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January 1, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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January 1, 1898

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UnOdflllt tpubhlalt. TIlE NEW YEAR. aiAixday, January 1. Upon this New Years Day the :--_==-:= _ -- ........ ---=-- RgPUBLICA nds its greetings J. R. LEWI, to its friends and patrons, wish- Edltnr nd Prnprtetor. ingthem a happy and prosper,}u year. If our condition at present 1) A IiVERTISER. TeE Vo}I}Vi&apos;,,I.K I{EPUBLICAN ts the oldest ne'spaper in the State; has a larer bova fide circulation than nny mhet newsllaper in Ibis section: therefiwo :: is The kJ, nr00ii:[ Me00u:, 00vertisers in Dr. J. C. Roberts, Jr., Veteri- nary Surueon, A. & M. College was stal,bed last week I,y a negro on the streets of Starkville amt d:lngerottsly wounded. B'e hope and beheve he is getting on well as nothing to the contrary tins been heard. Our efficient Congressman, lion. iV. F. Love, has spent part of his holiday recess in inspect- ing out- Gulf coast in reference to harl)ors and quarantine. Mr. Love can speak aulhoritatively "upon these subjects when he re- lurns to Washington and will do so beyond doubt. Within the week Vieksburz has been entertaining the sub-com- mittee on Military Affairs in grand style. The corn mittee visited V!eksburg to inspect the site of the proposed Military Park. The members were much pleased with what they saw and were especudly appreciative of Vicksburg hospitality. It is passing strange that a considerable number of the peo- ple of Biloxi shouhl protest against the removal of the quar- antine station from Ship Island. If there were not traffic and gain and free eolnmunication wth that quarantine station !there would be no I)rotest against its removal. Which proves conclu- sively the necessity of its removal to some point out of convenient reach of the mainland, A rarest deal of nonsense has been published recently about the dismemberment of the Chi- nene Enlpire and its apportion- ment amongst the European powers. No doubt Russia and Germany wish to aequireseaports on that coast and perhaps have done. so but further aggressions may safely be left to England and ,Japan to repel. Probably. some energ,t(c press reporter was accountable for starting the report wbich it has suited editors and the Associated Press to con- tinue to circulate. We hope Senator Waithall's resohition, inquiring by what au- thority the U. S, quarantine is not st) favorable as it might be, we shouht remember that it might be very much worse. Our peol)le have been economical and the low price of cotton therefore is not so disastrous as it might have heen. Most will have sonle money, if not much, lh)me rats- ed supplies to a considerable ex- tent are to be found with those farnlers who have exercised in- telligence with industry. The West and Noel h-west arelrejoicing over high prices and the large grain crop of 1897, while our ex- cessively large cotton crop has been httle short of a disaster. These eonditions will be equal- ized, if not reversed, if the South wouht in this year, 1898, raise one-fourth or even one-fifth less :otton and should increase its other products in like deree. But we have no advice to offer upon that matter beyond a state- meat of the case. Every cotton grower will pitch his crop to suit himself, as m the past. We he- lieve it would require 3ears of 5 cent cotton to 1)ring about an organization of prt)ducers in every countythe only effective way as we helieve to accomplish a uniform or general reduction of cotton acreage. With all this, we hope for the best and look forward to a successful year, to thoe especially who shall make home supplies of equal considera- tion with a cotton crop. ---  *4111 I, ........ It is astonishing that the two cotton grewer's conventions re- cently hehl should have ignored so practical anti important a matter as the better preparation and handling cotton for market. This is a subject upon which in- fluence might have been exerled with some effect by those meet- ings. The South loses some- where between twenty and forty millions annually from sampling, weight of bagging and ties and damage between the country presses and the manufacturers machinery: For at the latter only net weight is considered, the losses above mentioned having been discounted before hand in the general market price. Of course this loss is the cotton growers entirely though they do not generally seem to be con- scious t)f it. But in the meet- ings referred to Utopian schemes, vagaries, which have no possibi- lity of accomplishment, were can- vassed anti resolved upon to the exclusion of affairs upon which a healthy influence might have been exerted. OUR FAIR. It cannot fail to be a source of station wasremoved from Chande- satisfaction to all the citizens -f leur I)ack to Ship Iland, will be Natchez, and of Ada,ns connty as acted upon speedily. It seems well to see our Agricultural and Me that the chief of the Marine |to,-,- 1 rha,)ical Fair opening under the a pitai service made the change on I v,)rable auspices it has (tone, and giv- his own hook. If so, the fact Ing pr,mise of so much success. The shouhl tend to prevent the Quar- gentlemen, one and all, who have antine service of the country from going to that sub-branch of the Treasury Department. Give us a genuine general quarantine department or let the United 8totes keep its hands off. ............ Q* - ql, P been charaed with its management anti conduct, were inexperienced m such enterprmes, yet they assumed Ihe harden, went to work, did wliat they tllouzht, should be done, and depended upon the results Ihereof as their reward, not in a l)ccuniary way, tlUt in tile amouut of pleasure, satts- "(, Tt!,: WtHll:in'S t:'('/IOl/ wv fliiid tel see anvlhn-, .f Ih, haldiw,rk ,ff t;ur Peolde In ali 3" el lile lines where the Stile;till eoilhl k[t-I Ill all cxliilliiou [ lil skill and intt, lligt.til vfflrt. This shlluld not have bet.n. (Ill," agrivtil lural frielidsl coitld have hetiled o111 wonllerfullv in Ihll en erpriso, an:t Wolll-I have lwen aide to have lnade a (llSldUl llmt wlmhl iiave engttged ;lie atienll,n 3f fiery oulsllle visitor who ill COllie here f}r the liurpose of seeing what the n,tural restiurces of inlr county ere- ill)On that line -- There is not a planter or farmer in tim connty who cotlhl not have senl solnethiug there that wonhl have been creditable in the shape (if wliat his c-tlld prolluee, and there are a nunilier of them wilt) could have idaced stock on exhiblti,m that wmild have suece-sfully vied with an) lirought from abroad. Taken altogether however, we tie- live that our Fair. lip Io ,late, has been a succe8% ureter all tile circuln- slauees, that has even exceeded the most sanguiueexliectations of its en- terprising i)ronloters, and if the pres ent weather conditions cl)ntinuc, aml oar own home people giw. it the pal ronage they sllould, the association will be encouraged to still greater efforts nextyaar, whn they will be aide to give ua a show that will not only delight, bnt astonish all who se it. This enterprise has already been one fit great benefit t(i Natchez, and its bcueliuent effects wilt continue for a nuinber of lnollttlt vet to conic iu the future.