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January 8, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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January 8, 1898

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Saturday, Janumry 8. J. S. LE%VIS, Editor and ]Proprietor. T0 ADYEB TISER. TnE eTOtIDVlbl.E I{EPUBLICAN Is the oldest,livspaper in the State; has a larger bona fide ircu]atiou than any othei newspaper in this section; therefiwe  is Tb les00 k,b&apos;er00iuf Tile death of Genl. Ross. ex-Con- federato, of "Fexa% i announced. Capt. Joel H. Waler, a disti,- guished [aww,r of MerMian Is dead. The first annual meeting of the Mississippi Hislorlcal SocieLy was ap- pomted for vesLerday and to,day in Jaeksou. ------- ....... +e,+l +111 i .......... VVe have received the first num- ber of th McComb City Special, l a neatseven-colnmn paper. Judg- I mg fronlthe initial number the paper will be ably edited. T.P. Henry, Editor anti Manager. In former days the New England ttboliti, nlsis Freaclled to lhe South on"manifes! destiny." The South tan sow return the sermon in a new dra In nprooling slavery the asteroera plauted a crop of cotton fat.lries that have now come up to drive them on', of husmess. It is rit from the mill of the gods.-- Memphis Scimita r' --- st 4,41lib '--_ _ The division el Cidna mong lhe European powers is not progressing lo rapidly as it did a week or two ergo. England is ltle country, most : interested lathe trade of China, and her twenty battle ships off Ihe Ch,. nose coast wilt| a little pPain talk has cleared up the situation mightily in the last few days. Vicksbnrg Dispatch, a new page daily, came to us with the new year. It is a handsome, ably edited paper by Vickshurtz Dispatch {3o. Chas. E. Wright, Prsi,ient. Mr Wright, for a lan time editor of the Oommereial Herald, is widely -known as an stile writer. Tl|e Dis. patehms 16 to 1 which endorses the Chicago plalform without a ;reservation. -- a---O : The Monetary Commission has reported at length a plan of currency reform, wiiich it discusses fnlly and gives a nlas of slatisties. The gold standard is advocated, also th,+ final redemption of the paper cur- .,: renc:V tttrougll wlit.h the 'l'reaurv laabeen raided and depleted of its gold reserve, and the ex,ension of TtlE GOVERNORS MESSAGE. The message of the Governor is long and embraces a consider- able number of important ma- ters. At this time we are unable to notice the message at length. With no disposition to criticize, it appears that the case of Will- iams vs. the State, now before the U. S. Supreme court, ha created undue apprehension in the Governors mind, an(l his recommendation that railroad trains, especially freight trains, be prohibited from running on Sun- day, may be regarded merely as the expression of individual opinion, which will have no practi- cal effect. The election of Judges and U. S. Senators by the people, the The Ohio Senatorial lnuddlo is at" tra,:ting the attention of the conntrT. Tle last Rep. Conven- tion of that State endorsed Senator Hanna for re-election but upon the meetin of the Lbgislature on 4th inst. one Republican Senator and nine melnbers of the House revolted, and in conjunction with the Denlocrats, succeeded in or- ganizing both Houses against the Repnblicans or Hanna regulars. The re-election of Mr. Hanna cer- tainly seems to be in (toub, but the chances are in his favor as the E00wara 00/Ic00e00ee 00011ege. WOODVILLE, MI$, lAi, eorgie wmi+mt, riucipal. Will Open its 36th Annual Session September 1st, Thoroughly equipped