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February 5, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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February 5, 1898

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Saturday, February 5. .J. . LEWIS, ldlfar nnd l)nprletor. I&apos;0 AD VERTISEII. TIlE ,VoH;VI:.LE ]{EPUBL]CAN is he ellen{ mws!,.por hi the 9'ate: has a 1.rer l>o.a rid, ir,daion than nnv .tl,e nr, ws, p.lpr in lilts see(ha thoro%r+ "' i tiv0000is00s lap in IhL M MEETI N|+. A. tr +ir+ +,tili-4 +h.t the, r+,ffnl+,r l+,,.+dihff +,f lhe Chat,for will fal+c l++nr,++ ,t the L,,]+,++ v,,,n+ Tm,m, hn +++I++n 131:+x| psi   t, . el,,'k, ! I P+fflt{ tll+ll+l/ are l't,(ttlecd tutt, ttrelll pronq t]y. J F THFIET. Ihe b++nale, the bill was referrc(I re the governor to know if he had submittal this subject for legisla- tion. lie replied m the negative ayingthat its passage "would result iu elan rebellion among the women of the stae." The women of Uhe State who are nut interested in the present regime at the Iotitule undoubtedly wouhl fax,w h just anti raise reforms pro- pt, sed. l'he only thing that remains is for he legislature to defeat the appro- :rition fur the College. As con- legislators they will be t;-mlJelled to rids course, tlnless the report of the Investigating Commit- tee is entirely discredited. Iu the House a bill has beem introduced giving justices of the peace the same power as grand Juries iu sulnmonlnt before them wituesses under oath to try the 1arty at once without waiting for action of grand jury. The Sun(hly train law will be defeated of course though its advocates are sufficient to make a little stir about it,. A bill hlts been introduced to tax vinous and malt liquors brought into the State, except to licensed saloon keepers, fifty and twenty-five cents respectively per gallon. The proposed law would produce a good deal of revenue and would be a good law, we TUTE AND COLLEC}E hits |eell pretty t horouhly inve*tiated by the lezMative joiut committee no one will doubt who reads the e(tmmhtee r(qmrt. It is cOlnl)re- henmve an:l bears evidence of painstaking mvestigati,n an,I is withall very suggestive. It cen- sures no one, but tile reforms urged constitute one of the sever- est criticisms, readiug between the llue., up(,n the f, culty and think, in every respect. ::'ht:Tl's;tffl, t'f lll, l:e :':l:'ge t lie t T"e Cx bill prvidmg fr uni" . " . +d rt fully fornltext books in the public Justilies the niost adverse criti- sehools has passed the IIouse and ism that the tlress has made should pass the Senate. or] agaffist that lnsitltitin, l several rmsons it wouhl prove an I or ao tt:e Trustees go un-adtnirable law. ] scathed, as appears froln the Tel- ---,-o-,- [ trustees of luetnhers Of the facul- n ary llth. / '/'he leg&lati;j,m,nitl ee wllieh investigated the yellow| fever of last year on "the coast ty, no trusleeshall vote for any prson as a nl(:lnl er of the facul- i;y who +hall be con(looted either ty eonsanguinity or affinity with nlember of the Board of tchooi, And that some distrac- tion is now made against the girl who takes the industrial course, that is to say against the poorer girl, el.we why the followtng re- lation ? mtees." and the Ship Island quarantine, Whether this iudlrect charge has made an interesting report. of nepotism hits the present or a The conunittee finds no fault )revious Buard of Trustees we with the location or management unable to suy. of that station hut recommends It i evident from the report that incolnlng vessels be hoarded that the Institute has almost lost hy a guard and that a guard be its "industrial" feature, the main dept constantly on each ship. It reason for its creutioil, and is finds that the fever was brought ,operated primarily as an academic to Ocean Springs iu April or May last by persons retnrning from (}uatelnala by way of New Or- leans. The members of the State Board of Health are highly complimented, especially those COTTON CROI'S AND PRICES. In ronnd numbers tim ere I) nf 1893 was 7,550,000 hales. That of 1894, 9,900,000 bales. 