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January 15, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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January 15, 1898

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Editor anti Prol)rietor. TO AIIVER 118ERS. &apos;ru: WOODVJ:,t,F, I{EPUBL]CAN ts tiae (d,lest netv.qlmpvr ill th Slate; has a larger ona fide eirmtlalion than any other neWSl)apt, r in this eclio. therefi)re "' is Satm'day, January 15. "It tsqu, evklcnt that Presiden to that effect, leaving the Itouse ............. .__=. _:.: ................ Audrews' ideq or I urnishin child)er, to investigate for itself. ................ W|m attend the publ,c schools wit, h a ! Another iuvestigation is on the d. S. LEVI8, rreq tunctl bus not t,oer) received with much lavm btl l his w;is 1,'0 be cxpec- i waysthe charge that certain ted. If c] educated by the, members two years ago were public are to beg(yen free lunch, why noLnlake provisj,n f()l' free book, guilty ofeuri.ul)ti,n lathe matter canf])', gttrn, shoes and mackir tosnes  of the state s- and /)Lher fhinls which it is the d,"- (heel book law. Mr Of [.)are/its t SU ) )ll " " "%' ])assll  " . ." ' , 11 .. In our jnd,- tore, e(|ttt)r ot the , ,',,,),!,,, ,,e ,.e worst, k,,, T, ................ )O)ly It Instill in Llle n, inds of the, .... ,% Hl,lt)e tile trialgO. , llen rising g(:uera h,n lhe belief that it is called heft)re the cotnnlittee lie Lh(; business ()f the government t,o aske(l for time t() get his author- reed and sUT)l),)r[, them. We have in 1 lhisconnt.ry at, the I)rescnL timea ity, as he knew nothing about it illtlllber of p.liti('Jans who are carried personally. By vote ef 9fl to 26 :)way [p,, t[qtL idea, and i, would be lisaetm.s in lhe extreme to the eb l- tle IIonse passed a leSO]Uti(Hl to ren or the ,'-unt, ry to be edusaLed on investiture the Industrial Inti- LE(V SC II WARTZ. C. YI..NEYL Edwar0 McE;aneeg0Jlege SCItWAit/Z N..ryLAH WOODVILLE) MISS. i (eaxBi e rvanmt, IvincipaI. Will Open its 36th Annual Session September 1st, Thoroughly equipped for work in MUSIC. ELOCUTION, ENaLISlt BRANCHES, THE LANGUAGES, ETC., ETC. F"The course of shldv h:) b ( ro ed st nd rd of S('} l tr- sl!ip raiseda, ud Kind',r:r,,l. I).i)a, rtn (nt t(hled Tea( rs will 1)(!;LlisLs " The tlt.ll(|.4oIile, ll(!tt, [)tli]din,zs ll:l V(. bO]'ll M a i n Street, WOODVILILIE, Sincehe Qztaran/ine restrietDns aroznd oar toz, w have been raised we have been daily reeeivinfl fresh floods ofl all ltinds and otr store tit l,g ).t .; ;,l,.,,,,,t llu IJiat line."--N () States. " )  thorotlffhIy lq,r IrlJish 'd )lid L It h ) ( (e N( w Oak Fllr- 00,t0000effll,,n |00lr tiil ill l/illCl, ,\\;*ot only is the paternal idea l tt, te and College at Colu,,,t)us. ,i,,,,, ,, .',.. ,, ,.(,, ......... w ,,,,,i,,,, ........... U.r ...... . (, .... ,,... ;._ ................... m government, state and nation-t  ,ore all accounts that mstAtutmn ',,,c,,l,t,}'.,)l,';,,,;:' , ,:)(,,'lii';,,,.:tl ,,:,(i)(,d w,l, ?!, a,m!,- Du,anl,' the d(,uht murderer, al, gto,ing" " apace but so nurtru-[needs somethiug more than an ci'(',':;;," '"h't'ithe,.o,,,,,. Wadi,,g CWt(., f,,,. ,i,.]'