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January 22, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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January 22, 1898

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Journal of tho Cor- poration of Woodville. Simple Announcements of marria- and deaths will oe pahhshed ithout charge. ( tlbfiCFJ||JOll P tl&apos; a|111111B. ....................... $1 50 .................. $2 00 MARKET, Orleans, Dec, 17, 1897. tgotton-- ..................... 5 1-4 JOB ' ORK AT TIlE [EPUBI,ICAN- full line of black and fancy wors- II o t 1 sch ild's. s A number of marriages are on tapis the near future. best coffee all0. 15 and ?0cts at White Grocery Co. The Grand J ury-adjou,ned on Fr- afLerneoo, baving found 10true Their report, will be found!u r col u D q Fresh new crop of Landrettl's Gar Seed at Gee. J. Adams. learn from reliable authority Mers. Wettlin & i-lickcyare out their eat, ire st, ock and will from mercantile li/e. waft (,r,0aos his relatives in ',our towo. are glad to see Joho hate and =: m-o. pure cauc syrup at, 60ccnls gallon can be found a Wldte leery Co. pairs of al'wool pants at 1.75 and 2.00. Worth At Rnthschfl(ls. H. G. Barrow, the Travelling agent of t, he Yazuo and Mis- Railroad, paid our l, own a vis-" Plush caps and Misses Iaekets at. C. Schaefer's. New 4vertisements. Cm'uiL Courl adjourned ml last Fri- i N(.)TICE. day nigh aft, er having been in session I only five days. Had it not been for fly virtue of the power vesled In the inclement weather which prevail- me as ExecuL,)r of last will aml tes- ed during" the week dehlying witnesses tamcnt cI >- P. Adler. d,eea,'.:ed, and Court eot. t have adjourned on Thurs- in accordance with a decree rendered day. The balance of tb ' ,)rocccdings will he lound in anothe. ::0araB. We failed Lo call abtenbion to the advertisement of The Gem Saloon in our last issue. This est.. blishmcnt is naderpopular andeflic,nt nlauage- mont. Its s,(wk of liq,mrs, e[,c.,is m the estate of S. P Adler. at the December Term 1897, of the Chance- ry Court, recorded in minute book. 3, page 267, of the minutes ot Chan cerv C,urt. [ willou M,uday, the 7th (lay of February 1898, at the South door of tilt Court House in the town of Woodvdle, between the ch(,ieeand ampleand it iskuaranteed hours of 11 o'clock. A ., and b that ,'ustou|ets wit get whato they o'chmk, e ., sell to the highest pay for. bidder, for CASH. at puhlic anction the land ofsad estate described a that part of the Dr. HolUs home- stead tract and of the Delany place. and of the Win. Ilenley place, be- loe;;mg to said S. P. Adler a his death, more particularly described in Exhihit B, filed on Novcinl)er 12. 1897, in papers of said Estate m Chancery Clerk's ,thee,. with the pe- '.ilion for the confirmalion of sale el land of the es:ate, reference 0ein2 thereto had. J AS. M. SESSI()N.'S, Ex'r Est. S. P. AdLer. Jan. 8, 1898 4w TRUSTEE SALE. On Monday February 7th, 898 be- tween the hours of  o'clock A. M and 4 o'clock e. M. at the south door of the Court House in the town of Woodville. Slate of Mississippi, the undersigned Trustee will sell at public aucdon to the highest bidder for cash the hmd in said town described as being the north-west part of lot 23, square . division 3, and further described as commencing at the north-west corner of said lot and running