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January 1, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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January 1, 1898

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She was one of the prettiest little thingm the|n the world and the wa: she stepped intOsore and ordered a bill of groceries was  tng But,t Proper'y. milk when from ,o,o =,, oo=,o, How baldness begins a sight worth witnessing. When she came Tb @oty of = b TQ' -, { Interest in the movement for better quart ean be obtained, In tile suburbs to settle for them she found she did not highways shows itself mast strongly in that i rmt a high price beeluse the own* h..e enough money with her, o  oorred  "T'oM by .2p .2oa. q the growin c.s,om of ,,s,lg er.shed er of ,ntl,h eo., ha,* o pay 1,Jh for aked that the.y be'sent C. O.O. stone for road improvement. The stone all the feed they buy. It reqttresmuch . ,- ' Certainl , returnedthe obliging grocer,   ,  . 9,, vrusher companies have evidently been bran. slorts nd liaseed meal to keep smdmglY.Thelittle'What ,s thc number-lady stammered as she gave tne.. ).pyr|,,t, |,9, ....... " . $° doing" au excellent business, for both is t'tle cows 1o theirmilk. That istosay, HOW to prevent it ame Gibson, but failed utterly when she - the cities and in the country do we find such cows as come fresh in December ll; came to the number. At last he faltered that stone has been used as road ma- and sueceedin months. The sheller -  terial, has lo be eh)sely watched and the stalls ONE spring, when the fish was run- n second Long Branch, or is shepopu• It is greatly to be deplored, however, well littered and waer llns to betem- nin' poor and nobody could find a lated by a large and choice assortment that while so much excellent lnaterial pered before giving it to the cows ot shrinks hair and gives an abtdant and gins*y" b'sket of clams by workin' all da y, it of hogs, what don't keer fur her futur' is being" employed, the methods they will not drink it. We again re- ttord" ]gvetYbalanesPet'Soti,, It'ina|e O[aoas.toJ,e.flislE,tne appearan¢ . ]] '-'='u ...... ThoSein baldnessWh° arewflltBreatenedo¢ merestetl' wlt was decided to call a public meetin' welfar'?" adopted are so very faulty. In t(;o mind our readers that it is not good of a e and is A serious d seomiort, , approafhngnwin  voluntary t;itement, easesa ..... a ,,a  fi nd msdebyAlaermau'J'ree , . • and do suthin' to boom Squan Creek, Them words l)roduced a greatcom- many cases the men having the work practice to wash he cows bags. It g re rare when the fa]ltfi$ out oi the / di ...... -:- o  .  h oI,ecer healthy growth of the hair promoted. The I I0wa, tie writes: About 50 men turned out at lhe meet- moshull, and Joe l'arsons got up and in charge are cotenl silnt)ly to deposit makes the skin tender and is apt to hair may not De steppes, - .......... il', and JedgeTruax said he wanted said he was offerin' smnmcr boarders the stoie upon the high,way, frequcntly erack the teats, whleh by the necessary hair grows in the scalp like a plant in the , onthSa o m haireom s be wateredlmenced falling out so rapidly that-I everybody present to express his opin- more ozone than any other place in the throwing it right inio a mud(ly spot, lnilkilag twice a day. are hard to hem soilconstantIf aattentton.plant flourishes,it mu tit ....... must have I oecame'Ab°Utamx-,,f°ur ma ..ond being" g o' recommendedY . . yun. At that Dau'l Baker got up and known world. It wasn't ozone with a and doingnothingfnrlherafterlhema- np. Now, no tensible person will iru- regularly and find tta todd m the soft rth: r aYraat  vys: string tied to it, but every boarder could terial has been put in lflaee and spread, aginc that we el)pose warm water for wtiere it t, tooted. It'o.with the hMr. [ Dr2^Ayr'ts ° Hal • i odr.u%glglv :Neglect is uatt#tly the e mm.fl, ol uau- / L ..... -.- ..; it for three months, auc • flesa. Dand am much ratified to nnCt that my pat "It's my opinyun that Squan Creek gulp down nil he wanted, day or night, In many of the towns and cities where a wash absolutely nercssary, bntwhen ruff ts altowe to tntc*n on oeen n .......   - -  "-has can't never boom with whisky at three and free of all expense, a road roller can be afforded the officials a soft brush and a eleqn soft cloth can the losesTlie hair begtn to loo.eth.its. italtt. y. The hair, lnsttI.