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January 22, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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January 22, 1898

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Woed|Ilt tpllJlln,_= TilE PUBLIC ROADS. Saturday, January 22. The denmud for decent public ..... - - ..................... roads, in Citizen&apos;s comtnumca- J. S, LEWIS, tion, will meet with an affirmative Editor and Proprietor. response from all whose misfor- TO ADVERTISERS. tune it is to be compelled to use the h]ghway of this county. .  The extent to which our travel ill  VOOI')VI:,I.E [{EPUBLICAN Is the ,,blest n,tvs,aper nl th- and truffle is hanlpered annually in the winter, and Mmost if not . State; has a larger bona rid,, actually l'rohibited occasionally, tit :station t}.ul any other a happens to be the case now, is ntwspal,er iu this scctiol,: a disgrace to the people of the thel'ehwe :. is county, and especially to the olti-  p, cials who in contemplation of tb Beg 00ver00mu00 hcliu:, law have supervision of the &b#000n Se00r thi00 in Mid, ,o:.,s. Dui.00,g the last fifteen - years the R'APUBLICAN has urged i he ])emc, crat aavs the i, rvlimin,- the iml)ortance of a more effici- tv survey ,4 Ihe NatO,ez and tulf, eat method of road working, and port railroad is making good pro. the inlmense, if imlirect, saving gre. that reasonably good roadways ......................... would prove to every farmer and Cuban suionomy, in Havana at. Iast. is a dead ,htck, as the riots tff last week in that city conclusively pr-ved The indiealitm are that tire anti scalping hill will pass the U S. Sen ate. IS should become a law in tb,. reat f,f lhe general l, ublic as well 'as the railroads. The Snf.reme C,,urt of the United tatcs, in an opiuhm hx ,lee Harlan this week, d,,eided theft insurance imlicv of a person found be of sound mind. who eommls Suicide, cannot be collected. " The Lodge humigrati,n Bill tws passed tile Senate. It requires all immigtants over 16 years old to lie. aide to read or  rile. I'be act does not apply so Cubans during tile con ttnuanee of the war now waged in that Island. On account of She 10 per cent cut as tLe New England cotton spinning business is in a very unset tied condition. Tim organization of the operatives is as perfe,t as possi- ble, bat whether there will he gene- ral strike is more than doubtful, a e operatives in several- large mills have accepted tile reduction quletl 3. The joint cammittee of the Legis. lature to investigate theorigln of the recent epidemic (,n the coast and the advlahiliy of havi,g a q,,arantine Station at Ship Island began ItS la- bors on londav, at. Bay St. Louis. : From thence the eowmitlee proceed- e to Bil,,xi and then to SI,ip Island. The U. S Senate also will send a emamittee to decide if tbe quarantine Station is properly located ..... --- * -4 91P t,,. ...... The State Cai)ital on last Sunday wan favored with a Session of the Mormon eonf(.renee.., which was hehl to the (/l,,,ra House, anti attended by ome' 230 men--no women present. T lilacs have changed about some what. At a moeuiug in the good old d!ya of Smith aud Brigham Youll le would have been nose but wo- eldersaucl the meeting ould no' have been llel(l in blissis- gippi. Nobody (inflAte lhat there is a ecru- Oil Mills in this State to piee of cotton seed and helow a reasonable anti I,tati.n. Wllether this amoums a "Trust" r,r not and could be Ivgal enactment we do sow But the fact thaS there rs son, blue,ion to swindle pro- ed tly Gov. Me- f,o{ r6oommendation that mills be foreed re grind seed /or , taking toll therefor. press dispatch from Seattle some ago gravel)" informed tim public qookiug t.o permanent improve- read it in a clear, loud voice, amid a bly will not hear it, He adds that deep and solemn silence. Tile rose- "In reference "o the proposed ment, without competent dire(-- Iniiou wa a long one. containing 'we ask freedom of t,ade act for ief expedition all agree finn and supervision of the work some ,,0 wo,',s and makes soeeific England alo'ne, but for the world.' while it is not needed,to avert and detailed , ila,'ges of drnnkenness, There is no objection to the Russians ly; with the beat road law. if the .. - _ : ;:- ==_ :__ : -_ :  people are utterly neghgent, the public roads ill be ha,l--without E6 d Mc[]0000ee [,liege such a law, if the people are ener- getic and far-sighted tile), will leave good roads nevertheless. ........... 