1895, 7,157,000 bales. 1896 8,757,000 bale++. Tim crop of 1897 up t.o date is abot,t 640.C00 bales ahead of 1894-5. In these, 500 pound bals are meant. Thecrop of 1893 brought $293.- 000,000. 1894, $289.000.000. 1895 $292,234,000. 1896, $327.548,000. It will be seen that :the 7,550,000 crop of '93 brought four millions dollars more than the 9,900,000 erol; of '94. Also, that the 7.157,060 crop of '95 sohl for over three mil- lion dollars more than the big crup of '94. l'he average price received for tim crop of '93 wa 7 69 teals per pound For '94. 579 cents. For '95, 8.09 ; for '96. 7.42 cents. "l'he average price for the last crop, 1897. cannot be given as pro- bably 20 per cent of the crop ltas nntbeen marketed. But for some time tbe nominal price lot N. O., middling has been ,5 25 and there IS every reason lo suppose that the price will go lower. It appears Ihat tim average price per pound for the last crop must be less than for any crop since 'the war, and that the (eslimated) eleven millions of bales produced will bring less than th 8,957,000 crop of 1896. These facts furnish such plain and ample food f<,r thought to the individual cotton producer that comment wonld be a waste of time. If they" do not furnish to the indi- vidual sufficient inducement for reduction of cotton area by planting someofthe cott3n land in otller crops, nothing will, tt, at is certain. The real dflitulty in the way is "getting these facts before all of the cotton producers." In the present disorganized eondltiou of the cotton growersof the South this cannot be done. Ilthe cotton crop is short they umtertand tile cause well enough, hut if/he price IS short--in recent years they have been taught to ignore tim greatest cause--over, production dust now the fact that tile law of supply and demand governs tile price seems to be gener- ally accepted. Butlt may be in the power of a lot, of ,,trice seeking politicians next year again to per- suade the people flint that universal law does not govern the price, as was done three years ago in this State. The d;version o(the public mind in the cot:on states from tim main cause of low priced cotton must help to render futile all Intelligent effort LEON # I SCIt WARTZ. Edwara Mc00eliee [allege. WOODVILLE MISS, C I/.NEYLA_ND SCHWARTZ & NET[AN Main Street, WOCDVILLE,'M :!lie+ (orIi nmnon, rincipal. Will Open its 86th Annual Session September 1st, Thoroughly equipped for work in MU$IC, ELOCUTION, ENGLI3H BRANCHES, THE LANGUAGES, ETC., ETC. i''The course of study ba been revised, miandard of Scholar- shtD raised and Elude,garden l)el)ar,ment, added. 'eael era will be Spec|alists. The h;tndsome new buildings ] ,,ze I)een thoroughly refurnlMled audmadu lomelike. New OakFm- ll[ture for g|rl' roolllS. Ilew S1,l,|ngs , 13eW llltP('SSeS, t|II sets, 3:;;e 'q,;e,:iTL:ll h<, e,,,,s,a,,, ly so ,,,l , d wl., a,, ,,,,,,,, ; ,+ ".' le arm well llrepared food. No effort wiU l)e spared to n]al<e this tile leading College for girls Ill this section of the South. Write for Catalogue and Term.q. Jackson, Mms., Feb., 2, 1898. REPUBLICAN :--In eomlAiance with your reqne+t Igtveyou a few dots as to matters and things legislative. Tile daily reports of the proceedings in the papers give you all the iufor- mationyou need as to what the Legislature is doing so I will rather confine myself to what it is not tie- ing. It is not certain that it will no! be given an opportunity to tacks] the Capitol qliestion, and, m my judgement, the Governor