|ndTh'e ° eM{n °at and als° that hair whtcttto" ........... had been turning° gray to" r t.'he past..fiVeat dollars a gallon, liedooee the price to Tben Phflel its Thompson arose and anderrke to finish their work by plae- do tile work I rise no water ficlently nourxshed, begins to fads a , I .... u¢ been restored to ts origin . a dollar, and the l)opulashun will in- said that he offered summer boarders ing a layer of gravel on o 1) of the Jersey cows are not of the kind to fall.some Thepracticalinstantpreparationneed m sUCnwhich,a caSesup.]a [ y2-co[or,..a.%'-:.t_",,.,m, mendlt tlisiveSdressing.,,_me mucl! d nourishment to the ptaux=  ........ crease 100 per cent. in three months, a glorious view of Stluan Bay--the stone, and then rolling it until the pour out a great (]uatity of milk for a plying the neede ...... [   ut. lderman S eater, Iowa It was redooein' the price of whisky quietness of a religus commnnity--the entire material has been packet] and mess; lint most people of cxI)erlenee scalP,and soWillproducefeed then har,stronggVeandat strengtn,healthy I ' a ...... ' A , P " rowth All this is Y " Y • . " ill do well to that built up Chicago and St. Louis, sight of a lighlhouse tiny and night-- hardened, know that heir milk is very rich, con- . dondb Dr A er's] Those who are hlterested in preserving g ractieal and valua, and beautifying the hair w . • .  ' t " All of theseattemptsat building" mac- raining ofttimes wiec as much cre:',m tlair Vigor, the most send for Dr. Ayer's Cure_booK.., --  --s O,v. --" and it won't be no expertmen . [a dozen things which no other town obtainer. It tones up the scalp, does away / cures tpld by the cud: Thi ioot¢°}'. But Moses Tarbell got tip and poked could boast of--and he didn't think any adam roads are failures, when regarded as that of ordinary stock, hence th'Hz ble pre station for te hair that can be / and wiped off his chin and I of them drier kick at $25 per week. from the standpoint of intelligent and milk shotlld bring a.n extra price be- with dandruff, stops the hair from talhng, | pages ts sent xree, on 'l ..... - " up says; his ha'r I lie was followed t)y Absolute White, scientitic road construction. The val- (.ause it is worth it. rest°resthe°rigiaalc°l°rt°gray°r/aded|AyerC°"L°wetl'Mass" "It 'pears to me flint we hain't got who wanted to take three boa.rders at ual)le feature of a stone or macadam .Many lteople give larger rations than 'hUff liars in this town. and that's why [ $22 per week apiece, and who had al- road is its absolute compactness, and corn|non so soon as they notice hatthe YOU OAN'T tTOP EM. lnapprollrlale luaic. she doll't boom. If we had 10t} more ready figured on buyin' 12 dozen new eow is springing bag. For a youlg New comes from Attica, Ind., of the de; peaking of church music, t of wonder t liars we'd see bizness pick right up clothes pins and a smoked ham. lie q  and money as plenty as dlrt. I move dwelt on the'skeelers. Cape May, Long "'] cow liberal feeding may be allowed.but struction, hy fire, of the big laboratory and which is so frequent a source , ' . : fj ttm older cows se]dom develop largc office building of the Sterling Remedy Corn- me as tile lack of . .., . adders nor is it desirable. Our expert- pany, makers of Casearets Candy Cathartic church mummans disnlay in that we raise money and import 100 Branch and Atlantic Ciiy had 'skeeicrs €, ,:% s. ' ""' music. I have har(l tile intermezzo .' ¢,. ,o, .,:: ,.e bacco habit cure. The fire broke out inone Cavalleria Rustieana played as an tars." so small that to chase 'era around the " "'%/'fi t,( :Q. ence eaehes that high feeding up tc and No-To-Bae, the original guaranteed to- . . W" :"':',, the time of calving is very dangerous, of the paekingrooms on the third floor dur. voluntary--that intermezzo whose Then Abraham Jackson got up, and room with a crow-bar was a waste of -*'. ,,. j  sneezed and coughed and made a great time. The 'skeeters of Squan . ¢... . because it increases the ptrturitton ing the noon-hour, and had made consider- earthly passions is so plain that it able headway before it as discovered, need words. I have heard tiw same orga • " a t "'',' -=" --. As soon as it became apparent timt the ist play Sehubert's "Serenade'  on Mobeforesayin': Creek were big 'nuff to be :'t '':- ;f5' '( fever, more, nr less of whieh is ahvays 