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January 29, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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January 29, 1898

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Saturday, January 29.-- ft. S. ];EWIS, Ed!r and Progrietor. TO AI) dtlqsERS. TFIE ',V'OODVIL, LE [EPUBLICAN ts Ihe,d,test n,wsl,aper i th, S!at, e; has a htrer b,,ra rid, ircula;;on than any ot h COTTON CROP MOVEMENT. NEW YELLOW FEVER TEST. The best service the local press Recent ests hy l)rs, Arehnard and can renders to p]autiug comuluni- Woodson in New ()rjeans have lead ty just now, is to keep cotton I to an important discovery iu the growers informed of cotton re- ceipts, probable size of crop, and surplus of cotton produced be- yond the needs of the manufac- turing world. From these men of ordinary sense will draw their own conclusions. For, besides t he low (hagnosis of yellow fever. In an account of tiw discovery the Times- Dt.lmwrat says : "This same test has beenapl)hed for the diaguosis of typhoid fever in every large munici- pallahoratory in this country and Europe f-r the past two years. It price this season, the haa provenitself of great value in nows[,a.per in ther-fi)re :L is 00,iverti::r00 Scar i00it in l/ifl, Sewq'al cases of 3ellow fever sp;)e,red in a negro family sevcn miles from Edwards. Tile sick r,,(.overod aud there is no uneasi- this sectiot: surplns from the present enor- in(ms crop will affect the price of tile coming crop adversely tothe pianter. We must look certainly for another year of very low prices. From Secretary Itester's report on 22ud lust. "For the twenty-one days of January the totals show an in- hess fvt hat the spread. Pr(aution have beet taken in the matter of disinfec- tion in that Iocahty. The change in tile weather this week is very refreshing. The tern perat?'-p.,.rex.aJxis higher t hat., ! .. it , la horse sense lie should know I1" dn- o av m.igh. I OF. If the eat ,(-atches you t is always the | m(l aml a man ould fi)/l,)w the .'l-: ........ ,. ,. :hers he would aoor  ". Ae'/,itt Spell if t', be in full wom,n w'r" . 4tt) ,,e in sPeI0 e .., i@' )t)tl " r's reeotn lnendfl- gt'eeUh'gislature that tho c'lecliou law should be "m .d in so far a, the counties ,lltertered with in the man- .gement of their ptditieal affairs, will be ond-red by every Demo- crat in the State, excepting per- hops the dod gasted fools who made the law. disease would crease over last )'ear of 461,000, an increase over the same period year before last of 536,000 and ov'r 1895 of 304,000. For the 143 days of the season that have hJapsed the aggregalie ts ahead of the 143 days of last year 1,323,000, ahead of the same days year before last 2,852,000, and of 1895 by 570,000." "These make the total there- move for the 143 days fr)m Sept. I to date 8,212,119, 0gains( 6,- 888,81 last year, 5,350.139 year before last, and 7,642,458 same time in 1895." "Including stocks ]eft over at )aOs;tS and interior towns from the r p and the number of hales brought into sight thus far for the new crop, the supply to date is 8,328,673, against 7,227,430 for the same period last year." Per cent of crop bro0ght into sight after Jany. 21st 1897, 22.34, 1896, 25.11. 1895, 22.81. the diagnosis of doubtful eases ofl fever, and ia a test that has merited) the entire confidence of tile medical pr,dession throt+ghont the orhl "l'he"aggluliuative reat:tion," as the phenomenon s called, was dis- covered by a distinguished Frent:h scientist In plat, ords, it consists of the alq)lieatiou of the filood of a] stspeeted case to the germ of I typhoid fever If the hlood proves / to I)e from a genuine case it will kill l all the germs and cause them to] crowd together It chtmps. [ The recent (mlbreak of yelh)w feveroffeed to these gentlemen the opportunity to apply this test to uumerous cases of yellow fever, art(t the paper read Saturday night wasa report of their valuable work, in Since the Anchor Line Com- pany failed there have been no crop, 1894-5, the 22.81 per cent boats running between St. Lous attiounted to 2,258,793 bales. and New Orleans. Probaldy, ex- This crop is already about 580,- cept in very low water, this never 000 bales