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January 19, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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January 19, 1973

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Friday, January 19, 1973 The Woodville Repubt;can, Woodville, Mississippi MISSISSIPPI OUTLOOK by Paul Pittman Governor Bill Waller has prob- ably forgotten it. bu, t the first time I had a serious discus,sion with him was in 1963 in the Dixi Coffee Shop on Lamer Street in Jackson. A little known dist,rict attor- ney from Hi, ntis county, he was fresh off of his vigorous and somewhat controversial prosecu- .tlon of Byron De LaBeekwith 't,hat, interested in the future cf Bill Wall,r in the political arena. In 1967 he made his plunge, that I thought he was relaxed. Commission were received, ap- self confident, and had come a long way in the past decade There is a dictum extant amen2' historical buffs that sometimes the office makes the man This could be the case with Waller. But we can letvc that to history to decide. Hc has done thin,., like ap- pointing blacks to cff.fic' and F:roved and filed. Claims against were disposed of as follows: General Fund: Samuel E. Smith corrupt practice.s, $500.00; postage. $23.C0: Ketchings Co., Inc.. supplies, $9.55; C. E. Catch- ings, M.D.. treat prisoners. $13. (,0: Miss. Jr. College All-Star McGraw, salary, $752.79; Waldo Welch, same. $339.44; Herman the County Anthony, .same, $344.69: Edith Carter. same, $223.7,0; Soc. Sec. Fd.. w'held & Co. share. $202.80; Retirement Fd.. Co. share, $99. 00; w'held, $99.00: Viotory Tax Fd.. same. $207.80: State Income Tax Fd.. so,no. $27.05: Insurance Fd., w'held & Co. share. $133.65: McGehee Motor Parts, parts, going on the record in favor Clinic. adv., $50.00; Campbell Shf. car. $4.05: Owens Grocery, of such controversial tlfings as Pest Control. sere,, jail, $5.59: compulsory school ati, endance McCcmb Sty. Co.. supplies. $2.05; and opposing a tax cut in the Ketchings Co.. Inc.. payroll book, etc.. $58.40; marriage licenses. running for ,the governor's office face of an $85 million surplus i $130.80; Cliff White. supplies, ou of nowhere. He was obvi- in the s.tate treasury. ously und,erfinanced and had Poll,tics. aL best. is tricky bus- $39.50: Miss. Power & Light, not enouqh organization o iness. But it cught to be no,ted utilities, ct. hse., jail. $82.15; make a storewide campaign, tha.t Bill Waller has come a long Super Service Sta.. gas, mower, $.34; Ketchin,gs Co.. Inc., sup.,- who had been charged with the ambush slaying of Medgar Jeers. } pioneer at ,the time in work- ing for equal rights for blacks in Mississippi. I,t so happened that at the .time I was w.rking in the cam- paign of Jud:e J. P. Coleman. handling his publicity in second and unsuccessful But he and his wife. Carol, way in the past ten years. What established themselves as work- kind of governor he will make. ors. crisscrossing the state, mak- in he windup, remains to be ing the rallies and speaking to seen. cr.cwds wherever they could find them. In 1971, circumstances caught up with Bill Waller and he was elected governor. As some read- his ors ,nay recall. I was the cam- reporter to talk 'to Waller after COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEET State of Mississippi County of Wilkinson $8.99; Alonzo H. Sturgeon, pos,t- a,:e, $63.32: La,wrence PrintLng Co., sup., $27.75: Planters Hd,w., Inc., same. $.80: Alonzo H. St;ur- geon, MCA 3932 ('X) Bd. sere., $'/50.00; treasurer, annual salary, $25.08; Samuel B. Minor. J.P., $20.90: Mary Russ. same, $60.0}0; w'held & Co. share, $171.60; Myrtle Wisher. same. $265.00: Ketchings Co.. Inc., sup., $3.01: Clay B. Tucker. Bd. atty., $300. same. $4.25; Miss. Assessor- 0',}: E. E. Benoist. Jr., dist. atLy., Collector Assn.. dues. $25.00; So. paign for governor, he won a su.rprising victory