'e -. fire department would have difficulty in reunion Sumtav, but the mos g ,,Mister Chairman, whatwewant stO knocked d'°wn with a pillar' and :j " i becxpeeted" llenee'wee°unsel tOwith" boom this town is cheaper pew-rent in betng knocked down. they could te "(raw the feed of the usual rations one, combating the flames, the work of saving bition nf bad aste I have ever the Methodist ellurch. Most of us ar' choked to death and tnmbled out of the "  - ": .... " third, and when fire udder i mneh dt- the thousands of valuable documents, con- just a few Sundays ago when a certain burden of three dol- winder. Squan Creek had been likened  ( -; " [ tended, even raore than that. After 3 tracts, tiles, millions of booklets and tons prano sang an oll hymn to thai famous The Sterling Remedy Com- passionate na ie I know. groanin'lars a y'ar,nnderand theuntil that burden ar' re- to a hog-pen, and him and others ()  '- " " - "..&..  or 48 hours, if the cow iv rady to oat, Ofutmostadvertisingenergv.matter was begun wilh the of Delilah's, "Samson dooced we can't go on boildin'railroads hogs. Should they lamely submit to  commence to increase the feed and in [any is tim pi'ineipal industry of the beauti- tifully, too, and was evidently and factories and seltin' the wheels of lhe insult, or wipe it out with blood ? [ a few days thereafter you zvray give heI ful little city of Attica, employing several conscious of the fact dmt the meaninl industry in moshun. Redooce that pew Then thar' went up n yell and a fight FRENCH MACAI)AM ROAD. all lhe feed she can assimilate, and yon hundred pen[fie besides being affiliated with music doesnot dependentireh' on the the Indiana Mineral Springs, the famous I actual y heard the superintendent of effo -ent to a do!lar a year, and miliyuns begun, and sich of the lnultitood as (Located Between Fontainebleau and Sens.) will find the flow of milk correspond- Magno-Mud Cure Itundreds of men, worn- Sabbath school--dear, simple sol: 'too.--Washington Post. will rush in here as fast as steam kin didn't git kicked out doahs was ltung the principal ,hn in buihling a road by ingly inereased.--CharlesW Murtfeldt, enrvingandtheeitildreneontentviedofwiththeeaehburning°therbuildingn ear- gratulate her on the success of her bring 'era. Keep it at present riggers through lhe winders. At the end of the use of crushed stone should be () in St. Louis Hepublie. t places of safety. How' Thl , and Squan Creek will gradually pine half an hour Moses Truefoot was about thoroughly pack and firmly unite every Meanwhile the proverbial enery and and fade uniil the marsh grass will the only critier who felt like talkin', part of (he material used. The only DRYING VEGETAIL-F--S. and presence-of-mind of General Manager We offer One lhmdred Dollars Rheumatism .,.,,,, ,o,,, feet high in our streets." and he didn't keer tosaymueh, lleg'ot ":;'3' to accon,piish lhis is to ro]i ever S Kramer, of the Sterling l{en, ed'Company, for any case of Catarrh that (.an ...... A dozen others riz up and said their op on a broken cheer, looked aroun(i on ]ayer of dirt. sone, e'ravel or o)her ma- In California It llla Beeoxne Qnlte a ','.'as displayed. He quietly walkea away, cured by Hall's ('a(arrh Cure. .. Important htdutry, and secured a big show room near by, and F. ,). Chency &-C'o., l'rops.,.Toledo,.O Cimney for the last 15 years, ali I HOOd,aSaraparillaC;i¥osOomplote say, but the meetin' didn't agree with the dead and wounded, and sorto'tea- terial seI)arately. Before any of the In California timdryingo£vegetable had all the office furniture, charred anddi- We, the undersigned, have known F. has developed into an important in- him p'erfeetly lmnorable in all bl transactions and financially able to Relief, Also Guro Catarrh, ansbody uutit Cy Fuller got in his re- derly remarked: stone is del)osited. he subsoil should be lapidated as it was, taken there. Beforethe boxes had ceased burning in which the fire thoronghl S hardened by rolling iti dustrv, l'olatoes, carrms and othe originated, orders were being dictated iu "I was troubled with rbeamatism and /..:.7 " .1 a heavy roller. A layer of stone, if it is to " out ally obligations made by their firm. ] running sors on nly f:e. One of ray triends advmed me to try flood's Sarsapao  proi)erly pack and form a hard road iul)ers are poured into the hoppers o! the make-shift ottiee for new