has acted iselyln act submitting the matter to the Legislature. The members are not atall agree(] on the various qupstions of site, style and cost,, and a veritable p(>ntloras box'of wrang- ling would have been opened add the session indefinitely prolonged, and p,obably no conclusion rcacbed. "/'his is the special session devoted to fnance, or ralher Intended to legislate on the financial problems of tlteState, but up to date very little has been done m that line. Un- fortuuately tile Constitution permits the Governor to suhmlt any suhjeet of legislation tu the Legislature by speclalmessage, aud the result s tl,at he has been importuned Into permitting a lot of local matters to be considered, and this has resuhed in the neglect of the necessary l%;is- lation for which the Le.islature is assembled. Of course the session nlust be extended and the Legisla- ture has requesled the Governor tr, o Sinee /he Quaran/ine res/ric[irs aroznd our touw have Deen raised we have been daily reeeivin6 fresh floods of aZ1 ltinds and oer store i8 now replete w/tA best staple and aney #'roeeres, dry _oods, ere, to De fbztnd. Bay Ridge, Miss , Feb. 1st, 1898. 0APT. J, S. Lwrs, Dear Si,:--The longspell of wet aud ra:p)- weather an[| nlonotouy of the winterseaon br,ghtened np, all of a su:hlen, by the first sun shin- day for weeks, and once more re- Ive(Ithesociai features for which Donegal, "used to be" famot, s. The even of the season was the marriage ,,f Mr J.F. Legfftrt of Copiah. Co. Miss. to Miss A. B. Oden. of t)gdcn P O. M,ss The -tlh:iating ]party bemg Hen JudgeJ P. tVoln. ack, who in his us,al dignified man- ner ic<)UOllnced Ihe happy twain. husband and wile. The affair was very private only a few intnnate frieudsbeing present. The bride in lie, modesl .ppearamn,, acempanied by her manly and dignified better halt, entered tile spacious parlor of her brother, Mr. G. Ogden. hile the wedding march of Mendelsolln N , ew goods arriving-daily. I ha ,r purchased a large stock of Dry Cloth/ng, Notions, tlousekeep/ng ticles, IIats Shoes &c. in/gew Yo all of wh/ch I propose to sell at so low that it will be to Your inte to examine my stock. Special ducements to large buyers. PEETR MOLLER extend it to the llth of Feb., which he llas(Ione. I heard a number, the other day, give as a reason for giving tile preference to local legis- lation over general, that if they linished the Sta'e's business first the Governor would not prolong the ses- stin on account of private bills, bu! if they got these through he wouhl b< compelled to extend the term in lhe announeedtheir appearance. After the ceremony was performed, the ' FICHTS few guests who witnessed the oeca  "" sion, partook era bountiful droner, . DLea,e wfth mod/cinm If th med/clne is not right be cannot cpnquer disease. If the drug- gist does his duty the utedi< ine will ber/ght, and yonr,h,,tor will stand It good chance of winning he v/ctory. You can hell) your doctor bv Laving your prescriptions fllleci here,  AR6UE,S PHARMACy, ; (-Eo. W. IEALy. Manaor. wbic.h was equal tea repast befilting a queen. The event would have bucn m,re extensively atteuded but the unfit condition of the public roads was Lhe cause for '+he disap. pointment. Respectfully, U-No. -'1 qll, ll-- The Kentucky t,egislature has call. ed upon S, nator Lmdsay to reslgn. Asin,ilar motion was made in the New York Assembly with referenct. toSenator Murphy Tbese teapol tempests arise from a differencesol opinion on the currency question be- tween the SenaLors and the members of the leg]slatt, res II Is safe Lo say Lllat neither the slumbers nor the plates of the Senators will be dis- turbed thereby. MU2H COTTON STILL UNPICK- El). The Vicks!ur IIerald of 30th ult., says: "In spite(,f weather asbeauhi- fulascJuld be provided by the ele- tuents, the number of farmers visiting Vicksburg yesterday was less than to secure some pniformlty of a,tiou Interest of )ubhc business occupied on the coast. V'aluable amen st cotton [ . " "' 4' Your cotn ,t} it tee would fur- amendments to the ,)resent .uar- a-ti^-;,, ;-- .grers Such exeullent  ..... ,.,., .