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January 8, 2015     The Woodville Republican
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January 8, 2015

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Page 8 The Woodville Republican, Thursday, January 8, 2015 The Junior Irwin Russell Club will meet on Friday, January 9, at three-thirty at the Vintage Cafe located in Opposite Ends. Host- esses will include Mrs. Bran Dawson, Mrs. Jennings Ow- ens, Mrs. David McGraw, Mrs. Charlie Netterville and Mrs. Scott Wesberry. Wilkinson County Board of Education Regular Session November 12, 2014 (Continued From Page 7) Smallwood, seconded by Billy Spiller and carried by unanimous vote, the follow- ing reports were approved: October 2014 Reconciled Bank Statements; October 2014 Statement of Revenues and Expendi- tures; October 2014 Current Budget Status Report; October 2014 Cash Flow Statement by Month; October 2014 Combined Balance Sheet; The Board Members ques- tioned a few claims. Once the details were discussed, the claims were approved. On motion by Billy Spiller, seconded by Johnny Small- wood, and carried by unani- mous vote, Claims 334,505 to 334,717 were approved for payment. District Maintenance Fund: Buffalo Services, Inc., $24,802.20; Quill, $10.99; same, $852.70; same, $1,475.48; School Book Sup- ply Co., $3,979.50; Wilk. Farmers CoOp., $38.90; Of- fice Automation Center, $137.85; same, $406.35; Palos Sports. $944.27; Rich- land Equip. Co., $54.51; Waste Management of South MS-Natchez, $445.00; Waste Management of MS-McComb, $2,420.23; Cheryl A. Lee, $200.45; Nakia Stewart, $64.70; En- tergy, $4,893.92; Wilk. Co. Food Service, $321.75; An- geline Gall Cavin, $23.19; FCCI Insurance Group, $175.00; Entergy, $844.65; same, $8,794.40; Cintas Corp., $765.90; Office Auto- mation Center, $1,588.75; AT&T Mobility, $31.48; Delvin Hunter, $300.00; Fannie Bateaste, $16.56; IAnda Boyd, $12.88; Char- lie Floyd, $13.80; Johnnie Smallwood, $11.04; Positive Pest Control, $420.00; Cin- tas Corp., $554.82; S/W MS Electric, $39.38; Flow Con- trol Services, $92.00; same, $700.00; Leketsha Bates, $468.00; Stuart C. Irby Co., $326.00; same, $349.30; Stine, $289.00; same, $81.73; same. $27.04; same, $16.44; Wilk. Farmers CoOp., $6.48; Palos Sports. $327.98; Tom, $399.03; Don- ald R. Carter, Sr., $350.00; Richland Equip. Co., $22.80; same, $25.81; Office Auto- mation Center, $1,588.75; Dora L. Monroe, $210.14; AT&T Communication Sys- tems, $170.59; Phoenix Fire Equip. Co.,, $507.00; Town of Woodville, $84.89; same, $84.89; same, $583.93; same, $223.73; S. Central Water Assoc., $17.00; Waste Mtg, of South MS-Natchez, $670.00; Cintas Corp., $649.75; Bar- netter Hollins, $120.00; Na- Ida Stewart, $92.87; Rosa L. Robinson, $315.00; Makeva Faust; $255.00; Redd Pest Control, $14.42; Shawa- nna Jackson, $114.19; F. R. Blankenstein Co., $27.00; The Woodville Republi- can, $406.44; Natchez Auto Electric, $340.00; Entergy, $2,487.01; same, $5,178.79; same, $7.78; F. R. Blanken- stein, $27.75; Positive Pest Control, $100.00; AT&T Long Distance, $181.74; Of- rice Automation Center, $662.50; same, $554.16; Quill, $2,146.50; Quality Glass Co., $145.00; Big M Supply, $256.91; Postmas- ter, $168.00; The Advocate, $868.66 ($0.01) ($0.01); Tim- othy T. Scott, $176.96; Ar- gus Analytical, Inc., $72.00; CNA Surety, $175.00; Pa- tricia Gaines, $316.72; Cin- tas Corp., $119.88; Nat- chez Newspaper, $351.00 (46.00); Town of Centreville, $1,551.06; same, $639.50; same, $42.75; Dept. of Public Safety, $960.00; Tyco Inte- grated Security, $1,246.80; F. R. Blankenstein, $161.50; District ADM Leadership, $2,5O7.50. Fund Total: $84,332.97 W. Co. Schools Activity Fund: Quill, $104.92; Ander- sons, $111.69; School Book Supply Co., $1,469.58; K