--Natchez Democrat. PRESIDENI' FRAZIER RESI3NS. Dr. Robert Frazier. president of the Indtistrial hlstitute and College has tendered his resignalion 'o take effect Fell. let, 1898. The news of has resignation was re- ceived by this coininui,ity with stir Jolin d , age, lirise Frida). and it set tile tongue of M Samuel. B T Sheckler, gossip wagging as to its probable ,l (:Miller, cause. A reporter for the Dispatch Wm Jaines. repaired to tll College aml found Dr. J.51 Carter. Frazier in his vffice, tie greeted the nesgatherer uith that cordial- ttT of Inanner and that courtesy that characterizes hint iu dealhlg with all men. and liade him welcome Froul Dr. Frazier we learue.t that he has resigned the presidency of ihe c.l- lege here to aceept the presi,h-m.y of the Ntate Female Nllrlnal School at Farmersville. Virginia. It is unfortunate for Mississippi's lndastlial Institute and College thai its president has seen fit to tenllar his resignation. A liresidcntial resigna. ,ion :here precipitates a row'--i lisa tteretofore and it is reasonable te Sullpoae that it will m)w Just when everythiug is apparently running smoothly, evenly and satisfactorily at the college and iL ts doing splen- did work and living down its unen- viable early history, and approachintz tile zenith of its nsefulness, the in- stile(ion is aganl brought behtre the people of the State and the tongue of gossip and critic is set waKgiuy {. We Ito nol know Ihat there isaay trouble, we are not on the inside-- Thank goodness for it--and we can- Eawara Mcfieliee Eolle!te. WOOI)VILLEI MISS, Will Open its 36th Annual Session September let, Thoroughly equipped for work in MUSIC, ELOCUTION, ENGLISH BRANCHEg, THE LANGUAGES, ETC., ETC. 1[gJ'The, coarse of study ha been revied, st'trldard of Scholar- siilp raised and I(indrlarden lh p:lrLnieilt added. "reachcr. will Im Sl)eclalists. The handHoine now blllldings llav(, beeri lli()roughly rtfurillSllod aiid lildL holln, like, N(Jw Oak Ftir- nttiir(, rot girls' rOOlllS, Ii('w springs, liOW lii;lttrt.ssoN, tin so(s, ell'. Tiiclltbh will be COliStillitly SillJDlhffl wlth all abuil- dILliCt; of wiioict)lli( ilild well tlrtpill'ld food, No effort will 1)espilrcd to inllkothlstlie hldliig College for girls In thL-t section of tile South, 11 Write for Catalogue and Terms. CIRCUIT COURT. The following nanicd':Grand and Pelit jurors were drawn to serve at the ensuing term ot Circuit Court: FiltST WEEK D D Wilkinson, W T Newman. I[ 2t Cage, E H Rawlins. N 'rooper. Jr T II  ilkinsou, R K. Ferguson, F. D. L-wis, J B Dawson. A E Bunch, W W Babers J W Sinitll. T E Speight. L C Carter. Willie lIays, F M Flowers. J (; Stutzmau. T N Ashley. G W Merwin, C E }3rown, R12 Richardson. W A Leak. P M Sto(-kett, John |lunch, .1 A Cox. E Chisholm. Johl D Morris, W F Best, Johll A niith. B iV Brannan, L (J Schh)ss. (J M lJtiii0ll aines Farmer, II F l)ilty, S (; ltell, W tJ Ashley. W B Miller, 1) S lhpkins, (J %V Perry, P L Rabb. R G tlarrall, E F McKev, J W Iluglics ,I E Ftlg]cr, SECOND "iV EEK In its remarks el)on the indus- trial hititule and College the Colunlbus Dispatch no doubt knows what it is talking about. If the facts are as related it would be greatly to the benefit of] that Institution, which now has little or no standing in public,, eat-(m, if the trustees would elieve the College of its disiuH)- ink influences if ever)- teaeher had to be turned out. There have t)een rows and bickerings amongst the teachers or pul)ils t, iace the Institute had a begin- ning. Under these eirculnstan- ces it cannot meet the purposes 1 for which it was created. The 