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January 12, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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January 12, 1973

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Friday, January 12, 1973 _ The Woodville Republlcan, Woodville, M00ss00ss00p-p| __ _ Pdg-00 5 This represents a deorease of J$360.46; Richard T. Watson $47.40: HErbert E. Fel.ter. wages, ter. same. $35.00: H & R Ford. fer. $250.00: Jordan, Kaiser & cility Fund: Light & Gas Fd., Proceedings Of The $29,524.69 fr,0m the .previous ]same, $135.45: C. M. 'lTreppen- $70.18: Dave Lewis, Jr., salary, Inc.. repairs. $16.20: SW Miss. Session.s. const, supervision, $3ql. transfer. $10,000.00: Combined Woodville Mayor & year. I dahl & Sons, supplie.s, $15.43; ,'141.C8: Sidney B. Mealey, same, EPA. lighls, $374.34: Southern 02; Concordia Contracting Co.. WW&SS Fd.. same, $10,208.00. Collateral. pledged by .the I There being no further bus- Board O[ Aldermen Commercial Bank as security for ,Planters Hdw., Inc., same. $15. $175.29: Ed Porter, same, $117.80: Unifcrm Co. uniforms. $]{H.62: 4th par.tia'l estimate. $19,527.89: Novembsr 7, 1972 the Town's deposits is $80.000.00. 30: James R. Williams same. IHuey P. Robinson. same, $116. Dick.Eron & Bcwen. asptalt, Frances Townsend, Clk.. Outside iness to come before he meet- This is adequate for average $177.96; C.avin's Welding Service, 72: Robert Carter Slam same, $146.22: C. A. Canova. trash bar- water. $31.04; General Fund, ing, upon motion duly madead_ At .the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Board ..of Alder- funds kept on by tlE welding, $32.00: WeaLs Supply ,Jl18.52: Lawrence Wells, Jr., rels. $3.(}0; Mrs. Georgie L. transfer, $190.58; Clerk's Special and seconded, tle meethng men of th Town of Woodville, Town. The street improvement C,o.. Inc.. supplies, $194.22: Jolnwaes. $144.48: Frances Towns- Cobb. City Clerk annual duos Account. reimb., $33.02. journed. M,s._isippi, begun and held in bond .receit.s issued in July, H. CarVer Co.. Inc.. same. $201. 'end. pay aEct. dep (Jack Cur- MMC,A, $10.0I): SEal Tractor Co.. Street ImprovemEnL Fund: M.N. Lewis, Mayor . 1971 were expended for str,ee 61: Utility Specialties Service. rain} $2.89: Jack Curtain ref. zpairs, $54.64: O. W. Catchings Jordan. Kaiser & Sessions: su- a!d Town at 7 p.m., there were cons Lrue,tion during tills year. Inc.. same. $390.31: Chevron Oil dEp., 52.11 France.s Townsend, Insurance Agency, bond. $10.0D: pervmion $506.49; Dicker- The A DeWeese Lumber Co. l:e:'_ Mayor M. N. Lewis. A1- derm:n Cage Chisholm, Thomas The records were found to be Co.. same. $45.10: Jimmie's Auto pay acct. dep. {James B.ooker} Lwis Insurance Ag.. insurance, son & Bowen. 