supplies, and ettta, which I did. A:ter taking six bottles t)ed. must have. above all, a solid foun- sliccCUttingtlmnlmachines'wherea quarter of rotating bladean inch thick. CarwhiieloadSthe ofstreamsmaterialwereWerestillorderedplayingbYonWirethe D,;cStledo. O. & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, > ruins. Several shipments were made the Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, I was cured. Itoo/i's .arsaparilla has also darien. Stone deposited upon h)ose They are then slightly snlphured in  same evening from goods saved, and on Fri- Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. cured nm of catarrh." Mms MAMIB " | grave], on soft ground, or in a bed of wooden chambcT. If (his process is over. day morning, all departments were at work llall's Catarrh Cure is ETmm. 4408 Moflltt Ave., St, Louis, Me. / mud can never be successfully packed, done the w.getables will la:le o[ t.he in various rooms about town, while a gang acting directly Ul)On the blood and surfaces of tile system, trice 75c. per I Hood's Sarsaparilla   ei(herwith a roller or byu'avel, tlc. Sold by all l)ruggists. So. too. if it i.intended replace a layer lumes" if too little, bacteria, attracted of men were cleaning away the wreckage by the starch, will develop. A little sul. preliminary to rebuilding, free. |a tho best-tho One True BloOd Purifier. of g nvcl, or sm'dler ernshed stone, or phuring is necessary to prevett decay The Man of Moderate Menna. Hall's Family I'ilis are tile bst. Hood'8 Pills cure constipation, ,°5 cents, screenings on the surface, the layer of ' "I ................................................... I'_ erushed stone beneath shonld first be nnd to t)reserve the color. The tubert can't afford," said the man of rood- now revolved for a few hours close erate means, "'to go to many. places of When a popular society gives an amusement, but I am admitted free to the entertainment thm'e is thin lhtn'oughly hardened and packed. It :e a hot pipe in an evaporator, which play with the longest run on record, 'The must take part or buy a t 1 is a misLake to st)ppose that the two is a sort of Ferris wheel, consistingof a Struggle of Life.' "--N. Y. Sun. Glebe'How to "Vaah with ]E:aae. PERFECT can be packed and roiled together, hriek oven with glass windows. At th, 'lrhe Sl)otlll. Washing cannot be well done Material, o be thus compacted, must end of this time the potatoes are taken Citizen--To tell the honest truth, do you scant supply of hard water and HEALTH be uniform in character mid size, and. out ill the form of dry chips. It re, think you are earning your salary? soap. 2'o skillfully perform tifist ,% while the angular pieces of stone will quires six or seven pounds of the fresh Office Itolder--Man, I earned it four work, assort the clothes, put the linens fi € shift about under the weight of the to make one of the dried. As baeteris times over in the campaign.--Cincinnati in a tub nearly full of hot war Enqmrer. Ivory soap. When clean ., ,d roller until lhey are all firmly wedged do not take kindly 1o onions, they ar starch and hang on the hne. The heM perscm you " " I The only ingenuity some folks have is to owe his health to ativity ot tle " in place, round particles of gravel, or only slightly sulphured. It takes 20 . refuse to do what everybody else does.-- sprinkle, fold and lay in a basket liver. The liver keps people eu er,, slnaller pieces, loose dirt or sand. ponnds of the fresh onions to make one Washington Democrat. nigit, lroa carefully with and the right liver remedywill _ when mixed with these angular pieces, of dried, they shrivel np so much. Nit: irons. ELIZA R: tO thousands tha health they thJn  will prevent their being thus crowded paru of fresh carrots are required t Everybody at a fire knows best how to has depaed fo goo., lo on who together and compacted, make one of the dried. The industry is nut it out.--Washington__ Democrat. He--Thcre'sA More Al,.aulngno use oryingOCeulmtl°n'over [eels ttrl wom-offt, null or lgces, The above explnalions are the re- proving very profitable, as there is a The early and the latter part of humat milk. She--Of course not--there's plenty eanatf'dto overlook ult of a careful study of the instruc- great demuM for the dried fruit and life are the best or at least the most w°rthy to spill.