1 tate after awhile may get tired factitin aad interest that it gave to their felh)wcitizens. It is true that more might have been accomplished had the energetic gentlemen had more reanarees al lheir cnminand, Fred Martens, John E Thomas, K |' Flinn. athau tDryfus, J 11 Walker, C W [leudcrsou, W C Stuart, A E Stuart. Wm I)ohlbron, J ,1 Hill, II, T Lessle,, J Semllle, H E Phares, J D Miller, I) W Andersou, A Wilkinsou, D W lhlff. P E 12aft, J T Sturgeou, Engene Morris, A T Rabb, E T Ilart, l D Carter, W P Wall, L D "ebb. J C Day, W B. Sims, T L Cassells. It b Murray, J 11 llenley. W AN'rS TItEI'ItE REPEATED Two isstles animated the state cam paiga of 1895, the financial question, a natlollal issue and the Capitol questhln, a state ISSUe ; but the first was at all tiulea the dominant one. OnttA: J McLanriu was practical- ly the unanimous ch.ica of the lie,I- pie f,r Governor. ttis gnbernah)rial reeord--appointments and character --is history The Governor re(ore ulended to the legiMature the i;assago of a law making a contrac specifying payment in gohl---the leg- not sav what are the ceases leading islature wnuhi not pass it. The leg- Ul) to Dr Frazier's reslgnaiton, eta islalnre passed a Capitol bill-the er than those set fllrth by him in his Governor vetoed it. Clearly, neithcr Governor nor legi.lature has been ca- liable of earrving out the plalform UllOn whicli tle), wire elected, to say iloliling of ot|ler incoin petencies. N.r have one or lwo other state officials, tiesides the Govermr, elected in that ca,apalgn for silver, mauifesled any aidhty worth mentioning What the Goverm)r and legislature did manage to do was to borrow money by the issuance of bonds "in time of pro fonnd peace," inveighed against in the plattorin upon which they were eh,ction to a morc agreeatlle and de- sirable place in his native State, Virginia. The trouble at tim e.llege has ever riven that there are a clique of clever and ambitious women in its faculty who have coveted the honor of pre- sidin ,,ver ItS destinies and a8 long aslheir aulbition is unsatisfied there is going to be trouifle. Thus we have seen administrations change four times down here in the twelve years of ils existence. First. there was Dr. Jones. He heht the office for awhile elected. That s:atc ealnpaign of '95 but finally sought peace and rest tn in which state isstles were practically a subordinate l)usilion at the univer- ignored was a howhng success as the sit)'; then came Professor Charles elector of an incompetent aduliais- H. Coke, who was turned out broken tratiou ; yet experience never seenr hearted and who all too soon went to to teach some people anything as the folh,wing from the Clarion-Lodger, whil:h claims to want a new Capitol, welt illustrates : "The effort to retire the silver ques'a,n in lhe n,.xt state electi,,a will fail. It will be the pronlinent issue, and no ml.,nber of ihe legisla- ture or state officers, either, will he elected whose views are not well known on this important questiou. his grave; then came Prof. Bcalle, who subsequently fled to Georgia and went crazy; now Dr. Fraziel, weary in miud and heart, lie has turned his face homeward and will seek rest and repose in dear old Vir- vmia 'Arhat a record for twelve years! Dr. Frazier'sadlninlstrauou was characterized by diplomatic tact and splendid judgment He ruled Port Gibson Reveille. Says the Picayune Mississippi Ba- teau : "The Imttimes, it seems, are to mai.eialize with the first raising o[ !he Icgish.tive curtail(. Resolutions inquiring into the charges of i)[fieial druukenness are alreallv in wail(n.2. despite tile fact that a large nuuihcr