9th & final esti- at Philadelphia ,was tl]e flr.s.t Service, rcp.airs. $45.32: McGehee $2.86: Leon Williams. $1.50; $18.34: Woodville Republican,, mal.e. $20.259.83; Jordan, Kraiser company in the nation to tart M. Bryan, and J. M. Best, Fred- in very go.od order. We appre- the Assistant Clerk's cour- Motor Parts. ,suppli,s, $2.73: IWaltEr Jones}. $5.75: {Larry pub. minutes, e.e.. $99.25: Corn- & Sessions. prelect inspector, a "Tree Farm Family" pl,a.n of rick P. Cavin. Jr.. Supt. of Util- clare WholEsale Supply Co.. Inc., Box}. $3.2; Mrs. R. A. J. Ses- munieation Assoc.. Inc.. radio iS740.00 forest management for smalt ities & Street Commissioner; tesy and a.sistance. Absent: Alderman H. B. Curry, {Here follows co,replete copy of same $103.21; South Central siGns). $5.00: General Fund. contract. $34.25: Egsie Harris. [ Woodville Neighborhood Fa- woodland ..owners. Rio.hard T. Watson. Attcrney, the audit Iurnlshed by Handjis, BEll. phone expense. $7.45: J. H. transfer. $205.65: Clerk's Special jail board. $26.00: Woodville Pub- . .... and Fran,cEs Townsend, Clerk. Turpin & McGraw, CPA.} Lambdin. consultant fee. $231.76: ! Account, reimb.. $33.02. lic Llbra.ry. co'atribution. $25.00: " Alderman Chisholm mado a Miss'Pwer&LightC"lights'] General Fund: Ro'bt,r.t Clai- Mr s. E.M. CollensEst..r.nton L000NS .thatMtion by Aldormanthe minutes be appr, ovedBryan motion tha, t .the bills in the $1.28; Lewis Insurance Agency, borne, expenses. $37.50; dump, $5.00: Robert Claiborne. as read. s.econded by Alderman a,mount of $47.930.10 be paid, insurance. $18.33; Communica-FOrEman. same, $59.00; Lawrence expenses. $37.50: James Fore- seconded by Alderm,an Best. tlons Associa,tes. Inc.. radio con-IWells, conLract work. $40.00; man. same. $59.09: John Dorsey, Chi.holm. voted upon andunan-voted upon nd unanimously tract, $5.63; Public Empl.o,ees' Gr.ant Carter, Jr.. same, $40.00; contract, work. $95.0t): Clerk's  000 Retirement System. retirement Johnny Le Jarvls. same, $40.00; Sptc'ial Account. rehnb.. $58.21. i, mously carried, carried. From $100 to AldErman Bryan made a me- The Clerk is charged with the $500.70: State Tax Commission. Robert L Skipper, expenses. $17. Combined Wa.ter Works and ion that the Mayor be autho- following: Res. Gas, $2.556.27; withheld. $16.22: Commercial 5: John Dorsey, contract work. WEr System Fund: C. M. T, rep- 'rized .to execute a project esti- Com. Gas, $1,760.60: Res. Water, Bank. same. $361.40;,es $80.00: C. M. Treppendahl & pendahl & Sons, supplies, $35.75; re.ate on the street project, s,ec- $2,515.62; Com. Water, $638.77 Townsend. Clk. pay acct. dp Sons, supplies, $14.49: Planters Planters Hdw.. Inc., s.ame, $66. Bill Consolidating Loans Chisholm, Res. Sewer, $171.08; Com. S=wer, ] (Larry Vines). $1.94: Larxy Hd.w.. Inc.. same. $90.43: Stern 86: WeaLs Supply Co., Inc.. same. voednded uponbY Aldermanand unanimously $64.51. I Vines. rEf. dep., $8.06: Grant Chemical Corp., su,pplies. $267. $117.40: Central Utility Supply Are Our Specialty. Payments Reduced As carried. The following is a repor of Carter. Jr.. salary, $117.80: Rob 69: Jimmi's Auto Service. re- Co.. same, $,75.70: Davis Met;or Much As '/ to '/ And Sorbetimes Even More. i " " ' e Mot,]cn by Alderman Bryan, the gas, wa.ter & ewer colltc- er,t Claiborne. same. $146.95; I pairs, $58.00; Vmk s Garag , & Supply Div.. same. $124.49; eeo.n[ed by Alderman Chisholm tiGriS fo,r the mon,th of October: Walter E. Davis. Jr., same. $191.1sam. $7.45; 0uth Central