('i ' 'it. waahanged in t'aM,rnia on Friday e(I is extending in oth-r ":t ..... llnvestigatin" of Is,,, ,,,'ok, af,er nearly Iltree years tt,)ns under the tutelage (7; ei-/ Fronl the foregoh]g it will be 8IV,tefi, Catalogtc and Terms. o4'. eff,,rt by the State. N,, eetne thusiasts like President Andrews / seen that though the lit)use may ri-o--'or:r.r.." tarv tn ilte el)y- wouhl allow the [he educat/on of the rMnglt)e unable to legislate with a fro(,, IIo -- "  murOerer s remains to be battled geueration on this lille will be lhand it can investigate ad lit) . . n. II. (,. Evans, the corn- l E(I Ilavnes. "' " a nn wtthtn tts precincts tlisustloU, ' in tl,, .- ....... , -, | ,. L_ : -. "-'9" ..... " mtssloner t)r pensmns will urge/Anme Stewart ,, ,, *" -" ........ " .......... St ' s__:-7. -&-.,-,,e, as tne/ un lith ,nst. at 11 P. M., a tor- upon cot, greys the approl)riatio n / yl)V Dicksou, hlmber ....... 43 II ) The J,'ffert()ni:m makes men( 3n a te: sas., , t).ut nothing ]s nlore nado swept tluouMl Ft)rt n,,;H, or.a sumt:umt alnount, t)ossib  |).i. r L toon, merchandise ..... 4 6o ......... " cet'taltl than that that is ex'wtl-'!.'- _.,,. , ,.,,  , ,  ..... ", agO0,000, to pa* fol the " . ,..u]ss wlara IValker SUl)port of o[ a great r-)),n roost nee roues eaul wt,.,) ; t ....... ' " : " '1 ..... '  ntCU Ktlle(t for(t1 petll)le tion of., .... ;,,dS., ,: . ptjl)llc,t /_ paupers for l)ecember lX97 . nn of C'un)reville. In the early days .," ..... " ,,crag (tone um/ugnout and wounded nlanv m,,- " s;( n,,.-':..'..':',"'t"" ,,St. ()r. pen-j./as M Sessions fee(tiu',,rN-. * .... . . ,. .' . " ] [no country Our (!op,-,...,,,.,, ..... ] / ....... .---- .. ...... ' : ..... % wn a(tilresses, dIsabili- ,mrs Noven ber 1 - ' "  - plg?,,.s at,,, r,,,,t,,s ro,,s,'e,, ,,, ...... - ........ ..... .o ;:.=':- --::. and al,,,)l, nt .)f .ons00on A'.ev,,,ia,, ...... ,,0 r, gton every year un ess there I)ad," ....... ..,t no longer confine/ 7 ," ........... a, oany. Ltl was I celved This is o,,,,,; ...... ) - Llas M Se,ions ..... ZZ: ........ u ' " " """ - " ." '" " ' e)lest,v ...... Y" as/ , .s}s0,,". ..... *'" ,r,s 2400 b "en a ,-tal taih,re ,,f ,he mast crop i: ne,nselv es to co,,t,tut,onal I,,n,-|ce'"1 ate(ttn ,N e,v Olleans by .I t!'.'?l.>al? b th . , . y to bl,,,g to, ta'?, r ,_o..:.:' ]!e .. ":,:'- "g- !: .. Until this one IL I as ! een a Im,, I;u.e I;,.Uons tu spending the Deot)le's parade anti review of her fine tight the frauds that exist in the/' ' :. ........ ,,s, ree,uug prise- "-  . , . . . . t ' / " . tens" -. " " t nets Deccml)er1897 (nnce one ,,f these great 1t ,cks of l tnne)' whtch s the rooL of ttl/s nlht,l,y orgamzatmns I)3, Gov. ::',(,Ln:l: n. lst. A.l,p],cants f,,r ,It,,, Washingtou. 10 tlavs'b'o;d 40 00 l)irds al,l,eared near iwre evil. Also, the legislat/on of toster. .y.u,,_ts or penstoners are con-,'.in.quarantine ..... ". ..... 5 0, " - --.,t-- 8atlLly Deln o- reeeivcd. ' ))avid Carter L .............. ., ........ ntan o .... -, --- "--,---- , " ' -  heu I , umber ........ 9 4 A .tron, a.l.__,i ..... # i ..... ; ....... Y t the slates, and nt)tahly THE " the people in each ne[,_,'l I ' (hyua(ta Sentinel .500 n,ar " ,, " 49 ....... m ,),'),'a ............ ,.%m- " . - , ()I{IO SEN . .  1 )orhood . tm=e ,i,,n '-,,',  ........ ' ......... ,. .. ,.,r .tn,s tate, ,s not ,'estrlcted to Itan,,a w ....... a T.ORSt,'I7- are SUl,phe d ,v,th the na ,,e of all ,, t,,c,e::,s,:, (,'ejeete]) ......... 12 0u ,, , ,,. , ,(.-.,, ut,a,), al,l,eare(l t)e- legtlltnate hnt/ts Lerdl-) ......... 7 :'. .... , as e l)l'e(tcte(t. 1he person who are dl.tin , ..... ,,,,.,:.?:,,, c, ent, nel, 3 reams reg- )re the and llarlmrs (()nl .... ,,,-,- tt " e ....... o J()ln, t)allot 8howlnrr It ........ ,' SiODS t .... *L__ .) ' ..  I''H" ulatlOn paper, ............. 12 75 ............ ['at,t/zalty assume to know better .--, **,,, ..... .o. -., .,.,.t,,er WltU tile (letat]s D Cory. 1tutti t(r u st,)v " . , uHttee on the lttn last., in the inter- II ...... t._:_ ..... " lcKIss(in 70. Lentz 1 als--t  Ill regard to them ; ..,;it t.. James 51 ,,:-- P ep]pe, 3 00 .,,t. tl Llle|r cotls[lguents Wt ' . " ' ........ . * . ..  . . " , , -, t,t u ' .- , ctt,.nS, cxpeuses re- lat is Oil the (lay befo .,, )k. -..:.., t_.,,._, easter to l(]entlfy the ft'ltll(l , movtt)g h)naties 47 3( J | ulltT. JU'IIIL U[].IIOL " ' I A /%.... ')t. ............. ) (st of (teel)er water at (lie n,outh of for the physical and moral wel- live doubtful Republicans who TtlE CI[{CI.II' COURT. Anditor anti exlra services as the Mississippi The iu(hcalion. are politlcalfare of theparticslatter.m, hoseWe have had helped to ()tg:lt]fze the tI})use ............ " ........  ......... ,, services a Co that :outh.est Pass will be jettied, chief  Clk 1)oar(I of Supervisers,. .2';2 10 aainst IIa Proee 1lags of the January Term, JasB W51Brannan.sessious4 loeustsheriffsills,5 days" 3 00 waterWhieh w,u]dto the giVeGulf.thirty tire feut nt theClattnl)aternalt existenCein is I)ased upon I enced a thechange nnaof :; expert-This *1 1898 t,f C"rcult C,,ttr. attendance on the ( haneel.y governntent. Is I chang e of heart! re-elected the t Present.IIon. W. P. Cassedy, Court and allowa)('es 20 5() it any wonder then that private " ' ' ...... CACoou, (lerk 5 - " We have recetved Ihe Januar Boss. That )nay be all righl] Judge'E" [I. RaLcliff, l)istrlct A't- ( , ,,salt(u- rights shouhl lie invade(t for the (lance ou Chancery Court 15 00 .nuu)bc, of the Cotton Planters J()ur- torney, Isaac F,,x, Stenogral)her, J. Chas A C.on, ('lerk, L'ban(':e;.-  (,()l)rt Allowances " 12 enough but [t ]eaves the Repubh- M. Sessions, Sheriff, K F. J,)hnsoa, 1 r Care nngs, Prof. services. ]6 00  :oal, a valuable monthly illustrated benefit of this scheme or that can party in thvt Slate ill a bad lerK. )  .  ....... 6 syste,n00..avi,,00 poh,o scoot,, ,v,ty. "?,,7; Thia nuaJber is filled with iulerestin s)'stenl, which to an unwarranta- l'he Grand Jnry eml)aneled are as A (,' Shanno))M ScssionSjnrorSUmn,(mingot hmacy ] ()t and valuable matter. It e,nlain- lunacy, on Jeff llayues 3 00 ; hie extent, in the 8outh at least, ,,., -- Q''*- follows : C A Chislmhn .... ..... an I artieleM, b), Genl. ( atchir)gs,, on robs Peter to pay Paul, it is not Asslstantne llOn.u. Charless. Attorney " Russell,ill the ,, .... F.,...D. r,e .... ..... ; Foreman. tl C Ilackett. ' " "' 11 Olt) ! strange than an educator standing It. C Whetstune ,, " 1 (It) -' sle a Jts.lssippi Levees, also one  " t 1)  