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February 2, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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February 2, 1973

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Page 2 TheWoo dvilleRepublican Published every Friday by The Woodville Republican, Box 696, Woodville, Miss. 39669 John S. Lewis, Owner & Editor Subscription Rates: One year, $4.00; 6 mos., $2.25; 3 mos., $1.25. Payable in advance. Second Class postage paid at Woodville, Miss. 39669. W. O. C. MORNING CIRCLE MEETS TUESDAY ,IVrs. Annie Sims will host the Mornin:g Circle of the Women of the Methodist Church at Hotel Wilkinson on Tuesday morning, February 6, at 9:30. Mrs. Julia Mac Wright will present the program based on the World Day of P, rayer, and Mrs. Nannie As.h, president, ,urges. a full membership attendance. The Woody;lie Republican, Wood00ille, M;ss;ssipp| -::-: ......... -: .................. ----- ........ ---: CAPITOL COMMENTS ! ]' ........................... 'i' Centreville News (Too laLe for last week, ' M"ISs;;I'--"--'OU/LO--O--K"--M I byPaulPittman l At no time in recent years better as thne goes along, bu.t t The Rev. and Mrs. Robert M.J McGehee had as t,heir weekend house guests his son and daugh- ter-in-law, ,the Rev. and Mrs. Vernon McGehee, and son, John, of Panama City, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Harris Jones at- tended funeral e:rvices for Mr. I J. Luther Dunaway, Sr., Sunday' afternoon from Trinity Baptist Church in Baton Rouge. Judge and Mrs. Mike Carr of Brookhaven visited in the home of her mother, Mrs. R. J. Field, and with other Gentreville rela- tives over the weekend. Mrs. R. E. Fortenberry, Jr., and s or, Rodney, of Columbia spent Friday night and Satu'r- I day with .hr, Mr. and l Mrs. J. M. McCraine. Family mem,bers visiting in the home of Mrs. Blanche Me- Grimmer and family of Baton Rouge, 1Vr. and Mrs. Carroll McKey and Mr. and'Mrs. Allen McKey ,of Houma, La., Mrs. Bill Welch of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., Mrs. Mildred Wimberly of Hattiesbtrg, and Mr. Lamkin McCearley of New Orleans. Relatives visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lea McKey over the weekend and Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lea .McKey of J.ackson and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Taylor and family and Mr. and Mrs. lmile rim- meau of Baton Rouge. Friends of Mrs. Birdie Cau:sey extend their .sympathy in She of her daughter, Mrs. Lena Causey Springer, at her residence on Sum,tall Drive in Baton Rouge last Friday morn- ing. Visitin: in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Audrey B. Hughes las,t Centreville Academy NEWS Our basketball activity con- tinues to be the biggest news I Key over the weekend and at- J tending funeral services for her BIRTHS l brother, Mr. Van McCearley, J., Bo ' " [Sunday afternoon at the Wood- rn to mr. and Mrs. Dale l! vllle Baptist Church were Mr. Jones tn Womans. Hospital inland Mrs. T. E. Hodges and faro- Baton Rouge on Janua, ry 25, a fly and Mr. and Mzs. John daughter, Monies Lynn. Mater- nal grandmother i's Mrs. Valerie Bavrousee, Sr., of Baton Rouge, and paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harris Jones of Cen,treville.. She is a great- granddaughter of Mrs. Ray Callender of Centr, eville and Mrs. Margaret Christopher of Covington, LR. Born in the Field Memorial Community Iospital on January 17 ,to Mr. and Mrs. Ronnle Perry of Centreville, their second daughter, Valerie Denise. Ma- ternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Elmo McKey of Cen- treville and paternal grand- parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson, also of Centreville. Mrs. Robert 'Lockridge re- turned home Saturday from a visit with her mothe Mrs. at the Academy. Last Tuesday night when we hosted Beeson Academy, our varsi.ty girls won and our varsity boys lost. We were excited to see Dr. Billy Cannon, an ardent Tiger fan, among the spectators. At the end of the week our varsity teams participated in the Franklin Christian Academy Invidtational Tournament. On Thursday our giLrls downed the Pine Hills Wildcats, while our boys had a bye. On Friday night ,our :girls won again and our boys lost. On Saturday night both teams won. We are proud of our girls .for taking the championship and of oukr boys for coming in third. Our Junior teams did not play last week. On Tuesday night of this week, Wilkinson County Chris- tian Academy will host us in our gym. On Friday We will all four of Amite School Corpora- tion's teams. On Saturday night both varsity teams and Vhe boys B team will travel to Cham- be,rlain Hunt. We picked up two more tro- phies at the