ahead of the crop of occurred before since the first 1894-5. If the average receipts steamboat ran out,of St. Louis, should be the same as in '95, the war c etiee dirge. /'OOI')VILLE MI. ti (eorgif tr, aattort, rincipaL Will Open its 36th Annual 8essi0n Sept0mb0r 1st, Thoroughly equipped for work in MUSIC, ELOCUTION, ENOLISH BRANCHES, THE LANOUAOE$, ETC., ETC The course of study ha,,., been revled standard of Seho]ar- .';hip raised and l(ludergardeu D Dtrtrnent added. Teachers wlUl)e Specialists. "Phe handsome new buildings h tee )een thoroughly vofurutshed andmadLhomellke New Oak Fur- littlre for girls' rooms. e',v spriiugs, new rnttresses, tin $1"S, etc. The table will bt; COnStantly SUpl)liod with t abun- danceof wholesome andweU )repared rued. No effort w It be s)a;'ed to Iike t t s t te leading College for girl In this secthm of the South Write for Catalogue and Terms. / , : - ; ._: - :v- . : . -.._-, IN 'FHF SENATE. House bill to amend section 3818 so as to require notice to be given to owners of lands sold f.r taxes before the day of redemptton expires. Re- ported favorably as amended, and the four amendments were adopted. Messrs. Grief'and:Barr,,w, Super- intendent and Assistant Gen'] Freight AKeut, resl)eetively, of the whicffthev prove the value of serum Valley Road, met oar trucker here diagnosis in yellow fever and cite a  ., last Saturday lhey consulted great number of cases in whtch tile with tim President of the l'ruckers' test wassuecessful. A full account Assoeiatiou and several others at 813 of their work will appear,*, shortly in informal meeting. These officials the esteemed New Orleans Medical ver2 flattering promises 3f as-I i-tence to Ihe truck imiustr., here. I and Surgical Journal for February. They promise us (be same" freight / Man)" of the local physicians think rates as the great truck growing t that the paper is the mo.t valuable region norLh-east (,f u.% promise U,/ contribution to the study of yellow put us np a shippilg shed, and, leveret the age." lurther, a specialvegetable train will ,,... : leave our plaee every evening about The RErUnLICAN was mislead las' 6 o'clock, the only condition being that we have as many as six ear- eek in the report of a voe ia the hmd of vegetables. Now for good House of Representatives. prices, and success is oursCentre. The Glover resolution to investi ville Jeffersonian. and the fact does not speak well for the business ability of that city. We have received the Midwin- ter number of the I,o Angles Times and read t with pleasure and l)rotit It is in magazine form of large size, of some eighty five pages. It is beautifully il- lustrated, etn/Jraemg local scenes, the products of the country and leading citizens. Withal, the reading matter is most interest- ing. The number creates a most favorable impressi(m of the city, country and people. The lt(,tle C(,mtnlttee has spent considerable tim over the currency bill which it will report it is to be presumed at this ses- sion of Congress. But nothing "is more certain than the fact that the House aud the Senate as at present constituted politically will never agree upon any curren- cy llegislatitm. Mr. McKinley In the year of previous largest gate charges of official drutmenness against ,ledge W. K. McLaurin was flnslly killed. 'rim motion to adopt wss lost by avote of 52 yeas to 62 nays, "lhe renresentatives from this county voted to sustain the resolu- ties The representalives from t,i,,ns.are repeating it one after an- Judge McLaurin'a Districtaved his other, and private employers, corn- bacon mereial and professional, are fast The worhtcan consume annually nine millious of bales, or leas, of Ameriean cotton, ltis evident that the South tim bast year has produced nearly, if not quite eleven millions The business man does not wate ranch time in denouncing i:toxi- cants, and none in threatening Lh()se who lt.d,dge in them with prisou; lie siml)ly sa3s: "If you drink you cat)- not work f,,r me. t This UJLmatum has now been formulated b), most of liegreat railroads, oth=,r corpora- crop wouht reach nearly eleven milhons of bales. TIlE RIVER. The January rise in 1882 is the only great swell in the Mississip- pi so early in the year that river