for work in MUSIC, ELOCUTION, EN6LISH BRANCHE, THE LANGUAGE& ETC., ETC. opposition prol)ably will be una- ble to concentrate its full strength upon any one man, even should it hold together until the ballot on the 12th inst. There is great ex- citemeutin the State andespeci- ally in the honie counties of the ICTlle course of s udy tlas been ,'ovled. st mdard of Scholar- J nhil) r+tis(d ;nd Kimlt.r,trdeu i), p t t mpnt addtd Tt ch :J'L'"' s.,;,.,,i:u)t. ThZ h:,;ct,,,/,, "w ,,uui ," lm a ZZ 's i tU()rou'.:l+ty relurlJ,s,tcd ai'i(l n J,iu hunJt.lll(e 'e tl2t. iS "'+u [ t irt [Ul  I'Ll' l ' . -- +K l tlr- '] : . g , O I11, II('V ;])rlugs I ew llltttr(.sses till St t " {] e!.e., l))e lathe will I)e eotlsitml y supplied wlttr , . , " s, + ,tncc o[.wh<Jlesome and well pet,pared food N-) -'" ot/rl t I'Writefor Catalogue and Terms. " LEON SCIt WARTZ. C I!._EYLAND SCHWARTZ & NEYLAN Main Street, WOODVILLE, Since the QTearantine restriet&ns aroztnd onr tou have been raised we have been daily reeeivin lresh floods ofl all linds and ozr store is now replete with best staple and Faney groeerzes, dry oods, ere, to be fbund. New goods arriving-daily. I h con- Me, stateand: " All hallo , lsb ouhthe pressure .peas, ' "-ib purchased a/argo stock of Dry_ repeal of lavs and liberal to bearul)o n themnalGv'iBuht ,i Spain to Cuba went int,, opera-county tax refunded. solidatlon of railroads pensions to Coilfederate veterans nell is the leading candidate he:d:nofJ,]n{:" Ist. That is tsa3 forOrder'dbids t,, biuhlTbatathesteelaeeordhiCh+'rk advertiSeBrhlgotoacroSSspee_ i Clothing, Notions, Ilousekeeping (each disabled vet, era, now re- <. , -- . I el artments were iuaumt- Bav(>tt Sara Creek / eeives the enormous pension of onagalnSta bedtheof rosesBss' byandanyhemoans.'s not /ratedgivcn anyin realllavana'autlioritylt toSpah'these haSof, re'flieeificatiens on fileBoard, reservingit' ('ha,ice/'y Cierk'stim right to] t ic/es, Hats Shoes in g-o a seventeen dollars a year,) is This. el)pOsition_ to HJqnnn' cl,,,m.,m+ + . . '. . . J(ct. an+ and .all bnls" reconnnended. . - ............ ncmlsltsexerclse well beconfined to t)n account ofclialwe ofo " s rln from o . +. , ,. + wnersh,p all f which I propose ,++P ..... g ,.: . !h/.an lqc,,l+'.h, cities and fortified towns heht b," ort+ere,l that followi,,g lands be I O Verb' properly trusts anti coin- ,fluS,,S. it, IS a ra(%lonal fl,rl,t th,,t / ,l,.. + ....... , ,.. .t ass+sse(i to Mrs An lit+ L M Is to sell at / .............. ++, ,. . , , . . V. )aaneeof partofn-e ,. +. - ,, - l biues are denounced, particuhrly may tetm,nate the Bosses lmhti-lthe Isi.,,,i i ........ +,, .......... ]a s,+e;,, I+ + w ,0 at Jt Wit1 be to Your tere the cotton seed trust, cal life arid lose to +h .... ,:..:_:+, l ..- ......... . ,et, ata,le gromm or is [ '+ii + ',p,7. w part or s-e F4 see 17. T/SO low- " .....  ...... -,-,s- i tn rue possession of the Cubans. wha i l, ..... --,. , ,.e acres :anti assess to T L | in Perhaps the most practieal and [rauonavoteintheSena+ .... ,.:.+. +.:,i ....... " -'aigicrnleastparts" 'TTIIP+++h" 'to examine m>+stock.: ...... +, ,, utCu ,,,t, aacep+ nomng less than lade- 116 /44 acres and in s-w )art )'2 _ , of a textile reconmlending the establishmentValuable suggestiOndepartmentmade iSatthethat i2a! JMa/k!li::t:?)c;l can ill afford. :)1:2 iii7 ba!ii !!rPendenee" The!illei)!ip!i!!i)i4! i''autono,n ..... / see 18 tT'I R 3 w 56 1 ,t n w ducements to laYge buyers." Special a.