Franklin Christian Tournament and Susie Robert- son, Debbie Housely and David McKey won individual all-tour- nament trophies. At the Wood- ville game on Tuesday night we will be presented the Class 2A South District football cham- pionship trophy. Mr. Horne ays that we'll el their have to buy a larger trophy case soon or use a classro,cm to hold all our trophies. The Seniors are making plans 'to, have  doughnut sale next Friday to raise money for grad- uation expenses. We are proud of our new flag Friday were Mrs. John D. Wolf pole which was installed tas,t and James "Sonny" Welch of week. It gives u:s a .,good feeling E1 Paso. Texas, Mrs. Myrtle Kern to see both our national and state flags waving over our Academy. At a faculty meeting last week it; was decided to make up one of the days we lost during the 'snow by not ,taking the sched- uled holiday on the Monday .after Easter and to make up ,the other one during final exams on the Saturday bet.ore gradu- Louise Olover, and family in Rizon, Ark. CARD OFTHANKS I would Itke o use the me- dium 'of this tewspaper to ex- press my heartfelt thanks to our relatives, friends, and neighbors for their many expressions of kindness shown us during the illness and following the death of our beloved mother, Mrs. of Fort Wcrth, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Welch of Louis- ville. Ky.. and Mrs. Wilma Lang- ley of Zachary, La., who were called here by he death .of their mother and grandmother, Mrs. L. E. Welch. They also visited in the homes of Mrs. Hughes' si'strs, Mrs. Bertha Flaccomio in Woodville and Mrs. Berziice Bessie M. McKey, for the card, Freeman in ,Clinton, La., before ation., prayers offered, food, returning to their respective, Mrs. Conerly's Bible class is and the in- and out-,of-town homes, j delig hted IWlt the new atla,.ses phone calls. Special thanks go Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Schone-j that welre delivered last week. to Dr. James S. Poole, Dr. R. J. boom and Mrs. Mildred McKee Everyone would on,joy exmin- Field, Jr., Dr. J. C. Campbell, returned to ,their homes in ling ,the remarkable time line on Dr. L. J. Owens, and .the entire Omaha, Nebraska Wednesday  its back. following a weekend visit with Mrs. Chapman's Arts and their father and brother, Mr. Crafts class has a display of its Claude Parkhurst, and Mrs. batiks at the Kenin Poole Van Parkhurst. Cleave Memorial Library. We think t'hey ,are worth a trip to the library to see. Students in section 1 of he It Tenth Grade say they are sorry Mns. Priest got hit in the head nustng staff and ,to LillSe Jackson. May. God bless each of you. Her daughter, iVrs. Helen McCullough. you ever visited by a dead cow, but are glad she ,missed no time from school and is still able to give ests. Our counselor, Mrs. Ramsey, tells us tha.t a Iarge number of Juniors and Seniors have made application ,this week to write the ACT test on Saturday, Feb- ruary 24. Seventh and eighth graders by Rep. Tommy Walker TAXES .... TAXES .... TAXES .... the most discussed topic in the Capitol for the past week. It seems evident th.a,t we will have some sort of tax cut this year. TheLre ,have been at least a dozen ,bills filed con- cerning some method of tax reduction. Some of the more liberal lean toward a.n enormous cut as high as $50 million for the year 1973. The likelihood .that sales tax will be cut s remote.; however, several mem- bers of the Legislature are press- ing for 4/e% sales tax. The final outcome will most likely be a $15 to $20 million cut of income tax giving a greater allowance for dependent children. It is the opinion that the treasury re- serves are .temporary and a big ax cut now could result in a tax increase in 1974 and 1975. Almost every tax-supported institution is looking for bigger appropriations and bigger pay- checks. It is conceivable that larger appropriations will be made to some of the more worthy -- colleges, schools and ,o forth. A bill has been in.tro- duced in the Senate and. the I House .that will give tuition I grants .to students attending I private colleges. Senate Bill No. 11526 and ouse Bill No. 479 ]could be a big ,help to students of such schools as Mississippi College and .Millsaps. There will be a bill introduced next week to pay a veteran's ,bonus to all living veterans re- siding in the state .of which there are about 200,000. A cash bonus of $100 each wilt take approximately $20 million That would be a :big piece of tax m, oney put back in the tax- payer's pocket: however there is a lack of ent'husiasm over this idea with many members of the Legislature. Reapportionment is .on again and brought about quite a hassle on the floor. The United States Supreme Court ordered reappor- ,tionment