men seem to recall Most of the the Ohio and of bales. In the face of these facts, whteh even the more intelligent negro field hands of tie cotton states could have no ditficulty in under. standing, what kind of people does a man SUl)l)ose he is catering to, ho. speaking .f five cent cotton says. thatimh)w price is due not to the over-produeti:,n of cotton I)ub to the under-producti.n of money ! "At high noon toda.y Mtssisit)p had had jUst two years of this ad- ministration. Four hundre. th-usands of dollars ofinteret-beartng bonds have beer issned "in times of profonnd peace." Two hundred tliousand titdlars have been at(thor(zeal to he borrowed to feed a depleted treasury and meet the current, expeoses of the state government. rise comes from its tributaries. Three great rain storms have passed over the Ohio and the Miss., Valley up to Cairo this month. The river has been above the danger line at Cairo, Louisville and t;inciunati, though a decided fall has set in at the latter place. The lower river will continue to rise for some days. Stage at Vicksburg on Wednesday 35 feet and rising danger line 41 feet. It is .likely that the present rise will ruu out before another comes. A state exchange well says: "The Governor sends every day messages to the Legislature snggest. lag new legislation. He does this at joinlng in the enforcement of this great b,yentt against drunkards. The effects of the movement are to be seen iu every line of induslrv. For iwhatever mav be said about other sorts of prohibition this cer- tainly does prohibit.--New York TIInes, Dem. PROCEEDINGS OF CIRCUIT COU IVL (Completed) State of Miss vs Sy/ McGraw. arson Jury and verdict not guilty. 4th Day. State vs Wm Wisner. Plead guilty to assault and battery. State vs Jim tewrt, olle prose- qui entered, tate vs Pink Gains. same order State vs Noah elson et HI, same order State vs S. McGraw, :mahcious nllsculer, nolle prosequi entered State vs Andrew Mitchel, jury a d verdict guilty of assaultaud batter... State vs Levy Brown, plead gu y to assault and t)attery and fined . te d-liar and costs The Grand ,htrv came into Court and reported 5 bills of indictmeut. 5th Day B Cohen vsY&M VHyCo. jury and verdmt for pltff for $10 and Cost8 State vsBotts Bee. murder, jury and verdiet not uilty. Emma Ford vs Y& M V R R.(2o., dismissed at dells costs, A B Leake et HI, vs M Rothsehihl & Bro , dismissed at. pltffs coats. LGrunewahl& ('o. vs S McGraw Judgment ('or pltff for ,$114 att(i piano returned. The Grand Jury came into Conrt and reported 5 bills of imlictment and then" Final repot'! to-wit: To llon V P. Cassidy, Judge of 6th Judicial District : We your Grand ,tutors have finish- ed our labor and herewith present a report of our proceedings. We hays examiuetl 22 cases'a,d have found 10 true bills, referred 2 t, Justice ot toe Peace. 1 to the next Grand Jnry atnl have ignored 1,, eaes. We have examined iu all 79 witnesses We have also examined the books of the County officers and find them well kept and correct We have visited the cottnty jail an have fontd it clean and nrisoners make no complaints of treatntout and die t. We hav examined the privelege ASSOCIATIONS OF ' TfIE DAUGIITERS ] tax list and have found a number of OF THE (ONFEDERACY' ' are beiug or- [ parties deliuquent, a list of which we ganized n all of the bouthern states. I herewith submit and suggest that the Is there a more appropriate place in I Sheriff notify the parties and collect same at once. the South for such an organization of We also note a failure of parties the daughters, wives aud mothers or selling pistol cartradges and shells for confederate soldiergthan this county? ]revolvers to procure any license for The record bears u out iu saying the sale of the sam,, and also call the Sheriff's attention to this section ot there is not. Speaking upou the sub- the Code covering the same ject the N. O States says: The New Orleans Chapter can an(: must be one of if not, the strongest in the South. Althougi comparatively young, it s already strong, not only in members but in enthusiastic work- ers. It has antong its members wo- men who are not merely descendents of those who suffered, but who were themselves sufferers, in these