&M. College. It is well said r, e PE'ETR MOLLER that; "young men of the state .... Y. ant, to meet nexL year at of Cut,an belhgerenc,, g ,T-I)e. following named Grand and'[ learn the art and sciencel)f menu- -atiesnurg. The following are the a. J eur jurors were drawn to serve at ] "" "-"-: - the ensuing term of Circuit Court: [ facturing in their own state and ai)pintments for this, the Natchez PROCEEDING8 the very fact of having home men District: W. L. C. Hunnicutt, p. E ; Nat- who are prepared to manage and chez, Natchez, ,lefferson streeL T conduct manufacturing establish- B. H,,lloman ; Natehez, Wesley Cltap+ ments will enconrage the building [ el, J. "I' Ahnev ; Waslungton, G. M. of factories and stilnulate h0me[HUll; bayer,e, B S. Rayner; Bar- investnlents; and this i" *""' [l,,w, E. F. E,i'ar; Rnxie, R A .,, , . , , u t, uttl, [ Bre]alld " Amlte 1) t, ..:... ,,, " wm retain st, c, young men iu the/ter M. 'I Bl',ck'. "d,:r.\\;;t,5' ,los- i I  ? " " vIII, DI. tate In,tend of letting ,t, hem go iM,mre ; Wilkins,m to t)e sup )lied by abroad for employment J. C Long ; Woodvi le, J. W Cris let: Percy Creel{ W. W. Moore: No Inentlon is Inade of the buihting of a State tIouse. The general i,npression seems t,o I)e that a special message will be sent to theLeglslature upon this sub- ject. l'hls appears to us unhkely, unless the majority of the uletn- bern should evince a willingness to accept the will of the Execu- tive as already expressed, which no self respecting body of men, under the circumstances, will or could do. If a Stae ftouse is not to I)e provided for the move speed- ily the Legislature attends to the finances, passes the appropria- tion bills and adjonrns, the better. THE NATCHnZ FAIR terminated ondanuarylst, after a most suc- cessful week. The next meeting will be in November next anti tie Mea(lvilh., R. S. Gale; Ltarriston, R F. Wltt. A few weeks ago a negro named miles Yttman, of Leflore county, wa+ arrested on a charge of intent, to kill and mur<ler. He feigned insanity so successfully that be wa declared crazy anti sent to the as Ittm here A (Is b , or two since. Dr Mitcbell telegrapl ed the sheriff of Leflore to come and get the negro, as he had recovered. Deputy Holmes came down last nigbt, and at 5 o'clock this morning took a hack out to the asylum after his I)rlstmcr. The ne- gr,, was broulit out, but seeing the ,fitter, dashed thr,)uii the door and fled Io the neighl,ormg swa nil, where lie is still in htding The dcllnly re- turned home alone, a sadder bell wiser man. London. Jan. 3.--'Fhe Pall Mall Gazette, commenting upon thcin- crease of American cottoa shipments to Japan, says: o[ llse Board of Nultel.vison. s I'I{E STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, WILKINSON COUNTY. 1 Be it remembered that at a regulaI Ineeting of the Board of Supervisors of said Cotinty began +aud held a, the Court IIouse in the town o Woodville, said County on ,he 1st Monday, being tim 3rd day of Fee rua'ry . D. 1808. PRESENT J,)hn D Morris, John A Sniith. L T Ventress, President Jan D C Cage, W L. Jenkins, l. AI Carter" L Sehloss, C T. Netterville, uienibers. ' James Farmer, ' Jas. M. SESSIONS, Sll'f. S G Bell. W B Miller. C. A. (3OON. ClerK, Jol,, J , age, This (lay Then tlatlichl, County 'I Sanmel. Treasurer prcse,ltc,I his report of the 14 T Sheckler. several differettt connly funds which .I C Miller, / gC ,q iN ('rooper. Jr Ill K. Ferguson, |J B Dawson, W W Babers, T E Speight, Willie lIays, .1 t Stntzman. (; W Merwin, R tI Rivhardson. P M Stockett. J A Cox, FIRST WEEK. W T Newman, E It Rawlius. T II XXilkinson, F D. L,+wis, A E Bunch, J W Smith. L C Carter. F M Flowers. T N Ashley, C E Brown, W