9" ...... WOO""ILLEtj MIS. LEGISLATIVE. The Senate has passed a bill to i (zorgie maltt, llzincipal, establish a textile school at the A. & M. College. If the Sate Will Open its 36th Annual Session September would manufacture itsowncotton 1st, Thoroughly equipped for work in product, the training of our own MU31C, ELOCUTION, ENaLISH BRANCHE& THE young men in tile art of operating L,qNOUGES, ETC., ETC. factories for the manufacture of {lF-The. course of study has beer, revised standard of Scholar- cotton goods seems to us tile silip raised tnd Kinder<;.rden Departnw.nt added. Teat'hers winbe Sl)eetallsts. Ti,e handsome new buildings have been most certain and beneficial way ti, t,roughly refurnished and made: homelike. New Oak Fur- to give an iIn petus to such enter- nit are for girls' rooms, new springs new mar&resses, tin ses, etc. TAstable will be constant, ly suppticd wltJl an abun- prises dance of wholesome and well prepared food. No effort will be spared to .hake this the leadin, College for riris ,,, *h, Bv a vote of 31 to 7 the Senate , seetlon of the South. " ........ passed a concurrent resolution  Write for Catalogue and Terms. proposing amendment to the constitution making all the "U "1 o. J dges of the Stale elective. . Woody,lie, Miss., Jan. 18th '98. UNFAXED PISTOLS. planter in the county. Those who favor the present As the power of the press is pro- iThe htct is, t'hat without a gin- system of au appoiutive judiciary vorbial in the land, I desire to enlist Contrary to the general belief eral outcry and an active public have shown the utmost reluctance your valuable paper in a crusade for there must be very few pistols be. " better (1 do not say good) roads. As longing to tile people of this State. to allow the people to express the Legislature is now iu session per- We make this remark, because, as feeling, which, we need not ex- their will u)on this subject hapssomeihingcan be done at once eve,yhody knows, assessments are poet, under existing laws no m- Legislators, like the meml)ers of to remedy, if uot relieve, the very provement of the public roads the late constitutional cbnven- present evil. given in to the assessors re-enforced can reasonably be anticipated. If the present ahnost tlnpassable tion, have preferred the exercise The public roads of Wilkinson t)y the corporeal oath of the assessed. condition of many of the main of the one man power to the County are a disgrace to any ci'vilized and evervJ)odv knows that the people community, and a heavy, though of Mississippi wont lie, much less voice of the people, and but for redirect, tax on the entire population, swear to lies. couuty roads could conHnue the example of the present ad- for brokeu wagous aud stove up[ In the face of these facts it is verr throughout the year, improve- ministratiou in the appointment horses and mules are expensive It asi;onisbing that omt assesorcouht ment would be forced. But with of judges it ]s probable tha the is a crying shame that such a state of find. or rather had reported to him. dry weather the woe'st holes will people wouhl notbe authorized by affairs exisls when it could be reins- be filled with brush covered with a litlle dirt and the intelligent this legi,dature to decide this died by some good road law being tinder oath. less than 1C0 pistols--= franed aud enacted by the Legisla- about 65 we believe in this eonnty. road overseer will have a plow question, which they have never ture and then enforced by the people. No one however, need feel had about run a time or two ola each side of had tu Ol)t)ortunity of doing-- The worst part of the situation lies this apparent lack of honesty, (her( provided of course the House in the fact. that the roads are steadily being no doubt one tl|ousand pistols a read--that is for drainage you ' know--and presto, the road is joins with the Senate in submit- growing worse I believe "tlmt the owned in the county.) The Jackson ting the question to the voters of roads of the county have deteriorated correspondent of the Memphis Seiln. worked! No man of ordinary the State. In the I]ouse the atleast25 perc, ntin the last two or liar gives consolation, if a mul]tud sense requires to be told Ihat de- cent roads are not possible under ch:jrges of corruption against three years. Iu two years more, 1 of lies can help the matter He says: such a slovenly, slipshod, ridicu- meml)ers in the matter of the am afraid to say what will be the , .  . Dsraceful d-,scloures are made condition unless some change for the by tile asessment rolls on tile at the h)us pretense of public work. school book law has "petered better is made--perhaps then wheeled Auditor's oflice as regards the uuln- out." Passmore, the edit,,r who vehicles will be discarded aud the ber and vah,e of pistols.iu the seyeral The first principle of road published the charge, did not pack mule and the horse with the counties In Lauderdale there are making is drainage, arid proper know anything nor had he any saddle built for two will again come there are 241 pistols valued at $i ,51 266 pistol valued at .$1.326 ; Ill Hinds drainage for the roads of a county cannot be had without uniform proof. IIis main witness, McAI- into use from neccssity. Or perhaps These two connties make the bess and meet intelligent supervision, lister, has been dodging the in- some genius wdl invent a mad bicycle or rather the largest showing, and yet to keep it from being said that tlleiit is just as certain as death and taxes vestimttion, it seems, and no one nineteenth century had to borrow tl)e/that there are from two to five those- Such snperyision the present believes that he can prove any- transportation ideas of tile seven-/tha t they are not giveu in to the asses- and more pistols in each of them. art,{ road law does not provide for. Moreover, a system of good roads thing to support the charge. An teeuth. As a citize,and a tax payer, t sor by the owners, whose only motive was never maintained anywhere editor who will be led to make IasktiieREPuBLrCA retake uptlfisliu thus perjnring themselves is to es- eape the taxes on ab,,ut $10 worth of such a charge without proper questio.n and to keep it up until the !persoual property. In tw couuties without some expenditure of foundation otht to be squelched people obtain some relief. CITIZEN. O[ the State there is not a single pis- money; not a great deal necessa- :-" : == tel giver, iu and those two are Coa- rdy, but whether so or not, it pro t)ono publics.. FARMER'S INSTITUI'ES. hon,a and Quitman.', wouht return its value to those Tbe House tabled the original The Melidian Star suggests the ---.0.-. who paid it a thousand fold (]lover resolution charging drun- the formation of Farmer's Institutes We commend to .ur readers the kenness upon hgh state officials, in which no subject whatever shall folloing frem "Eve" iu the Times The Legislature at a reeent i referred his second resolution be discussed unless it relates " di- Democrat: 'Americans use too ranch starchy session enacted a law which au- on the same subject to its judici- reetly to the farm econonr, or the fuo'.t, especially is it the rule in our thorized Boards of Supervisors ary cmnmittee, which reported improvement of the present system Southland. We are too tend of wllit,, to appoint Commissioners of that the resolution was ship of cutivaton &e. flour in rolls biscuit, cake. pancakes, Roads for their counties, but un- shape, etc., and then after debate Heretofore, tile Star says, as soon waffles, etc. /hus we (1o not get fortunately owing to a confusion the'House tabled the resolution enough hone food, tooth food, air, s- as a Farlner's organization wasper, ele fo-d, nerve food, brain f,,od. of dates probahly the l'tw repeal- because it was not. specific, fe(.ted the two by-four politician ed itself before most of the eoun- Mr. Glover seems to have ex- bobbed up aud got in his slimy work " ] Shredded wheat, oatmeal, Grahffm flour, eaehsupply in Imdy-buitding ties had an oppoiCunity to