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January 12, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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January 12, 1973

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) i .= &apos; r ,/ f i* Page 4- The Woodville Republican, byPaulPittman RI' In the face of a record sur- over the mother is in the fore- lal'us in the stale trea.uey, one of' the major battles shaping u9 in the 1973 le!slative session is the quest'.on .of whether to cut, reduce debts or offer more service. The state has an $tt5 million sueplus now on ha'nd, plus addi- tional funds from t::e u.ew fed- eral revenue sharin.g prodam. The lines began to be drawn last week ,when Oowernor Bill Waller announced for h01fling the lines on any tax cuts, and Dr. Gov. William Winter came cut in favor of tax reductions, specifically in the area of the state income tax. The question of tax cuts or eaises is politically tricky and fraught wgh the possibility that a cot, lain amount of demagog- uery may snter into the picture when the question comes up. Tax cutting, after all. is not bad poli tics: ltu.t, behind the scenes, this column ,has le.arned that power- ful f, lgures in the le]islature, especially in the House, are opposed to tax cuts until the state's $400 million indebtedness is ,reduced substan, tially. in .fact, .this is the view which is shared by House Speaker! John Junkln of Natchez .and Rep. C. B. (Buddy) Newman of Issaquena county. Newman is chairman of the Ways and Means committe.e. Junkin. a ererable f,igure in the le,gis- lature, has developed the image of a hard-core conserva- tive. There is no doubt ;that a fight cast. And the political writers an commentators over the it.ate ace cot, lain to read into the fight a test of the Oov= ernors clout with ,the legislative branch as well as the difference of eptnion between the .Gov- ernor and the Lt. Gov. which was f:rst preeicted in this column. It is evident hat Lt. Oov. Wint,er's i.nten.t'.on to cast him- salf as his own man as well as his per.onal persuasion t.hat a cut is called for has set .he sage far this particular don,nybrook. But some thoughtful legis- lators privately grumble that a tax cut. if it comes, will in- evitably benefit the special in- teres, rather than a broad spectrum of v.oters. What appears likely at this point is that .some .type of re- lief In the .area of the. state income ,tax may be passed, namely in mare liberal exem.p- lions for retired people and even working faemilies. It is doubtful,- though, that major alterations in the state sales tax. such as the bill pro- filed by Rep. John Stennis of Jacks.on will survive. His legis- lation calls for exemptions on drugs and other special areas. Veterans tn the legislature know that tke sales tax has been the fiscal mainstay of Mississippi government since it was ins, tituted under .the ad- ministration of the late Mike Conner back in d, epre.ssion days. Add to all of this the fact d TIlE PEOeLE'$ l ! I,ISIN[SS) m, le,Pd by Ikss|HIppi Stato Chamber of A FOURTH BRANCII OF GOVERNMENT? Most of us were taught that there exists in thi nat'.on three branches of governmen ex- l eutive, judicial and legislative. t Some fear a fourth branch ha.s ,evolvedcluietly, gradually, and perhaps without the knowledge or c.onsent of ,the governed. This fourth and. in some eases apparently the most powerful branch of govern- ment is the branch of regulatory agencies. The regutatgry agen- c';es branch a,ppears to be the most powerful for two reasons-- its s'::e,r size and the embodi- ment. of legislative', executive and judicial powers all within single agencies. The publication, "Industry Week," has made a study of the f, ederal,ory agencies. It ould find no one in the Office of Management & Budget who even knew how many agencies exist. The Federal Register, in which regulations of agencies affecting industry ,ale po- mulgated, bulged to more than that the school teachers, services and other state services will be lar.senting additional re- quests for funds this term and you have an interesting situa- lion. ,How the Waller-Winter stand- off develops will probably be he most intere.stlng. Woodville, Mississippi Emergency medical service legislation was the topic of discussion at a recent meeting of Southwest Mississippi doctors, ambulance service owners, and hospital administrators. Looking over legis- lation to be introduced at the next session of the state legislature are, from left, Dr. II. V. Craig, Natchez; Dr. Juilan Janes. McComb; Earl DuBose, president of Southwest Mississippi Hospital Council and administrator of Field Memorial Community Hospital, Cen- treville; and Dr. Richard Clark, Hattiesburg surgeon and chair- man of the Mississippi Trauma Committee of the American College of Surgeons. 