--Brooldyn Life. lions issued by the state highway vegetables in the cotmtry and a.t mines of respect. Theoneis the age of innocence, STORM'S eomrnissions of Massachusetts, Call- If steam comes into use in the process the other of reas6h.--Josepb_ • . Joubert. The Last Ma on Earth oraia, New Jersey and Connecticut. lhe starch in potatoes could be sterilized A Persevering Son-in-Law.--"9,,I.aY I.ask To recklessly experiment upon LIV d[wa and indicate the principles followed in and partly cooked before they are evap- what is going on in the village, mqmre hope of relief is the dyspeptic: observant stranger We re celebrating trums for this malady are as the sands those states in the conslruction of orated. In this way they would be rid the " " Jr" ea, and, presumal)ly, about as etfic REGULATOR h brthda of the oldest mhabtant, s , • roads by stale aid. The same principles of sulphur. Chicago Inter Ocean. teolied the Yative. "She'. 101 to:day, mr." Indigestion, that obstinate malady, even THE IKEETERfl OF IQUAN CREEK. are laid down in treatises n pon maca- "Jknd tell me, pray, who m that httle man long perpetuity, is everttually overco It gives strength ang energy) cures dam roads as built in Pennsylvania, HANDY MILKING STOOL.. with the dreadfully sad countenance who Hostetter'Stonic and alterative,St°mach BitterS,which curesan aPe tion, fever and ague, bilious remitte hldigestion, headaches and aotipa- her son-in-law, sir. tIe's been keepm up matism, kidney complaint and Lion° l[ it ils to lfit) itcosisYOU marks, tIe'd bin chawin' terbacker "Gentlemen,SquaoCreekhahadhet Alabama, New York, North Carolina &lthoughVladeatHome, ItltaGlve walks by the old lady's side? .... That's and readin' a dime novel, but was boom and got over it. We will now and Ontario. and they constitute the General Satisfaction. her life insurance for the last 30 years."- nong. Price  ready with his speech and his words bury the dead aud attend to the fundamental rules laid down by ex- I have used a milking stool made and Tit-Bits. _ Fond of Golf. went right home. What he said was: wounded and let business resume its perienced road engineers all over the illustrated on the plan described below Out of IIis Depth.-"What, "' said the girl Stokes--Is your son fomt of golf? ,, 'ogis Fond of it? I hould "The way to boom Squan Creek is to uual channels, world, for six years. The scat board (a) is ot with loose hair ar0nd her ears ann a spas- 1 • actually "( liy, tim young rascal Van Vleet-MansfieRl Drug Co, mnke a summer resort o' her. We've The building of macadam roads of- two inch plank, nine inches wide, 14 ';mate ....... destroy of"iSthemmanV°Ur oniniOnraee, of theDdulti-I Boston Transcript. W. N. Wilkcrs0n & Co. got the oceanthesalubriousclimate'-- ('It=was-a- Tker's Tail. fers opportnnities for manifold mis- inches long. The stool board (b)istwc the 'skecters--the flies---everything" takes and for an enormous waste of inches thick, nine inches brod and long" er--understand you to sa,y the ultimate des- To Cure a Cold In One Day WIIOLES/LL] AGVf$,  tiny o[ the human race? ' inquired Willie. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. MHPKL%'IIt]. necessary fur the comfort and con- public funds. If ever it be true that cut round. A three-eighths-inch bolt "Yes." "Why--urn--if you want my can- venie nee of the sweatin' and swellerin' what is worth doing at all is worth do- (c) is Fut through the middle, the head did opinion, "i should say that--uh--that druggists refund money if it fails to cure. ' FOR OU2€, millynn who will gladly eum here. [ ing well it is emphatically true in tile it s a long ways off."--Washington Star. incidesN°thingwthtakeSour views.--WashinaS well as advice REE BOOK ONCE OF HEALTH,TI'IE mOVesee whatlhat a committee be appointed tOkin be did," yES, I might have got ?his in the building of stone roads. A macadam , story"B°rUS'by raisingin your laStan insurmountablen°vel you spoilbarnerthe crat. The idea of makin' a Long Branch of war," said the man as he held road, when once properly constructed, When a man begins t( -- tainly ought to have married each other." in love with a bloomer g JAMES-% ROBINSON, Squan Creek tickled everybody most to out a hand on which only the thumb needs little repairing and lasts for gen- between the fiero and heroine, who eer- MEMPHIS, TENN. death, and on the strength of what and little finger remained, "but it just erations, as ilas been indisputably and "I couldn't help it, Naggus..Mywife in. to sop drinking.