of the i)al,crs of the stale llave ex- pressed the hope. that for the good naule of the state--which Shak,l)eare says in man or woman, ia the inime- diate jewels ,if th,,ir sluls--w,mhi he. liassed over in .ilence, and in the hope that 'lie rebake a,hniriislerc, I by the liresl wonid lie sufficient io prevent a rec/irrence." Though Representattve G]over. of Coahoma, will introduce such a reso- the chances are that it, will with sull consuinulate wisdtini that the petty jealousies, animosities and strife of the instiLutlon were Iniuim- ized and kept frllm the public and in thin way the college had regained much of its presligo arid glory, thus we belevehisresignati,m is extrenle- and tim other conditions been more k unfortunate for the cldlege, for favorable; yet the3 "can feel lsroud I'he fight for woman presi(leiit will of what their strenuous, utlremittlug h, renewed and as a restllt tile col- lahors lmve brought forth, an0 lic en- h,e's work aud usefuluesa will be co(Iraged to greater efforts In the fu endaligered, As ye we have heard no names ture, when lheir al,lendld association suggested as his successlJr. He (2oc undertakes io give our citizens and I mit retire uniil Fellr,tary aud the thllse of the surroundiag country trasLees will have ample time to con- other entertainlncnts of the same char- sider the quesii-u of his sllcecssor. otter. While their efforts have been I [n this clmneclon we are led Io doubl ihe wisdom of setec,Ang a nlanto fill very heartily seconded by a number this trying nd responsible positi,n. of one people there have been others Four able liien and h!arned educatl)rs who were a liUle remiss in tendering have gone down liefl,re Iho I)owers asslstauce; bus we verilybelieve this that be there; If Ihe personnel of lution, will not oc,cur again, because the Ihe facully i's to remain the same it of spending inoney on a College fruits ill the llresent veuture have wnuhl seem the tiest policy to give amount to nothing. Unless the of- for girls in order that a few. bevu nil to tilts time so gratifying the hooo of presiiling over the col.. flt.ial (lrlmkenne.s was accompanied ,. ..... t.__,,_ .... that in the near time tO come a I wh, lege to a woulan, if it would iiarino wltli neglect of (lfllclal dull,, the bet- W(llneu may navl t culiuu to t _ . " . .. - .... , . ,. l see the IrUlt8 the Fair has horne will ruze and resLore ordc[there. And in ler way, we believe, w,lllhl be to al wrangle toe rune months in tne thaste n to lend all the aid and assis- seeking for a wom! fill this place )'ear. [tanee in their power o p'omote and it 11 not be nec(arv for the true- low the people to correct such prac- ........ -,m,,- .... /sustain it. <t. lives to go curable )f the college fae- tiees in high places, Ohl Mississippi is now furntsh- re tim eti.lzen ot Natchez there tult v lhere la there a womau, a The latest frolL Brookhaven is  ing tmef to the West, lumber to t. "as one thing to lie rygretted when ]brilliant woman and a distinguished EUrol)e and ,q-uth America fruit they came to look owe sad examine edutatlir, a Misstssipptau who can that Easterling received a life  " .... "   , senlenee for the killing of Buff- nnd vegetable for the North i lhe exhlblts m the live stock and otll- guide and control the girl a college lid : , . . rotten for the bahmee of man-!er ktadred departments, and titat, t! snv woman can. kin, Kiug having been aecor(led kll" n j he Ih " " . wasth ahscaeoteredilatlledlsplas Wtlh the retirement af Dr Fragler the death penalty. Two negroes m, act a t , happiness ana on ti  i ' " I " " " i lrtaar|tv .r 11 ha ....... t I up lepartoto |ragrmultural:eom- a radical change shonld el,me over have heen convicted, one to be tJ:- { -- -- .,,."  