gatherings may be found the widows of gallant soldiers, mothers whose sons lie in unmarked graves daugh- terswhose fathers foil upon the field It= couclusion we :cougratalate the County upon the good order ore- vailing and the lack of crime within its bounds Thanking the officers of the ct, urt for their prompt attention we here- with present this report and beg to be discharggd. F D LEWIS Foreman LE C. SCHLOSS, Clerk. State vs Win. Wisner, Fined $25 aud 30 days in jail. State vs ANdrew Mitchel. Fined LEON SCH WARTZ C. H._NEYL we have been daily receivin fresh floods of all inds and or store is now replete with best staple and fancy groeerzes, dry floods, ere, to be found. New goods arriving-daily. I purchased a/arge stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping t ic/es, Hats Shoes &c. in lgew y, all of which I propose to sell at pri so low that it wil! be to Your inte to examine my stock. Special ducements to /arge buyers. PEETR MOLLER YOUR DOCTOR FICHTS medicine. If the Disease with medicine is not right he cannot conquer disease. If the drug-  gist does his duty the medicine will be right, and your doctor will staud a good chance of w/nning the victory. Y.ou can hel l) your 4octor by having your prescril)ioas filled here. AIGLIE,S PHAIMACy, (TEo. W. I3[EhLy, /M[anage, 2N'2. "V-. om 8:85 ]1:50 7:10 No. 5 N/ght, Tr,lu Leaves Memphis, " "' '" " " Vice, burg ?:551 ...... " " e utr,ville 6:16 .... " " Arrives New Orleans 10: No, 6, blight "J-'raill leaves New O)leaua " " ,, ,, 4".20. " Ceia brevitto ** t ,| t, ,, ,, ,, Vieksbt]rg __ " arrives Mere ph la o, " - No. 9,1 Day Train L .ayes Wcksburg, ........ arrives New Orleans No. 22 Day Train leaves New Nrleaus 8:05 " .... arrives V'ioksburg. 5:55 Train runs daily except Sunday. No. 79] leaves Woodvillo " " ieave Bayon Sara '' " arrives S|anlzhter 11:10 No. 722 h.av,. Slanghter ]2:20 " " " Bavnn qra I;|0 " " arrives Woodville 2:35 4:15 was elected upon the currency the requester the memhers who at(, No pubhc Improvement has bees of honor, dainty ladies who served $25 aud 30 daw in jail. prnmpted by the people behind made. " issue as evcryb,)dy known but a them. The constitutional prvision tariff bill to please the owners of hieh limits the special session of manufactories is the sum of Re- the Legislature tothe consideration publican effort, of the revenue and appropriation Tho dispatch of the battleship Maine to Havana created some- thing of a flurry in certain quar- ter,,obut trot in Spain or IIavana The only Line r,nni,g .o!i Trn;: twot, n , in tim prisous and In the hospitals of State vs John Ra . Fine O:l::l['l:l.ll The statehouse is "dangerous' Sonth and aged women whose y, mng 30 daysin jail Y d $25 and even to the round lingers wronght the flag that many a .... " . . "Garryiag elegant, Pullmandlb31:'Buffot leopingTWoar . -:- .lel o gallent boy fell defending aud follow- uour adjournea to court in course suriug Passengers a ,)n .... n ....... ....... s zn both directions. . . lug. It is a goodly little comDany, *-.,,.--- P,,,. t..,..T ,., .----., =-- w'---,,-ame journey s ne x rease't --- ...... , -?::tps ete.,apl,lY to Agents orad-'o= rf , ?,, ' . "'. tlmse mothers of the Confederaey, whose presence and co-operation I The Bay St Louis correspondent JO. A. scqr,p. -/)iv. Pass'r Agt, uav, e ?e?n ea.l, o: ne legtsia- suonm prove as an incentiye to[of theew Orleans States says.   Is, T,.ss,. ssiot )f esolutt3ns to patriotism to the yunger womeu to) "It stand to reas - - " "-- - official drunkenness in whomwi]lfallina few short yearsl. -  " on, nowever, tn :%,::,.:=oo T00BE N E D I CT  " / ' ' the first few " "= = /years the watch will be strict, and Bishop Galloway on yesterday [finally the authorities will grow care- MANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER IN we years wtll bring a received a letter from the daugh-(less and there, will be another out- he sta.e appropriation ter minist of Rev. o- H.J _ .- Harris, .... an - a.e d . . ,|break ,,,(,st, o,,,.. ,..,... ,o ,., g arriagas g00rts Farm w ag0ns Harl e schools or a material er f the Methodist Church ilion agreed that this fever was  w-. m rate of taxation. Else anouncing his death at Tampa, [mild ype of yellow lever "tnd b*c. @ @ @ debt m-, , ,.,-,,--- 'la., at his daughter's home. Mr. [some folks.don't stand ulJ and "de' .......... " Harris had been connecte w" they are wtsel than all the doctors "iN times of profound the Methodist ,ninistr in dI;-,?t-h lh.ey."