Mart, $699.30; Andersons, $73.31; Thermobind, Inc, . $252.00; Andersons, $273.87; The Irwin Russell Club's first gathering of the new year will be hosted by Mrs. W.W. Thimmesch at her home on Sligo Street this Friday afternoon, January 9, at three-thirty. Serving as program chairman for the meeting will be Mrs. T. M. Bryan. Treppendahl's Super Foods, $122.39; same, $26.97; Ava- ya Communications, $37.01; same, $112.99, Earl Gordon, $45.00; Keymond Williams, $45.00; Lee Dixon, $45.00; Raymond McDonald, $45.00; Tony Nichols, $80.00; Ear- nest Woodside, $150.00; Moses Wells, $105.00; Pat- rick Smith, $60.00; Lemuel Rutledge $60.00; Herbert Poole, $60.00; Oliver Pack- ett, $60.00; Ricky Jackson, $60.00; Avaya Commu- nications, $120.59; same, $120.59; Christopher Collins, $90.00; Earl Gordon, $90.00; Matthew B. Scott, $90.00; Isaac Strickland, $90.00; Julius Williams, Jr., $90.00; Stine, $303.48; MHSAA, $660.00; Treppendahl's Su- per Foods, $8.99; Cheer Out- fitters, $1,835.88; L. C. Clark, $75.00; Earnest Woodside, $45.00; Moses Wells, $45.00; Sirmatria Cameron, $75.00. Fund Total: $7,838.56 W. Co. Schools Lunch Fund: McComb Electric Sup- ply, $14.94; Positive Pest Con- trol, $280.00; Cmtas Corp., $545.62; Auto-Chlor System, $1,192.95; Blue Bell Cream- eries, $880.68; Borden Dairy. $801.80; same,S2,236.51; The Merchants Co., $27,356.98; Crumbley Pa- per Co., $9,803.15; South- ern Pipe & Supply, $130.24; Heartland School Solutions, $231.00; Hotel & Restaurant Supply Co., $562.28; same, $66.00; same, $3,270.00; same, $6,495.00; same, $1,735.80; same, $2,645.00; Quill, $592.32; Cintas Corp., $502.21; Skinners A/C & Electric, $400.40; Blue Bell Creameries, $719.76; Bor- den Dairy, $3,103.20; Auto- Chlor System, $887.85; The Merchants Co., $16,006.64; Crumbley Paper Co., $9,094.31; Cintas Corp., $49.63; The Merchants Co., $1,321.83; Big M Supply, $228.55; Trainpree, $145.00. Fund Total: $90,693.80 Title 1 Low Grant Funds: Office Automation Center, $299.25; same, $90.00; same, $20.98; Wyatisha L. McDon- ald Williams, $128.38; Valery Fountain, $108.73; The Kirk- land Group, $1,450.00; Of- fice Automation Center, $1,325.00; same, $554.18; School Aids, $593.82; Of- fice Automation Center, $1,064.00. Fund Total: $5,634.34 Consolidated Admin. Cost Grant Fund: Office Automation Center, $90.42; same, $90.42; Big M Supply, $228.55. Fund Total: $409.39 Title II-Improving Tea. Quality. Fund: Central Ac- cess Corp., $295.00; Genera- tion Ready, $1,500.00; Best Western, $199.98; Jeremaine Brown, $3,400.00; Genera- tion Ready, $1,200.00; same, $1,200.0. Fund Total: $7,794.98 EEF-Bldgs. and Buses Fund: BankPlus Wealth Mgt. Group, $37,263.09. Fund Total: $37,263.09 EHA, Part B Fund: Quill, $46.99; Shawanna Jack- son, $184.88; Viola A. Den- nis, $123.65; Lee T. Dixon, $120.11; Moore Medical Corp., $134.55; Lee T. Dix- on, $144.41; Quill, ($46.99); same, $25.99; Dora L. Mon- roe, $161.51; Office Auto- mation Center, $662.50; same, $554.16; Quill, $33.99; same, $109.95; AT&T Mobil- ity, $8.14; Key Rehab Assoc., $5,280.00; Quill, $121.97; Alpha S. Young, $154.65; Rhonda Anthony Clark, $27.10; Vivian L. Barnes, $84.62. Fund Total: $8,008.18 EHA Preschool Fund: Treppendahl's Super Foods, $339.34. Fund Total: $339.34 Voc. Ed. Fd.