south 5 o feet to a stoke, thence e, i63 feet to a stake or, a line of Mrs. I. D. Gihlart's lot. thence north 75 feet to the se corner of Standard Oil Company's lot, thence west 75 feet to the south-west corner of said Oil Company's. lot thence north 75 feet to a stake on the south margin of Third South Street, thence west 65 feet to place of beginning, on D1 El). aqnpary 1 'i,h. 197. at tile resideoee of D;S d;le:.hlcl'. M S. A.E. Wyatt. Tampa. : tor,da, iI.ev H. J. HARnS (ffthe moud M;ssiss;api Cnnferencc. Fie was one or the p,ouec tLIileranI Met hodit of oar St:t6e. and at)out the last or' lt, eclass that ioined theCor> terence ili| him. Ite was an a(:t;ve meq)ber of l,tla ;)odv fOe llb(ot fifiy VOltS, tilling the oice,:' Secretary f(w morelhao twe,(v years. Ilc.wash filheror M,s. J.C. Robert. and Mrs. F. D. Lewis. Io days gone 1)y, he hid nianv wi,l'lu | lends ill I.his commun ty whetetle did nod,wo,t: both as Teacher and Preacher. So t, l. "Go0"s cbildren are g tuhev;ng home." Now islhe time to plant (),,ion Sets and God. J. Adamsls the place to fin5 them. (  N )q ICE. Ihavethis day purchase4 the In- terest of t, he late Josenh Aaron in t,he imsiness of G,)slinski & Aaron. and have acquired all the Assets and as sumed the liabilities of said Firm. and will continue t,he tusinoss for my OWII account, and resDeet,fullv solicii the kind patronage of the old Firm and pubJic. B GOSLINSKI. Woodville Miss.. Jan. '98. For an evening ,)f delightful entertainment, January _93th at Masonic Hull, Come and see Chas. Underhill in Rp Van Winkle, The MerctmaL of Venice and Merry Wives of Winsor. which at this time is located a Canning Thursday evening. The wet season is upon us and Factory, and all the materials, slock :=--: waterproof garments tire what is and appurtenances in and belonging to [rs. D. H, Wallace returned home nee(ted. Ask to see our Mackin- said Canning Factorv. This sale will evening from a visit to :New toshcs friml 2.50 to 5.00, sold be made by wrtue oi the authority and accompanied by Miss Edna elsewhere from 4.00 to 9.00. conditions of a deed of trust executed auer, of Cmciunati, who will pay At Rothschii(ls. on 4th day of Iune 89 t by the Wil a short visit. elegent line=3f-ncu's and boys' ing at C. Schaefcr's. gloves worth 1.50 far 1.00. The have ever sold for the money. ,l'er. r' of Gi,,ste00, D C., Uf the Grand Lodge, K. of P. make $1 95. our prier $i. Ask paid Hope Lodge, No. for tbem at Rothschilds. official visit on last Monda) lit. merchanLs are leaking Drepara- for general stock-tak lug on Feb isb. IA' their bu.iness shows any all this veal', he/ can -cm- ilate themselves. cold weather snap! A good double 10 x 4 blanket for at Rothschilds. who owe us for subscript, ion call at this office and settle Iqft wait for a "dnu." tlew Gem Saloon, on the west the Court, square, nas am0s ug appearance, beiug titled 6l) latest improvement, s in bat and having on sale choice (If all descriptmns. are arriwng now with regularity than has been for several mont, tlS past. rush o1: work is p 'ebt, v ver and better fame is beiug kinson County Canning Factory con JUST I'TE'EiVED veymg the lands above described to Loaded shells in all izes and loads the undersigned Trustee to secure a at, debt due to Edward Aaron, the con- Gco. J Adams. ditions of said Deed of Trust having been broken. Reference is made to 1000 