25,000 pages last year. One their rights is of paramoun regulato,ry a.4ency, .the Oceupa- consideration i'n the framing of tionaI Safety & Health Ad- law-del.egatlng authority to ad- mini,stration, in the first year ministrative agencies," the of its existence, laid down 15,000 Council has said. "Legisl,aff, on commandments and is pro- .'ranting powers to an adminis- paring 15,0.00 more  trative agency should be so The Mississippi Economic ramed as to guarantee to any Council. the states chamber of person affected by i,ts actions commerce, has been concerned the widest possible court re- about the growing threa of view." usurpation of management's rights to manage from federal l eegulatory agencies. 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NISSlBS|PI POWEI:I & LIGHT  ' 14alaina Build M/.sia.ippi MIDD LE SOUTH UT.I LITIE ;ySTEM, i ,i / Perrytown News Dr. Elwyn Cavln of Lake Charles. La.. visited his par:qts. Mr. ar'fl Mrs E. F. Cavin. dur- .ng the holidays and did so:no L, unting. His mother r('lv::ncfl home with him 'o visit, a we2k. Mr. anti Mrs. MarLin Sharey ,::d daughter. Rochelle. of Hk;'nlville, 'rex., ate slendin; ,z wc.,-k with th.'ir parents, A.'IF and Mrs. EJgar Vines and fam- .ly a,]d Mr. and M, rs, Larry Shore.y or Olos'tcr. grienas of Mrs. Emma Perry will be glad Lo know that she is able ,to t:e up again after wo weeks in bed with a (told. IThos, e who visi.ted her Sund,ay were Mr. and Mrs. Donald Get,er and children, Shawn an Sarah. of Baton Rouge, Mr. and Mrs. Evorette Thom.pson cf Fayette, I and Mr. It. B. Huff and Mr. Shad Perry, Jr.. of Natchez. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kilarlin have returned to thehr home in Midland. Texas. after s.pending [the holidays with their mother, Mrs. Hazel Hazlip. Mr. ann Mrs. C. W. Cavin anti children, Sherri, Wanda and Charles. of Baton Rouge pent the weekend wit, h Mr. and Mrs. Claude Jo.hnson. 1VD. and Mrs. Sidney Nettles Spel'.,t the day Christmas with th,,ir son and d,a, ughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs Gene Alton Ar- nold. and family at Wilkinson Dean and Michael re,turned ,home with them t,o spend the week and deer hunt. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hazlip and sons, Randy and Kyle, of Natchez spent tire weekend with his mother. Mrs. Hazel Hazlip. Mr. and Mrs. Jewel Anders visited their son and daughter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. James knders, and fa, miiy in Natchez Friday. They also visited Mr. and Mrs. Staad Perry, Jr. and sons. Rodger and Stanley. Gue..ts in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bafney Hazlip last weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Le,ake and Kenny, Cliff and Jeannie. of Clayton. La.. and Mr. Clarence Hazlip of Ba- ton Rouge. Mrs. Fritz H, azlip will go to Vicksburg Mcnday .to be with her sfster, Mrs. Marcus Day, while she as heart srgery to remove a pacemaker she has had since last May. We wish her a complete recovery. We =end our ,:.ympathy l:o the families of Mrs. Graeie Hazlip and Mrs. Betty Fo.reman in .the loss of their brother. Mr. Clar- ence Leake, who passed away early Sunday morning in a hos- pital in Houston. Texa. Mr. a,nd Mrs. H. B., Huff ,and their grand,children. 'KemW, Friday, January 12, 1973 Y!"nuy, s:,ad Danny Huff, of Natchvz visitecl Mr. and Mrs. J.:wl Aich'r. and Mrs. Emma Fc.:'ry. Mr.. and Mrs. Mack Sturdivant and children of Natchez visited t,lu::r nmther. Mrs. Nine Sturdi- ",am, S,n:lay. Or,her dues,is were Mr. cud Mrs. Ken Timmpson, Mr. James Ja,hnson. and Mr. hne Ashley or Na, tchez and Miss Ma::'y Ann Johnson and lrer fricud. Me, aoimson, of S: m nl:,t Tho:,e who visited Mrs. Pearl gohn:on during the holid.ays wece Mr. and Mrs C L. John- son and :u;n, Tillery Johnson. of Woody:lie. and daughter, Miss M,lrl.l!a Carol Johnson of Lake (,h:rle< La.: Mr. Ival Johnson, Cenbrcv!lle; Mr, Claude John- son anti Mrs. JohD Green and eh!ldren C]osBy, and hc:r moth- er. Mrs. M E. MeOaniel: Mr. a::d Mrs. Davis klongmire ,an eb, ildrt n. R.',id, Kavin and Dawn G]os'er: Mr. and Mrs. David Dixon. Clew:land: Miss Cherryl Langmre Melbauene. Fla.; Mr. a?:d Mrs. a:aleS Reeves and dau :ht,er. Joan. Crosby; Mrs. Marjorie McGraw and Mrs. 1:red Sliman and son, Fred, Jr., 2at, on Rouge; Mr. Kavin Walsh and Mrs. Lidia Longm:re, Glo.s- ter: and Miss Mary Camille Johnson Me:uphis, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kelly and ebild,n. Ilroy and Mis,sie. of Magnolia. Ark.. and Mr. and Mrs. Ken Murray of Natchez were reeen visitors to tIeir ),-arents. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Murray. Mr. Claude Bryant or Kosci- usko and Mr. Leon Rryant of Liberty s,pent ,several day,s in the home of their brother-in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Willl2 Hazlip. 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