-State & Lo- cals Fds: Kimbrell Office Supply. $598.86; Entergy, $1,384.90; Price Pest Con- trol, $45.00; Cintas Corp., $83.81, $83.81; Office Auto- mation Center, $64.58; Cin- tas Corp, $83.81; Price Pest Control, $45.00; Office De- pot, $59.99; Pocket Nurse, $1.55, $79.00; Channing L. Bete Co., $269.67; Office Automation Center, $64.58; Town of Woodville, $51.16; Southern Pipe & Supply, $53.04; Cintas Corp., $83.81, $83.81; School Nurse Sup- ply, $243.96; Pocket Nurse, $567.61; Office Depot, $3.24, 21.18; Office Automation Notice Of The Availability Of An Environmental Assessment THUMBS UP FOR THIS ONE -- Charlie Seal of St. Francisville, La., is giving the "thumbs up" to this huge 9-point, 20-inch spread buck he shot on New Year's Day, January 1, 2015, not long after eating a big lunch with his grandparents, Edine Center, $879.42; Argus Analytical, $62.00; Wev- lyn James, $242.75; Nat- chez Heating & Cooling, $15,988.00. Fund Total: $20,872.38 Unemploy Comp. Revolv- ing Fd: MS Dept. of Employ- ment, $3,926.62. Fund Total: $3,926.62 16th Sec. Forestry Es- crow Fund: MS Forestry Commission, $1,080.00; Tim- ber Investment Managers, $16,059.35. Fund Total: $17,139.35 W. Co. Note & Interests Fund: Trustmark National Bank, $82,123.30; BankP]us Wealth Mgt. Group, 114, 204.96. Fund Total: $196, 328.26 16th Performance Bond Escrow: Barreto Forestry Contracting, $500.00. Fund Total: $500.00 Future Co Schs Student Club Fd: Future Business Leaders of, $10.00. Fund Total: $10.00 The above claims were expensed to the following funds: District Maintenance Fund, $84,332.97; W. Co. Schools Activity Fund, $7,838.56 W. Co. Schools Lunch Fund, $90,693.80; Title I Low Grant Funds, $5,634.34; Consolidated Admin. Cost Grant Fund, $409.39; EEF Bldgs & Buses, $37,263.09; Title II-Improving Tea Quality, $7,794.98; EHA, Part B, $8,008.18; EHA. Preschool, $339.34; Voc. Ed. Fd. -State & Lo- cal Fds., $20,872.38; Unemploy Comp Revolv- ing Fd, $3, 926.62; 16th Sec. Forestry Es- crow, $17,139.35; W. Co. Note & Interest Fund, $196, 328.26; 16th Performance Bond Escrow, $500.00; W. Co. Schs Student Club Fd. $10.00; Docket Total: $481,091.26 Board President Charlie Floyd opened the floor for public comments. He contin- ued by presenting a plaque that was awarded to the Board at the MSBA Leader- ship Conference on Novem- ber 11, 2014, as a result of the improved test scores. Board President Charlie Floyd also stated that he ap- preciates the administrators, teachers, students, and ev- eryone involved in the suc- coss of the district. Superin- tendent Scott proceeded by stating the District received the Torch Award. He contin- ued by reading the plaque and stating that Wilkinson County School District was one of eight schools to re- ceive the award as a result of the District improving to a "C" status. Board Member Linda Boyd stated that she was proud of everyone that played a part. Board Mem- ber Johnny Smallwood stat- ed that the District is'in the process of allowing everyone a half day off. Board Member Billy Spiller stated that we need to make sure we get the approval in writing from the State Department so we will not have to make the day up. Board President Char- lie Floyd stated that when you do something great, you should be rewarded. On the motion of Linda Boyd, seconded by Fannie Bateaste, and carried by unanimous vote, the Board granted authority to adver- tise for county depositories for the 2015-2016 school year. The Board tabled the discussion on the Qualified School Construction Bond until the Executive Session. Superintendent Scott "Darlin" Seal and Stephen "Happy" Seal of Woodville. The young hunter took his trophy with a 300 Blackout rifle at a distance of 85 yards. He was accompanied on the hunt by his father, Charles Seal. -- Submitted Photo stated that the Secretary of State's office granted the District authority to change part of Section 15, Township 3 North - Range 1 West to commercial land space due to the Verizon Wireless Cell Tower. Clark. On motion by Billy Spill- treat water from water well er, seconded by Linda Boyd, #4. The alternatives consid- and carried by unanimousered to the proposal include: vote, the recommendations replacing the waterline that for employment as substitute served the west side Of the bus drivers for the remainder system