over Waller had the political bug Lt. Gee. Charles Sulliwm in the in him ,back then. ambitious for Democratic primary. hid, her office, and anxious to The impression that night out pick the brains of anyone he at ,tel.evision station WLBT was thought migh,t have some ex- that no one was more surprised pertise in ,the field of politics, than Waller at having been As I recall it, the coffee was coddled with the responsibility not good, but we sa, t there for of running the state. A side- almost an hou, r, huddled in a light was that, sopping wet with booth in a corner across from perspiration, he borJrowcd a red the law office h,e occupied in blazer from his political fri.end. Be it known and remembered that on ,this the 2nd day of ditor, $1.63.95; MCA 3932 tppJ, January, A D.. 1973 at 9 o'clock $113.60: Samuel E. Smith reg- a.m.. the Wilkinson County istra.r. $118.25: for deputy, $350. Board of Supervisors convened. 0O: Judith Brown. ct. repr., $82. in re2ular monthly session rin 34; Anabel MaXie, same, $63.20; the Courthouse. John J. Dale, Jr.. Co. agt., $278. The roll being called..the tel- 63; Marjorie F. White. home agt., lowing an.swJr,ed present: Steve $171.44; Mary P. Bailey, secy., Reed, A. J. Darflen, Leon Cavin. $28.44; Edgar Delaney, in,niter, $62.50: Alonzo H. Sturgeon, au- Central Bell. s, erv.. assessor, $37. 'the building across the street. Jack Stuart: of Morton, to re- Grew, Sheriff and Alonzo . Even then, Waller could not]place his own coat. S,turgeon, Clerk. have been charged ,with being Friday night, Waller came to The monthly repots of John an extremely humble man. But Tylertown to speak to the an- J. Dale, Jr., County Aden,t; Mar- he was interested in the Cole- nual banquet of the chamber of jori,e F. White, Extension Home man campaign, and more than commerce. My notes indicate Economist; and State :Hos.pi*al Louis Gaulden. and Tom As.h- $118.50: Ruth Scot. same, $68. ley. Also present were H. B. Me- 88; Victory Tax Fd.. w'held. $291.60: State Income Tax Fd. same. $43.32; Soc. Sec Fd., w'- held & Co. share, $196.34; Re- tirement Fd.. Co. share, $126.95; w'held, $13:10; Insurance Fd., w'held & Co. share, $98.94; H. B. Bringing you electric service isn't an eight-to- five job--our service qrews are ready to roll day or night, in all sorts of weather. Sometimes, its a tough job--but it's part of the business of pro- viding you with dependable electric power. For over thirty years, Mississippi's Electric Power Associations have been bringing service to people in areas which wouldn't otherwise have electricity. -('hat's why your Electric Power As- sociation is here.., to bring a better life to yo[ and your family, and pave the way for economic growth. SOUTH WEST ELECTRIC POWER ASSOCIATION tory Tax Fd., w'held, $195.80; $5.147.50. Rtirement Fd.. sme, $93.34; Revenue Sharing Fund:. Jerry Co. share. $93.34; Soc. Sec. Fd.. Enis, salary, $126.42; Retiremen w'l]eld & Co. share. $257.32; In- Fd., Co. shot,c, $6.30; w'held, surance Fd.. same. $172.42. $6.30; Sc..Sec. Fd., w'held & Co, FiLth Di.strict Road Fund: share. $14.56: H & R Ford, Inc,, Bison Saw. Inc.. parts, $2.10: F-6 truck, $5,020.57. H. ,M. Longmire, hdw., $10.00; F.orestry Escrow Fund: {Miss. SW Miss. EPA. utilities. $3.30; Fores,try Com., work on school Super Sere. Sta.. sere., ps.. etc,, sections, $25.40; Planers Hdw., $39.37: Planters Hd,w.. Inc.. hdw.. Inc., ,up., $3.38. {17.05: Scotts Auto Repair, serv.. Buffalo Bridge Buildin'g Fun.d: gas, same. $8.11: tI. B. McGraw, $513.92: H & R. F.rd. Inc.. sere.. Engin.eers Labora.tcries, Inc., reimb, gas, exp., $52.50: Charles pts., $101.20; Stribling-Puckett, lab service $67.00; T. P. Groome, E Weaver, Jr.. blood.hound erv., Inc,. same, $363.88: Buffalo Contracto', Est. No, 7, $14,920.11. $50.