inunlty. Perhaps three or four of the management of t! e sch,o[ The hung, the other a life sentence. i nltl air ooro,rs.--.ularlon-  . o } .... I ' . " . .., "- i l the m re I regressive ones nee most / trnsleea are men -t alillty and lhev This ia record for one eouPt, and ,lllir. [ creditaltle dlilavs,f live stocg there, 1 will deteruline the ill their, it is not yet over, John P. I4 ore And ftu silver had nothing at but there wan  notable abseac or/own d time for the best.Coluul, lie on trial fi)r the killing of T. E. I ill to do with it. agricultural prvduc. And vutid buli,.) Dispatch. Matthew% FOR ALE. The house and lot iu Woody(lie, south west of the public square knowu as the Siisan Scott ]lot adjoinhi u lot of DrL WMagruder apply to II 8 Vas EATON. II 0 1897 tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hu!iting, fihing or trespassin on ali of nly lands is strictly prohib- ited under penally (if the law. JOSEPHINE A. COON. Nov. 20, '97-2m TRESPASS NO rICE. All huntin_ or trespass(ira" on the llurlon plantatioll is prohihited uuder l)elially of the law. All fl)rnler per- ulis:ions rev.ked. J.F. hiVING. Oct 16 2ill LIQUOR PETITION. 1"o the Hon,rable Mavor and Board (if Ahlcrnlen of the l':lwn of Wood- vi]le, WilkluslJn county, btate of MIssissipl)i : The uu(tersined qualified voters resident within the ton of Wood- ville, Wilkinson couuty, State of Mississippi. petltlOU your tIonorallle Body to grant and issue to A. Seth .Johnson, a resilient in aid town a license to sell aud rt.t.lil vinous, ill- coholic, mail, Intoxicatl,g and spir- ituous hqt, urs in less quaatiLies than one alhlu within the ]iuiitS of Sal(l -own at l.he Inlihling known as the Schwarlz liniillin now occupied I)1, Ihe liite Grocery Cllulpaliy, situa- ted in the square opposite and west alid frlinling ,tie Court house square, And we recomlnend ihc said A. Setli .hihua(m to lie of good reputatim and a sober and suitable person to re- ceive Siich Iicvuse. Respecttully submitted, Frederwk A. Hart. Willie Francis Laaehart, J,seph ,'cllwarl z, Monroe William Brown, Max Dampf, Sah'adore Cumbo, A. Seth Johns)m, Leou Sch,ar tz, Solom,in Jacoby, ('lies. B Dickey, James Washington, Thomas Roland, Williain C Miller, Daniel E. Havard, Francis F Best, Hiram \\;Vhetstone Smith, Lee C. S::hl,lss, Martin R(tbsehil,1, Gabriel Kanu, Benjamin Brown, N+d.and tewart, Harry |lays Cage, Wilson Bernard Newell, I)ouglas -ihtart, Joshua Atwoo,! Ti]ton, Benj. Glislinski, Louis Goshnski, Richard 2 Anderson i William L. Polk, Fr,.d Mart,ns, Charles Chishohn, Jr., Jacob Cohen, George Chish-hn, Jacob A. Davidson, Lad,re R,thschihl, Ike K. Davidson, Jolm A. Fosselman, ])avid Di('keV, (;(+(}rge Blackamoro, Charles Stewart ttamitton, Albert Bassett, Jacob Ntutzman, Jack Wilson, Jr., Augast Melzger, Ike B,tliul. J. Lvtt.n Sweeney, Paiil Hatii, Niin.n Bhi;nenlhal, 0. Mitchel Pet, EV , Alexander Henry Sandman, lke Glhlart, 'Fh,imas J. Williams, Ja. (arner Turner, John E Th,imss, IV. Francis Best, Marcil 1 Berger, Morris H. R.thschih|, ('harlcs Augastus Chisholm, Sr. George F. Turner, his William x Delaney, marK. Attest Sieg G Stern. Edward H. Lewis, Isaac T, Hart,, J(ltm Preswood Miller. STAI'E OF MissisSIPPI, WILKINSON COUNTY. This day personally apl)eared be- f(ire tile uridersi,..,ned Clerk (if C!renit Cunrt in aud f, ir said county Sieg G St, era who being duly ,'orn says Ihat lhe wlqiin named sons who .ined their own names i,o the withhl pet,ilion (if A. eth Johnson siTned same tllelnstes and that those sit, ned by an' mark were sl2"ned by said "-leg G tern at the request of said persons. SEIG ('. ,TERN. Sorn to and subscribed before methis 2ud day of Decculher 1897. K. I4. o]i3nss, i/. (,lreutt Clerk. Filed December ad 1897. 