with two waterlines. of the 2014-2015 school year Inspection of the proposed The USDA, Rural Utili- ties Service has received an application for financial assistance from Old River Water Association, Inc. As required by the National Environment Policy Act, the Rural Utilities Service has prepared an Environmental Assessment that evaluated the potential environmental effects and consequences of the proposed project. This notice announces the avail- ability of the Environmental Assessment for public review and comment. The proposed project of installing approximately 74,000 linear feet of 8" and 6" PVC waterlines to serve the western portion of the water system, approximate- ly 65,000 linear feet of 6" and 4" waterlines to upgrade smaller fines to meet Health Department pressure re- quirement and a 400 GPM water Treatment Plant to unanimous vote, the Board Copies of the Environ- approved the following em- mental Assessment are ployment resolution for the available for review at the Qualified School Constrnc- Rural Development Sub-Of- tion Bond: (Here follows em- rice located at 110 Northgate ployment resolution.) Read, Suite-B, Natchez, MS On motion by Linda 39120. Boyd, seconded by Fannie For further information, Bateaste, and carried by please contact Robert G. unanimous vote, the Board Harris, Area Director Rural approved the following note Development, at (601) 833- and sale resolution for the 9321 Ext. 5. Any person in- Qualified School Construc- terested in commenting on tion Bond: (Here follows copy this proposed project should of note and sale resolution.) submit comments to the ad- On motion by Johnny dress above by January 30, Smallwood, seconded by 2015. Linda Boyd, and carried by unanimous vote, the Board went into Executive Session. Superintendent Scott stated that Student #2015- 03 is in alternative education at Wilkinson County High School. He continued to state that the student was caught smoking and in possession of substances. Superinten- dent Scott stated that Stu- dent #2015-03 has also left campus while in alternative education and will be ex- pelled if it happens again. He continued to state that the student was sent home and will return on Monday, November 17, 2014. A brief discussion followed. No ac- tion was taken at this time due to this meeting being a %yarning The parent of Student #2015-04 approached the Board to discuss her con- cerns about another student picking on her daughter. A brief diSCUSsion followed. No action was taken at this time. On motion by Billy Spiller, seconded by Fan- nie Bateaste, and carried by unanimous vote, the Board came out of Executive Ses- sion. On motion by Linda Boyd, seconded by Fannie Bateaste, and carried by unanimous vote, the Board voted to issue new contracts, post dated to August 1, 2014, to the teach- ers who are retirees in other states for their verified years of teaching experience. School Board Attorney Michael Winfield reviewed the information from Bruce Lewis, Wilkinson County Administrator, in reference to the request for a right of way and temporary construc- tion easement on Section 25, Township 4 North, Range 1 West. On motion by Linda Boyd, seconded by Fannie Bateaste, and carried by unanimous vote, the Board A general location mapof the proposal can be reviewed at Rural Development's of- rice at the address listed above. 1/01/2w granted authority'for,a right of way and temporary, con, struction easement on Sec- tion 25, Township 4 North, Range 1 West, on the recom- mendation of School Board Attorney Michael Winfield. On motion by Linda Boyd, seconded by Fannie Bateaste, and carried by unanimous vote, the meeting adjourned. Charlie Floyd, President Wilkinson County Board of Education Linda Boyd, Secretary WiLkinson County Board of Education Timothy T. Scott, Superintendent Wilkinson County Board of Education 12/25/14 G. IUIYBORN I OUIPMENT LLC 692 llWY. 61 NORTH * NATCHEZ EQUIPMENT RENTAL: FORKLIFTS, MAN LIFTS, DOZERS, EXCAVATORS, GENERATORS, DUMP TRUCKS, BACK HOES, SKID STEERS OILFIELD WORK: END DUMP SERVICE, LOCATION CONSTRUCTION WITH WINCH DOZERS, RIG UP AND RIG DOWN, LOCATION CLEAN UP _D_II~[ WOR!