act pected that action, as he imme- "XVe want to get, on a self sustain- ]the elements most needed, our someUpn suchtt" WitboUt]aw we seethenobene0tprospectf tiondiately'intrduced a third resolu- lag I)asi and learn how ,o supple / Southernused homir, is not as univrsal- whichis specificenough in all lneuL five cent cotton crops I) 3, the[ ly as formerly, and the chihlren of to-,lay show the difference, h* of an improvomen In the pres- eonscieuce, though it is not ex- production of other paying crops, the march ot improvement (?,) or eat method of so ealled road tens,re, as itrelaedto only one and Ihe siediest and best way to I . manufaeLure more properly, it, is im- wotking. If the B. of S., should eircult judge, do this. The Star will discuss the possible to get unbolted cornmea! adve ise for bids to work the We can give only a synopsis of feasibility of tili proposition more sach as nourished our forebeats. In mot mtpmlant roads, it is not speeificatious: fully in the near future, and what we remote country districts, where ones ...... the weekly heine-ground grist sup - """ say now is merely uggestlve." plied the saff of life, sweet, full el likely that advantageous offers to "Mr. Glover Ihen arose in his seat :-=:: best unholted eletuens, now theohl do the worhl be made. We know and his face and manner betrayed tbe Tim English G-ovetnmeut, says the mill is silent anti the merchant sup- of no one who is prepared io do calm s,ppressed feel,us of a maa this kind of work. If a serious th'iven to the last resort. There was Philadelptua Times, through tile plies cream meal and grits, all shorn nothing of oassmu in liis cool, con- m3uth of the first lord of the treasu- of many bes pr,,perties "l'here i attempt to put our public roads strained voieas he said: ry, Arthur J Balfour, has at last great, need to study the use of ma. "Mr. Speaker', I have another res- " / terisls employed iu building our vital m good condition as made, the olution to offer which 1 had hoped defined its pesition on' the EasSern structure; neglect of these subjects first step would seem to be th this House would not force upon me purchase by the coutity of ade- Member have dod'ed boiliud techni- question, and the English press with- means physical degeaeracy." ealities, and 1 have followed them out regard to party alignment, ex,. quate tools, road machines, etc .......... . :--=--:  "] d:l?: q hu ! !:i:pitd :: i I fi Yoii!;;il!:!:i;):}j;ii/:!!: grr::7 !!iai :!oi: ! i i, : ... . . . .],. ,. . . .i  " "l::rei .: will ished must Mak,, either either -pt]nished lawless man feel be obey a law-abidiug by Ilethe laWlaw_and or citizen be that puu- he or he " ' ' make {;em ' [ ,o) ' ' / torial; the. territorial ext)ansion he will move to some place where lib the time of the road hands w,,i,  " . j e this resolution . . ertv arid license are more nearly sy- "'u|will be foond species and direct [ means lnereased expenses and heavier ,ion;n,ous terms. require the expendilure of more/enough, as it gives names, dates, respousiblli.ies. This is a good word waqt, it would be welcomed, Just so; lree ralions Head of a Department as be welcomed. Sup- to,, folks set out for all the people wl,o having a uice free port on the China sea if the British government be not e:cluded', bus neither Russia nor auy power would be permitted to ilo the coast with stations of a protec- " ;70000og: ' " ' .... ] II Lhe law aushored it. it ma, be iV K. Mc*Laurlu of t.e ntuth Judicial {doubed tf our Suner,:i .......... ,. d, ., r,( S,.as. tot lows During Ihe Jan- { . r " t" ........ '"'" ualv, /, term st court botd ia |teei at hberty Lo make a considera- CIa;bo, ne eouu{v; iu Vi.ksburg, on {ble exmndi,urei unless there ,as a Aug. 2. 1897; i'n Vicksburg. on or ! ........ i aoout ,_epl. 3 1897. m the store of [genera a,m amice uemanu for reh,r-j Sharp & Hennesey, same laxe a, tionist country who would raise ens- matlon in our public road workin ,late in the St Charles saioP,i; sa,nde]t0tns or other barriers to trade. 