^. Aver 3 was expect+ed (,t, so pro,iti(,us + ,.., ' .............. a',l ,,,+, ]er (Jflnltl++t+l,+l i |+,+I + II + ha 4  . "+I '+ VLJ Will Cllllle, , II It ever floes ......... u,+u .v+ a very rl., ,ph. ++ " ... m .,+,,- - ,, + - entr wilio . " + i + re ...... :'-":, L ,,,+ .,, +,,, ,u- antlne law are ur e -- - , . .. . . . , u.r__,. +,,e,e .ere some wagons ' "" " V" u_ b:35 l,m tare no discrnnmation in . g.d that regu from precenct and county or aniza patrlotm one. Legislative sessions h.ned up on Washmgton street an ,, ,, ,, ,, . ,  ]ek%,v.g l+l .... . the lations with refereuc . . , g . , + Lne peole who cam ' . d _ _ amw.. Mm)llls 1 ... v-- matter of admlsmon to . e to travel, ltnnsanlltcan be secnred In n cost the Stae about $1000 er de, _P- . e,nspen money o o.r, ..... '- "'_'---,pn,s 7:10am + the " " ' ' ' " ( ' [ ). freely era,ugh but wasningtnn stree N,. ,.,. u uy raln l-e;wes Vi Ib-u. dormitory be made between thoae fumigation and qaarantineshouhl )ther wav Information that wo,I I and so the tax-pavers nay dearlx was a lnng way from h.+ ......... ;.. t ....... a,;---- "  sb wg. ----- . ' , ' " - .... a .' .,  ...... e.,  VttuaDt "tvt,m 0W  * ptlpds who snuply desire to bur- oe uniform throughout the State , govern Ihe aver,v-e me- ;- a ........ for purely 13cal le,, slation wl ..... Msdwav Phtisance. The peonle c(m e y...?ans _ .5:80 pm * / "  , u Ill IIWbl'llllll ,," - i%.ii 41, i ' " " " J .I. llltll ItSVO.S ( ,. l$tle 1111 Industl.lal sours ' ng ;rom tile counl,r re-or ' ,, ,, ,, ,, . N oaus -+-+/++-j .-- -.t. ....... ea, ndthse the report conchldes; "wel Ing the amount of land he should forr;es an extension of asess on wlth(utexcenll .... whY ,:lp t.. alnl(]st arrlvosVieksbnrg. 8:l,Sanl wttu t,elt'e, tO pursue notti an think the s . " -i , , , r :.,-: ,,,,au upe quauult, y ' "" ., 5:,551,1R ' industrial and academi, ,,. ,.,4i ..... : ........ .tate board shouhl !e Iplant in cotton, as well as the quaa-j rhe provision ia the Constitution +(.Lt;l-t).,elt'a'nlng,.,unplcked Is un. r,, 7 ..... Tram runs daily exce-t St, e.l,. _:_._ ,, .......... u- +u|++t*lll In (rile mauor ot DerUilt-ltlt.. .... +i ............. I ..... ., . . _ .. se-++uueui, iy large. IFlJs is flue in a ---, -.++.,eaves WoodvilIe - ++ ..... a, " Iliilll.t (OtlISV " '+J' .,,t u+l+ei Uro,"s, cannot De (1IS 71allLIn UilS o%%er to the reaL meaml r ,, t, I - :ting "ersons and thin s to / ' ' -] g P ' Governor i "1 , '1 k e to the bad wea+her eaves B'ayon Sara 9 am+ r' g pass setnfnated so as to Jrodu I was a ver rae in we< n prevailed for o lon, and " " art, yes S1 i ]1 1 To correct lhe present state of through and beyond any county / 1 ce he de-I ' Y g ' " istake. I do n >t i s(,m cx'eV', ...... < , ' to "" " arrives Rlau'hter _ : 0 a,i , ' " " .,,., ,41 ellO/'!rl(lllS r "&T ,aa , --_ mred ac eage re No + ]2 90 affairs it is recommended tht ] or town. So long as the rerula- | result exceptn g by means of ]censure the Governor for its exeroise] auctinn, Tim nr'- .:-,,,e ,- -" P -1 . 22 leav,, linl.fer -- z: pm  -+ **v . . ' -+ " .. , . - - " u,,<te ..... une ASUle " " ,, ' " the Pre.ident of the Institule he lion with refereiice to refection t ''me such,organlzatinns. Necessity th'r ,t would be difficult to escape the PrPe,'E" netr this city, is quoted as .... arriwB/n ,q.rla al O pm -ranted enlar<,-, .............  .... 