of legislative districts. This court order is directed generally toward Hinds County has the legislature been at such odds as they appear to be wi, th the governor in this current session. In recent days, the governor has removed Rep. George Payne Cossar, a legislative veteran, from two key positions. He also bumped Sen. B. G. Perry from his post :cn the building com- mission. This suggests a break from he has managed to make some enemies in the legislature who are going to try to show him their muscle." The feeling of independence is running str.onger in the House than it is in the sta,te Senate. But, it is a fact that Gov. Waller i going to have to contend with both houses. What has triggered ,the sit- uation between the executive past tradi.tion. It also uggests and the legislative branches is that the governor :has little re- obscure. Apparently, it has come gard for the legislative prerog- i 'rom an accumulation of cir- i atives which have been held in umstances over the past 18 high esteem by former chief executives. But the rift, whether 'the gov- ernor knows it or not, runs much deeper than this. In fact, 'the passage of a $16 million tax cut by the House of Representatives last week was a direc.t slap at Gov. Bill Waller, who, only the day before, declared himself in favor of holding the line on any tax reductions. Gov. Waller denied this lhe day after, saying that it was a mere coincidence. But the fact j is that ,the tax cut may never have come if .the governo had months. Gov. Waller, to his credit, is evidently 'trying to do a good job. But, he failed to take into account the jealously guarded prerogatives of the legislature. The legislative branch has its own view of how the governmen ou:ht to be run. And, it is now evident that Gov. Waller has failed to give this fact the con- sideration it is due. That fact, no doubt, figures in ,the growing estrangement be- tween the legislative and the executive branches in Missis- sippi. not announced against it. This is not to say that the Legislative veterans don't fault n legislature will automatically the governor's intentions. But, reac against anything that Gov. he has managed to bruise his Waller propo:ses. relations .wi,th the legislative But it does suggest that he branch to a degree that is un- burden of proof in the matter paralleled in recent times. .of legislative programs wi!l have "I think the governor is sin-Ito be on, 'the Governors side core," one veteran state senator ! in the future if they are to get said. "and I think ,he will do  favorable action. Mars Hill News Visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Perry were their daughter. Mrs. Shelvia McGuire. a,nd family, Jimmy, Ba,rry, Valeria, and Blaine. Mr. Nolan Perry was hospital- ized .recently for a week but is but may cause edistricting of now at home and feeling much the entire sttate. One plan of- fered does away ith the les- ent District 3'bfAmite. lrank- lin and Wilkerson Coun,ties and creates a new district consisting of Amite, Pike and Lincoln Counties with four representa- tives and puts Franklin and Wilkinson. Counties as a separate district with one representative. It is ,the hope of n0st members that the la,rger part of the state better, we are glad to say. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Tyler are .both sick with the flu. Mrs. Tyler is a the home of her daughter, Mrs. James Smith, on Natchez route. We wish them a quick recovery. We wish to correct a mistake in last week's rmtes. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Smiths' visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Murray, Jr., ne.t Nolan Rabb. Kennon Ashley ,were her broth- er-in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cavi,n. and children of Baton Rouge. Mr. Billy Bincent of Baton Rouge visited in the h,ome of Mr. and 1Vrs. H. E. Smith on Tuesday. ,Mrs. H. E. Smith visited Mrs.. Zelma Clark and Mrs. John Hopkins in Gloster and Mr. Ray Phipps in Centreville on Mon- day. We are sorsy to hear that Mrs. Alice Cavin has the flu and hope she will soon recover. Home Economist Notes A new synthetic fabric that has the feel of suede, the look 3f suede, bu,t none of the care can be left as it s. I would appreciate hearing from you on any matters con- cerning legislation and will try to answer your letters and com- men,ts as early as possibld. The Mississippi Legislature completed fou,r weeks of the 1973 Session. There have ,been 25 can Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walter problems of suede, recen,tly hit Cavin on Sunday were Mr. and the .market. Mrs. C. W. Gavin and children of Baton Rouge and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Nettles. We ,extend