'l"hi .. . . . ptace and ,late druuk and rec and rep, in2: A s the case ,s n,m tdriviug along tim puhlic streetskles,l is a policy highly creditable and ::i ' n'l" ;r SunPdd ' praiseworthy, and cannot lail to be I :,:a:la:f i:::t:Ti I :;eo(y){neli_ u. :e::gsi, :l. e elra; ur J:3 ry approved by the English people. It/ , e" implies agnarantee for heintegrlLy] " ts .' ' : . uera- } The resolution provi,les for the ap- / f .... tion, as tbey are considered in the pointmeut of aconimitecof five Inem o ,.,hlua, and Is, lU fact, a alessage best and mot arosperous and pro ber of+tile/Iouse whose dtltv itsball of peace to the world." { " - oe tO a. ouce nlaKe a II Orough laves- ::-= :* gresaive sections the world over, our [ tigatiou of [he charges and makes an roads occupy no place aS all oractl / appropriati,,n of $500 for carrying on ...... t I sneh investigalion. Call)' In pugne estimation, t -- .... !  motmu was made to table if our esteemed crrespndent.[this resolution also, which was Five convh:tions for murder in one week afford a good occasion for se- rious thql, king There was a strong feeling hi the community that cri,ae ought to b punished or jurieswuld have found excus to turn loose some of ti, ose murderers There is srong warning to evil doers that the people do not care to be overrun with erimi- nals, m the raet that five juries were drawn ill a legal uianner each of which proved iu a practical way that each of its twelve members was in raver of enforcement or tim law There is ground for h pe that legal technicalities will not always be re. garded by the courts as of m,re ira- g for suet, work, should statute book. passed finder the sup. e of "lhe Boards of needed restraining laws them fram windhng their and thaS the Legisla could, by general law, do better the people of the eounties than most direct representatives of peoplethe Supervsoracould dolor them, trnst their than tile Legis- , but possible. nndo some of Pt!ve work and allow and jtlSt Ihnlts, itl,ttffit of t,ieirl ountiel. L In the peeiaUy ing demand for uniformity in size of bale. The coral)Islet is that there is , no uniform standard of press boxes "Ci0zen," could induce fifty live defeated by the vote o1:55 to 43. in the country And as a result yes men in tbis supervisors distries to A motion to refer the charges to sell cannot be loaded properly. Loss jOiUproperhimtoadinwotkingan effortin thet fuiute,aetirc the grand jurtes of Warren, and of carrying, capacity tends to increase and tlley could induce a proporuon. Glaiborne counties was defeated, freight harges. to act, within Increased value that geod roads give , re the real calais of a community or for, county, which is a notorious fac ; t our te warns us So sutn n 1) brief, have a five relnembrauce of Ilfat, fact. ju(lgc portance than law and common sense when ourts role so uniformly ill favor o[ the law as was doue by Judge Powell last weok.--Wesson Mirror. T m Herald thinks ally paner nlakes a great mistake when. for the sake 9f a little notoriety, it offers to print torauy couuty or town the legal proceedings free of cost. Columns of space are worth somethiug, and transporLhm of cotton, es- the publication of the proceedings to Europe, there is a row- saves the tax-payers more thau are ever paid the- papers for doing the work Yazoo City Herahl. For'the Tennessee senatorship Con- gressman MeMillen lead iu the Dem- ocratic caneus The present senator by appointment, Turley. second, Governor Taylor, third" The two and of course Lhe latter no dotlh't are combined against McMillen, though they ought to feel ale numt)er of good men of tim whi;h probably was the best di- the coifs5 grower fools tim bill el- I some sympathr tot tlie man who was otl)er districts to uuite with them, position to have made of the case though he may not kuow it. / beaten by Bailey of Texas for the this mos! just and beneficial object unless the Leg/slaturecan punish _-==== . { democratic leadership of the IIouse. mld be accsmplished beyom{ doubt, for such offenses. 