[],0; Egsie Heris. jail board. Services. Inc., tire repr., ec., The Clerk ,of the Wilkinson $46.00: South Central Bell, .erv., $12.50: parts, $2.84 fuel. $520.42; County Board of Superv.lsors is Shf., $47.32: Super Service Sta.. Tom Ashley, salary $480.24: hereby ordered to draw ,a war- gas, Shf., $238.07; Mrs. Prentiss Jewel Anders. same. $274.21; ren.t in favor of the W, ilkinson Mathis. same. $5.15; Betty Dew- Sidney Nettles. s,me $255.54; County Board of Library Trus- son, salary, $765.93: Julia Hen- Clyde Nettles. same, $263.55; tees in ,the amount of $4,00&00 derson, same. $232.45; Sammy Morris Nettles, same, $272.35; for the suppor, t of the Wilkinson Johnston, same, $223.70; Louisa Buel Wisne.r. same. $297.13; C,u.n.ty Library, from .the Wil- McGraw, same, $223.70: Victory Claude Johnson, same, $255.54; kinsen County Library Fund. Tax Fd. w'held $284.70; State Earl Van Johnson, same. $261.39; tContin'ued next week) Income Tax, same, $43.22; ,Re- Jerry Nettles. same, $274.04: tirement Fd.. Co. share. $40.50; Wilmer Floyd, same. $316.05: w'held, $40.50; Soc. Sec. Fd.. Darrel Lapairie. ame. $231.30: Hiram News David Day, same, $261.30: Vic- tory Tax Fd.. w'held. $257.40; Mrs. Laurel Ann Padgett hs State Income Tax Fd,, same, transferred f r o m Perkinston $3.38: R,tirement Fd. same, Junior College ,o Delta Sta, te $184.29; .Co. share, $184.29; Soc. Teacher's College as a junior in 75; Betty Dawson, postage, $40. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, Education. Registration ,there O0; reimb, of..sup., $1.80; Miss. $463.34; Insurance Fd.. same, was on Monday, December 8. Bd. Ani, mal' Health, vac. calves. $414.21; McGehee Motor Par,ts,After having din, nor with Laurie bonds.S31"00; WallBi-Cun'ty& Darden.Ins" AgencY,S85.00; pa, rts, $206.50. /Monday .at DSC,, Gary visited same. Campbell. $35.00; South County-wide Road and Bridge/his father, Mr. Harold Padgelt, Central Bell. sere.. Supt. Edu.. Fund: J D. McCraine. En,gr. ]and Mrs. Padgett at Biloxi until $21.75; Carl Wall J.P.. $30.00; sere., $523.96; R. M. Inman, Jhis regi.stratton at Perki.nston on same, $480.90: Paul Chapman, i January 10 in En, g'lneering. BllboJhn JoneS,Ferguson,COns'table,same, $390.00;$300'00: ame, $85.32; Waodrow Price, I Other local students a,t Delete E. B. PriLchard. same. $3'00.00; same. $46.66: G. V. Perry, drag- State Teacher's College are Mr. Lawrence Minor. sam,, $300.0D: line opt.. $362.61; Insuranoe Fd.. and Mrs. D. M. Dixon ad Mr. Sidney Nettles. same, $300.00; w'held & Co. share. $93.96; Soc. Lev Cavin. Jr. Poe Wee ,irons- Joe Davis Service Sta. gas, Shf., Sec. Fd., same, $179.40: Retire- $6.90; W'villc Republican, forms, mnt Fd., Co. share,. $71.55; w'- ferred from Southwest. $14.90; ballo,ts, $29.70; adv. bids, held, $7,1.55: Scotts Auto Repels; Mrs. Rose Mary O'Neal re- $'33.3.0,; pub. minutes, $60.00: adv. ,sere., $37.68: Fred McCarstle, turned to her home at Perk,ln- Engr. sere., $255.00: Neely Blue sign for the .Christmas holidays: sale bonds. $84.55; pub resolu- Print Co., supplies, $42.50; H & R ! IA']l of her c,hildren except Mr. tion. $84.00; sup., $38.50: Lewis Ford, Inc., s,erv., pts., $52.95; j I and Mrs. Tip Marsh and daugh: Ins. Ag., pub. off. bonds. $672.00; I Ketchin,'s Co., Inc.. sup., $11.45; D. McCraine. posta,g'e, $14.80;iters of Tennessee v'isi*ted Mrs. " Planters Hdw.. Inc.. hdw.. $3.64; "Ermyntrude Longmire during Town of Woodville. u,tilities, ct. Bettye Sturgeon, S.B. 1726, $300. the Ctristmas holidays. hse., jail, $57.68: Lewis Ins. Ag., C0; Super Service Sta., gas, $134. .Mrs. Vlrgie LeBlue of Crowley bond sale bond. $70.00; Beck- 84: D'Aqulla Oil Co.. fuel, $13.3: spent Christmas Eve with her ham's Elec, Sere.. sere., $8.40; McGehee Motor Parts, ,parts, parents. Mr. a,nd Mrs. Otis . So. Central Bell. sere., Bd.. Clk., $21.78; Carter Eqt. Co., sme, Jackson. $96.27: ct. room. $42.38: Co. agt., $25.10; Cir. clk., $11.72. $99.1; Wood'ville Republican, pub. bids, $49.35. Firs.t t" _I  Distriot Road Fund: County