sympathy to the family of Mr. Van McCurley n the loss of their loved one. Mr. and Mrs. William Perry were recen,t guests in Natchez This "imitation suede, which took seven years to develop, is no*n-woven. It's made of 60 per- cent polyester and 40 percent non-fibrous polyurethane. Available in 12 colors, the new fabric will not crock, pill, fray or wrinkle. It will rm.t endear days in this ,session and ,of ,their .children, Mr. and Mrs. 18 actual workl,ng days. For 16 Lester ,Perry and Ihonda and day,s the House and Senate have Dale and Mr. and Mrs. Fred convened, in their respective McGuire nd JimmT, Barry, chambers to enact laws and reg- Valeria and .Blaine. ulations affecting ,the citizens of Mr. Jack Cavin and son of this State. There ,have been a total of approximately 2,000 ,bills filed in both Houses. A number of these will become law. Some of hem don't even make sense. Some of them would deny us our ndivid- *water spot or stiffen; it will remain soft and supple. Unlike real suede, the new fabrics, can, be drycleaned '.by regular methods, which means no addition, a[ maintenance Friday, February 2, 1973 Tasty, Tender ROUND STEAK lb. $1.19 FRESH EGGS 3 dozen 99c BORDEN'S FRESH MILK Gallon Plastic $I .19 HOLSUM BREAD 4 - 30c loaves 95c (With $5 purchase or more) Baton Rouge spent the weekend costs. What's, more, it's corn- ,with his mother, Mrs. Sallie ple,tely machine washsJbl, e and Gavin. Joining them on Sunday dry-cleanable. were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunt- Pressing can be done wi,th a er and Larry and Stacy of steam iron on the low .synthetic Natchez. temperature setting using a fine Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. mea,h pressing cloth on a well- HENDERSON SUGAR 10 lb. bag 99c (With $10 purchase or more) SCOTT'S large roll TOWELS 4 for $1 this shop you'd be wearing something from it right now! 125 Jefferson Davis Blvd., Natchez, Miss. tell us they are benefitting in ual rights. Some will be put into their social studies from the use the laws of Misstssippi causing of the new maps and diction- aries placed in thei department recently by the Parent-Teachers Club. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Womble of Jonesville. La., visited in the home ,of her sister, Mrs. Edna Dalton, Saturday. Miss Msziann Street from Yazoo Ci,ty was a guest Sn he ,home ,of Centreville friends over last eekend. SODIUM CHLORATE The first plaztt in the Souhh to produce sodium chlorate was the Hooker Chemical Carpora- tion .t Columbus. It began prod,uotion in 1954 and is one of the argest sodium chlorafe facilities in the world. CATCHINGS Insurance Agency Phone 888-4591 P. O. Box 32 Woodvlile, Miss. P/O Mutual Insurance Agency Phone 352-8815 Jackson, Miss. Fire - Automobile Life - Bonds Oliver W. Catehinp, Jr. eral Court. headaches and pain. Many of The teacher pay bill has been the bad bills will be killed in set for special order Thursday, Committee bttt some snakes or February 1. The ,proposal calls wormy ones re bound ,to crawl for a several million dollar in- out. The elective members of crease over last year. this Legislature need Divine Guidance, and I .ask that you remember me ad ,pray hat God will give me the wisdom to serve you better each day. The tax measure hat was passed by the Ho,use la'st week .gave tax relief to a great many people ,that have been paying State income tax. It ,reduces ,the revenue income of the State by $16,000,000. Some I-Iouse mem- bers feel Shat he cut should have been greater and hope to bring about a measure to give more relief to parents with de- pendent child.ten. The effort o reapportion the represeitatlve .istrlcts of the State were debated again ,this week. The Representatives of Hinds, ,Harrison .nd J, ackson Counties lost in their push to have all candidates of heir re- spec.tive districts run at large. In these ,three counties Repre- s.entatives will b elected in and for each Supervisors District with. the excess number of Rep- resentati'es allowed for the rep- resentative district elected at large. More thaa fount hours had been spent on debate for reap- portionmen and it is not likely that .1I$ SeSSIon will roduce a plan acceptable by the Fed- padded board. The fabric currently is selling  l for about $17 ,a yard in the 36- linch fabric. This may ound [expensive, but keep in mind FAMILY FARE I,that upkeep costs will be at a I minimum. Yellow cream stlye NEW SHIPMENT at your WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE CORN 6- 303 cans $1.09 Upright Freezers Chest Type Freezers and More. I Come See Us NOW! WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE "The Family Store" P. O. Box 697 Phone 888-3911 Woodvifle, Miss. Parkmeadow Centreville