Carter Slan, same, $118. 52; Jennings MCurley waes, $104.28; Herbert, E. Feltsr, s,ame, $48.75; Jack .Curtain, salary, $52. C/9; Dave Lewis, Jr., same. $132. 02; Lawrence Wells, Jr., wages, $130.75.; Sictney B. Mealey, san cry, $165.21; Frances Townsend, pay acct. dep. (Leon Webb), $7. 50; Joe M. Best, salary, $39.75; Thomas M. Bryan, sme, $39?/5; Cage Ohis.holm. same, $5.97; Fredrick P. Cavln, Jr., same, $624.35: Hubert B. Curry, same, $5.97; M. N. Lewis. same, $278.50; Fred C. McCarstle, Sr., same, $40.35; Willie Scott McCarsble, same, $260.14; Chas. T. Netter- v file, same, $75.84; Frances Townsenft. same, $30.46; Rich- ard T. Watson, same, $135.45; Frances Townsend, pay cet. dep. (Mrs. W. A. Waddell), $5. OO; J. H. Lambdln, engineering fees, $273.90; same, $57.80; James R. Williams, supplies, $277.85; J. H. Lambdin, con- sultant fee, $23.48; C. M. Trep- pendahl & Sons, .supplies, $17.21; , Planters Hdw., Inc,, same, $15.40; South Central ell, phone ex- CALL FOR DETAILS: pense, $4.90; McGehe e Motor E. M. Kee, Jr., Ph. 888-6408 John C. Hewes, Ph. 888-3941 Parts, su,pplies, $9.79; John H. Coiville C. Jackson, Ph. 225-7780 Carter Co., Inc., same, $362.66; Wlalesale Supply Co., Inc., same, Se $86.29; Miss. Pewer & Light, 85 Head Ready..For Immediate rvice $1008: survey leak survey, man, same, $50:00; John Donsey, contract work. $61.05; .same, $33. (]0; Clerk's Special Account, reimb., $33.02: Grant Carter, Jr., contract work. $49.50. ombined Water Works and Sewer Systen Fund': CWW&SS Bond Retirement & Reserve Fd., transfer, $250.00; J. H. Lambdi,n, engineering fee, $431.25; same, $'862.50; Sewen Day Distributing Co., supplies. $4.20; James R. Williams, same, $21.78; C. M. Treppend, ahl & Sons, same, $10. PERHAPS YOU CANNOT ENTIRELY PREVENT FIRES, BUT YOU CAN KEEP FROM SUFFERING A SERIOUS LOSS WITH COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE. ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street Closter, Miss. \\; Glenburme Reslaurant Highway 61 Bypass Phone888-9951 Entire Stock of. Men's and Young Men's I SUITS Knits Included Price Entire Stock of SPORT COATS at Cost and Below Entire Stock of Men's SLACKS Knits Included Price Entire Stock Long Sleeve SHIRTS Price Entire Stock of FELTHATS Price SPECIAL GROUP of SUITS Values to $95 -- Only $29,88 THE