pairs of mens shoes all size congress and lace, a good heavy substanti,1 shoe. Cost to -'Our reputation for buying good clothing has been established too hmgtodo much blowiag M)out. We only name a :f(:w i;em,.: Child's suits 90 cedis, Boys' suits$2., Men's suii,s $2.50, all good wearers and will satisfy you. At Rothschilds. FOR SALE: Two 3 month oht Polau China pigs (male), e,tilled to registration. Maso SOWDES. Jan 22 tf NOFI 2E. Bids for pul)lishm the proceed- ing of the Board of Supervisors of Wflkins.n County and legal adver- tisementsofsatd Board for the year 1898. commencing January 1st 1898 and endin January 1st, 1899, wilt be reeeived u I) to )o'clock, * M. on tim 1st Monda) of'February 1898 The Board reserves tile right to re jeer any and all bids. C A. COON, Clerk. Jan. 8. 1838-5w TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting, fishing or trespassing on any of Inv ands is strictly prohib- ited,, under penalty of the law. JOSEPttINE A, COON. Nov. 20, '97-2m STRAYED. One bay Texas mare about 13 hands higtl, white star in forehead hind feet white, tlas a brand on the right shouhler. Owner Call recover by paying for care. ,IOItN IACKS()N, Jail 15, '98-2w Snowden place ? NOI'ICE. Bids to huiIJ a Steel,Bridge aross Bayou Sara Creek on Woedville and Fort Adams road, according to spec- ifications on file in Chancery Clerk's office, will berecmved up Io 9 o'clock x,i., on the first Monday in Febru- ary 1898 The Board reserving the right to reject anT' and all bids. C. A. COON, Ulerk. Jan 8, 1898 5w NOTICE. Mayor's Office, Woodville, January 14th 1898. MisS., Book No K K. page i8o, of con veyance records, in Chancery Clerk's Office in said town where said Deed of Trust is recorded. This sth day of January 898. C. w. ltENDERS )N, Trutee. Jan. 5, '98 4 w NOTICE. Yo the Creditors of S. P. Adler, De- ceased : You are hereby notified that t the December term. 1897, of/lie Chance- rv Court of Wilkinson county. Mis- sissipoi, said estate was declared in solvent, and you are uotified thatm: the 9th day of May, 1898. the sam, being the first day of the May Term of said Com't. the claims against said Estate will be taken up forexamina- trim and adjudi'ation. All claim- must he filed with the Clerk of sat: t;ourt by said day and all creditor3 may attend. C. A. COON. Clerk of Chancery Court. WoodviIleJan. 1, 1898-4w WALSR & WILSOn, -- "t CONTRACTORS OF - BRICK  CEMENT Estimates Furnished Patronage Solicited. Leve Orders with Weltlln & Hlekey or Ben nrown's, Barber Shop. Dee IS 97 2n. FOR RENT. The W. L. tIays Place, about 205 acres, 6' acres in cultivation ; situated about 7 miles west of Woodville. T :e Caesar Gillespie Phlce. about 280 acres. 60 acres in cultivation. It is situated about 5 mile, from Fort Adams. For" particulars apply to ED WARD AARON. Dec. 18, '97-tf TRESPASS NOTICE. All hnnting, fishing or otherwise trespassing on Glen Burrer plantation is strictly prohibited under penalty of the law. All /ormer permissions re, yoked. GEO. T. MCGEtn;E. POS ITIONS GUARANTEED. To Graduates of Itaaris  Practical Business College, School of Short Itan(1, Telegraphy, ete., Jackson Mississippi. We have bought the 1Vavatt Col- leges here and at Meridian. hut haw closed out the due at Meridian, and prepared to ffivc students 1he v,ry best business training t(, be had  y- where. Catah*guc scat n upi)lica- i'sand boy's