II lnson J G .ttl Z)nan. .1 B l{olan(I. ,, Ytrin, n,ings go with the l)epartment ,,f, Justice has re- ;illi  I:all.:,s H ,-Ii;a)g:l; " " lo,, W. "fivestoneeCntof cotton"washingLonb', [{on.couetvW t thatin thethe font rank shou](l dellland ttn'ned from a tour of several  " { . . , . . . , , D E IIavar(t, ,, " i t)l }i weeks m Calm. He visited th( ,!rf. Best, B p I)uty, 3! L Cooper. A,hn'rx fees it)  "' ,Joseph Johnson. poslage, otc 3 I)r, r. Stone thinks tlmt "five ccn ]substance ' as I'resident Andrews cities and I)assed th).,),,,,) ........ i, t M Fh)wer% L C St! tit)s% G In))acy eases. ' ........ e,*- several.t }no I) Morr  ,) . ..... ........... 11 25 tortonis of 48isl)ug eshere leant; w.rthThe iourna'a/does. The wonder is that the t)r()vtnees. Hs-. ttescrtl)tlo n. . ], t,, D I uecl, ler, C A Coon. Clerk, fees i)l 8 ln- g'(l/demand hasnoL been soonermade oft(" W X;erin, J C Miller ))ace cases.  the awfu] calalmty that }'3 ler's  'V M James, G M Bun(. .............. 1845 i1 blutal l)ohcy has znflxcted upon L C. Carter, t L Rat)b, ()), account of ehan.(.re of ow,)erhi))  manYwho takeslimcsit.its prtcc to the farmer)and by n] ny others. A public] . " . '  , I)) ordered tl)at the f(dlowing land be ........... o,- ......... school ssste m which imposes I "" - " r N Ashley, assessed to T L K:dgler. "277 acres s-e / ne ct)untry pet)pie when( it con= " Juo A 1 ! att(I east half of n-w ).i an(t east Ou Tues(lay, in L,)uitaaa, the u[)on one class of citizens taxa- owry Bailiff. part of west half of s-w 3 sec 2 T 1 R ,quesuon ofrthe constttuti.,nal con tion for the education ofthe chil_/centrated in and about the forti- D F Randall, vs Y &,l" V R R'd. ' V iustead of Mrs L A Mills. vemi,u t as voted on. The vote was dreu of another 01ass beyon(! the/visited, is something fearful. Of J H Bennett vs. Y & M V R R d Ordere(i that tl)e fol lowin land 1)o , fled places in the provinses he Dismissed at, defendant s cost. , assessed to ,[ U Anderson, 26 acres i) largely for Ihe Conve,u()n and the w part ot ors-e 3 sec 11, T2. elenlentary I,ranches, appropri- the 4 0,000 nlen, wonten and Dismissed at (lefendanL's cos I Ordered that the members sberifl ])emocralte candidates. The restric- ate]y (flay reach out for school children, mostly the two latter, R I west, instead of T A Jol,nson. l:OuJfttl B Moun. vs GeoBos, d. etals. Ai)-la,.l clerk ( their mileage and .ion of the, negro vote was the Issue books all(| free lunches at the ered u l) or herded, with- peal dismissed and the Just, ice or/diem as folh)ws: put before the volers without sublet- expens of the fornmr, t o t (|" of nled/cines, 200,000 dered I;o enforce judg,neut i Jus-/L T Ve))tress i day 6irn Pet', lute, We do not know Lhe nee(Is of .,..,. ...... have died of starvation ordisease. Louisiana in Lhe way of change it) LEGISLATIVE. " AIi] the remainder of thorn are lice8 Court. ,2wDL(,a,ejenkinsl (laYl (lay14 m 15m ............ ........ 55504( her organic law, I)uL from our expe- , E S Wall. Trustee, vs Joe Nelson. [], CsrVter 1 day 19m .......... 5 90 perishing. Tins refers only to a continued. Netterville t day 12m. 5 2( rienee in tbi StaLe. much is to be In tha Senate: ..... J M Sessions sl)ffl (lay ........ 