'l'he'charges preferred byRepre, l BuL a spasmmhc effort would act accomplish anl'thing anymore than Prof, R. W. ""Joues of Oxford has 1 sentative Glover against Judge W. [stul? rylan' ,g" g odvethe ttleRepublicaUSseuatorshiDare They cannot expect to have as rnne:h that kind of roadwork atcuaplisheslwrltn a letter deehning to aeceptiK" MeLaurin, of the Vicksburg fun as their Ohio friends hadacouple i/.s object. toe presi,lenc ot the 1 1 ant ' t t "Y " I C. , aS I district, are vohlnlinous and of weeks ago. We havesald nothing about thec,Aumbus. Ispeeiflc' making the heaviest ...... -* Prof Jones was once the ) [ " . Iresi- ,shwlllg for disorderly eonduet and deut of that iastilntion and eems to drnnkenaess, an and off dutv, that we have ever seca made against a Consul Gin Lee eabled, on the 17th iffst., for re,re relief supl,lies to be forwarded io t'entra]"Cuban Re-{ tlief Committee. LEON SCH WARTZ. C. Iq. EYLAND. SCHWARTZ & NEY[A Main Street, WOODVlLLE, MII Sinee/he Quarantine restrictions arond on r rowan have been raised we have been daily reeeivinfl fresh floods of all ltinds and ozr store is now replete with best staple and aney grocerzes, dry oods, ete, to be fbzend. New goods arriving-daily. I ha, purchased a large stock of Dry good00 Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping ticles, Hats Shoes &c. in lgew Yo all of which I propose to sel! at so low that it will be to Your intere to examine my stock. Special ducements to large buyers. PEETR MOLLER YOUR DOCTOR FICHTS 1 Disease with medicine. If the medicine is not right he cannot c(.)nquer disease. If the drug- gist {toes his duty the iuedicino  will be right, and your doctor " will stand a good chance of You can help your ,toetor by iaviil(r "O ' , " here. ) ut pztseripmn filled ARGUE,s PHARMACY, @N.. W. HEALy, Iantigel-, (zl EO. .WOO.VI    > ! M[. 7:55 pm fi: i6 ate 4:2o prr, 8:35 pm I J : 50 pin 7:10 am Viotisourg 6 S * i , t* 0 LI l't.Vl [ ie " " " " Arrives New Orleans " Cell trcvlile " '" J' " " Vieksh,,,.o, .. arrives Meni I his y Iraln Leaves V1ckshlll.g, ,, 8 am arriv, New Orleans 5:30 pm No. ,2,2 D,y Train leaves ew N,'leaus 8:05 am " " arrives Vicksburg, 5:55 pra Tra/n rans daily exeel t, Suudaty. -" No, 72) leaves Wondvi110 " " leaves Bacon S,tra 9 m " " arrives Rlauahtar ]1:]0 am No. 722 leav,, Slaughter 12:20 pm .... arrives Woodville 2:3lua]]" 4:15 pm The only Line rnnni,tr.n,ir Trai,: he,win, n --'VJEemlohl nd lew Orlealntm Uarrying elegant Pallmau Buffet SleeDing Gara in both directions, th surlng Passegers a speedy and comfortable journey. For J&ates, J/:tps etc', apply o Agents orad 'r,ss. JNO, A. SUOTI', Div. Pass'r Agt, A. T. BENEDICT. MANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER IN garriagas, gem, Farm Wag0ns, Harness lent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAt]0N8 Which are universally acknowledged to be The B0st and LIflHTEST RUNNING WAGON Made. Agent for Ft4ZIEI' ROAD and'SPEEDING CART, whie  are great favorites among Horsernem AGENT FOil THE The most extensive Mauufaeurers of Iron Faneing in the United Statelb ]>arti,'ular attention paid to re-cover/ng and rigging "lel:-tt I!tcld. lea. All work done promptly aud ,it txeasonable ra.te. Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf 2"" - ' 7 --L . , r, ', | n TnBs+ Sav in the werld Jo Cuts. Brnises Sores, Ulcers, ;a/ Rleum. Fever Sores, Tetler. Chal,ped Sands, Chilblains. Corns, and all Ski'l Er, ptions, and positively cares Piles, ornopav requ,r,d It is , e ." f " . " g,arante d o give per ect satisfaction or mone rfnnded. Pries 25 cents per bux. For sale by Lewis & Mxers. NO'I'ICE. For Saleall land and town prop. ertv of the !ate S. P . Adler consist Jug of his /ale residence, the City He tel and to stores on M,in Slr,,et. and part of the old Holt hon, estead For terms &c.. apply tn ,lxs M. SEsameS, Ex'r. June 12 ' , , , , ,, .. .... ._ . . ...  60 Y'EARB'  I TltAn MARK8 DSlGNe - -- OPYRIGHTe &O. A. ffono 8endl. a 8keteh jmd deseriptlon ml' qlUlCKty ce,al ,L11r' OplnIOD  whhe &Ut nventton Is probablypatentable. Communica- tions atrletiy confidential HandboOk On Patlmtll aent free. Qldeit etllmey for Securing patentll, Patentll taken tilrouf!h Munu & Co. leeeivl #pecta/ftotfe, without ellal'{Iw, In the Sdtulifi BmtrRau. A .hndsomely.tlluetltl wekly. 1.4u'get en cu,alaon 0r any scieritiflo Journal. rmi, 1t3 it ][ear ; four months, SL Sold byan llewIdfl HUNN & Co,,,,,--,, HewY0000