A Leak. ,/ob,i  /4nnch, E Chisholm. W F Best, B W Brannan, G M lJ[tneh, B F Dnty, W C A.hlev. D S |lopkii)s, G W Pci'r, I" L Itnbt), R G tlarrall, E F McKey, were examined approved, and order- Win lames. J W ltmqms e,I to be recorded TI,c money in the J M Carter. ,I E Fugler, Treasury was this day counted by the Board and faunal correct. St:teND WEEK Fred Martens, Ordered that tile t:lerk advertise for K P Flinn. bids for eontrac' of public printing j H Walker. and pnbhshing proceedings of Board of Supervisors, tor the year coin- W C Stuart, menci,lg Ianuary 1st. 18:+s ..... , . Wm Dohlbron, ' , o, =.u elite- ] R T Lousier, ing Jan. ]st. 1899. On account of change of ownership / it E Phares, ordered that thet'ollowing audbe as-lib W Anderson sessed to Beu Ilaynes. The n-e ,/ eli1) W Huff. n-w j and n w . o[ n l/4 sec 22,tltc/J T Sttu'aeon, s-e, 4 of s-w J4 hi s-w J of s-e .- A T Rabb, ,,,t s29. of s:e  or soc 5, T a']i I D Carter. e, t.o0 acres, instead or J S Cobb. - L D Cobb, AJso In S W 1 O[ n e t " . ' -  an,I in li-W W RSims, of s-e and in s-w)a ofs-e 80 g L Murray, acres all in section 15, T 3, R I east, be assessed to Griffin ila'nes. John E Thomas, Nathan , Dryflls, C W lIenderaon, A E Stuart, J .I Hill, J Scruple. J D Miller, A Wilkinson, I' E fluff, EIIgene Morris, E T Hart, W P Wall, J C Day, T L Cassclls, J I[ Henley. YOUR DOCTOR nc.00s ,+ t + 1 { D/s?ase w/th medieine. If the me(l/clne is nut right he cannot K '-: e,,nquer disease. If the drug- gist does his duty the nledi i  will be r/ght, and "'0 ..... C U0  ,,'ill stand a goo(] cUnat(,brb fa winning the victory {I '- XOu cau help your doctor by navmg your Prescriptions filled t here. ' ' I ARGUE,S PHARMACY, i f " " L, 31anagor, :LV. No... r '5 Night.. 'J.'r.,,,, Leaw Memphis, 7:55 pm '" VioKsbtlrg '' " " " J:10 ttni .... " Ce atrcvillo 6:16 am .... Arrives New Orleaus 10:B 6am No, 6, Nighz raiu leaves New Orleaiit 'i:20 plt " " " " Cea trevillo .......... 8:35 pm .... ,, Viek.bnrg pm doubt will be big a SUCCESS. A warrant for $5 haying been is- NOTICE. This]i '"File special interest tor n lies in shed to B F McGraw for Mr8 New- Hy virtue of the power vesled ,n 25,000ntttlnal bankkl placesiSsues'of and4,000of nallonalinhabi county was well represented in the injury ',o Indian cotum growers, thatman'SanChihh'ell"additionalit iSwarrantlierebYisstleorderedto me as Exeeuror of .last wl|Laud Lea- banks with capitol of not Jess than the attendance, Messrs. L. T. lit the American staple conlinues Ventress, C. W. Henderson R. / cheap, and the Alnerluan takings in- ilia fur $5 n or Jess, The furtlier coinage tament Gf .'-4 4Pc Adler, (leceas3d, and of sliver dollars ia recommended to M. McGehee and J. M. Sessions / crease' it is more than possil)le tha Ordered that Rachel iDaris' Poll [m aecordanue.with a.deeree rendered ere lontz America will also ship to tax be refunded m the estate of S. p. Adler, at the stopped and no e, nsideration la were amongst the judges in the China." to the estahllslllne,,t ot stats several de+++-. ..... *o taxOUeere2,,t::a+ i i.,,o+r Nelson' Poll, Deee,nl,er Term i++97, ot tl, a Chance. , , + I-r'++lxl115ulx+, --eiltlllt,--i,+__ e ....... e .... elll_ Ill](lCr lge. rv ')lll'i, ru,)r(t " " . [Secretary (,ages plan, So r . , Ordered that Scott N , , ed 111 UllllUte book, it't*,es and ,l, .... ,hi,, ,,-- Vicksburg and Natchez givinu EARNMO THE [ ASS.---A man who n,dnfa,I ........ _"  . ewman be ap- 13, page 267, of the nlin,,t .... i t i.h.. +t , ,+---+, ut t.,. +,tl- . . . .  , , . . v ......... ...-.,.ur O[ roa(l ill," ' i , r i ........ e  i  U 'lU " on coincide, annual exhlbitlons of their re- ,w,,jd.a small e.un,r.+ newsl.ape r in Van Wtute, frum Newnian's Sstteoa/e t:puer+ Court, I well on M,nday, the - __ onrces and aF r, Parh ..... ., . wentrai new lork made up his mint| | l0 mile post. tn itay of,February 18.q. t.h< ............. ,- ...... .t o Lnelr , . ...... , -..,.,,e bI .... :., , ,, ............ , , . . lliat he  as enllLle(| Lo a vacation and I A petitlota of Jolin S Cobb havino" Sotlth. door of the Co,Ire tlr,,, i,, ,:fl:[,,:.,,,,.e. jj[nes-/], cou,,les snoulu smnulate the Ilavh,g fied upon the p ace to "put l,b. ee'' presented to this Board to I;';. - the town of Woodv,lle betw.7[.. , ::: ,v-,,y.-atesiuntlsnnlguom. counties in this Dortion rF thotin+thetime, '' wrota tlw ,r,id,+,,t .,t/ltevetl assuretyou theom-;.,i -  hou- t *, .... ' " " pa,y a,lnounevs lhe editor of ttia  ............ ." ...... l a railraad i ...... 2.. ---;v ............. i of Jotln A Bryant J,,-*';),"2"*'.-*J, hI ...... .:,,_ v. *. o Ci(JCl.=. A. f,, and a States, Maj. H. J. t/ear, ev to- ,h.. orttt to like efforts. /,1 ...... ----j [..-- - l,a. in recornmen I Peace, and Jatnes illl.r'",... t. .the i'.tl')eK,_ .P M., sell to# the highest d, . ,ur ,+,vltJu ui his paper lie sal(I "3I -+, u,isaolo OlOfler, for CASH rmttion of printer of thee,,. .... ,.. i If the peonle generally ofa/ ............ : ' Ytitlsherebyordered thatsaid t ..... I . , " . at puhliaauetion ,,,,,-,4""-i vout.entlonr .... n" ....... u- I cotltl ........ .. - " . .t paper t!as a WlOe eircutalion ; it goes 'Br ant and lames, Murra a ,,vml a tile .-land of said estate described' as .:+ - . '. t a n respectfully. I y woum mrerest themselveslevervwllere; i,I fttetItla,,e I .... + ...... ,.tforo*,,;.m ? ........ Y. ppearbe'Jtl, at ............ ,' . IOneltg I,ir liim the SlllJl),)rt ()i t th' I in . r .... ,., n , ,.. ,,.., ,,, I +.. i.'=._._ .*.. , ; ...... ,,,,l,x / ...... Jvaitl tic 1S mcetiug ill Feb- { + . t*atu Ul the l)r. HO|t S nome-. Lttmoeratle" - -" myra ers" ,)ri'that tl-  "I"" - Cuuuy alr, wl[n ll[tlO elrort [ 'u, -eel* t irom going to n--ll." He [rualy, prepared .t re'eke new bonds, { steatl tract, and of the Delan" ' y place, ltiaj. Hearses' silnlJh, s auds o" I, a, ' , lu lilltl | | ne aelltPtd vnt ........ will {, e 3 p ace. be- 7.'.. __ ' - , , ody. la most creditable interest; ..... .!/g ot the pass. ]m d efanlt of which both oflioes " and of the, Wen tit+ill , i , . t'eord of thlrt / 'ears"  let .... instructive exh'lbttlon'" of the ---,-o..- Or(- ......... c,., accormng to law I'lngmg to said S P Adler at h's + 3 , ,or and de-/ . ' pro-/ The Republican has r,ce;,,,a /_, _!?red t'!n'.t!mr that the above order death, more )artieula , . totion to the l}eltmerati( harry and Iducts and eaDabilties of that o, .... I., .... " .,u |snail apply re petition of David i, / . , .. :. .- t. _ rl described ia itbiie su +--ma< "1 he " t a - .... '-- l;De TOIIOWIDg " he hav'il lg etlllOlle ........ l to + y ,xnllill {J, filed on N,)vembt r 12 i. :v.. firs, publiclty surely wonld result To -..| -- : | .... P- ",  be release,l as /1897 ; ...... 7 . ..'.. '" ", lrerance ever made ia Louish,, .... ! ...... " "'" / UNIVERSITY. Mis . Tan r, 'aR |sureey on me omaial boliti of , , , ,u :/!alJers ot sal(t PsLate In lh .