~: POND, LAKE & LEVY DEVELOPMENT, HOUSE SITE DEVELOPMENT ANY TYPE GRADING & BLADING WORK EQUIPMENT TYPE: 3-D6N CAB DOZERS WITH WINCHES, 3-200 SIZE TRACKHOES, 2-22,000 DOZERS, 10 REACH FORKLIFTS FROM 6,000 TO 10,000 LB LIFT, 10 MAN LIFTS FROM 40 TO 85 FT, MINI EXCAVATORS & SKID STEERS, JOHN DEERE RUBBER TIRE BACKHOES, 5 TRACTOR TRUCKS WITH END DUMPS AND OTHERS CALL 601"445-8930 * 601"597"0201 FAX 601-445-4562 GARIIET@GRAYBoRNEQUIPMENT.COM granted authority to change part of Section 15, Township 3 North- Range 1 West to commercial land space due to the Verizon Wireless Cell Tower. Wilkinson County Ad- ministrator Bruce Lewis approached the Board to request authority to grant a right of way and a tempo- rary construction easement on Section 25, Township 4 North, Range I West. Lewis stated that the county needs to build two roads. He contin- ued by stating a right-of-way deed has been prepared and approval is being requested by everyone that may own the land. Lewis also stated that the Secretary of State does not show Section 25 as part of Wilkinson County School District's land, so he is not certain if the county had the authority to sell. Lewis continued by stating the title will revert back to the school beard if it belongs to them. The Board tabled the topic to give School Board Attorney Michael Winfield an oppor- tunity to review. Superintendent Scott stated that Entergy request- ed the District to sign a 20ft. easement so that they can provide service to the resi- dence of Mrs. Cherri S. Jar- vis located at 96 Bush Drive. On motion by Fannie Bateaste, seconded by Bil- ly Spiller, and carried by unanimous vote, the Board granted Entergy authority to put a 20ft. easement across Wilkinson County High School's campus. On motion by Linda Boyd, seconded by Billy Spiller, and carried by unanimous vote, the beard approved the following request for salvage delete: (Here follows list of salvage delete items.) On motion by Billy Spiller, seconded by Fan- nie Bateaste, and carried by unanimous vote, the Board granted authority to receive the donation of a printer from Jeremaine Brown in the value of $409.98. On motion by Johnny Smallwood, seconded by Fannie Bateaste, and car- ried by unanimous vote, the Board approved November 24, 2014, as the makeup day due to the electrical outage. The Board tabled the dis- cussion on the Out-of-State Retirees/Employees until the Executive Session. On motion by Johnny Smallwood, seconded by Fannie Bateaste, and car- ried by unanimous vote, the board approved the letter of resignation from Edward Ar- buthnot, effective December 19, 2014. A motion was made by Johnny Smallwood to ap- prove the letter of retirement from Laura Bolden, effective December 31, 2014. Said mo- tion was seconded by Linda Boyd. Those voting "yaye" were Johnny Smallwood, Linda Boyd, Charlie Floyd, and Fannie Bateaste. Billy Spiller abstained from vot- ing. On the recommendation of Jean Jones, Director of Transportation, Superinten- dent Scott recommended the following individuals for em- ployment as substitute bus drivers for the remainder of the 2014-2015 school year: Donald Jackson, Rose On motion by Johnny were approved, route of these lines revealed Smallwood, seconded by On motion by Linda poor road conditions and the Linda Boyd, and carried by Boyd, seconded by Fannie alternative was deeded not unanimous vote, the Board Bateaste, and carried by feasible.