2 n)) part of the Island. It is estlma- S=com) Dar. C A Coot, clerk 1 day .......... 3 Ul feared from crude ideus and execs- enator llardy offered the follow, ted that live hundred thousand I)avid Day vs .4. T Mo.<.Tomerv, Ordered that the Board do now .sive zeal la a c,mstitutional conveu- ing concurrent resulutiou, which wa non-combatants have perished, etals. Appeal dismissed and Ju(lg- adjourn until next regular rneetiu lion, whose work IS not to t)e sub- nnauin)ously,,  adopted : This is the clearest and Inost au- ment for ousts against B Day" .... and D - _ _ " " hereas, the penple of ('uba are L.T. V ' ETRESS. Preside)t) mired to the-pe()l,ie for rat(flea)ton engaged in the most desperate and thor(tat(re report the people, of F Randall, sureties on Appeal B,md STATEMENT The wry tact that the werk was nt,l heroic slruggle of modern times to this country have |lad frolo s() to be passed upon hythe people, Un protect, themselves from the cruel. M Roti)schild & Bro vs. Moses Showing the conditio of the nankiz Houseof EKw. Aaron of Woodvllle, bliss. doubtedly made the tnaj(,rity of the iuh)tmau and barbaric tyranny an:l responsible a source of the atro_ t Armstrong, et als. Appeal dismissed on Dec. atstls97. I'ublished by direction ot t Clal)ter 14 ef Annotated Code of 18:)2. oppress)on j,f Iha npanisl, govern, cious policy that Spa/n has and is and judgmeut for costs agaiust the RtCOURCES. members iu lhe late Mississq)pi cou- meat, aud to achieve a(tdetahlish for pursuing t.o recapture the Island sureties on A-peal bond yen(ion careJess of consequences. 'e Lolt)ls aTld dlscollllI 011 l)ersolla] ell- dOl'Se)u( Ilts. real esLalat or co|lateral themselves the divine right of self- r e are mistaken if the people of rendaal failLn;; o appear, a'forteit- SWeks aadto,,ds ................. .i '( )) hope the (J(,nvention ofil our sis. governlnent; and Slat(. of Miss. vs John Ray. De s'('u,')(es ......................... .w.rt48 ter state will leave no, hing for the "  hereas, there came to this I,o(ty this couuttT will witness thi sort Overdraftssecm:cd and unsecured  1(" majority o( her IntetligenL ciLizenslnl , reliable informati,t] throngh Maj,;r of work at their own dools long- t)re on his tm, was taken a,,ainsl Rcats|ght, Es)at.e,,x(hanlurnitnree and C alld Fixltlres ..... '500 .... O Rol)lnsou Mercantile (20., his safety " ' * "-' ' g ' 'ash ov Hand...0,7119 8:; tO revreL. George L Donald, Jr , at) h(,nore(i er, tT they Call move a sluggish aod Bench warran issued for the tie. Total .............................. $97.-' o.,,,,., ........... and reliable citizen of this State, now Admini,tration to car D. out their fendan. LIABILITIES. No doubt the trucking husiness is capit:tl Paid in ..... in Cuba, thaL 90,(;00 persons, prin (" i . " 'lpa,ly vomeu and chlhlren, have. will. 3rd Day. ., ............... m.00000 , ' LI Fpl LU4 ....... 5 it)( Of) Undivided Profits .................... ?"  -- b,cated in CctRrevllle t,) stay. Thai perlshe(1 by starvation it} the I)rovh)ce ---','--- Slate vs Svl McGraw. arson Jury Bills Pty)le ". .......... to caeeK 6s..)l 80 hmividt tl l)euosl'ts'sl]l'i;;'-'"/"" l,.TfgJ 74 it willgro an(t prosper, therels uo of .t ,anta Clara since Jan The Aberdeen Examiner is one of and verdict for defendant. * .................... 