!ke enemies. I know, di " ........ a "'Y"'/no oring the fever 0n the coast, and d_dert for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 stpp for nrty-nme )'ears and at ]did not pronounce what it was befor  WAG( '=: different tiutes was conueeted [ the experts came. i feel something Which are untversally acknowledged to be with journahsm in this State.] ike ex-.Cungressman Van Eaten -. "IOt)KC(1 wnen ne was addressing an ahav)ngfor s eyer_.a_] years pag, l,shed }audience at, the Bay the first time he paper a [atLleotlrg. llle an-/ran [or Congress and "le.ks floor. " Taxation has been increase:l. bills and such further legislation Thousands of dollars only as suggested by the Governor. spent ,t this sea.mon of the sh,uld t,e srrikan from the funds- tore in a discussion of resolutt3ns to mental law of the State." investigate We have always believed that an. high plaee. What will nual sessions of the legislature were bring?"Pm. however. The Maine upon her best for the best interests of the inst arrival at Havana was received State. Imperfect legislation that The next two years with the usual honors, and her I must remain the law for years, is the decrease in the sta'e appropriation commander was ,visited by thefresult of the present constitutional for the pubhe schools or a material captains of the Spanish war ships, t provision, as it was of the biennial increase in the rate of taxation. Else The strongest American fleet[sesston which preceded It. True the puidm ,aver assembled now off the l the expense of legislative sessions increased lori(la coast, prepared to take is saved by tim present law. In peace," essary, il t abolishing the legtslature. The ffUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS. *---, point is, that the people lose more Two .,'t:ircuit judges and four Chan- The people of the State w i ! b3. hasty legislal, mn and bad laws that cellors are yet to be appoiuted by the not, we believe, gree to make I ran not be soon corrected speedily Governor. In reference to this matter the the Judges elective by the vote than tbey gain in saving expense Picayune Miss , Bureau says: of the whole State. District of legislative sessions. "Tbe goveraor must nominate to judges should t)e nominated anti ......... .,-,s.,- the senate, for its advice and consent, elected by the people of the dis- Sensational publicatmns of erimes persons to fill all judicial vacancies whieh fall within nine months of the tricts. So with Chancellors and nndnce depraved or ill balanced l)er- the meetiug of the, le.g'slature. 'I'he :+ Supreme Court Judges. Rather sons to commit smilar crimes. "Fhn term of Judge Cassady. of the district, does not expire until Decent- than have an amendment of the fact is so undeniable that law makers ber, or probably Nov , 30 of this year, constitution oviding for an would be justifiable if th(,, suppress as he was commissioned Dec. 4, 194, elective "udiciar as it ! .... ,..) ed lurid aeeounts of suiei@s, han for a tex'm of four years The other J  Y, , et tnc g- circuit judgeship is hehl by ,fudge A ", - , ...... i rags, rapes and mttrdrs Though  "(,na[e 9 we Otil(l .xatner see tne ' : G Mayers. of Bran,Ion, whose term . - . )such egislation would encounter the expires May 15 of this year The J ;' ;) Nt?e,etth'" ts t:Yr, w:,tto I ' " "" - third district, expires Jan. 8)of this preantsystemrematn until thCldfffl.ulty of ,nferrmg .ith the 1 e a term of Chancellor Kimbrough, of the liberty of the press. Public opinion year. That of O.hancellor McFarland e does not repudiate "yell,w" jour- of the first district, on Oct. 31 189. had charge of the proposed nalism. The latter rather is the fourth district, ou Oct. 14, 1898. That of ('hancellor Pintard. of the buihiingup the public sentimenby There are no unexpired terms in the whmh it is suDported, and the great ,offieeotchaucelh)r or circuit jndge- snip, aH publications to the coutrary dailies, width would prefer to be notwithstanding. decent