1I. JAeIBY, Clrll Board ot Aldermca [ 12 4 1897 4k. LEON SCII WARTZ. .. C. H. -XEYL .Ar SCHWARTZ &, NE?[Ai00 Main Street, WOODVILLE, Sinee he Quara/De res/rietins around onr touz have been raised we have been daily reeeivin fresh floods of alZ inds ancl czar store is now replete with best staple'and aney rocerzes, dry oods, ere, "to be {bend. New goods arriving-daily. I ha purchased a large stock of Dry good C1 1 T mining, Notmns, Housekeeping a ticles, Hats Shoes &c. in lgew Yo all of which I propose to sell at so low that it will be to your intere00 to examine my stock. Special ducements to large buyers. "DE ETI00 MOLLER YOUR DOt)TOe FICHTS I D/oase ith m " i i00ii'i!!ii!!i!000000ii:i!i i ,:/n,,i;,gttle vaictg:;(.;l chance of .  ARGUE, PHARMACY, No. 5 N/ght Tr.,in Leaves Memphis, ..... " "" Vicgobarg ,  ,, ii li li .e!ltl',VlilO " "' " '" Arrives New Orleaus 7:55 pal B:Itl am 6:i6 aux 1U:3 baa No.,6, N, iglli, l','iiiu leaves New O,l<ans " Ceutrevilie " '" " " " Vicklmrg " '" '' " arrives Ienillhls 4:20 pnt t:35 11:5o pm 7:10 alr No. 21 Day Train Laves Viek 8 am ........ arriv,.s New Orh,aus 5:30 pm No. 22 Day Train leaves New Nrieaua &05 ,,m ........ arriwa VickM)urtz. 5:55 pm Train rims daily except Sunday. "----" No, 751 leaves Woodvitle 9 nm .... leaves Bayon Sara ]I:|0 am .... arrives Slmmhter 12:20 pm No. 722 lear,  la,m'l,ter 2:10 ...... Baron q,ra 2:.1. 5 .... arrives Woodville 4:15 pm The only Line runni,, q,'i,''pr,;t:cb,,,.pn 2omlhlm ancl l'ew Orlela Crryiug elegimt Pullman Baffet Sleeping Oars in both dirllotioii,. suring Passehger a speedy aud comfortltbie journey. For liates, Maps elc., al)ply to Agetita or at1 :rss. J2NO. A. COT'r, Die Pass'r Agt, M rths. TNgss. A. T. BENEDICT. MANI3FACTI;R]ZR, RKPAtRE, R AND DEALIIR IN Carriag0s, ga00s, Farm Wagans, H00nsss 00aclc0000.er00, lent /'or the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WA{]0N8 Which are universally acknowledged to be The Best and LIHTEST RUNNIN WAGON Made. Agent for FI4ZIER are great @00am?i00a ROAI) aud SPEEDING CART, whie fitvorites among Horsemen. AGENT FOR THE The most extensive Manufacturers of Irou Fuoing in the Uldted titatelll ]'aj'tiouhtr ,tttelition paid to l'e-ciJverilig slid rigging "I'msas l . All work dolie pl'ulillJ[]V allLi tl lteaoliltblt3 rate,. Woody/lie, Miss., Sept. 189[ ti" THgBEST SALVE In the world fo t' Cuts. Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, al Rhenm. Fever Sores, Tetter, Chal.ped Hands, Chilbhtiiis. ,lrls, and all Skin / Er.14ions, aild positively elres Piles. # or no pay rqaired. It is guaranteed to live perfect satisfaction (,r mo,le? refn,ded. Price 25 eents per box. For sale by Leia & Mxers. NOTICE. For Saleall land and town prop. ertv of the lale S. P Adler consi.t ing of his )atoresidenee, the City Hn tel and two stores on Main Ireet. and part of the old Holt homestead For terms &e.. arlplv to J ts. M. SESSXONS, Ex'r. June 12 'U7-tf . I$0 YEARS' . "PlPll/l D[llltltli "rlrlP " Commmm &. Anyone sendlna Skeloh d due ImW qulokllr tuoorttln or optlMon frto whttil" luvention Is probably pstlmtable, eelnuni(m- tlonstllyonSdentl. ]S[m, dbekllpIlt4m nnt  Oldest litaO' rot securing llilltmtlb Patents takml t41Touh Munli it'  it(llVli "00i00ii'ifi' )i'iBm, A htmdsome]y Inuslrlited weekly. ei. eulatlon of any sclentlflo Journal. Terms. Ist & year; four months. SL ld byan li!sdeuleTtt, "'""' New Y r MUNN & Co. k Brauah Omce. gA iv St., Watt tnton t