--Chicago News. might happen real estate jumped'leven happened that l didn't. No--I am no repeatedly proven in England and on sistcd that I was the imro of the story my, If you want to be cured of a cough battle-scarred veteran." the European continent, A stone road. self, and she got jealous of the heroine."- Hale's Honey of ]torehonnd and Tar. ................................................. eent an acre, an' clotheslines went up "Rather singular injury," observed poorly built, for want of successful Chicago Tribune. - Pike's Toothache Drops ure in IEXAS llEROES SPEkK PLAINLY, to 20 cents apiece. A eammittee was Miss Quickstep--"What part_of town are appointed, and the rust thing they did the man with the eyeglasses as he in- rolling, even with excellent material, spected the hand, is but a poor highway at best. Many we driving through, Mr. Fibble." vwe(t- Any woman will finally ( dg--"I haven't the least idea." :Mis.Quic]:- husband, if he is a habitm was to canvass fur subscriptions to "So I've been told. The generalopln- so-called macadam roads, recently built step--"1 was aware of that. Still I thougn£ ington DemoeraL an &ntonlo,Te- buihl a miliyun-dollar hotel, The en- ion ia that I touched a buzzsaw to see by inexperienced men or without the it possible you might know whatpart of I believe Piso's Care for wte: Ia I I had thoosiasm was unbounded, and pretty town we are dnwng through. --Chmag saved my boy's life ] if it was running." proper use of good road rollers, are con- Chronic ]Dyantr Tribune. Allie Do{]glass, LeRoy, Mich., Oct. 20, ,and eriodteSl (n soon house rent went up 15 cents "But you didn't?" tinually going to pieces t)y the wearing )tition. ]Dr, M:,JL, week.. The enthoosiasm wasn't quite "No, sir. This injury came from a of ruts and the subsequent combined tIANDY MILKING STOOL. Doing tits Own,Iesing;--"Yqur highness Women have great respect for a gtiamonsLiver l[od|, will be rejoiced to 1.earn, ' the grand wzmr who has her hair done Ull by elneeuredmothen, an( so unbounded when it was found that different animal. When I was 20 years action of water and travel. Every good IhaveraiedmyDaugh only $28 could be subscribed in the hull of age I was serving my second year at macadam road testifies to the wdue of sunk, the nut left off. so the seat will re- wa saving,. "that there are,, ,,rid turtneres re-re hair dresser.--Atehison Globe. ter, liss Julia Bell volve. The seat is 11 inches hig'h. A quests from the powers. Ah, y, , .- whoepieture.Iond, ot town, but the committee was in earn- the plumbing business in Cincinnati. durable highways, while every stone it. 8dine Deam try t est, and wouldn't give up the idea of a Our gang was employed for several road improperly built throws a shadow uprigh,th°°P (e) boardiS f,astened(d) towithholdstaplesthe bucketCn the WeJ°inedweretheratherSultan'tiredaffablY'of boned"T° sure; No'FitsfitS:NerveSt°ppedafter Restorer.hrst' freedayand, sFreepermanentbusel of Dr. fore* "Zeilln' RegU boom. They couldn't build  millynn- weeks at the Zoological gardens. In of doubt upon the ntovement for better later" on me, but lll engaged in devising2t plan of monetary re: treatise. Dr. Kline, 933 wuysretumit, dollar hotel, but they could see who working around the tiger house I no- highways. Those who believe in good so it will be 11 inehes from the floor to It appeared, now, that theeourt jester was Grea PrO-$-no, would take summer boarders to git ttced that one particular tiger always roads cannot afford to have their work its ut)er rim. 1 use a two-gallon tin form, and thus a portion atleastoftheusual ....................... went to sleep with his tail hanging out thus discredited, pail. A heavy wire is used for a hoop, duties of that functionary had temporaril We believe some con • ' devolved b,4ck upon tho throne.Detrmt pastors a vacation so can go other preachers.--Washington dlgiaalwalmannnoylagl ',he boom tarted, and so they went averyaangerouaaiaoraer, e ta The piece d is two by four and six inohe Journal. ltmtraaldischaxgeinat'al, l.tla.ograd about from hemse to house, of the cage. I got th idea of seizing OTTO DOI'NER. tnaoymixing wits the vaginal ecro- The widder Parker said she'd take histail in a pairofpinehers, andhough . long fastened to the underside of t,he ttoasitispreventfromeoagu_lattag, whlIa two boarders and put up a bed in her I knew how foolish it was, the feeling Photographs of Bird Roads. seat.