alwa ,fre(uentl )r ' Y I Y I ostitute There are a smmber of applicants their columns for fear of "getting backed by,troops of friends in the city press;i.g their claims with fierce let(." eagerness for j,,licial places, amt the l --"" .... circumambient air is laded with talk t of promises and pledges. There are Mr. John F. Battaile. city editor several applicants for every i of the Vicksburg He(aid, died m plaze, each of whom seems to be tryL I that cily last week of pneumonia, ing to make hay, uotwitbstanding he. rainvweather. The governor will: Mr. Battaie was much esteemed (Ioul)tless make some uomiuations and his death is deeply regretted this week. ' ' amendment, is opl)oed to an elective judiciary he made a jalgmatieal play when he put the amendment in its present shape. If the U. S governmeut would detail a couple of revenoe cutters and a company of marines to prevent Unanthorized eommunication between the Nhip quarantine station ad the coast the st.alien might r,mn where t is with safety to the. peovle. nouncement of hxs death wdl be Fie was telling how the people of :North said the Southern folks were received with regret by a very I killing the negroes by the dozens and large ewcle of friends and He- of the horrible mauner the Republi- ,naintances throughout t h o etus told he negroes were treated. State.Clarion-Ledger. In the crowd sat Col Bill Boon, an ex- .... , Confederate soldier and an untecon- -, -" ---,. ^- -., [sructedcitizen, trying o en oy the z.-Zwo,,7, s ,eech. Somehu,v be got, banJled up, s,vo,,u ove o-uay lnrocluced I lor ne was full of "Oh, bejovrul,' and two bdls of considerable interest nst, a!tly interrupted Judge" Van to Mississippi ...... One t)f tho, i rat, t)n... . t)y .say. mz.,. "Who kille ,,. ,,u,:*'., oonten,l.f ,.- ............  nggers?" The speaker would o "h'e"asVca7.o,,_u,,.,,.,),,-,,ve,,te.n[ oi ahead throwina, shot nd seell in tge '  ua rver, so teat a (amp of he Republicans and C(l. Bill channel of twelve feet may be w told keep up hls questions. inally obtained at low tide alon the when heselled at the tep of his voice, ' Who Killed the nl .ers I  9" route of survey recently madebv r,,a..x, ' - gg-,, . ay.  .- ,,  . . .- ". s va,, aton nod Uo quit soaring waJor ossetl. LI.Wo nunarea and up and so|d, "1 don t, know who killed fifty thousand six hundred dollars the nigers. I didn't. is approprmted for the work. ---.,,o,,,.- The work is to commence at a poiut in the Mississippi Sound When Gen. George A. Sheri- where the depth of water reaches dan was camping on the Lower twelve feet, and is to proceed Mississippi his negro boy, Harry, from there to the mouth and up was one day asked by a friend the river to the intersection ftwhether the eneral was n)t Dot river, thence up Dot river l three miles. Iterribly annoyed b the mosqui- The other bill proposes obtain- / toes. "No, sahI" sad Harry, ing through Horn Island pass a/"in the evenin' Mass' George is ehanuel twenty-three feet at low,so 'toxmated he don't mind the tide with a width of three hunlskeeters, and in the mornin' the dred feet, for which an appro- priation of one hundred and two skeeters is so 'toxieated they thousand dollars is asked. , don't mind Mass' George. The Best and LIOHTEST RUNNIN0 WAGON Made. Agent for FR4ZIER ROAD and SPEEDING CART, are great favorites among Horsemen. AGENT FOR THE The most extensive Manufao[urera of Iron Fuoing in the Uaited ]'articular attention paid to re-covering and rigging All wor k dune prontptlv and , teasouable rates. Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf 1 I-IE BEST SALV in the world fo , nts, Braises, Sores, Ulcers, ta Rhenm. Fever Sores, Tettv ),,,,me  Hands, Chflbla,ns. Corns, and all Ski n Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay requtred It is . " " guaranteed to give perfect, satisfaction or monO refunded. Prier 25 cents per box. For sale by Lewis & Myers. NOTICE. Fo Saleall land and town prop- ertv of the .late S. P. Adler consist ing 6f bin ]aLeresidenee, the City He tel and two stores nn Main ,treet. and part of the old Hell homestead For terms &e., aPl)lv to JAs M. SESSIONS, Ex'r. June 12 ' 80 YEARS' EXPERIENO MARK D(81GNI COPYRIGH'rll, "ent free. Patents take 861Bmadmy, i