%ruth i, tar,,- +" ....... ": .... :', |county la tee tate do these re |n .. ._ ' s., ...... ' '" /zaurray constable JanieslChancery Ulerk's office with rite ,)o l "J, a,,an/l<Hllng tile . " *--E,tt otl " t" ' ' ' - "marks ' , i :-- I Ordere,t that the followinr . ,t Oll tor the eonfir,nal" tttle V?!,c. otyoneiha,,ng the negr,, + . apply more formbly than/ ht revisin the lisle .t * ..... lassessed to L C Millnr xg./ad be l land of .t .... . -. ,on of sale of IO1O ant{ lltlittitin a tlelermlilOd hal |[.O LIIiS county Th ntatanl. ;:, , I  ,  vt lt#lllil /,,., 1/- *  .-. t/- , " '- 74 all(1 /  , oaue, reIerence 0einff .--- - " 'L . _c_. v--.- / " +-- r .... M. ,o a istuOents for th, Ram; I'--. .... : I ['L" " 74 ..t -._w /4 an,l I pRrt of S-IV lg | Ulerel, o had " ll+'y OI aggressl,ln-towaro l lie no,fro |i)P+In;t;anm I+;,.., 4to_ soL_ _+_ 1  ++,*.,--.Jtu++llllla.l tel sec 0 'I' o i+, i +.. .... 74 1 -" . + i-"l" ........ +'"."+ IUI" Iblit 11"lana ersN |+ r, + -' " *'* w' cnLalliln" dAS.3 ....  "' waa made by him, in the Shreveport |-e ...... t ........ g i Catalogue of the University , 23o 28-100 acres, iusted of Tllo,,,, J ., ,..f. SESSIONS, Tiales, arly in May, 1874 tte-wai-- uuratr to take atresh hold, lwtiieh will ba n,,t,1;.t.--, ,,_. 'tWhlte. and assess toEn,eneN,,,g't . _ r.x r tst. . p. Adler. the founder of ti,e White Mau' P- t to make a live effort to awaken' a_. . - v ...... uu ms year, ville w part of n-e  of '-w  7.;';.' ] ,/an. 8, 1.9 4w ,, * unu trial I llave not been 26 T 2, i 1 W 'dO 74 ut eu tytn N,,th Louisiana Ithe interest of our oldsters and - ' . _ ableir  ...... , ; acres instead of/ ::: 'ree):ll W wtehr: [ ];rOdlb::: b:tngh:t(m?h:t:::li: iiid:i:lTn:!h]ljj;:iii/iTN;7 i ';rctlOtinorili!ii8,/ii?illT!Tt!iRels,:!.4th]  i 7tiir:iU(r!!i!,Bid/v!ola!;a:n! i. a 2 position to know, that no citin of Lonisiana contributed as much, to the redemp- that State from negro and rpet--bag rule as did Maj. Hearey. Men who have served well usually reap the and honors of of- far the coinmon interest and t)en- who attended the University in t assessed to Charles Bruce instead ot ilieations on file in Chancery Clerk's eat of the entire eoullty, and that] the years indicated, and come Mrs..C L Wheeler. and Mrs. Annie otfice, will bereceived up to'9 o'e;oek the production of something be_I fro m your section of the state. or,lbe as.sensed 56 66-100 acres lot A, M., or+ the first Monday in Febru- sides cotton may be encouraged. /If you will kindly publish these o a_n,j n.or, part)or 4 sec 22 T 2 R ary 1898 The Board reserving the -- --"'"-- / names with" a recluest that the t, west ..................... tnsmau ot Nrs;7 C' IL. Wbeeler, I right to reject any and all hi,Is , * .... -,o ova u vv I woDb 4U acres s-e MUCH WILL BE LOST i pel8ons haines, or ttielr friends  of n-e  and 7 acres in s-w  of l C.A. COON, Clerk. will correspond with me ,,o,, nortil east  sec 13 q" 8 " ..... / Jan 8, 1898-5 We are told that most of our plan. ., a , . ", .....  * eas[, In- will confer a favor on all parties, stead ofM B McNeil Assess to S G [ tern have still considerable quanli - ,,x 54 o-100 aeres south part see 5. .,..Do__ " arrives Menlpills 11:50 .. ,, ..aY Train Lm,cksbT;i.d- 7:10 am " ttPl'ives New ()vit,a|ls 8 am No. 22 Day Train h+aNde,m s 5:30 pm " '/ .... arrives Vi,'ksblll'g, 8:['5 am 5:55 pm Train ranslai'-15 excelbt 8uuday. No. 7.'1] leaves Woodvillo " " leaves Bayon Sara 9 am No. 722e--. v&zo pm P, av n +qra ] ,]0 m II it a " ' . " rrlves Woodville p. 85 m only Line rnnni.,, go+;1 'Pr ; " 4.15 Pro_ "fJI .II"D.IIK, Jlll'll'-,l  .,"+ a I; bof,vor.., ,, -- ..... - &"%l e .... Uarrylng elegant Pullulau Buffet " " -, W U]'l(,,l... 1 , surng Passe,,ger. a speed, and co-./J.'- eepln'g Uars iu both direction.% th /:'or Rates, Al,iim eta." ..... 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