golf caps m wool :,s for 25 cents at, Rothsehild's. Bramlette & Tucker have a contract with Messrs. Walsh to erect a brick oliScc oa the lot between G. Kanu's i)ru and the Barber shop. Tbe nowori the ground, aud worR In as soon as he weather per- g "he advance in our stock of clothing is bein,z extremely low prices at, " RothsChitd's. ly being ma0e another crop. Farm- bear it, well in mind tirol the size of the present )rove a aeath blow to cottou years to come. A crop of lilt'on and no more should he requres only about uCh, and any more wilt mean prices. of oumg, all styles and 5 to 10 eenls at, IS NOW ()PEN FOR BUSINESS WITIIAFULLSTOCI(OF : : j J FI00EYC00_r .13,eea00'l) 1/', WI00V.E& ETC. | | on.o--. | 'H Those is ,,eed of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- H g poses will do well to call and examine my stock, g k__ ..... 1 Notwithstanding the rigid quarantine regulations placed around our town we are pre- pared to offer the very highest prices for cotton paying SPLIT C00$Rfor sam(.. \\;Vhen we say we do not mean checks or djafts but the actual money. \\;V e have also a very large and complete stock which we offer at extrcmely low prices. Yours Truly, , Martin Rob00schi/d & Bro., NOT I ( 1], [ I I,have jnst rcceived and will keep[ constantly ml hand a full supplyof C()t"FINS and ('ASKETS. I of all St, los. which I wil soil at rea- I sonable prircs, l S lop oppos]le W. C. B.mmvs res- idcnce. TI IOS. ROLAND. Aug 21, 1897-tf NOTICE. The public are hereby notified that ltunimg is prohibited on the Sur- gette, Elmwood, Belleview and Got- WATCIIES. RINGS. NEW YEAR. N E\\;V GOO D OLD YEAR GONE, OLD STYLES Brighten up your home and yourself wit, h New Clocks. New Watches, :New Silver-ware, New Rings, .ew Specs, ) don I lantations. All former per,nls are hereby re, nan d yoked, CHA. C'JLIEN. Nov. 20, I897-tf 4`4`4` 4"4` -4`Ie4` 4`4`i 4. 4` 4` I MORE PUSH. " Y , M3RE ENTERPRISE. 4`! !4" 4.+_ ORE INfLUEnCE _ PROORESS,VEN00S. qq4` T MORE SPEGIAL FEATURES. i TheTirnes-Democrat, NEW ORLEANS. LA 4' ;4` MORE NEWS. 4[' 7 4`MORE STORIES. ,, MORE INFORMATION. 4` , 4,, 4, MORE ILLL STRATt ORS. 4. 4,:4MORE ADVEBTISEMENTS. 4`4`@ I THE 'MOSqr WIDELY CIHR- $ i CULATED N1HW'SPAPEH 4`14 , 4` 4` IN TI-IE SOUTH, ! Subscribe for tt If you want4` 4, New Table-ware, have your watch, Clocks, Ring anti .}(Wt'lry lei)aire, d I)y us ;ind made to look hkenew. Our wur is GUARANTEED. ,J()aEPlt SARPIIIE, The Jeweler, TEWELRY. CLOCKS NOTICE TO TRESVASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden tohunt or otherwise trespass on my lands known as the (lildart tract, the Lt, hertv tract and Fleet tract, about 1 mile north-east of Woodville under penalty of he law F. F. BEST. Dec, 19, '96tf TRE,PASS NOTICE. All hnnting on mv place is strictly orohibmted under penalty of the law. MRS. E. W JeeR. I1 20 97 tf. - 'rIESi;XISS-N();r ICE. IIunting or otherwise trespass;rig on the McManus. Farish aml Bowling HARDWAR?00 AND IMPLEMENT00. The attention of planters and others is ealled: to our stock of llar(lware and Agricultural Imple- mem,, of which we at all times carry in sufficient quantitmtosuit the demands of our trade, andat priees as low .t they can be sold. We especially call your attenti,n to the Chattanooga Chilled Plow. for which we are the exclusive agents. Thcse plows are of improved design amt supermr finish, made of selected ,n.terial, and eond)ine many original points of excellence not found in other i)lows,bbsides the best features of other leading chilled plows. We - really believe then. to be the best ph)w sohl in this: ntarket, having handled them for two seasons, and as an inducement, we offer them on condition that if the Plow is unsatisfactory in any way, return same and we Will cheefuliy REF;IND YOUR MONEY. We are in positiou to at all times quote you very low prices on Saddles, Collars, I3ridles, Whps Carriages, Wag<ms, Barbed Wire, Stoves and every thing laertaining to Saddlery, Harness, Iieavy Hard- ware, Vehicles and umplements. We especially solicit your trade in these lines, belfeving we will be able to give you satisfaction, to say the least. C. 00CHAEFER. II " C: KAN N. WOODVILLE, ...... llll DEALER IN DRUGS and .MEDICINE,00 CHFMIC,,,(N00 " Publnc School Books 'ancy and roj_l._.,-A-ArOlem Stationery, Pcinters Supplies. Cuttler" Durni,''" in2" Hardware, ltlminatin Ots, Garden Seed  e. 'Phvsicians pre.criptions carefully ten,pounded, an d orders correctly ue cck .,elected v,i t grat care andwarrantea as representeo. v. 8.9 z. .--y. F. A. McLAt W P. S. VENRTESS McLAIN & VENTtLESS, Att0ruy= h00=d0n hw, WOODVIL6E. MISS. Office in MeGehee building. DR. C. 8. HAMILTON, 00EI00TIST, IISS. VooDVILLE Office at Schleslng e rduse' April 18, 95 ly DR. CHAS. E, CATCHINGS VooI)V, ,LE ; " l : MISS. Office iu Adams Drug Store. July 14, '94 tf. DR. L. W. MAGRUDER, Physician &rid 00urgeon, WOODVILI.E, MIS.. Office at residence, April 7, .88 1 , IR C. C. CROSS. Dental Surgeon, W ODDVILLE, MISS. Office up stairs over the Postoffice. A. G. 8HARNON, WOODVI hLE, MISS. Will pract:e in all State and Uuited States courts m this State _ Real estate bought ,ud ld on ecru mi(sion. Office on Cgmmreial Row -- H.S. 00ATON. Office upstairs in the Odd FOllows Building. DR. JOHN F. TttERREL, Physieian and Suvgeon WOODVILT,E, MISS, Office on Main St. at iis old ,D. O, BRAMLTT, 9,. ta, 'lt,.,al,3 Bramlott & Tucker. A OODrILLE. MISS. Office in Mhee Buihling, Corn lle*'('l d Row. J. ft. JONES. t, tt0n00y C0md:t l,a,, WOO DVILLE, MISS. Offlee abova the Repnblican Office. --!:EAI ER IN-- Family and Fancy Groceries. Confe tmneries O.vsters, Tropical Frl!il o all kinds, Su'gar, Coffee, Flol,r, S,,aB Starch, Raisins, Nuts ,,f all kinds Canned Fruit and Fish,&e. Fine brand chewing Tobaeco. Fresh llread ew.ry day. New snp. plies arriving daily. March 21, 1896-y M. MARANTO DEALER IN-- Ci]o[csT Fruits, Oysters, ()f all kinds, and Frost, Fsmily Gro ..:certes. ]{eceivesdailyFancvCan -tdv of all kinds, Maecaroni cook- et in the best st)le, fronl 9 a. M. /;?to 8 P. M. Ma|n St. Opposite Baum, & Dampf. l'eb t  7 I/. TRESPASS NOTICE. Any person caught hnnting, flshin or othervise trespassing ,,n the FraMe Collins or Ohl Lewis places willb prosecuted to the full extent or th aw. All former permissions revok od. F.D. Lwis. ,/1. H. S,/1A'DJId&; tEST SAL00011 South-West Corner of Public Squax I have always ou band a su|rlor article of Nfly ,00ia ml Ik=,, T[] B,T VARIETIKq 0 TE BFT I/RANDS n'F Rothsbhild's. just receiyed from a an elegent, line of goods and full line of C, Schaefer. the past few days fearful. Rain began falling and continuad until last night, when it, cleared off ,y proved to be Friday morning con- of a was visible. This as vegetation had )ut, out. moved our store to the old Adler, where we will business, and you can a fresh supply of ,,3 rocerics, Candies and ali kinds o1' White Grocery Co, for sale by A. F. Allpersouswlthin the ]imits of the Corooration o[ Weodyille liable to road dntvare hereby ordered to re- port at the Mayor's office at 7 o'ch)ck . r,t., ou Thursdav the 20th (tar of Jany 1898 prepared to work 6 days on the streets of Woodville or in lieu thereof pay two dollars W. C. MLLLER, Mayor. 