5.ot00 4Lh Day. :Tom] ......................... $ (,-0-01I ;--' rt'aoaal)h; (l()ut)t. Six hundred acres 1. 18,)7' ; and that tn' thtrty.two" cities" t the untiring. Rel)nltln a recout State vs Win. Wisner. Plead To Officers of lhe Bank ............. Nothing. nod some say eight, will I)e i)lanted and towns visited I) 3, him the appall- ohanl Of woe, it said : _ O rilE.ABovE AMOUN'_P OF LOANS & D/SCOU*TS, in vegetal)lea this sea,on. IVeetable ing fact was revealed that one caunot guilt), to assault and battery. To T)irectorsof the Bank ............ Nothing To Stockholders of t m Balk ........ Not Hn,.r. "J'he Sot))hera farmer sees more o.._ , . ,,. . _ . go twenty stops withont sollle i,oor, of prosperity about bin) and less or.ate Vs l-cter vvalktus, dismiss- I. Edw. Aaron of Edward Aaron Bank, of growingon thisscale shonld, and will starving womau Or child I)egemeidm r,ntsery," des))rut(on'" aud suffcrmt,' leu:, .... Woody(lie. MtsMsMppL doherebycerlifytl t( nevessitate tUe ol)eratton el a can- for something to eat; that one caa- ny. eli, or !nan iu Au, erlca. I,)) i;j]r lhe foregoing JS a true, full and extct state- ni,g factory, it the full benefits of not sit down lua hotel to eat a meal l" e : ?Lae ,s dl(n Stewart, nolle prose- men)of the Assets and /-ia )iliti s of sah , re llnndre(ls uf thotlsands of j 't ,.: . )' Bank on the day and date )lt ned therein, as shown by the books of sa?lle. the is o be secured to tiiose without being asked far bread by !col)t e ttt every one of the rea/J tae vs I lak McGraw, same EDW. AARON ltgaged in it. starving children, thus disclosing the asle,r0, Middle and Western ates order. , .. policy (d the Spanish government to f nnm the surrnundms of our I orate s oah Nelson e als, same sworn to and subscribed before me Ch m- cery Clerk In and for the ('ounty of "Vilkin- I It Centrvilte demonstrates thai exterminate the inhabitants of that average Sonthern far?her ,O.1,1 ,. {Of(l(.r. son, bliisippi,(,.A.COON, ClumceryClerk.this, tle 7th day of Jan. 1S98 1 there is money in the business, we beautiful isle by starvation, which ts ford,an.earthly paradise.  e have l_.St!e vs $3,1 McGraw, mahclous cruel, inhuman, brutal anti rev()hing - us,. at- , , " This 10tla day of jan. Examlned and found correct.l.,)8 lna 3' hope Lhat truck-raising Oil a " W.D. ItOLDER. Auditor, large scale ill t)e engaged iu here. Io every sense ef hun)antty Chris- no hesitation in saying, as the re mischief, u,',.e prssequi. , suit of observation, inquiry, cortes. I Slate vsAndrewMitchel, jtryaud STRAYEI). ' There is no better locality m the tiany and civilization therefore, I)ondence and readiug, that tile ('orp 1 Slate vs Levy Brown, plead gudiy high, white star in forehead and both ' verdict guilty nf assault and I)atterv. ()he bay Texas mare. abe)it 13 hands Htate for this busine.s. We wotlld "Resoh, ed t)y the Senate and ditiou orour Mississil)pi people is in to assault and lattery, lined $1 and hin(I fcet wt)ite, llas a bra)ld on the Houseof Represenla)ives of theMis all respects better than that of at D, costs, right shonhler. Owuer cat, recover be as close to the market as is Con- sissippi Legislature in sl)eeial ses. other on the continent,, and, we be State vs Doug Day, adulteay, dis- by paying for care - tevilh., or Crystal Springs, as the sion convened, That, speaking for lieve, m the world. It is a I)eople missed same train., ,n,inK north, that wouh] the people of Mississipp), anti in I)e- " I .