Bell, Jimmie's Auto Service. same. -- Free COUNSELING SERVICE -- and unanimously carried t, hat Brou,ht forward, $295.63: Res. 55; Robert Fields. Jr.. sam,e, phone EXpEnse, $69.67: Southern same, $45.33: MeGehee Motor $10203.00 be transferred 'rom Cas, $2,396.45; Com. Gas. $1,273. $118.52; James Foreman, same I Uniform Co.. uniforms. $113.15; Parts. same, $2.72: F. R, Blank- Call Or Stop By Our Office enstein, same. $50.54: Wholes,ale he Woodville Neighborhood Fa- 81: Res. Water, $3,125.17; Com. $195.59: Eula Mac Liberty, same, Miss. Municipal Assoc.. annual eili.ty Fund to the Light & Gas Water, $729.98: Res. Sewer, $171. $13.54: Jennlngs MeCurley,:mem'ship dues. $140.00: Wood's Supply Co., Tnc, sarne, $472.32; Woodville Fi I Fund. and $ be lr.ans- 79; Com. Sewer, $8.82; Outside wages. $54.98; Robert L. Skipper, [supplies. $5.90; Woodville Clean- South Central Bell, phone exp., I nc. ferred from the Neighborhood Wate,r, $36.70; Penalty, $110.22; salary, $14.00; Prudential In- crs, uniforms. $6.00: John Me- $7.45; Lewis Insurance Ag., ins., nance, Facility Fund to the Combined Cut off & on. $26.50; Deposits, uranc Co.. insurance. $568.48:]Craine. c,metery exp.. $30.00; $18.33; Communication Assoes.,I Water Works & Sewer System $.99.85; Sales, $333.42; T.o.tal, Mid Louisiana Gas Co.. gas i John Dale. same, $90.00: Richard radio contract, $5.62: CWW&SS Depot Street Phone 888-2011 Fund. $8,668.34. $3,100.50; Jack Curtain, salary,Inman, sam.e. $35.00: Ikey Car- Bond Rot & Reserve Fd. trans- ,,u,, , , w Moti, on by Alderm, an Chisholm, Collected. $8,392.92: Delin- seconded ,by .Alderman Bryan quent: Lewis Allen $10.80, Ira and unanim0usly carried that Dean Ke,e,ton $1.04. Jerry David- 'Mias Mary B. Scott be employed son $4.88. C. E. Emmons $5.88, ,to make assessment of real and L. C. Brown $1.31, Ronnie Davis personal prop, er.ty, type tax rolls $1.74, Joseph Lee Dixon $1.70, and write tax receipts for te Maybelle Jarvts Store $6.66, year 1973 for the sum of $400.90. Wiley Cvin $2.34, Thomas L Ald,e,rman Bryan made a me- Piazza $21.71. Annie Catherine tion that 'Mrs. Rober.t F. CaSh- Thompson $5.87, Jim Teal $31.61, rags be appointed a member of Alb,rt Hav, ard $4.30, Willie James he Library Board of the Wood- Ross $20.51, Charles Jackson ville Public Library, seconded by $5.90, Mary Alice Green $33.24, Alderman Chisholm, voted upon Charles Andrews $3.26..Fannie and unanimously cart.led. Lee Gavin $5.63, Ike Evans $26. The following is a coPY of 74, Isiah White $10.67, Willie Lee " r who save a'udit made by Handjis, Turpin Peters $1.85, Gloria Dea.n Myers & McGraw, C.P.A: $5.19, Houston Parker $3.82, Er- (Following is the bod" of the nest Parker $13.93, Charles E'd- .umm.ary letter accompanying ward Buck $11.47, J,oe M. Stutz- th aud'A. man $5.42, Wither.s & Wi.thers, We have exami,ned the BaN Florists $3.44, Leon Williams $1. ance Sheet ,of the various funds 67, Julius Williams $5.77, W,alber of the Town of Woodville as of Jones $5.48. Larry Box $5A2, Dec eptember 30, 1972 and he re- Turner Est. $6.15; Total, $8,668. lated Stateents o Revenue and 34. Expenrses and Eund Equities