Farm Fund: Wil. Co. ,.omple,e Dickerson & Bowen, asphal,t, Welfare D.,,pt.,o, ren.t & exp., ,175. INSURANCE $64.17: Reese Me,or Sales, wreck- er so,re.. $20.00; Shell Sere. St}a, 00; child welfare, $50.00; Town of Woodvlle. u til,i, ties. food ..overae tire repr.. $4.20; Central Sere. Sta.. same. $4.60; Cazter Eqt. Co., stamp, $16.29: Miss. Power & Protection PLUS ren.L grader, $600.00: Louis Light, same, $22.93. Gaulden. salary, $463.55; Gerald Public Heal, th Fund: Wit. Co. Servicel Wilkinson. same. $288.35; Oliwer Health Dept., all, o.tmert, $850.00; Lanus, same, $289.57: Victory Polly R. Evans, vital s.tat., $19.75; Be Sure----- Tax Fd.. v'held, $83.90; Retire- resr, vital star., $40.00; Miss. merit Fd.. same. $56.04; Co. State Sanitorium, TB pollen,is, ,share. $56.04; Soc. See. Fd,, w'- $'44.00. ------Insure With held& Co. share, $129.50: Sta,nd- Field ,Mere. Com. Hospital ard Oil Co., fuel, $286.48; A1- Bond and Interest Fund. Icposit fred Broadway, lot rent, $15.00; Guaranty National Bank, ln,ter- FOSTER labor, $15.(]0. est & fee, $605.00. Insurance Agency Second District Road Fund: Courthouse Bond and Interest 888-4362, Woodville Rollins Chain Saws. sere., pts., Fund: .Guaranty Na- $11.65: Laurel Hill Lbr. Co., lbr., tional Bank, pr, Ln., int. & fee, $4.2.48; Big River Supply Co., =r- I I II  ' culvert. $255.57; Allied F,t. Co., pts., $68.45; D'Aquila Oil Co., LOANS fuel, $597.65; tires. $66.67; Super Service Sta., tire .repr., etc., $33. 77; Planters Hdw., Inc., hdw.. $2.59: Sco'tts Auto Repa2r, serv., $5 000 $343.65: sw Miss. EPA. utintles, From $100 to $3.90; Steve Reed, salary, $447. 1,1; Theodor,e Brackens, same, $236.76: Fred Brown, same, $257. 65; Ar, thur Clark, s,me, $273.39; Bill Consolidating Loans Tom Hollins. same, $229:08: Ar- Are Our Specialty. Payments Reduced As thur ,Clark, same. $254.86; I'stah Selvage, same, $2606; John Much As V to V= And Sometimes Even More, Selvage, same, $258.76; West Ware, same, $273.39; Vie,tory Tax -- Free COUNSELING SERVICE --- Fd., w'held, $1'23.30; Retiremen Fd., sam;e, $84.18; Co. share, $84. Call Or Stop,By Our Office 18; See. Sec. F.. w'held & Co. ,hare, $323.98; Insurance Fd., "Woodville Financ00 Inc serv., pts.. $358.25; McGehee Me- ' Q tor Par.ts, parts, $2.1.44. Depot Street Phone .on  Third DIs, trict Road Fund: Fernwood Industries, ereo. lbr., , ,   , , , , $272.84; Rollins Chain Saws, sere. pts., $4.20; Dickerson & Bowen, asphal, t, $213.58: Planters Auto Repair, srv., $195.0); Buf- falo, $'/9.26; A. J. Darden, salary, $480.24; Harold C. Bruss, J,r., same, $259.69; Les- lie Hughes, same, $289.79; ,Ma- rion E. McCurley, same, $277.05; W. Lure McGraw, same/$263.55; Vi.ctory Tax Fd, w'held, $98.20; offers many Fringe Benefits for the brood cow' State Income Tax Fd., same, $3.38; Retlremen$ Fd., same, fed America's Number One liquid feed. $1.1; Co. share, 41.1; :m, Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. sh.sure, $204.90; Insurance 'Fd., same, 1. Increases conception rate. $20379; Minna Erstling, lot vent, $10.00; VIcGehee Motor Paz%s, 2. Increases milk for calves. pts., $5.60; Gulf Oil Products, 3. Heavier calves at weaning. fuel, $193.0.3. ou,rth  District Road Fund: 4. Improved utilization of all feeds. SW Miss..EPA, ,utilities, $3.00; 5. Better overall animal health from multiple source Big River Supply Co., grader vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fermentation growth blades, $385.36; Super Serv. Sta.. tire ,repr., etc., $52.94; D'Aquila factors. Oil Co., tires, $151.88; f, uel, ,618. 75; Carter Grocery, hdw., $10.09; LET US EXPLAIN THE EASY PRO-LIX WAY Jimmle's to Serv,, serv., pts., $358.86; Leon Cavin, salary, $44'/. ,,: w 0000. FRED NETTERVILLE 69;' Charlie MeMorris, same, $162.10; J. H. Net/ties, same, $3'12. 35; Elmo Sanders, same, $290.69; RoUte 1 Woodville, Miss, Howard, same, $196,42; Irvl.n Demals same, $286.16; Vic-