(OLIN JACKSON, Jan. 15, '98-2w Snow(ien place to h(,m c,,Id hnnger and lack el The 3rand Jury came into court -- take a eat from the former would half of humanity aud christian civil, oh)thing aud shelter are alnJost uu- an(| reported 5 indictments haul one loaded here before 9 ,. M. l iza)ion of the worhl, we believe it Lo known. It, is a iwople who hether. B, Cohen vs Y. & M. V. R. R. Uo. 1 NOTICE. on th day of shipment. 'l'lm lack ] be the ditty of the United Statesgov. able Io put money in their pursos orlJury and verdict-for $10 and costs '" o! persons aequainted with the bust ernmcnt to at once tnterveue, I)eaee: not, can always fi'ud opportunity to / Bids to I)uil3 a Steel Bridge across toablYsaveif tttheCa)]peol)l(.but off')reihlYcuba if it nlus) exchange lat)or for food, elothim, / fr plaintiff. ]{a) ou Sara Creel( (,n Woodville an(] nesb is the c, hief obstacla, htcil may fr( m tl)e au(l shelter. "l'his is considered b [ (Ooneluded nex Issue.) Fort Adams rnad, according to spec- be overcomt, as ba been done else-/cruel fate of annihilati.m I) v the bar. l.olitical economists the  very st)m harlotts and inhuman meth,ds of the attd essence of l)rosperlty, and l)ray (Concluded.)''"-- otHce,iliealinSwillnbereee)vodfile in ChancerYul) to 9 o'emckClerk's where 1)y brmgiog here me)) prat:ti. !Spauish government. 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" " ' " " , 2 00 ' Jo " ' " '  '' II 3' S SE, tln Bail( 8 00 Nov. '97-2m ' is now replete with best staple r and fancy #roceres, dry floods, ete, to be/bztnd. New goods arriving-daily. I purchased a largc stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping tic/es, Hats 00l]oes &c. in lgew y a lJ of which I propose to sell at pri so/ow that it will be to Your inte to examine my stock. Specia! ducements to /arge buyers. - MOLLER ARGUE,s PHAR2vIACy, 1)isoae wfth medicine. If the )ne(l/ene is not right he cannot c?nquer disease. If the drug- gist does h/s dnty the ntedicine will be right, and your doctor will s|and -t good chance of winning the victory. You can hell) your ,|oetor b hay/rig your prescriptions flllc helu, GS_.'O. %V. HEALy. /M[ana.e, . No. 5 N/gilt Tr.,zu Leaves Memphis, " Vicl. bu rg _ ' Arrives Ne el |calls No, 6, /g'htruiu  Nu,- O- Ic--u- 7:55 8a0 (J: 16 1 o :8 ..... , C," )trevllle ...... 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AGENT FOR THE 00kam?i00a Tenee 0000mpan00, The most extensive Manufactarers of Iron Feuoing in the Uaited Btatetb l)arti,,ul,tr ettetttion pai(t to) re-eoveri,)g and riggig "3Lex,s Sz,dl. les. All wet k dulte prolnptlv arid 41; lxeasonable rates. I;t' 60 YEARS" EXPERIttNI B DlrlllGNll CoPvRtarm be. Anyone seudlnff a sketch and deerlptlwa may tl- ()n ..--. p oOaDty p&t4mt&ble. Commutia o ms.strc9on.fldentlal, HandbOok On P&t4mt r&ertll I,tltlll thrOuth Munn  o. Itltlve ole without oh&rg ill the f00'lllllfl Hmerlenn.