1 15 1897 lw. TRESPASS NOTICE. A11huuting or tresl)assing on the Artonish lahds under fence is I?rO- ti,m. N. ,I. IIARRIS. I)reidem. Jackson. Miss. Sept. 11, 1897-tf FOIL bA LE. The house and lot in Voo.dville, south west of the public q:ac k'noWn as the Susan Scottlot adjoining lot of DrL W Magruder applyta II S VAX EATON. 11 _90 1897 If. TRESPASS NOTICI'; hibited under fnll penalty of the law. All huntin and trepassin on Any stock remaining on the Artonisil Retreat and I)aneron r)laees isstricv pastnre after February 15th will bn prohibited, undcrpenalt, of the law. charged pasturage--50c per mouth. J. A (-ILLESPIE, 1 15 1898 ly. TRESPASS N() F[CE. Allhu*lling or trespassing on the Burtou I}aotation is pr,)hibited under penalty of tim law. missions re3ked. [IAsON SNoW DEN. Oct., 9th '97.--tt'. I'RESPASS NOTICE. All huntin on Simrall and Schae- fer places is strictly [,rddbited uutier law All ft)rnn,r pet'- ;I )euallY O the J. F, luvlNo. , L. W: M;.gcoF, g,e, " Lf, * i 4` to keep up with current4, 4" i events at home and abroad. 4` Daily and Sunday, per yer.$12004` $ Semi-Weekly. per year.. .... 1.00 * 4- 1 4, (Tuesday and Fr day.) :1 4, 4, 4, ''undays only. per year .... 2.00 ,  SAMPLE COPIES FB, EE. 4, 4,4, , 'I'llE TIMES-]DEMOCRAT, 4,4, 4,4, 4't New O rleant, Imt. $ *********************** +4`4`4,4,-4`+4,4,4, ELEOTRtC IELT FREE. To introduce It :tnd ol)tain a,!-.ents the un- (l,wMgn,.d firm wnl ive away ;t f I ' V ()f thvi] 5 Gerl)lll.i1 Elget, rie B:'lts ill2,l||,orl by P'rof , VII de." .Vqvde. Pre. of IIm N,'w York tits,'- trh'M Sobriety (U.  Pstm:t 257.t7) a p.,ilv,, cUP,'foP norvrms Dobll liy, Rh!,ltl;ttlh. lo. of Power. &e. Add_.vess aT once El'ctri Agency, P. O. Box lS7-t. New York. N. Y. Grecnplaees,sstrictlvprohibitedu,,- JD00N A de.r penalty of the law. All fornler 1 I , permission revoked. ,  , ]{, M. McGEtlEE. FUNERAL ..,IRET0 . J. II. PENI)LITON. A Full Stock of Mctalic and Wood- Sept. 4, 1896-tf ten Coffins ahvays on h'md at Wood- . " BO YEA'8'- vilie, Miss., 31"a'in at, .. - ]'respass Notice. All pcrsrtound hunting, fishm,, - TAO IWAtK#h or ott el'v'mespassi.ghe BI r aamwood thtmn al nfile.- Anyoneendlngaskchanado-Iptionmay south of 'W..*'dvillc prose 4ui(kly tcetalll, frea, whether aa lnvelltiea la, able. Commuulalliona atricty cUted to the full extort It) law. eonfldenttaL Oldest ency forsecuring paten in Amori. We have a Wallhl/gtou oee. A strict watch will he kep' " ov saint Patents taken through unn & Co. receive Spoolalnoticoiu the pla4atatiou for trepa,i,et. tGIENTIFi0 AMERIGAH, ]., :u. M,m,i,,, beautiful eirelatLon O  ........ JNN and Yellow CIGARS.' DonlesHe and rm porte. 'aue Liqu ,rs. Vermmth. Cor, tia]s.el Bottled and Kerr Beer, Lemons, an lee :tlw5, on hand. My friend, and en txmors will alway-" iud mo rt'ady to da beaine.. A. II. 8ADMAI4 March 12. 9'2, CsveRt, east buiI:te:- conducted for MODr XT[: F[. OuR OFFIG r J  Ar[NY till tier. dr t