for The following is a report of the .ea,r t, hen ended. Our ex-th.e Clerk's Special Accouter.: . ,  . :, amin,a,tion was made in .accord- B.ought forward, $423.07; Dis- Mowng ahead.., confidently.., securely.., that s the 5%Golden Savers, People who : .ance w,th generally accepted bursements: Motor Vehicle have established their financlaI goals and are achieving them. wld| a 5% Golden Savings aud,! standards and accord- Comptroller, tax free tags, $8.25; account. Why? lecause a Golden Savings account pays you 5% interest on every dollar ingly included such tests of the Betty W. Dawson, tags, $85.21; you save . . . interest that is computed daily and paid quarterly! accountin,g records and such Total, $73.46. R,elmbursemen: Openyour5%GoldenSavingsaccountwith$1OO.OOormoreandyou'reonyourway! other auditing procedu*res as we General Fund, ${]2.18; Light & Deposits in multiples of $10.00 can he made at any office, at an teller's window. Automatic deposits can be made hy havinfl $10.00 or more transferred from your considered nece.sary. Gas Fund, $5..64; CWW&SS checkinfl account to your 5% Golden Savings account each month. In accordance with past prac- Fund, $5.64; Total, $73.40. Jguowwhere you're goinfll Join the many who are saving systematically, regularly in a tiee the acoun,ts are kept o'n Light & Gas Fund: G'ant I 'GldenSa'ngsprqram'Grwasyug!GtheSldenSvlngswaYE BANK a cash basis, Depreciation is not Carter, Jr., ,alary, $117.80; Rob- " c c0000oo, FARME RS EXCHANG In our opinion, the accompa- Jack Cuctain, same, $61.62; Wa'l- aying Balance Sheets and State- ter E. Davis, Jr., same, $191.55; men, ts 'of Revenue and Expenses Robert Fields, Jr., same, $118.52; BRANCH OF, DEPOSIT GUARANTY NATIONAL BANK GROW WITH US/CENTREVILLE MISS, and Fund Equi,ties present fairly James, same, $195.59; ,the fin,anclal posi.tion ,of She va- Dave Lewis, Jr., same, $13,2.0; r.ious funds of the Town of Eula Mac Liberty, same, $13.54; WoodviIle at September 30, 1972, Sidney B. Meal'ey, same, $177.45; in conformCty with gene,rally Ed Por,ter, same, $117.80; Huey ,a'ccepted raecounting pactices P. Robinson, s,me, $116.72; Rob- ,used by Mu, nlcipalitie.s applied ert C,arter Slan, same, $118.52; on a basis cons.i'sb0n,t wi, th that Lawrence Wells, Jr., same, $148. of .the preceding year. 69; Herbert E. Felter,, wages, $48. During this fiscal year tlfe 75; Robert L. Skipper, salary, operating reeelpts of the Gen- $73.68; Jennings McCurley, eral Fund.i,nczeased by $25,513.75. wages. $77.74; Joe M. Best, sal- The operating d,isbursements in- cry, $39.75; Thomas M. aryan, ereas,e,d ,by $11,'717.75 prim.ail.y .same, $39.75; Cage Chisholm, because of street improv.emen,ts, same, $5.97; Fredrick P. Cavtn, bond. l n.te'e,t and recre.tio'al Jr., same, $6,24.35; Hubert B. expense. Curry, same, $5.97; 'M. N. Lewis The utility fund's showed a net same, $278.50; Frec C. excess of operatinrg receipts of stle, Sr., same, $40.3,5; Willie $5,908.01, Lig,ht and Gas Fund Scot Mc, Oa, rstle, sme, $260.14; ($6,634), Water Works and C,has. T. Netterville, same, $75. 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