--Lyman I'armelee, in Farm and thla dmeae, clots are often jormea. One hundred and twenty-five dnllars ttome. Whertberein, tendency to osuvem, parlor. She'd warrant it to be a tenth- grew on me till I could no longer re- lazative,aeof ]Dr-M. er-bed, weighin' 28 pounds, with reg'lar ist it." tn eash is offered in prizes by.the League :ldle|n$ shonld be tken, and o[}ve ona Cherry Treem in Grat, adstlmghtqthepeviooroaldJ. 'gaoue-feather pi)aara and a white "Did youhaveanyparticularobject of Amerieart Wheelmen for photo- IN A WORLD WHERE "CLEANLINESS lma quw vmewmz no t o  spread; and she'd hey codfish balls fur n view?" asked the man with the eye- graphs of bad country roads. The Our expericn('e with cherry trees is eo,tinnofialyfo week,,t0 elft& coml)etition for these 1)rizes remains that they do not require cultivation. | NEXT TO CODLINE88" NO PRAISE W,g$¢m breakfast; and biled ham every day at glasses. 12 o'cloek. Nuthin' should be left un- "Nothing in particular." open until June 1, 1898; it is not lilnited Those we had in the garden were al- | 1"00 CREAT FOR .... SAPOLIO done fur the hppiness of them guests, ",Just wanted to pinch a tiger s tall? to members of the L. A. W.. but is open ways more liable to rot and to be af- ' - Dublin, 'rex., writ: but her charges would be $15 a week "That was all. l can't remember that to all alike. A first prize has been set fccted by insects thanand surroundedthe trees thatby ]Or. M. A, $tmmotm has apiece. I was even going to brag around about aside of $50, a second prize of $25. a st oo(I in dry 1)laces liv in barn Black had a talk with his wife it afterwards. I suppose I had some third prize of $15. a fourth of $10, and grass. It may be that. it is the extra and they agreed to take three boarder curiosity to know how the tiger would five prize.s of five dollars each. The moisture in the cultivated soil tlmt pre- In- and make the sezun one glad, long day take it. but am not clear about it." League of Ameriean Wheelmen has pub- disposes eherries to roL or it )nay be the It tur 'era. Each of the boarders was to "Well, and the day eame when you lished extensive literature on good manure anmmlly al)plied to the garden Meep with one of the children and agree )inched'?" roads, and the best of the pieturesre- and to which the cherry tree roots Cotton, m attend fam'ly prayer twice a day. "It did, slr. I was working near the ceived under this prize competition are helped themselves freely. "]'he cherry It it happened to ratn they could hey tlger'e cage when he pushed his tail to be used in il]us"trating articles and tree does not do well with wet feet. rain-water to wash in, but if it was dry throngh the bat's and began to doze. pamphlets on that subject. It is ex- On high, dry land its rod.iS will run of tlm times they must use salt water and do I seized a big pair of ifinehers and petted that members of the L. A. W. deeply enough to find all the moisture no ktekin', Thar' would be scrambled crept softly up add shut them together and wheelrnen generally who are able iL needs, and on such land in grass is egg fur breakfast, corned-beef furdin- on his appendage." to use the camera will assis.t in this the best to phmt cherrlcs for profitable like every other crop, needs / ner. and custard-pie fursupper, and the "I suppose something happened soon work by sendqng in pictures of bad fruiting. American Oultivator. menstraa- charges would be $17 a week apiece. fter that?" said the man with the eye- roads and incidentally taking part in Don't confine the Turkey. nourishment. Abraham Starlight didn't hey to con- glasses aa he took them off to wipe the competition for these cash prizes. Feed the turkeys well. but do not con- A fertilizer containing nitro- / v0tr ult with his wife. Ile kowed jest them. l'hotograt)hs should be sent to Otto fine them. Torkeys will lose flesh if LEI)VI.WIU. 31P:HD' what they could do. They could ac- "Oh, eertainly,"replied the ex-plnmb- Dorner. chairman national committee ccntined longer than ten days, as they gen, phosphoric acid, and not] ,mpa ca^ve  - commodate four boarders by hangin' er. "Yes. several things happened. The for highway improvement. L. A. W., fre, t nnd pine for their liberty. The  up sheetsin the garretand buyin'anew tiger