1 ann travel, and the eom|itions/and five eent teflon will nroduee a/hnportunitlea of members ,,.t ,.,= to'; 7','' -re +00 as'res of cot,- I ......... ,o, vvme f:'2 ,,me ' " " s-', IJwll' /IV 111e i ,,r,.,..,,I.:. k +l ..... .'l__ + i - / , --,, u,. / ' ,. vt, p+h[lbahlon In wnlcn t, hlrg I m. -- tt'l ) ,--- I , u t#[l IYLIIC tt LIIU 1"allroacJs + .+ , " " -- ...... .Le ' " -- " + I "+II 2rustees; that he i,e allt! ..... ;,,,,A I,,,,,,,+A ..... : .... Inay h<: |Lml,orary decrease m eotton acre, +predece.-sor pursued the same course / has never been a sack." [ "/Ir'-w. .. ue onl) Line r+lnrtll,a, qn'; + .... " ...... ..,ut, --i.-..t vay W|[[I COUlItle+ ttnl .... ' At . ,,,,[el,,,V,,ll,,,,ll,l ' - Irn,1: h+-,,tmr I , + .... , , , . _ _ | ................ |age. A permanent p(,hev of home [besides It IS a legitimate ,. . ong the river tn Louisiana as well 't'Ll-1]l db]LC1. to ei,+c each memoer of theiu,,wos tnrouttn Wlltcn they n,.l, . . _ t _ exercise olto ; ........... [ Ca ..... ; ........... Te'D-'t..... +, " .'+ . .- ,'-"+, raisefl su >lies all ' , a ' , , --m u I tel+ ..abo tnere was rnueh cot- . +.a-- ,-+,eg+int .L+nlhllan Bufrt -  - .- .+-- .+,-z+; j$ +ac.ulty and have power to dis-IItlsIInp sslblet malntatu auy| . .pl drestrlcted cotton| eonsU+Utlonal power. Itonlntbefiel+ou February ,st Al+urlngPass+"ger+a+peed+and+omfo !e'e-'pn'g Oars m bothdireetions, tl .**k .............. :, .... . . _ +COUllnerco during, a I)latrue [proflucLion musL be grounded, not / There are ......  -'---, . / ...... ,+ ....... +" a / or J.+ates, +t,,+Ds +t ....... u,tule journoy. - ,.,a, a,, ,,t u, meuioers--t)otll| t.., +!. .... " to . .- .. I..___ , ..... . . . , ! .... -=, jul,ges anti/"'-a,ame smre(,ranairs truly. And | ,, .1-,  L!>.-P,Y- e "a-geatsorad "r.;s x.,,,, ult ysteUl 01" lliSpectlon uvuu naru l.llnes anfl a een cotton chancellors to be n the fact th, a ouu.t'r, s subject t,, the anD,oval of t|le-- a -:. '" .... [i . . ; ' ,l' ' ominated a tbis .'+, , "it the labor available ...... -Pit Die. Pass'r Agt, Board (if Truste./S: That het(rougSt[;Usntetllean37[tlamlUuuponnw=geandreasu" Isessi"'butnlynenmi"ationhas eulflntbeinduccdtpikthe ct-/ M xs. 1.sss. ahall have )lenary )owe state authorities have full  --+ been made thus far, and so we still ton ou is a sufficient commentary . 1 1 .r overl .... power [ fir John 8. Hutchinson - -n .... / .... upon tbe laoo;.srstem. I  - .... = theeuiph,yees not members ofltP, errata, undersuch restrictions[f ....... ,,..: ....... ' "  .... [enjoy the presence ot aspirants andl 'L-:=, / -- -- ..... "--. ........... o+ o+., ,o,.+ ,.o+ ,.++ ,,o BENEDit00 + lhowfe;eulltY. That he shall havel;3htoYnitl:/GlugIi' e ts;;l Ipal,oa parish, was assassinated on I Neiiher the judge .or the ella::::;;t;l "Shandy-I+ve, eo(Plred rented 36 1 A T T p arrange courses oflth/sauthorit,,tobe -a__= " JSaturday nlgllt He lie ha a _/. . . " /acres oflandfromEsa W  r:.,. / II Ill  II II =ti,tlt, *qv t.k, I.. .... t . | ...... J t;u[111etl ell- ], . u ,,t, ltrom our oistricts will be nominated/ev of this co ........ 2" % y,u,,- ! . .... , ........ aours r,,r Classltirely re the passage of nersons I ga(wa e,emies but was shot in the iti,is term as their t "" /ac;o lie bo,'21 ast year, at fi per | LAUFACTURER, REPAtRER AND DEALtt R I ) + (i ,, - . - . r ' -- i erm Will exnire .   W'O mules anfl a w(rk f r each teacher, etc |anti article through ioeat auar-lhead on his own c, allerv It ...... ,. / ., . " |wagon at zzo .......... q'!  -- + aut' w" I  d" WUtllU more tllan niae monies fro . =. ,  cow an(i ealI at' = It is reeommeaded "that no t-s;= iuas lthout the to lodge t seem that a viei,,us or a ver,, eow+l ....... m l!t00supp00vu, a,nonntedtotl,00]]qqflff00 I!flP0000 l?nPm li/armn00 ]nnnnn uose ersons or arti lic sentima + . .siou. ,z)v tie has paid fromhisthirty-six/tLIIllLL Ui UilItU 1.'ill "|| On+ lint a man should be presi..tie Palnst th- --"' 17 at anylardls puu nt must exist in I ....... laere crop, all hi+ illdet)tet ,. , _ , m U Uiii) IllU .