yelled out, poked a paw through post office box 153, Mihvaukee, Wis. proper plan in to keep them growing less than 30 of actual wash-dish and two new towels; and if (he bars and caught my jacket, and as as much as possible, by feeding meat 180W,1g#l$ lhem boarders wasn't too eapshus and I put out this hand he seized it in his I'urehRing Co-.v on Trial. twice a week, with a mess of wheat DI D18C0¥1gBl didn't want too mueh waitin' on, the month. He made jnst one snap. When When purchasing a cow always en- morning and night. Just before self oe$. i charge would be $20 a week apiece. I backed off to faint away I had only dearer to take her on trial. No one it:g, they may be cooped up for ,week treatmeatree. Every hotmetn Squan Creek was will- the thumb and finger left." can judge of the capacity or character- or ten days, and fed four times a day o[0 AGR1CUI:FURA.L ,,,,,. CAUSE --F0 €,nt : "No. 4621 M; no 1 mean 5537 B," and hastened away covered with confusion and bl ashes. An interested hystander asked the grocer as the girl went out the door: "'One of those persons who try to get go(Ms under false i{retenses, I suppose?" a,I was very much astonished when the groeer replier], laughingly: ..... "Not on your life Just a brine toying bet tirt order. Iean spot them a mileoff." --Chicago Chronicle. HIS SINISTER INTENTION, :p. Itndlord "Vho AVaa Not Be Trifled Oklahoma Landlord--If thar is a shootin' star or two along towards midnight don't git -ared Mr. Eastman, You won't he ia ]ao danger voureadf. ],:aster )l' not! I have seen u(:h sights |)e fore; but I was not aware that there was to be a meteoric display at this tinte. "WM, ! don't know for eertain, t|at thar ia goin' to t)e any, lint I've got  nggere(} t)llt that theln lhree nlclnDel OI a Dnste(l "Uncle T( m's Calfin' company that have linen t)eardin' on rne for the ast two weeks while they waited for remittanoes from t)ome arc goin' to try to vamous t')-n ight an' |eave me he/din' the bag: and I am yere to say that they hain't goin to git away with- otlt *ttiin' in fu  not if my old revolver works wit.h its usual neatness an' dispatch! That's the kind of al)y gosh--landlord I am!".--N. Y. V,'nrkt.- i|i Parting f4hot. tie (after being rejected)--1 shall never marry now. ghe-.F(mlish man! Whv not.* (Viei,usly) If yott'wot{' hay 9 me, who wll|?--Philadelt)hia North American. There ig m ha| piness in having and get- tilig, bUL only it) giving; half the world is on )he rm)g se(.nt in the pursuit o[ happi- ,ess.---I h.nry lh.ummond. "No in,in {*(|1 lOVe a voInan, no matter how |mautifnl she i, if she call 't cook.-- Washing- tOl |)(.,lltOCl'al, .,, Z:T" ............... : ..... ,,... take from one to five boarders at $15 to$25 a week apiece. Sum was stored down cellar and sum up FREE INFORMATION .nd all wae tO pay weekly, in lax, [ advance, and do no kickin'. When the =rr .w [committee had got through its work, 00=other p.00.c n,eetin' was oalled, and  i the multitood bad assembled i ;lot:;s Truefoot got up and said:. "Is Squan Creek populated by a pop- I ula,hun  hat deiru to nee her become M. QUAD. gr]y &merlean Hlatory. "A door." said Aaron Burr, "is not a door when it is ajar." "There are many points to that joke," was the comment of Alexander Hamil- ton, as he sipped his port, "because it is a chestnut, Burr." The duel followed.- ltdianaoI Journal istics of a cow by appearances. :Pure bred stock, however, is more uniform than scrubs. A cow may be a hard milker, a kicker and her milk may be deficient in solids or fat. No one sells a good cow unless cmpelled, ad the pur- chaser takes risk in buying. Every cow brought on a farm should be known o the purchaser, as she may have dis- € or come other fault. on a variety of all they will eat; mak- ing corn and corn meal the principal food. It always pays to fatten them beiore selling.Rural World. 6ood Sea,on fr Agitation. The coming six monehs will afford a splendid (rpportunity to agitate for bet- ter highways, develop popular senti- ment and force it upor t:g'islaturel. Potash,, will increase the crop and im- prove the land. Our books tel all about the aubjeet. They are free to any farmer. GRMAN KALI WORKS, 011Nsu St, Nw yodr. • i II -.ik[eikllilli'|iiilI= -- GURES WHEIE ALL ELSE FAILS. U :,u Best CoughSyruP, T G.ood. in t me Sold by arugmt a A. N. K.--F . tVllIN 0"lgITI picture iltalte thltlg yotl ai iant ti this Dat