+ . , . S u wlll OI lll+e &U- , I uo not receive t . Iness ('22.+0 -- g t Uj nt of the mstltution.." An-t ['lonties of that t,'qac",. [that parish, or JUgtlee would over ]. ..... ae Kel)unllcan |Ill all) llas two bah.s of cottou Oil t "its=.+ : ........ I.+ t ...... '| Itake me of t* . ": out i notice tlom otiier papers that [hamt, wi!! eight uiore, to R'il' and 200 ,,,44Lr , . +...,,+.,o,<.,.o we,, <o+o+, ._. , ...... . ......... ,,oo.; .... I + ol$trtlct tlqe faculty as to ' tlound ia that ra ion Th" , , .......... hi)prove [ne resolUtion su(h a resu  ....; +.,u. that ' , have| I he Legi,lature seems to be mak Itl -  ts sect,on [ as to an el=c .......... [ . . It was postble at the rub I dent for the Celebrated OWE 8 0 e men upon it and to see that ] in ............. "tofcountryishiJttediathe e,.,s ^,/ . e uveju(Jlelarytooe Suo l+lgpri,'esofcotton during the ast -- -" Which are univers .. N B0R WAGON8 ; K = uouie eort tO run the , j, u, se  P all.) acknowled ed to be proper proportion of men -P,, Ii Stat( [ .................. [mitred to the votels of the State |)--t : as m is quite revolntionarr an a / g i - -- n) means oJ revenue dertv .u...gra o i, oy tneae trequeta! and '  gratifying as well of ' " ttalltilnesehgagednDon it am?It r" " ed freelY' ..... [canse of the r-revision ..... :---I I. "'i . , previous thee- TheB0stand LIGHTEST . +:i. I"- : ........ i ,. "i'"l'lie Privile- "," ........... I tinpunt.llea aaa moat eowarlllv kiud 1 ..... r ru-,.,-gl.rtes of cotton growiug. Aud art / RUNNING WAGON Made. ;;,,,,_ ,-+m,+s or the COllege, I . . gt: tax . lue mn has l,.e .... Ae,,, " |juflges to ne elected by the whol, ling to general informatl ...... ffl d" / ,i v ......... P ....... > , +t?tt+tn:.tiJ:lecpr;:eleaCatlon in I;; t ,:e;n p ul,hshed hut thele was I +' -- o-- Ist.+. This provision was ,use,ted I ,lot bee, n,,oom;+r&n I gen tot v;ty ;61hE, ll, t)A !i "rod S[ E I'!D IN G OAJ{T, wlfip l" +' SOOn aS I g s or It before the enate -- -- e v )' : wneapeottouseems| a't grea+ lave,Ires amen . practicable ' I Prett- near' " IImPORTAT TO THE 8OUTH I b cause ot an appreheaslOn that[io shmulate t.,rfft and industr A _ g Horsemen Amost wisesu+-eslion h,'- IState e=e:i,t,n every" man in the| EIINSTATES. -Isomeaay or somehow the negroeslpeeesrtaqtrtm p,a,,ter ' !s authority forl +"" +omm,ttee, whlch++wmouhl pr::;+d,,nbt.nli t, ,,hn2:iit,hsan?'tl::/Va+a+ottTin'sengan" a1"--Se"atrl,gl''n.atee?r+a'nd's'r'ets "k" .... +_ ....... t ..... 1," -' " L . te committee onl whites otsue, flist.rieis wouhl belthe lareDronortionoftl ...... "-- .... / "i+ I iJib ,d..- |1. _]'l')")-'lriT. real help to worKIug girls, is that Inlll, "" as the Legislat,ws say, io tliel health, toaay mane a report on the Inr-t ..... a ,, ,t. ........... ;:**. Ipieked=be'lon,s +.. /d/"7..,YY v Y": 1 -- --, "" "IV .... ) of a]lowin ' wa , of ha " - oill providing lot' the ereatL,n Of a e ......... j ,, vuera o the tate that ver he ' ....... floor.. An(i . g la future an elective  ring to pay some sort of a de a )f at lar e y u, favorable to plckin lti The most extenmve Manufacturers of Iron Fuomtr in the Crated 8retell ] ' I. " . . 13p rtnlent ( public health Tbat I Ie, rh apprehension is t beino- ,ilI++.,l " g" / " .o ' '" course of study, and ivin certi " ax unuer It+ rport is adverse t " - = .......... , + . + - , g g " fi" 1 o-4o.+.---_ I;:,d it re-,, ---st: .,menus'" oasthea s,,osututePr'qpsifmnl I grundless' and the plan grotesque / It'" IS "'rear" rn," :' =--: / l art,,'ular atte ntlon ptd o re-eoverillg <rod riggn" |g eate or rotieiene or di t tte " "  ' Ire,eat t , " P ,3 plomas .... 11 for the eulr ............ 7__ . 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